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this small, tongue-shaped creature was bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong. It moved about on thousands of tiny cilia, and was created to eat the blood and flesh of anything it found. This way, the Vong could keep their dwelling clean of biological debris, especially the gricha-larva shells they used to house slaves. The cilia caused a numbing sting when they contact living flesh. (DTO)

N'Ge'U Valley
this red-rock canyon was located on the western edge of the Badlands of N'G'Zi, on the planet Geonosis. (IWE2)

this violent beast has a foul temper, razor-sharp retractable claws, and a fearsome appearance. They are bred for use in many systems to frighten off potential attackers. They are tall, yellowish tripeds with large mouths and two eyestalks. Chewbacca had a holographic ng'ok on his holochess board on the Millennium Falcon. (CCG2)

this was an aquatic creature that was once native to the planet Yuuzhan'tar. The ngom was distinguished by its large wattles and its deep cooing call, and was often kept in ponds or moats outside a residence as a kind of organic alarm system. (FP)

this Wookiee term means 'clan uncle.' It is used to denote those Wookiees who have taken an apprentice. (TBH)

Subpro shipboard avionics control package. (SCRE)

Nhaa, Stannik
this Alliance trooper once hired D'voras Brin to get him off a planet on which he was being pursued by Imperial forces. (GMH)

this star was the central body of the Nharl System. About two years before the Battle of Geonosis, Nharl ejected an immense solar flare, measuring more than ten light-minutes in length. The flare torched the planet Equanus, rendering it a lifeless cinder and virtually wiping out the Equani race. Many of the surviving Equani believed that the solar flare ejected by the star was not a natural phenomenon, but the result of a test-firing of the fire Death Star's superlaser. The test was miscalculated, and the star erupted with the solar flare. Although it was of little consolation to the Equani, the scientists who were conducting the test were killed in the flare as well. (MJH)

this small, predatory amphibian was native to the planet Dagobah. It was an aquatic creature, using its speed and tooth-filled maw to catch its prey. (WSW)

this area of space was known as the "death place" by many races. The word "Nharqis'I" was actually a modification of a smuggler's term for a killing field. The Nharqis'I is a starless, featureless section of the galaxy which was forbidding in its blankness. (TFNR)

named for an Old Corellian term which literally meant "dark death," this huge sand well was found within the Adsila Rifts of Socorro. It was rumored to be bottomless, and the original colonists used it as an exeuction site. The rift was too narrow to fly a starship into, but sensor probes launched into the rift have transmitted froma depth of 450 kilometers before they were lost. (BSS)

one of the two predominant civilizations found on Mylok IV, the Nharwaak and their neighbors, the Habeen, had developed a small hyperdrive system which would enable a TIE Fighter to have supralight capabilities. The Nharwaak, however, was decidedly against selling the technology to the Empire. A number of battles erupted in the Mylok System as Admiral Zaarin tried to obtain the hyperdrive technology. When the Habeen sold the technology to the Empire, the Nharwaaks attempted to get the technology to the Alliance, but was not successful. (TIE)

N'haz Mit
Boba Fett tracked this being to the planet Necropolis, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, where he was forced to kill Mit. A week later, Fett learned that Mit still lived, and returned to Necropolis to kill him again. (GOF2)

Nhazz was a fighter for the Alliance and the New Republic, and was probably the brother of Uz Bonearm. (DE2)

this alien race had a 600-year-old feud with the Clatear race, a feud which five generations of Jedi Knights couldn't resolve. When the Empire took control of the galaxy, they subjugated the Clatear whule leaving the Nhoras relatively alone. Thus, when the revelation of the Caamas Document brought the feud to a head once more, the Nhoras were unrpepared for the Clatears' initial attacks. They began hiring mercenaries - most notably the Dhashaan Shield - to protect them from harm. (SOP)

this was the Mandalorian pronoun for "I". (OWS)

Ni chuba na
this Huttese question meant "Is this yours?" (E1A14)

Ni toi darama
this Yevethan phrase translates into "the Blessed comes to us." It was chanted and sung by the Yevetha when Nil Spaar arrived in Hariz, after the successful extermination of several Koornacht Cluster worlds during the Yevethan Purge. (SOL)

