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North Kallis
this was one of the three continents found on the planet Corulag. (CCW)

North Kallistan Enclaves
located on Corulag's North Kallis continent, these enclaves were the primary residences for the non-human population of the planet. (CCW)

North Market
this section of the city of Iritsa, located on the planet Chazwa, was the primary shopping area used by those beings who lived in The Clog. (ND)

North Plateau
a city on Lucazec. (BTS)

North Qaestar Ridge
this section of the Qaestar Ridge formed the northern border of Qaestar Town, on the planet Talus. (CCW)

North Ridge
this chain of mountains was located on the planet Hoth, just west of the Lanteel Glacier. Note that the term North Ridge is also used to describe the northern end of the Nev Ice Flow in Inside the Worlds of the Star Wars Trilogy. (IWST)

Northal, Vin
this Imperial Colonel was the son of parents who were loyal members of COMPNOR. He excelled as a youth in his local SAGroup on Wynth, and was the wegsphere champion of his class. He later was admitted to the Imperial Academy, and was tops in his class. He served briefly under Crix Madine before training to be one of Emperor Palpatine's royal guards. During a routine stint as a stormtrooper, he witnessed his commander mistakenly destroy the city of Vonderl, on Meastrinnar. Northal's forces found out that they had attacked and killed a group of children, all of whom were sleeping. This forces Northal to re-evaluate the Empire and his role in it. He began to work under cover for the Alliance, allowing himself to be captured in order to gain access to its leaders. He volunteered to return to Imperial service, providing information infiltration and retrieval for the Alliance. (CRO)

one of the largest of the Wookiee tree-cities found on Kashyyyk. (TT)

Northeast Refineries
this was one of four ore refineries established on the Ugnaught Surface, during its construction. Once the floating city was completed, the refinery was converted into housing and business facilities for the Ugnaughts who made their homes on the Surface. (PH)

Northern Bands
this was one of the smaller overclans of the Alwari Ansionians. (APS)

Northern Dune Sea
a section of Tatooine's massive Dune Sea, the Notherern Dune Sea was separated from the Western Dune Sea by the Great Mesa Plateau and the Jundland Wastes. (SOT)

Northern Frontier
this rugged area of the planet Sevarcos was located in the northern-most reaches of the upper hemisphere. It was known for its rich deposits of carsunum spice, which was the rarer of the two varieties found on the planet. (SWJ2)

Northern Lakes
this region of the Dathomir was named for the many small lakes that were found just to the north of the Frenzied River and the Singing Mountain. (CPL, GORW)

Northern Province
this was the name given to the nothernmost habitable part of the planet Zeltros. (MC104)

Northern Sea
this was the name given to the arctic ocean that surrounded the northern polar icecap of the planet Zonama Sekot. When Zonama Sekot made a blind jump into hyperspace to avoid the sabotage of Nom Anor, the planet suddenly inverted itself, making the Northern Sea actually a part of the southern hemipshere for a short time. (UF)

this city, located on the planet Garos IV, was the site of the planet's primary agricultural and manufacturing facilities. The Garosians there lived good lives for several millennia, until a number of Sundari natives began emigrating to Garos IV. The Sundar factories and businesses that sprang up seemed to purposely compete with their Garosian contemporaries, earning the resentment of the native Garosians. Northlan is located in the Upper Morcur Valley. (SWJ2)

this was the northeastern district of the city of Efavan, located on the planet Vorzyd 5. (GORW)

this New Republic tender ship was assigned to the Fifth Battle Group. It was late in arriving to the Koornacht Cluster during the Yevethan Purge, due to a navigational computer failure. It was recalled to the Alland Yards for repairs, and rejoined the fleet a short time later. (SOL)

this city is located on the northern coast of the continent of Landra, on the planet Lianna. (ML)

Northwest Coromon
this was a collection of medium-sized islands located in the Coromon Islands chain, on the planet Fresia. (CCW)

Northwest Coromon
this isalnd, the largest of the Northwest Coromons found on the planet Fresia, was the site of Incom Industries' administrative headquarters. (CCW)

the near-human captain of Bogga the Hutt's Enforcer One. (EGV)

a planet from which pirates launched a series of attacks against the Taanabian farmers. Lando Calrissian helped the farmers drive off the pirates. (ROTJN)

