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N. Papanoida
this Wroonian male was a Baron in a royal family, and was a friend of Senator Chi Eekway during the final years of the Old Republic. In the wake of the First Battle of Coruscant, Papanoida provided information to the Jedi Council that General Grievous was not on Utapau, despite information gathered by Clone Intelligence Units in the Outer Rim Territories. It was then assumed that Papanoida was acting as a double agent. (OWS, IS3, VD3, SWDB)

N-1 Starfighter
this starfighter design was created for the use of the Royal Naboo air defense fleet by the Theed Place Space Vessel Engineering Corps. It was a sleek, needle-shaped craft with two short wings. It employed an astromech droid to offload key functions from the single pilot. Unlike future designs which load the astromech from the top, the smaller N-1 loaded the droid from the bottom. The legs and lower body fit snugly into position, and the droid's head was raised up to extend above the fuselage. This allowed greater connectivity to the ship's computers and freed up valuable space. The wings supported a pair of modified Nubian 221 sublight engines arranged in a J-type, or twin-radial, configuration, which made the craft extremely maneuverable in atmospheres. With this configuration, the N-1 had a top atmospheric speed of 1,100 kilometers per hour. The N-1 was also equipped with a Nubian Monarc C-4 hyperdrive for interstellar travel. The ship was armed with a pair of laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher, and had a sophisticated sensor and shielding suite. Overall, the N-1 fighter measured eleven meters in length. The distinctive rat-tail which extended from the rear of the ship housed a computer communications package that allowed ground-based controllers on Naboo to relay battle information to each N-1 starfighter while in combat. In keeping with the Naboo culture and ecology, the N-1 was also equipped with propulsion systems that produced a limited amount of emissions. The ship's yellow fuselage was contrasted with a highly-polished chromium finish, which indicated that the ship served the ruler of Naboo. (SW1, X1, IG1, SWK, NEGV)

this was the designation of the tenth Null-class ARC Trooper produced on Kamino, during the development of the Grand Army of the Republic. Known to Kal Skirata as Jaing, this ARC Trooper was known only to certain highly-placed officials, chiefly Chancellor Palpatine himself. N-10, along with trooper N-6, were part of the Clone Intelligence Unit that discovered that General Grievous was on Utapau, shortly after the First Battle of Coruscant. (SWI84)

this was the callsign of the ARC Trooper known as Ordo. N-11 accompanied Kal Skirata during his tenure as special security advisor to the Galactic Senate, during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI81)

this Ubrikkian ion engine design was used on many of their cruisers and luxury yachts. (EGV, THG)

this was a model of Incom Industries power converter. (GG2)

this was one of the two Alliance encryption codes used to protect communications with the Condor drop point facility. (SWJ14)

this blue and gold protocol droid served the Friends of Paran resistance group on Derilyn, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. N2-3PO had a female personality, and peppered her speech with Gamorrean curses. (OE)

Incom's medium-duty shipboard power converter. (SCRE)

this was the designation of a high-performance Koensayr microthruster design. (EGV, SWDB)

this was the designation of the sixth Null-class ARC Trooper produced on Kamino, during the development of the Grand Army of the Republic. Known to Kal Skirata as Kom'rk, this ARC Trooper was known only to certain highly-placed officials, chiefly Chancellor Palpatine himself. N-6, along with trooper N-10, were part of the Clone Intelligence Unit that discovered that General Grievous was on Utapau, shortly after the First Battle of Coruscant. (SWI84)

Na bads
this Mandalorian term translated literally into Basic as 'to not hurt'. (KOTOR)

Na esowon
this was the Mandalorian term for 'hidden'. (KOTOR)

Na Goo
this was an Ewok phrase which meant "stop." (GMR10)

Na hti vel?
this phrase was Togorian for "What do you want?" or "Can I help you?", depending on the context and the delivery. (DH)

Na Maak
this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Na Maak was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "atmospheric dome crafter". (GCG)

Na nuh ghis
this Mandalorian phrase meant 'not now' or, more literally, 'before'. (KOTOR)

Na yoka
this Huttese word translated into Basic as "joke." (GMR5)

Na, Noirah
this young woman was one of the many Padawans who were forced into military action when the Jedi Knights became military leaders during the Clone Wars. She followed her Master, a woman named Simms, and Master Kai Hudorra to Toola, shortly before the First Battle of Coruscant, in an effort to secure the Republic's position on the distant planet. However, when the command was given to execute Order 66, Master Simms was killed while giving Noirah and Master Hudorra time to escape. Noirah was greatly upset by the death of her Master, and she struggled to keep up with Master Hudorra and he made his way to Ithaqua Station. (RIU)

this was a common female name given to Sullustan females. It referred to a sweet-smelling Sullustan incense. (GCG)

this sweet-smelling incense was created on the planet Sullust. (GCG)

Naal Thorn Burner
this self-contained heating unit was originally developed for use in laboratories and medical applications, although many beings used them to heat the chemicals for their hookah pipes. (VD)