Niado Duegad
this mercenary creature was native to the planet Vodran. Duegad's culture controlled its environment with terraforming activities. His species' biochemical make-up includes enhanced adrenal glands that secrete huge amounts of adrenalin that can sustain an individual for a short period of incredible strength. Niado resembles a large, upright, monocular slug. (CCG9)

Nian Lup
this Rodian arms dealer was known to be one of the most reputable and respectable dealers in the Outer Rim. Very few beings knew that he maintained the alter ego Karbo Jaxx, in order to run weapons to less than respectable parties. (HAS)

this was one of the larger cities established on the planet Felucia by Gossam settlers. It was the site of a water processing facility during the height of the Clone Wars. Niango was also the site of a Separatist research facility that produced military-grade nerve toxins from the natural chemicals produced by Felucia's plantlife. These toxins were to be deployed during the Clone Wars. Although the facility was destroyed by a unit of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Republic was forced to withdraw from Felucia, and Niango was retaken by the Separatists without a fight. (SWDB)

this bulk freighter was owned and operated by Hathox Greb. (GORW)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, the name Nib referred to an ancient form of holdout blaster used by Duros females. (GCG)

this ancient form of holdout blaster was once used by Duros females. (GCG)

Nibao Glumm
this being lived in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order, working as an ersatz guide and expediter for those tourists who were gullible enough to pay for his services. (GMR7)

Nibber Swoo
this hyperactive Rybet worked as an aircab driver on the planet Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic. He had a license from the government to drive outside designated traffic lanes, which made him popular with many of the planet's underground figures, because he could take them to remote locations for clandestine meetings. Nibber's cousin, also livingon Coruscant, owned a funeral parlor which had an organic disintegrator, a fact that allowed criminals to hire Nibber's cab to assist in the disposal of unwanted bodies. (CCW)

this Huttese word translated into Basic as "a contract." (GMR5)

Nic Whoma
this Gran gambler was a frequent patron of the Outlander Club, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (OWS)

Nicandra Counterrevolutionary Signalmens' Memorial Building
this huge, dome-topped building was located in Galactic City on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was located near the Skysitter Restaurant. During the First Battle of Coruscant, the building took heavy damage, and several thousand beings were killed in explosions and collapses. (IWE2, VD3)

Nicandra Plaza
this open-air plaza surrounded the Nicandra Counterrevolutionary Signalmen's Memorial Building on Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LEV)

this New Republic world helped tend to the wounded and dead from the loss of the Kuari, during the hunt for the Teljkon vagabond near Gmir Askilon. (SOL)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

Nici the Specialist
this individual was well-known to the underworld of Coruscant. For a price, Nici could obtain a completely new identity for just about any individual. Han Solo sought out Nici's services after escaping from Ylesia and being apprehended by Parq Yewgeen Plancke at the Imperial Bank of Coruscant. Han had a complete cell re-arrangement and retinal surgery in order to mask his former identity, in order to gain entrance to the Imperial Space Academy. Han had the new identity given the name "Han Solo." (TPS)

the smoky by-product that results from the burning of t'bac. (TME)

this Ewok lived in Bright Tree Village during the Empire's occupation of the Forest Moon of Endor. (ROTJ)

Niclari, Groz
this youth was a fanatic player of the roleplaying game Quest for Quasar, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He even maintained a HoloNet infocache dedicated to the game and its rules, characters, and artifacts. (HNN5)

this was one of the many small creatures Jacen Solo kept in his collection at the Jedi academy on Yavin 4. Nicta was a gort, and resembled a bright blue ball of feather-like fur. (TCC, CCR)