Norun Gep
this young Whiphid went into business with Fillin Ta to start up Gep's Grill in Mos Eisley. They made a number of arrangements with nig-game hunters to purchase dewback and bantha meat at pre-arranged rendezvous points on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. Gep was also in business with Omon Gantrum, with a stake in Spaceport Express, although Gep was unaware of Gantrum's connections with Lady Valarian. (GG7)

this dark-haired humanoid was one of Doctor Murk Lundi's students of history, on the planet Coruscant, some six years before the Battle of Naboo. When Doctor Lundi took a sabbatical to make an expedition to Kodai, in search of a Sith Holocron, he chose not to bring Norval along. Norval was an avid followers of Doctor Lundi, and his connection to the Dark Side of the Force was deeper than anyone could have imagined. Angry at Doctor Lundi for leaving him behind, Norval made his own arrangements to obtain the Holocron. Once on Kodai, Norval made every attempt to secure the Holocron for himself. However, Omal struggled to keep him from obtaining it, and the Sith Holocron fell into a deep geyser. Norval waited ten years before returning to Kodai, in an effort to finally recover the Holocron for himself. During this time, Norval learned a great deal about the Jedi and Sith, and even constructed his own, crude lightsaber. Although he succeeded in recovering the Holocron from the geyser, he was followed by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Norval fled to the Ploo System, where he hoped to sell the Holocron. Obi-Wan was able to infiltrate his ship and take back the Holocron, and Norval tried to flee into space. However, the mercenaries who were working with him turned against him at the last moment, realizing that theu Holocron was no longer attainable. The mercenaries fired on Norval's ship, destroying it and killing Norval. (JAF)

Norval II
the primary planet in the Norvall system, located in the Calaron Sector, Norval II supplied some of the best New Republic pilots. During the height of the Clone Wars, Norval II was the site of an assassination attempt on the life of Padme' Amidala. The attackers were a group of Mandalorian Protectors led by Alpha-02, but they were ambushed by the forces of the Old Republic and driven off. (DE1, REB, SWI80)

Norvanian Grog
see Novanian Grog (MIS2)

Noryath Meatbread
a brown, bread-like food. (BTS)

Norym Kim
this near-human Myke was once a pirate who conquered an entire sector. He later served on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He was a tall, thin man with a gaunt face, and had two small horns descending from either side of his chin. He scoffed at the idea that Kir Kanos was responsible for the assassination of Nolyds. Kim ostensibly took control of the Council, although he schemed to have Xandel Carivus appointed to its leadership position as a figurehead. (CE2, HCE)

this burly adolescent was the leader of the Lost Ones, and underworld teenaged gang on Coruscant. Norys looked the part of a bully, with close-set eyes and crooked teeth that split his sneer into a cruel grin. He went out of his way to make life hard for Zekk. When agents from the Shadow Academy went to Coruscant to search out Force-sensitives for training, they also took the members of the Lost Ones for stormtrooper training. Norys welcomed the chance to prove himself as a stormtrooper, and trained at every opportunity. His marksmanship grew quickly, but he lacked the discipline essential to a stormtrooper. He did become one of the Shadow Academy's troopers, much to the chagrin of Qorl, who trained him. Qorl despised Norys for his lack of respect for his superiors, and their differences flared up during the Shadow Academy's attack on Yavin 4. Norys had, by then, learned to fly a TIE Fighter, and went off on his own to take out the Lightning Rod. Qorl took the opportunity to verbally reprimand Norys and, when the young man failed to listen, Qorl shot his TIE Fighter out of the sky. (LO, L, JUS)

Norz, Ephri
this Doctor of Xenobiology served the New Republic Survey Corps during the years following the Battle of Endor. Doctor Norz compiled an extensive report on the new creatures found on the planet Dathomir, after it was liberated from Warlord Zsinj. (CTD)

this Kitonak name was common across Kirdo III. (UANT)

this disgusting, predatory creature was native to the underwater grottoes of the planet Utapau. The nos was a large, amphibious creature that was believed to have been a distant relative of the varactyl. The head of a full-grown nos was about the size of a starfighter, and was dominated by a flat, wide-eyed face that was surrounded by four heavy horns. (OWS, IS3, E3N, SWI84)

Nos Kellex
this was a note Dashade individual from the ancient histories of the planet Urkupp. (UANT)

this Gungan word translated into Basic as "no." (GMR10)

this alien race was native to the planet New Plympto. The average Nosaurian was a blue-skinned reptiloid which stood nearly one and a half meters tall, with long arms and short legs. Their skulls were crowned with a ring of bony horns, and their pointed snouts were ridged with scales. These horns were an indication of an individual's demeanor, as old or quarrlesome individuals will have many broken horns. As a species, Nosaurians could only see visible light on varying degrees of black and white. They characterized most colors by their particular shade of gray. The inside of a Nosaurian's mouth could be lit with a phorphorescent glow at will, a trait which even the Nosaurians could not describe in terms of an evolutionary need. However, it provided them with a way to comminicate across distances at night, without giving away their position by making noise. Individuals had exceptionally fast reflexes, a trait which allowed Nosaurians to excel as pilots or athletes. Nosaurians were also noted for a specific quirk: they always bayed at the setting sun. This response seemed to be almost involuntary, and resulted in seemingly strange behavior among those Nosaurians who traveled offworld. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Nosaurian race resisted the subjugation of their homeworld with ferocious wills. Unfortunately, the Nosuarians were wiped out by a bio-engineered plague unleashed by the alien invaders, in retaliation for their resistance. Only a handful of Nosaurians were offworld at the time, and represented the very last members of their race. (SWI64, WOTC, CCW, GMR9, RIU)

this was the native language of the Nosaurian race, consisting of barks, warbles, and hissing sibilants. The written form actually combined two distinct alphabets, and contained a great number of metaphors related to their environment. (UANT)