Na'al, Voren
Voren was a cub reporter, building his credentials covering the swoop races on Corsin for the Galactic News Service, when the Empire took control of the planet. He failed to believe that the Empire was working for the good of the galaxy, and decided to join up with the Alliance. He became a skillful agent, infiltrating Imperial bases with relative ease and escaping with vital information on such projects as the Death Star. Lieutenant Na'al later became an assistant historian working for Arhul Hextrophon, working to preserve the history of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During much of this time, however, Na'al was put to work doing support jobs at various Alliance facilities, including running messages throughout Echo Base on Hoth when the frigid temperatures caused many comlinks to fail. After chronicling the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa, he was named the Director of Council Research for the New Republic. (GG3, MTS)

this was the primary city located on the planet Naalol. (GMR5)

this backwater planet, the third and outermost world in the Mid Rim's Naalol System, was a cool world of temperate plains and snowy poles. The Empire established a small garrison on the planet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GMR5)

Naat Reath
this young humanoid was the sister of Stam Reath, and was also a student of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. After Stam was killed by Sev'rance Tann on Geonosis, Naat was chosen to become the Padawan learner of Stam's former Master, Echuu Shen-Jon. Naat was eager to prove herself as a Jedi, although she secretly wanted to avenge her brother's death. Naat and her Master were given several mission related to the capture of Sev'rance Tann, but their actions brought them dangerously close to the Dark Side of the Force. When they finally tracked Tann to the planet Krant, Naat was captured by the Dark Jedi and held prisoner. Tann then demanded Shen-Jon to fight her in a lightsaber duel, with Naat's life being the prize. This action pulled Master Shen-Jon completely to the Dark Side, and he tapped into its power to defeat Tann in combat. When he set out to mutilate her, though, Natt stepped in stop her Master from going any further. She decided to return to Coruscant, and begged her Master to come with her. Naat returned alone, and explained to the Jedi Council that Shen-Jon had defeated Sev'rance Tann, though at the cost of his own life. (GBC)

this was the capital city of the planet Mawan. It was a wondrous city that was continually lit with soft, glowing lights, making it beautifully visible from space. In order to preserve the beauty of the city's surface, a vast network of tunnels and sublevels was built beneath the city. Some twenty distinct levels made the underground of Naatan into a city unto itself. Some threee years before the Battle of Naboo, Naatan was virtually destroyed during a planet-wide civil war. All forms of infrastructure were demolished, and the population was decimated in the fighting. Crimelords moved in and took control of sections of the city, fighting over control of the power grids and other necessities. (JQ6)

Naaz Hola
this was a noted Quermian individual. (UANT)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "farm" or "farmer". (GCG)

Nabat Valla
this black-skinned Twi'lek was a noted information broker during the modern era of the galaxy. (GMR3)

this barren, rocky world was the tenth planet in the Coruscant System. (SBS, PH)

Naberrie, Jobal
a native of Naboo, this woman was Padme' Amidala's mother, having married Ruwee Naberrie. The couple moved from their mountain home to the city of Theed, in an effort to obtain a better education and a richer life. Like most mothers, Jobal was worried about Padme's choice of career, and believed that her daughter spent too little time "just for herself." Jobal's daughters also joked about their mother's cooking: Jobal was a gracious host who served up lavish meals for her family and friends. During the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, Jobal and her husband, Ruwee, were arrested and sent to jail, primarily because of their relationship to Padme' who was the Queen of Naboo at the time. Jobal Naberrie was played by Trisha Noble in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. (OWS, AOTCN, SWDB, LEV)

Naberrie, Padme'
this was the birth name of Queen Amidala of Naboo. Padme' showed an interest in politics at a very early age, joining the Apprentice Legislature at 8 and becoming a full Legislator at 11. After being elected Queen, Amidala retained the name Padme' for use whenever she had to travel in dangerous territory. During these times, her handmaiden Sabe' often portrayed Amidala, while Amidala used the Padme' identity as one of the Queen's handmaiden. For this reason, Padme' sometimes disappeared on mysterious errands for the Queen. The reason for these errands became clear to Anakin Skywalker when Amidala petitioned to the Gungan leader Boss Nass for help in breaking the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo. In reality, Padme' was just an alter ego of Amidala herself. In times of trouble or danger, Padme' would return from her errands, while the handmaiden Sabe' would run off. This was because Sabe' also served as Amidala's double, as they were very similar in appearance. (SW1, TPM, OWS, SWDB)

Naberrie, Pooja
a native of Naboo, this child was Padme' Amidala's niece. Her mother was Padme's sister, Sola. Pooja was just four years old at the time of the Battle of Geonosis. Named for her father Darred's maternal grandmother, the talkative Pooja sometimes told friends that she wanted to be an astromech droid when she grew up. Pooja Naberrie was played by Hayley Mooy in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. (OWS, AOTCN, SWDB)