Nidder, Arl
this redheaded Corellian served Black Sun under the command of Zekka Thyne, before the near-human was imprisoned on Kessel. When Grand Admiral Thrawn, disguised as Jodo Kast, infiltrated Thyne's base in Coronet, Nidder was killed when a firefight erupted. (TFE)

this frigid ball of rock was the seventh and outermost world in the Lianna System. (ML)

this man served as a Lieutenant Commander with the Alliance, serving aboard the medical Dreadnaught Mercy during the last years of the Galactic Civil War. (RAG)

this was the Korunnai word used to describe an orphan. Most often, these orphans were given the name of their ghosh as their last name, to signify that they had no parents. (SHPT)

this young man, a native of Melida/Daan, was the leader of The Young when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived on their planet to seach out Tahl. His parents were Daan, although he had disavowed any affiliation to either faction. His father, Micae, led his three oldest sons into battle. Micae was forced to leave Nield home because he was too young at the time. All four men were killed in an unremembered battle. His mother was killed shortly afterward, and Nield lived with his cousin. His cousin was killed shortly afterward in another struggle for control of Zehava, and she was just seventeen at the time. He joined The Young after meeting Cerasi and understanding why she lived apart from her parents. Nield's skills in battle and his ability to ecognize and teach strategy earned him the position of the leader of The Young. He agreed to help the two Jedi locate and rescue Tahl, creating a diversion while Cerasi led the Jedi to Tahl's position. Nield used the animosity between the Daan and the Melida to create the illusion of a Daan attack on a Melida sector. The feint was successful, and The Young eventually defeated their elders. Nield was named governor of Zehava, but was unaccustomed to leadership during peaceful times. He demanded that the Halls of Evidence be destroyed, despite a lack of support from his cabinet and to the exclusion of other, more vital activities like providing food and shelter for the inhabitants of Zehava. His resolve was shattered when Cerasi and Obi-Wan petitioned for the cessation of the destruction, and The Young began to splinter along many different lines. After Cerasi's death, Nield exiled Obi-wan from The Young. However, when Obi-Wan revealed Mawat's plans to oust Nield from power, he decided to avenge Cerasi's death by re-establishing peace. He and Obi-Wan managed to defeat Mawat's forces when Qui-Gon showed them all a hologram of Cerasi, pleading for peace shortly before her death. Nield then agreed to form a more cooperative government, working in concert with the Daan and Melida elders to rule the planet. (DOD, UP)

Nieler, Jor
this middle-aged, heavy-set man worked with Aarica Vost, posing as a starship parts dealer at Rordan's Spaceship Parts and More. He was the leader of the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police Force in the city of Verena, on the planet Kirima. (TSK)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "good reflexes". (GCG)

Nien Nunb
this Sullustan was tall for his species, and was a loyal worker for SoroSuub until it aligned itself with the Empire. He had worked as a trade runner for the corporation, using his stock light freigher Sublight Queen to move raw materials and minerals to outlying systems. He met Lando Calrissian on one of his many missions for SoroSuub. When the Empire grew to power and SoroSuub claimed its allegiance to the New Order, Nien Nunb fled from Sullust and joined the Alliance. Nien Nunb's greatest achievement came during the Battle of Endor, when he was assigned to be Lando's co-pilot the Millennium Falcon in the assault on the second Death Star. However, in the ensuing months he became increasingly disgruntled by the fact that his part in the Battle of Endor was often overlooked. He assisted Han Solo in the rescue of the planet Vandelhelm from Imperial control, then reluctantly returned ten years later to participate in the dedication ceremony for the so-called Solo Fleet, a mission he reluctantly accepted. However, it was Nien Nunb's quick thinking that prevented Endro from pulling off a coup d'etat and ousting Lilli from power. Later, Nien Nunb helped defeat the Godoans, and again flew the Millennium Falcon against the N'Gai. Following Grand Admiral Thrawn's death, Lando approached him with an offer to help mine Kessel's spice mines for a limited share of the mines' profits. Nien Nunb saw the logic behind employing races which naturally lived beneath the ground to legally mine spice, and agreed to serve as Calrissian's Chief Administrator. Together, they turned Kessel's entire operation into a legitimate business, supplying spice for medicinal and other legal uses. (ROTJ, COTF, EGC, CCR, PH)

Nierer's Folly
a game of chance played in many backwater casinos. (SWJ14)