Naberrie, Ruwee
a native of Naboo, this man was Padme' Amidala's father. Ruwee was a builder who worked for the Refugee Relief Movement during his education. He later served as a teacher at one of the universities on Naboo. During the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, Ruwee and his wife, Jobal, were arrested and sent to jail, primarily because of their relationship to Padme' who was the Queen of Naboo at the time. After Padme', his youngest daughter, was named as Naboo's Senator to the Old Republic, Ruwee developed a relationship with Queen Jamillia, in order to learn any news of his daughter. Ruwee Naberrie was played by Graeme Blundell in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. (OWS, AOTCN, SWDB, LEV)

Naberrie, Ryoo
a native of Naboo, this child was Padme' Amidala's niece. Ryoo was the elder daughter of Padme's sister, Sola, and was six years old at the time of the Battle of Geonosis. She was named for her maternal great-grandmother, who was in turn named after the ryoo flower. Ryoo Naberrie was played by Kiera Wingate in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. (OWS, AOTCN, SWDB)

Naberrie, Sola
a native of Naboo, this woman was Padme' Amidala's older sister. Sola worried about Padme' and her desire to set the galaxy right, wondering if her younger sister would ever settle down and have children of her own. Sola married Darred Janren after the pair had graduated from one of Naboo's prestigious universities, and they had two girls, Ryoo and Pooja. Recognizing that the Naberrie name was well-respected in politics and business, they chose to maintain it for their own family. Sola and Darred lived in the city of Theed, close to her parents. Sola Naberrie was played by Claudia Karvan in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. (OWS, AOTCN, SWDB)

this Ortolan female worked as a computer expert for Adriav Kavos aboard the Isilia. (PG1)

Nabon, Fenig
this Corellian woman was a smuggler and con artist who operated in the Outer Rim during the early years of the New Republic. She was an orphan, living on the streets of Coronet City when Jett Nabon took her in and adopted her. She learned a great deal from him before his untimely and senseless death on Ord Mantell. Fenig and her partner, Ghitsa Dogder, met about two years after the Battle of Endor while on Socorro, and they were often at odds with each other. Despite this, they maintained an excellent working relationship. Fen as she was known to her friends, was also the owner and pilot of the Star Lady, the ship she used in her daily business. They once contracted the Mistryl to carry a group of Twi'leki dancers to Durga the Hutt, then pestered their Mistryl crew into forcefully ejected them from the ship in an escape pod. This was all part of Ghitsa's plan to have the dabcers be set free, rather than be sold into slavery. She reprogrammed the Mistryl ship's IFF codes to resemble the Indenture as a parting shot, so that Ghitsa could provide the Hutts with the Indenture's codes and claim the Karazaks stole the Twi'leks. Shortly afterward, the Star Lady was sabotaged, and Fen had to put down on Prishardia. There, she encountered Kyp Durron, who was traveling under the name Zeth Fost. Once she figured out who he was, Fen wanted to execute him for the destruction of billions of innocent lives in the Carida System. However, she realized that this was what Kyp wanted her to do, and refused to let him off so easily. Together, they rescued Ghitsa from the crew of the Rook. (TFNR)

Nabon, Jett
Fenig Nabon's adoptive father, Jett taught her everything she knew about starships and smuggling. Jett had been one Karl Ancher's good friends, having flown with Ancher for more than forty years before his death. He was known in certain circles for his compassion in helping the Mistryl, bringing trade to them when no one else cared or bothered to. Unfortunately, Jett was killed in a senseless barroom brawl on Ord Mantell. (TFNR, GMR2)

this unusual planet was noted for the fact that it lacks a solid mantle and molten core. Instead, the planet was a ball of softer metals riddled with caverns and small tunnels. This allowed the planet to retain copious amounts of water, giving the surface a swampy environment which hid the true extent of the depths its oceans could reach. The small sections of solid ground were marked by wide, rolling plains. Hidden below the porous rock of the planet was a core of almost pure plasma energy. The human inhabitants of the planet, descended from the Grizmallt colonists of the Beneficent Tasia fleet, learned to harness this plasma energy and used it to provide limitless electric power. Naboo was the homeworld of the Gungan race, although the human settlers called themselves the Naboo. Naboo was the third and primary world of the Naboo System, and was orbited by two small moons. An Outer Rim world, Naboo was located some 34,000 light-years from the galactic core. It was believed that, just prior to the Battle of Geonosis, Count Dooku offered to free Padme' Amidala, as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, if Senator Amidala turned over control of her planet to the Separatists. Because she refused, Dooku was forced to turn the prisoners over to Poggle the Lesser and the Geonosians, who then tried to execute them in the gladiator arena. (SW1, GF, IWE1, SON, GB, GBC, GC)