Nierport Seven
the seventh moon of Eeropha, Nierport Seven was located in the Core Worlds, not far from Coruscant. It was a cold world, with just a single warm month each year. The surface was rocky, dotted with clumps of a thorny, flowering plant. Nierport Seven was unremarkble, except for the fact that Eeropha and its system was a major refueling station for ships destined for Coruscant. (JQ4)

Nieuth IV
this planet is located in the Wyloff Sector, which is part of the Colonies region. (CRO)

Niev Jaub
this Sullustan was an honest trader who did a large volume of business on Nar Shaddaa. He and his ship, the Bnef Nlle, were on the Smugger's Moon when Admiral Greelanx began his attack. Because of his business ties, and because Nar Shaddaa supported a large contingent of Sullustans, Jaub joined the fight. He got caught in no-man's-land when he mistakenly followed Falan Iniro out of hiding before the rest of Nar Shaddaa's defense forces were ready. Jaub saw Iniro and the Take That! destroyed by the mistake. Jaub managed to take out a few TIE Fighters that launched from the Carrack-class ships that made up the Imperial picket line before sustaining damage himself. Rather than die without fighting back, Jaub piloted his small freighter - the Bnef Nlle - on a collision course with the Vigilance. The impact destroyed the smaller ship and killed Jaub, but the cruiser was defenseless after losing its shields. (THG)

this Gotal was a member of the Rancors gang, during the period before the Battle of Naboo. When the Raptors confronted Darsha Assant during her failed rescue of Oolth the Fondorian, she was forced to slice of Nig's hand with her lightsaber in order to prevent him from shooting her with a blaster. (DMSH)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "fate of a violent death". (GCG)

Nigel III
this planet was located in Kira Sector. (SS)

Nigel IV
the fourth planet in the Nigel System, this world is located along the Enarc Run. The natives of Nigel IV are a peaceful people, and only formed a republican government at the insistence of the natives during the New Order. It was at this time that Nigel IV became involved with galactic trade, and the influx of travelers and spacers brought crime to the world. The laws and penal system of Nigel IV have been very strict since the Galactic Civil War, and have been successful in keeping the planet crime-free. A cool planet covered with flat plains and vast glaciers, Nigel IV rotates once every 20 standard hours, and orbits its star once every 325 local days. (TSK)

Night Beast
this huge, humanoid creature was left behind by the Massassi to keep Yavin 4 safe until they could return. It is depicted in The Sith War as a huge, red-skinned humanoid with skied scales and horns, while Classic Star Wars depicts it as a large, fish-like humanoid with sharp claws and fangs. Classic Star Wars holds that the ancient Massassi created the beast to guard the temples against an enemy takeover, but The Sith War simply showed Exar Kun and the Massassi placing it in the depths of the Great Temple as a guardian. Originally a Massassi Warrior named Kalgrath, the night beast was held in suspended animation until Admiral Griff launched his atack on the Alliance base on Yavin 4. A TIE Bomber crashed on moon, penetrating the Great Temple's lower levels and cracking the beast's suspended animation capsule open. It then began to roam the tunnels of the temple, destroying Alliance equipment in what it believed was the fulfilment of its purpose. It had some use of the Force, and used it to shield itself from energy weapons. When Luke Skywalker discovered the creature, he and R2-D2 were able to drive it away by using the Force to lure the beast into a space transport. They had programmed the transport for auto-jump, and once the night beast was inside, they initiated the launch sequence. The beast was sent into hyperspace. One of the random jumps performed by the transport brought the beast back to Alliance space. This time, through the Force, Luke explained that the beast would eventually find its former masters by getting onto the transport. (CSW, TSW, EGA)

Night Caller
one of the CR90 corvettes under the command of Apwar Trigit, the Night Caller was heavily modified from its original specifications during its initial design. The bow was widened and much of it gutted to allow for a small TIE fighter hangar, while the topside hold had been enlarged to act as storage hold for skimmers. One of the turbolaser turrets on the bow was replaced with a capital-ship tractor beam. The Night Caller was dispatched to destroy the New Republic's base on Folor using Empion mines. While it succeeded in knocking out much of the base, the Night Caller was captured when the Wraith Squadron pilots created the Lunatic and lured the Night Caller in to capture it. Voort saBinring was hidden inside, and when the Lunatic was drawn into the ship's hold, he managed to take control of the bridge and take the ship for the New Republic. The crew was so taken by the surprise of Voort's attack, that they didn't wipe out its computer memory banks, nor did they get off a distress call to Trigit. The Night Caller's flight logs led the Wraiths to several of Zsinj's holdings. Since the warlord and Trigit were unaware that the ship had been captured, Wedge Antilles and Choday Hrakness continued to respond to their orders, and then had the Wraiths fly in after and seemlingly attack them. The Night Caller was later reassigned to another Republic flight group and renamed the Ession Strike. (WS, IF)

Night Creatures
alchemical beasts created during Exar Kun's rule on Yavin 4, these hideous winged reptiles have yellow eyes on each of two heads. Each head sprouts from its own neck. The creatures have purple blood, and their tails are hooked at the end. This hook contains a crystalline poison. They are covered in scales, and have metallic claws. (COTF)

Night Fangs
this pirate group was operative during the height of the New Order. (PP)

Night Gyre
this Z-95 Headhunter was ostensibly owned by Darrus Jeht, during the last years of the Old Republic, despite the fact that the Jedi Knights were not allowed to have possessions of their own. The Night Gyre had been purchased by the Almas Academy and loaned to Jeht when he was a student in need of transport. The ship simply remainer with Jeht, wherever he traveled, and became source of personal pride for him because the ship always came out of a fight relatively intact. The only problem he was unable to resolve was an intermittent sensor ghost caused by a collision with an asteroid before Darrus had taken possession of it. Regradless of how often Jeht replaced the sensors, the "ghost" remained. After several attempts, Jeht stopped trying to fix it, and simply considered it part of the ship's charm. (LFCW)

Night Hammer
this was the name of the Super-class Star Destroyer that Delvardus had been building in secret, using intense amounts of Imperial funding to create it. When Delvardus and the other Imperial warlords were executed by Daala and Pellaeon at Tsoss Station, Daala took the Night Hammer as her flagship, renaming it the Knight Hammer. (DS)

Night Havoc
the YT-1300 stock light freighter owned by Kara and Willi Saffch. It got stranded in the Zelos System after escaping from TIE Fighters. Many of the ship's systems were destroyed in the escape. (PG2)

Night Herald
according to Twi'lek legends, the Night Herald visited each evening to usher in the darkness and put Twi'leks to sleep. (DN1)

Night Herald
this was a figure in the legends of the Colony. According to the Killiks, the story of the Night Herald was used to make larvae regurgitate. Some six years after the end of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the name of the Night Herald was adopted by Alema Rar, after the death of Welk on Kr during the Qoribu Crisis. According to the former Jedi, BedaGorog was the original Night Herald, until she was killed on Kr by Luke Skywalker. After BedaGorog's death, Alema herself became the Night Herald of the Gorog hive. This story contradicted the truth as Luke understood it, as he knew that he had actually killed Welk on Kr. Whatever the truth, Alema Rar believed that it was her job to ensure that the rest of the galaxy did not interfere with the work of the Colony or the Gorog. (DN2)

Night is a Curtain
this song, written and played by Annadale Fayde, was given a scarlet rating by the Imperial Board of Culture. It first appeared on the compilation Darkness on the Land. (GG9)

Night Lady
this was the name of the flagship in Redstar's pirate fleet. (DN1)

Night Mynock
this book, written by Rogar Farnoster, was one of the five most popular pieces of literature during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Night Planet
see Nivek (CWA1)

Night Raider
this Ghtroc freighter was owned and operated by the Barabel Yarrku. It was destroyed, and Yarrku killed, when the Barabel tried to intercept Kinnin Vo-Shay and Nyo over Nar Shaddaa. Yarrku had been hired by the Herglic Doune to kill Vo-Shay, but instead was killed himself. (TFNR)

Night Shade
this rough-and-tumble bar was located in the city of ChikatLik, on the planet Ord Cestus, during the last decades of the Old Republic. The bar served as a front for the criminal organization commanded by Trillot, who worked from an office hidden in the caves below the bar. (TCD)