this was the human species which, along with the Gungans, inhabited the planet Naboo. They were descended from colonists from the planet Grizmallt, who arrived at the planet aboard the starships Beneficent Tasia, Constant, and Mother Vima, shortly after the death of Queen Elsinore' den Tasia. Their arrival occurred some 3,900 years before the Battle of Yavin. During much of their existence, the Naboo took great pains to avoid contact with their Gungan neighbors, and were mostly unaware of the huge underwater cities the Gungans built to escape contact. This was the result of a bloody war which was waged several centuries before the Battle of Naboo, in which large portions of both races were killed. However, fringe elements of both species realized that they couldn't survive without the other, and specialized trading relationships were set up. While these relationships were not officially recognized by either government, they were vital to the survival of each species. In general, the Naboo were a peaceful people, and chose to live in harmony with their environment rather than destroy it. When the Trade Federation blockaded, then invaded, their world, the Naboo people were powerless to defend themselves. Their armed forces were largely made up of unproven volunteers. In a bold gambit, Queen Amidala placed her people in a subordinate role to the Gungans, led by Boss Nass, and gained the confidence of the Gungan people. Together, the two races managed to win the Battle of Naboo and re-establish relationships between them. Adulthood and the right to vote among the Naboo was usually based on intellectual maturity instead of age, and aptitude was tested regularly to determine an individual's readiness to become part of society. This method of encouraging individuals to participate and grow led to a enlightened civilization which was free of many of the problems faced by other civilizations. (SW1, TPM, SON)

this yellow star was the central body of the Naboo System. (SON)

Naboo Bomber
developed by the combined efforts of the Royal Security Force and the Theed Palace Vessel Engineering Corps, this starship was prototyped shortly before the Battle of Naboo. It was created from sleek, Nubian components and a Naboo spaceframe, and was heavily armored. It was armed with energy bombs and laser cannons, giving it the ability to strike ground-based installations as well as attack airborne opponents. The Naboo Bomber first saw real action during the struggle to liberate Naboo from the Trade Federation. (BFN)

Naboo Civic Spaceport
this small, public spaceport was located in the city of Theed, on the planet Naboo. (SON)

Naboo Diplomatic Corps
this branch of the Naboo government was set up to provide diplomatic relations with other worlds. (SON)

Naboo Moon Mining Union
this union was formed to represent the various miners who worked in the Naboo System during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was formed by forty mining ships and their crews, and was created to ensure proper pricing of the kassoti spice found on the smallest Naboo moon. The Union was forced to land at remote starports on Naboo after the government opened the planet to refugees who were fleeing their homeworlds after secession from the Old Republic. The plan was to ensure safe arrival at Naboo, but the Union began staging "sit-in" protests by leaving their mining ships in port, against the orders of the portmasters. (HNN5)

Naboo Police Cruiser
this system patrol craft was created by the starship engineers of the Naboo, and was designed to guard the Naboo System from invasion. Like the N-1 starfighter, the Naboo Police Cruiser easy to operate, having an astromech droid, sophisticated sensors and targeting systems, and incredibly maneuverability. Its weaponry was less powerful, however, since its primary mission was the policing of the system's spacelanes. (SFT, BFN)

Naboo Royal Advisory Council
this was the small body of advisors formed to assist the ruler of the planet Naboo. Led by the planetary Governor, the Council was made up of men and women with specific ministries to oversee. Most Councils had ministers for architecture, music, the sciences, and education. The history of the Royal Advisory Council paralleled that of the Naboo, as noted by the fact that there had not been a minister of war during the Great Time of Peace. After the Battle of Naboo and the Clone Wars, the Royal Advisory Council remained a vital part of Naboo's government, even after Emperor Palpatine assumed control of the galaxy. The fact that Queen Kylantha refusde to dissolve the Council even after the Battle of Yavin was constant point of concern for many Imperial officers. (IG1, ROD)

Naboo Royal Cruiser
this was the sleek, wide-winged starship used by Senator Padme' Amidala to travel between Naboo and Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Like the Naboo Royal Starship, the Cruiser was chrome-plated, with visible seams that were simply decorative marking the gleaming hull. The wingspan of the Cruiser measured some ninety-one meters, and the ship's four main engines were mounted into the wings in the J-type configuration. This configuration gave the ship a top speed of 2,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere, and it could move swiftly through hyperspace with a Class 0.7 hyperdrive. Being a diplomatic ship, the thirty-nine-meter-long Cruiser was sometimes called a Diplomatic Barge, and lacked true weaponry. However, the Naboo had learned their lesson during the Battle of Naboo, and provided the Cruiser with enhanced, redundant shielding. It was also escorted on all trips by four N-1 starfighters, which could link up to the wings of the Cruiser for refueling and during jumps through hyperspace. It was commanded by a pilot and co-pilot, and had deck stations for a navigator, a shield officer, and a communications officer. Four luxury cabins and six guard cabins completed the living quarters. Unfortunately for the Naboo, the Cruiser was destroyed shortly before the Battle of Geonosis, when Senator Amidala returned to the city-planet for the vote on the military Creation Act. The ship's landing platform was rigged with explosives by Jango Fett and Zam Wesell, who had been hired by the Trade Federation to eliminate the Senator. Senator Amidala was actually traveling in a support ship at the time, but her handmaiden Corde' died in the explosion. (AOTC, AOTCN, X2, NEGV)