Night Spider
this large, carnivorous insect was native to the swamps of Naboo. (SWI69)

Night Spirit
an evil deity feared by the Ewoks by worshipped by the Duloks, the Night Spirit was released when a comet sprayed the Forest Moon of Endor with tiny meteors. The Ewoks believed that the Night Spirit was catually contained in the comet, and arrived on Endor inside a fragment of the comet. The Night Spirit promptly stole the Sunstar from Bright Tree Village, hoping to use it to raise the spirits of evil beings which were supposedly exiled to the Forest Moon. Unfortunately, the Night Spirit lose it to Wicket Wystri Warrick and his friends, when they launched a daring mission to recover it. (ECAR)

Night Stalkers
this was another name for the Mashi Horansi. (PG1, AE)

Night Terror
this was one of the Imperial Star Destroyers active during the early years of the New Republic. (SOC)

Night Wind
Jor Entel's modified YT-1300 freighter. (SN)

large, insectile bats that are native to the planet Dagobah. These bats has leathery wings and six thin legs. Each legs has a set of small, sharp claws. (DS)

NightBlind 472
this Fabritech sensor jamming system was often found on tramp freighters, although its cost meant that the captain either was rich or needed the protection. (GG6)

Nightbringer, Sard
this woman was a crimelord in the Tamarin Sector of the galaxy. During the last years of the Empire, she struggled mightily against the bureaucracy of the Empire. Following the Battle of Endor, she and her forced began taking back their sector, invading Imperial positions and removing the forces which controlled them. Her forces obtained a prototype set of combat armor from Imperial station T-1583, which she tried to auction off to obtain funds for her organization. After Natja the Hutt was killed following her winning bid, Marg Sonat killed Nightbringer in order to take possession of the combat armor for himself. (POC)

this Stalwart-class freighter was owned and operated by Callandri. Prior to Callandri, the ship had been owned by Karu Nelbin, but Callandri killed Nelbin and took possession of the ship. She had it modified by outlaw techs, and it was further modified while Callandri was working at Kuat Drive Yards. It was armed with a pair of turret-mounted laser cannons, and its cargo hold was modified to hold Callandri's Q-6100 groundspeeder. (AIR)

an insect native to Tatooine, the nightcrawler was a noctural predator. (SW, JAD)

according to Wookiee legends, this creature inhabits the first (lowest) level of Kashyyyk's jungles, feeding on the blood and spirit of its victims. (RD)

this species of creature has razor-sharp talons that deliver a burning poison to flesh. (TPS)

native to Goroth Prime, this predatory creature lived in the mountainous regions of the planet. These creatures were actually primitive relatives of the modern Gorothites, having branched off from the same evolutionary path many millennia before the Battle of Yavin. During the era of the New Order, nightdevils were quite rare, mainly because their habitats had been destroyed by the mining operations which covered the planet. As their name implied, nightdevils hunted primarily at night, using their heightened senses to locate the lairs of clawcats and other large prey. These creatures were considered semi-intelligent by many xenobiologists, but their intelligence was based solely on hunting tactics. (GSE)

this was one of the largest predators found in the jungles of Kashyyyk. Nightdwellers were known to have killed Kashyyyk banthas as prey. (GMR4)

Ikas-Adno's model 22-B speederbike. It can be armed with a single laser cannon for military duty. This speederbike could carry a driver and passenger, as well as four kilograms of cargo. (RPG, SWJ8, SWRPG)

Nightflier Squadron
this was one of the many starfighter squadrons of the New Republic. The Nightfliers were known as average pilots who exceeded in combat due to the tactics of their commanding officer, Alask Vrei. Their base of operations was hidden inside the frozen core of a comet, which had a long orbit that made it exceptionally stable. (GMR9)

this is a creature out of Wookiee legend, often characterized by its high-pitched screech. (THG)

this species of creature is predominantly nocturnal, and generally hunts from the shadows. (PTR)

this species of avian creature was native to the planet Altarrn, and was often sold as an exotic pet. (HSE)

this was the name of a battered, old B-7 light freighter discovered by Yoda aboard Jovan Station, during the Jedi Master's mission to locate Count Dooku on Vjun. Yoda and a pair of Padawans had been attacked on Phindar, and were forced to improvise a way to reach Vjun. After taking a rental ship to reach Jovan, they were able to purchase the Nighthawk from a scrapyard. With a little work, the ship was able to get them to Vjun without much trouble. Yoda put the two Padawans - Whie Malreaux and Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy - to work on the repairs, in an effort to take their minds away from the deaths of their Masters at Phindar. (YDR)

this four-legged predator was distinguished by its long, powerful legs, whiplike tail, and fanged jaws. However, individuals could vary greatly in appearance, with the variations coming in coloration and shape. Many xenobiologists believed that the nighthunter was descended from another species. In general, nighthunters are hairless, covered with scales which could deflect a blaster bolt. These creatures had a slight connection to the Force which allowed them to cloud the mind of their prey, so that they could sneak up and attack it. During the height of the Old Republic, many nighthunters were exported for use as guard animals, but they proved to be impossible to train and had to be exterminated. A byproduct of their connection to the Force was the way in which a nighthunter bonded with another Force-sensitive being. When the bonding occurs, the nighthunter literally accepts the individual as a member of it family, defending it to the death if necessary. In the wild, nighthunters mate for life, and they could live to be fifty years of age. (PJSB)

this was the brand name of Kalibac's 301-MAX floating security droid. (LOE)

another name for the m'iiyoum plant. (TME)

Nightmare Demon
this feared beast is humanoid in shape, with a head that resembles a bare skull. These creatures have the ability ti cloud minds and create illusions, luring their prey close enough to pounce on it. They were supposedly wiped out during the Clone Wars, but Luke Skywalker encountered the demon Reist on Lapez 3. (CSWDW)

Nightmare Machine
this attraction was found on Hologram Fun World. As an amusement attraction, the machine allowed visitors to enter a large room that was initially dark. As the visitors entered, the machine scanned their brain to discover their worst fears. It then displays a vividly-accurate hologram of those fears. It was discovered that the machine was the creation of Borborygmus Gog, and was used to quell rebellious individuals. This was all part of Project Starscream, and the machine was an experiment aimed at providing Gog with a way to use a being's deepest fears as a weapon against them. The Nightmare Machine itself was actually a bioengineered construct, genetically created by Gog. This technology was eventually modified to create the biological weapon known as Eppon, which Gog used against several Alliance soldiers on the planet Kiva. (GOF4, GOF6)

Nightmoon, Debret
this woman was a smuggler who worked as a courier during the last years of the Galactic Civil War. She traveled the galaxy in a modified Z-10 Seeker she named Starlady (SWJ5)

this Ghtroc Class 720 freighter was operated by Bazak's Gang. It supported the boarding actions of the Skipray Blastboats Slicer and Slasher. It was armed with a double laser cannon and turret-mounted laser cannon. (FBS)

this avian was native to the planet Ruan. When the Salliche Agricultural Corporation began retooling its operations in hopes of pleasing the Yuuzhan Vong, it genetically altered nightseers to be wingless and mute, and used them to create droppings which were later turned into fertilizer. (JE)

this was a series of anti-sensor baffling produced by Arakyd. This form of countermeasure was used to baffle, or deaden, the various emissions of a starship, including engine exhaust and communications. A smoother, more rounded hull was more effectively baffled than an angular hull. (PP)

this vicious, avian predator was native to the planet Monastery. Primarily a nocturnal creature, the black-skinned nightshrike used the cover of darkness to attack and kill its prey. The nightshrike was found mainly in the rainforests of the planet. (MC35)

this large, vicious avian creature was native to the moon known as NIghtsinger's Orb. These creatures lived in the craggy caverns which dotted the cliffs of the moon, and resembled huge, flying reptiles. The Hejaran family traditionally hunted these creatures, not for sport, but for food during important feasts. These immanse beasts were named for the keening cries they used to communicate with each other. (TSIA)

Nightsinger's Orb
named for the vicious avians which inhabit it, this semi-tropical moon was located in the Pella System of Tapani Sector. (TSIA)

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