Naboo Royal Security Forces
see Royal Naboo Security Forces (IG1)

Naboo Royal Starship
this is the name give to the chrome-plated, sleek transport ship used by the royalty of the Naboo. Created by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps from a Nubian substructure and components, the 76-meter-long spaceframe was designed around a J-type configuration. Equipped with a pair of Headon-5 sublight engines, a Nubian 327 hyperdrive, and a Nubian T-14 hyperdrive generator, the Royal Starship was easily recognized by its highly reflective chromium plating and distinctive, dagger-like shape. The Royal Starship was equipped with stations for up to 8 astromech droids that were used to perform a variety of functions, including repair and navigation. The ship, completed six years before the Battle of Naboo, was equipped with heavy-duty shields, but no weapons. It required a command crew of two, with six auxiliary crewers and eight astromech droids. It measured 76 meters in length. (SW1, TPM, IG1, X1, OWS)

Naboo Senatorial Delegation
this was the name used by Senator Palpatine and his entourage, during the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo and Palpatine's promotion to Supreme Chancellor. The Delegation purposely downplayed the role of the Gungans as that of "simple-minded barbarians who have barely mastered the basic hallmarks of civilization," indicating the roots of Palpatine's xenophobia. (SON)

Naboo Star Skiff
this small transport ship was developed by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps of Naboo, during the height of the Clonw Wars. Like many of its predecessors, the Star Skiff was a J-type vessel that employed a great deal of technology of Nubian design. It was essentially a flying wing, with the main fuselage and twin engines mounted on the underside. Like other craft produced for Naboo royalty, the Star Skiff was plated with highly-polished chromium, although this vessel, like the Naboo Yacht, was designed for Padme' Amidala's use. The 29.2-meter-long vessel had a wingspan of just over forty-nine meters, and it was one of the first Naboo craft that was armed. As befitting the times, the Star Skiff was equipped with a pair of top-mounted laser cannons. To provide propulsion in atmosphere, the Naboo Star Skiff was equipped with Sossen-7 sublight drives. (TCG10, SWDB)

Naboo Swamp Moss
this moss, native to the planet Naboo, grew in cascading sheets that hung from the branches of tree that grew along the edges of swamps. (MBS)

Naboo System
this star system contained the planet Naboo. (SON)

Naboo Technologies
this small corporation, based on the planet Naboo during the last decades of the Old Republic, produced a variety of military and personal communication devices. (AEG)

Naboo Underground
this was the name of the rebel movement which was formed by students and professors who studied in the city of Theed, during the blockade and subsequent invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation. (IOT)

Naboo Wastelands
this was an area of the planet Naboo which was barren of most forms of life. (JQA)

Naboo Yacht
this needle-shaped, H-type yacht was manufactured by the Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Based on the yacht superstructure developed on the planet Nubia, the 47.9-meter-long Naboo Yacht was created for Senator Padme' Amidala's personal use. It was capable of speeds near 8,000 kilometers per hour in atmosphere, and was equipped with a Class 0.9 Nubia 150 hyperdrive core. This speed allowed Senator Amidala to quickly reach her destination, but proved to be a problem for the N-1 escort fighters that were assigned to protect her. The Naboo Yacht required a pilot and co-pilot to operate, with deck space for an optional navigation or communications officer and a shield operator. A pair of astromech droids completed the crew, providing navigational redundancy. However, the ship was specifically designed to be operated by a single pilot, for those times when Senator Amidala needed to travel quickly and discreetly. Like most Naboo craft, the Yacht was plated in gleaming chrome, and was unarmed. The shielding systems of the Naboo Yacht were jointly developed by the Naboo and the Gungans, providing nearly instantaneous activation in case of emergency. The central quarters used by Senator Amidala were located in a shielded capsule, which could be ejected from the craft if necessary to escape capture. (X2, NEGV)

Nabooan Tusk-cat
this feline predator was native to the planet Naboo, where it hunted the plains for small creatures. Despite their fearsome reputation as hunters, the tusk-cats were natural shepherds and could be domesticated and used as herding animals. The Naboo royalty maintained a pack of tusk-cats for use as mounts for parades and hunts, and many wealthy families kept tusk-cats as guardians for their children and homes. These mammals were named for the two heavy tusks which jutted from their lower jaw, which were used to pierce the flesh of their prey. The long tail of the tusk-cat was used for counterbalancing the creature as it ran, giving the tusk-cat a swift gait across the open plains. (GF, WSW)

this was another name for the human race which was native to the planet Naboo. (GMR1)

Nabooian Sheep
this was a species of stupid herd animals native to the planet Naboo. (T5)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "beast of burden" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Nabrina Smoo
this purple-skinned, female Twi'lek was living on the planet Coruscant at the time of the Battle of Geonosis. She was a friend of Ayy Vida, and frequented the Outlander Club during this time. (SWDB)

Nabrun Leids
this male Morseerian was a smuggler and pilot for hire who frequented the Mos Eisley cantina, looking for work. He was a former fighter pilot, and will take anyone anywhere...for the right price. After the Battle of Hoth, Leids was contracted to the Drackmarian Omogg, but broke the contract on his own and fled. He was pursued by bounty hunters, and hid out in the Periphery. (CCG, SSR)

Nabyl, Bock
this Imperial served warlord Zsinj as the Captain of the Hawkbat. (WS)

Nace, Beeyon
once an aspiring logisitics clerk on Coruscant, Nace was a heavy-set man with unique preferences. After being caught with the Governor's daughter, he was sent packing, and ended up on Tatooine. There, he has served as an assistant to the Imperial Prefect, logging the incoming and outgoing ships at the Mos Eisley Spaceport. (GG7)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. An ancient Duros name, it meant "fortune-teller" or "prophetess". (GCG)

this is BlasTech's smoke grenade. (CSA)

a Nartian working as Wuher's assistant in the Mos Eisley cantina when Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker sought passage to Alderaan. He had to clean up the mess from Doctor Evazan and Ponda Baba. (TME)

a carrion bird native to the planet Lucazec. (BTS)

Nada Synnt
this smuggler went by a series of unusual and laughable aliases. Synnt's name was used in a false transmission provided to Chenlambec and Tinian I'att, during their attempt to trap Bossk near Lomabu III. The Wookiees behind the plan had created a sound bite of Han Solo asking a passenger whether or not they wanted to sell their cargo back to Nada Synnt. (TBH, SWJ10)

this Twi'lek female tried to escape the life of a slave, after being stranded on Nar Shaddaa shortly after the Jedi Civil War. After incurring several debts to the Exchange, Nadaa found herself among the many beings stuck in the Refugee Sector, and was powerless to stop Saquesh from holding her daughter as a way to force her to repay the debts. However, when The Exile arrived on Nar Shaddaa to locate Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, Nadaa approached him and asked for his help in freeing her daughter. The Exile agreed to help her, and eventually killed Saquesh when their confrontation turned into a fight. (KOTOR2)

Nadad, Lora
this young woman was a Padawan learner at the Almas Academy during the years following the Battle of Naboo. She was unusual in that she was nineteen years old at the time, much older than most students trained on Coruscant. She was chosen for training late in life, having endured a rough childhood among The Lost. She had been something of a leader to the group of Lost children of Forard, working hard to give her children a chance to succeed. When she was chosen as a Padawan learner, Lora took advantage of the position to bring the struggle of The Lost into the public consciousness on Cularin. (WOTC)

this man was a regular patron of Didi Oddo's café, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. His wife was ill, and Nadarr often visited the café in order to take a break from her care. (DH)

Nadd, Freedon
this ancient student of the Force was amazingly open and willing to touch the Force when he was first trained on Ossus. However, he was completely unprepared for his first true test, shortly after the Jedi Masters passed him over for promotion to a full Jedi Knight. In his anger at not being given the title of Jedi Knight, Nadd struck down Matta Tremayne and succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force and the teachings of the Sith. He became proficient in the use of the Dark Side Sith magic, but could progress no further than apprentice, since the reigning Dark Lord was still young (by Dark Side standards) and the Sith had declared that only one Dark Lord could rule at any time. This frustrated Freedon Nadd to the point that he rebelled against the Sith. He fled to Yavin 4, where he was trained by the ancient spirit of Naga Sadow. When he felt strong enough, Nadd destroyed Sadaow's spirit and set out to become a Dark Lord. He traveled to Korriban to complete his training, and later took a wealth of Sith artifacts with him from Korriban to Onderon. On Onderon, he began to teach the Sith lore to the Onderonians at Iziz, hoping to establish his own Sith Empire, and he used his Sith knowledge to help the Onderonians repel the Beast Masters time and again. (This has been passed down by the Naddists in the form of a truism that Freedon defeated "the wild beasts and aborigines" of Onderon.) As his power grew, the Jedi Knights learned of his atrocities on the planet, and sent a task force out to bring his reign to an end. There was a pitched battle, and eventually Freedon Nadd was defeated. However, his Sith teachings had been accepted by the Onderonians, and Nadd's bloodlines were extended during his stay, so the power of the Dark Side has never left Onderon. Nadd himself managed to preserve his spirit, locked away with the Sith artifacts he worked to obtain. His spirit was released nearly 400 years later when Exar Kun discovered Nadd's tomb, and Nadd's spirit led Kun to Yavin 4. There, Nadd tried to use Kun as a way to progress further down the dark path. However, when Kun became the wearer of the Sith amulets hidden on the moon, Nadd's spirit was obliterated by Kun's rage. (FNU, TOJ, DLS, TOJC, DSSB, NEGC)

Naddist Revolt, The
this was another name for the Freedon Nadd Uprisings. (ECH)

the followers of Freedon Nadd's teachings based on the planet Onderon. They feel that Nadd was their savior, and that he gave them the strength to drive out the wild natives and beasts, which allowed them to settle the city of Iziz. Their belief in Nadd leads them to believe that the Jedi Knights are the cause of all their problems, since it was the Jedi who were called in to bring Nadd down and recover the Sith artifacts. (DLS)

Nadia, Zanthe
a native of Pelagon, this woman was the leader of the Pelagia Freedom Force during the Galactic Civil War. She was on Pelagon when it as subjugated by the Empire, and dedicated the rest of her life to bringing the Empire down. (LOE)

this remote planet was located on the edge of the Outer Rim, and was settled by a group of farmers. The planet was besieged by the droid forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems some five months after the Battle of Geonosis. A group of clone troopers, led by by Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee, was able to defeat the Separatist forces and free the planet's settlers. Other Jedi, such as B'dard Tone, suffered injuries after confronting General Grievous on the far side of the planet. (T2, CWA2, SWGG)

Nadin Paal
this Gran served as a sort of trade envoy for the criminal organization run by Nirama during the last decades of the Old Republic. Nadin Paal's role was to interface between Nirama's organization and the planetary officials of the Cularin System, ensuring that there is no misunderstanding about Nirama's outward goals. Riboga the Hutt once put a conditional bounty on Nadin Paal's head, a bounty which could only be claimed if the Gran was captured outside the Cularin System. This forced him to remain a member of the criminal underworld, although he longed to find more respectable work. Nirama, for his part, trusted Nadin implicitly, and was grateful that the Gran remained loyal to him over the years. (LFC, LFCW)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "tender of gardens" or "caretaker", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

Nadon Farms
this was one of the many Tatooine moisture farms which sold their water and produce commercially, during the early years of the New Republic. (TG)

this smuggler was based on the planet Gelgelar during the early years of the New Republic. (GUN)

this city was the planetary capital of Prishardia, and was the site of the planet's largest starport. (TFNR)

this being owned and operated a liquor store in Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. Despite the fact that Naduarr carried some of the best spirits and wines available, his prices were always reasonable. (TG)

an Alliance starfighter pilot serving on the Independence with Keyan Farlander, he was a practical joker. (XW)

this manufacturing consortium was controlled by corporate representatives from seven Outer Rim planets during the last decades of the Old Republic. Five years before the Battle of Naboo, they established a manufacturing facility near Genarius by funding the development of Ipsus city. (LFC)

this Jedi Knight and her padawan Ebor Taulk were dispatched by Mace Windu to the planet Yinchorr, to investigate the aggressive actions of the Yinchorri. Unfortunately, both Naeshahn and Ebor Taulk were killed upon their arrival. Their mutilated bodies were returned to Chancellor Valorum on Coruscant as the Yinchorri response. (AOW)

this noctural insect is generally regarded as a pest. It is characterized by the harsh, clacking sound its wings make as it flies. They often carry diseases, which is mutated by the insect and fed back into the environment. (POT)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "heroic" or "mythic", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Naga Sadow
an ancient Sith magician who practiced a thousand years before the Freedon Nadd uprisings, Naga Sadow was one of the strongest Sith Lords at the time Marka Ragnos died. Trained by the old mage Simus, Sadow was an intense individual who wished to bring the Sith Empire to the forefront of the galaxy, a viewpoint not held by his contemporary, Ludo Kressh. Upon Ragnos' death, Sadow chose not to attend the huge funeral. Rather, he plotted how he could obtain the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. At the close of the procession, Sadow confronted Kressh, and the two Sith Lords battled for the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. This clash of Sith energy brought Marka Ragnos' spirit back from the dead, and the spirit warned both of them that conflict within the ranks of the Sith would further no one's plans. With the appearance of Jori and Gav Daragon, Sadow discovered a way to further his own goals. Ludo Kressh believed them to scouts from the Old Republic's advanced forces, so Sadow freed them and staged a rescue attempt in which many Sith warriors were killed. Sadow claimed it was Kressh's inability to mobilize the Sith forces that caused the deaths, and claimed himself Dark Lord of the Sith in order to guide the Sith into battle. He then took the Daragons to his two fortresses and hid them, playing upon their emotions and their latent Force abilities to gain their confidence. He built up Gav's strength, teaching him Sith magic while manipulating him into a position where he would obey any command. Sadow recovered the Starbreaker 12 and returned it to Jori, telling her that Gav had been killed and that Sadow could no loner protect her from the other Sith Lords. Her flight provided Sadow with all the hyperspace coordinates he needed to begin attacking the Old Republic. When Kressh finally mustered his own forces to attack Sadow, he attacked at Khar Delba. This expended much of his resources, while Sadow hid on Khar Shian. From there, he launched a massive counterattack, decimating Kressh's forces and nearly killing the rival magician. Sadow then retired to Primus Goluud, where he entered a mediation sphere and launched his attacks on the Republic, augmenting his forces with illusory warriors and monsters. When Gav Daragon disabled the sphere, Sadow's concentration was broken. The Jedi Knights and the Republic were able to see through the illusions, and eventually defeated the Sith forces. Sadow, under attack by the Republic's fleet at Primus Goluud, chose to rip the star apart and destroy them all. Gav was able to provide the Republic fleet with an escape vector, saving them from the conflagration but dooming himself. Sadow limped back to the Sith Empire, where he was confronted by Ludo Kressh's restored forces. In the opening acts of the Great Hyperspace War, Sadow used the Dark Side of the Force to coerce one of his starship captains to ram Kressh's ship, destroying his chief rival and securing his position as Dark Lord. However, this left his forces vulnerable to Empress Teta's fleet. In a last-ditch effort, Sadow drew Teta's forces into the Denarii Nova in hopes of destroying them all, but the Nova flared up and destroyed much of Sadow's fleet and part of the Tetan fleet. Sadow himself managed to survive, and fled to Yavin 4 to begin rebuilding his empire. Note that Lightsabers and Dark Lords of the Sith claim Naga Sadow was an insectile beast of pure Sith blood who learned how to give life to the dead. The ruling Dark Lord of the Sith did not appreciate Sadow's bold attempts, and sentenced him to die. Sadow took his knowledge and his followers and fled to the moon Yavin 4. He was eventually hunted down by the Old Republic, who branded him an outlaw and chased him to the Denarii System. There, Sadow used the powers of the Sith to rip the cores from the two Denarii stars and fling them at the pursuing fleet. The fleet was destroyed, and the stars exploded to form the Denarii Nebula. Sadow survived the encounter, but later passed into legends. It was believed that his spirit was finally destroyed on Yavin 4 by Freedom Nadd, who learned much of his own Sith training from Sadow's spirit. Naga Sadow and his followers are now extinct, but their knowledge and powers remain behind on Yavin 4. (DLS, L, GAS, FOSE, NEGC)

this near-Human race came from the planet Nagi, located in a star cluster which was beyond the borders of both the Old Republic and the Empire. Distinguished by their pale, translucent skin and their thin, angular features, the Nagai had jet-black hair which grew upwards instead of falling down. After the Battle of Endor, the Nagai supported one of Lumiya's bids to overthrow the New Republic. The Nagai were a race of humanoid warriors which were bitter enemies of the Tofs. The Nagai claimed to be from a planet beyond the known galaxy, but their homeworld of Nagi was later discovered in the Unknown Regions. When they realized that the Tofs were trying to take over the galaxy, the Nagai joined with the New Republic and the Imperial remnants to overcome the Tofs. Little was known about the Nagai until well after the Battle of Endor, and even the Alliance referred to them simply as "Knives", after the individual Nagai who tried to enslave the Wookiees on Kashyyyk. After the defeat of the Empire and the formation of the New Republic, the Nagai split into two peaceful factions. One group remained neutral, and set out to locate a new homeworld. The other faction decided to join the New Republic, while the Nagai navy set out to liberate as many Nagai as they could from Tof-controlled worlds. (SWG3, WSV, EGA, MC96, LTA6, GMR1)

this was the native language of the Nagai race. (UANT)

this was a kind of wide-hulled boat, created to hunt styanax in the Sea of Jarad, on the planet Tralus. Propelled by oars, the nagak was equipped with a harpoon launcher. (CCW)

this was one of the many Strike-class cruisers that made up the front lines of the Imperial Naval fleet. (TIE)

Nagelson, Sleepy
this fighter pilot served the New Republic as part of the 21st Recon Group. He earned the nickname "Sleepy" because in-flight monitors recorded him sleeping through a reconnaissance mission during the battle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. Sleepy drew recon duty during the Yevethan Purge, flying over Wakiza to gather information about the Yevethan forces there. Like most of the pilots who drew recon duty during the Purge, Sleepy was shot down and killed before he could return. (SOL)

this hairless Bothan worked as a salvager during the height of the New Order. Nagem and his crew were hired by the Empire to recover parts of the hyperdrive from the first Death Star, in the wake of the Battle of Yavin, but his crew suddenly disappeared. Nagem spent several weeks rebuilding his salvage team, and spent many nervous nights wondering how the Empire would respond if he failed to complete his mission. (SWGAL)

this planet, located in the Unknown Regions beyond the borders established by the Empire, was the homeworld of the Nagai. Note that Marvel Comics' Star Wars comic, issue 104, indicates that the Nagai homeworld was from a different galaxy. (EGA, LTA6, MC102, MC104)

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