Nos-Carron, Breezer
this Imperial Security Bureau agent posed as a drifter who wandered the streets of Mos Eisley. He was inserted into Tatooine's landscape after it was learned that Luke Skywalker was a native of the planet. Nos-Carron received orders to ensure that Jared Tome recovered the Shard of Alderaan computer program, so Nos-Carron pretended to stumble aboard the Dune Princess shortly before the auction of the Shard of Alderaan. (LAA)

this was a form os locking device developed by the Yuuzhan Vong. Used to limit access to portals and chambers, the nosetongue was a small indentation in the wall, into which a Yuuzhan Vong placed their fist. The nosetongue's sensitive pallette tasted and analyzed the secretions of the Yuuzhan Vong, then determined if the individual had been granted access or not. If the individual was allowed to enter, the nosetongue instructed the hatch sphincter or other door mechanism to open. (T)

Nosh vu'Ta
this ship, owned by the Corsignis Property Alliance, was one of the many ships which blockaded the moon of Pinett during the height of the Galactic Civil War. The name Nosh vu'Ta came from the Huttese phrase meaning "We profit". (WOA25)

Nosh vu'Ta
this Huttese phrase translated into Basic as "We profit". (WOA25)

developed by Audio Performance Incorporated, this small device was basically a passive field generator. It was originally developed for the Alliance's military, which wanted to provide its field agents with a way to conceal an agent's bodily emissions. This allowed agents to move about in close quarters without being detected on lifeform scanners. After the Battle of Endor, many of these devices were discovered in the posession of smugglers and pirates who wanted to hide their actions. When a criminal needed to bypass a security or safety systems, they could slice into the wiring and computer systems and use the No-Show to generate an uninterrupted feed to the security systems. The criminals could then cut through a hull or access panel without setting off the system's sensors. (TFNR, AEG)

TriGas Corporation tried unsuccessfully to mine this gas giant by using dirigibles. (GG2)

n'Osnyi, Arrissa
this woman was a noted pirate who prowled the spacelanes surrounding the planet Naboo. (SWGAL)

Noss Prisht
this Mrlsst was an assistant to Gyr Keela. He had blue skin and dark red plumage. It was Prisht who told Wedge Antilles that Professor Falken's asteroid lab had been destroyed in an Imperial attack. (XWPA)

this was one of the more common names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "burns his prey". (GCG)

this winged humanoid was one of Jerresk's pirates. Nosstrick was captured by Jodo Kast on Fluwhaka, after Jerresk was captured by the New Republic. (TOD)

Nostler, Robbe
this man was the Bureau Chief of the Galactic News Network's Indu San bureau, during the early years of the New Republic. He had been reporting from Indu San for twelve years, and had not taken sides during the Galactic Civil War. While he understood that sensational journalism sold better, he preferred to ensure that his stories were as accurate as they could be before he printed them. (SWJ6)

Nostril of Palpatine
this was one of the terms Han Solo used to describe an Imperial superweapon, during his discussion with Vana Dorja following the Battle of Coruscant. (DW)

a planet lost by the Empire shortly after the Battle of Endor. (BTS)

Notch, The
this was the name given to the entrance to Beggar's Canyon, from the Ebe Crater Valley, on the planet Tatooine. The Notch served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (IWE1, SWGAL)

a native of Alvorine, Noth was one of the many wild Force talents which sprang up during the height of the New Order. Noth was distinguished from other human natives of Alvorine by the bluish pallor of his skin and the small nodules located at the end of each eyebrow. Noth was drawn to the Dark Side of the Force, and was drawn to the Sith Holocron which was possessed by Krova the Hutt. He lacked the strength to steal the Holocron himself, so he hoped to ambush a team of Dark Side adepts who arrived to Alvorine to take it for themselves. Noth managed to launch an attempt to steal the Holocron, but was defeated by the Dark Siders and forced to retreat into the wilderness of Alvorine. (GMR5)

this common, albeit archaic, Zabrak surname meant "water guardian". (GCG)

Notha Broth
this was a hearty soup cooked by the natives of the planet Yabosta. (GMR10)

Notha Dab
this Quarren pilot joined Requiem Squadron shortly after the Battle of Endor. In reality, Dab was Nrin Vakil. The Requiem Squadron facade was needed to infiltrate Prince-Admiral Krennel's operation. When questioned about why a Quarren would join an Imperial squadron, Dab explained that he couldn't kill Mon Calamari as a member of the New Republic. (IR)

this ball of frozen rock and ice was the fifth and outermost planet of the Nubus System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (CCW)

Nother World (*)
the ancient Wookiees, when they first arrived on Kashyyyk, named the swamps that made up the forest floor the Nother World. (WSB)

this was a form of sign language developed by the Nothoiin race for use in hunting, but which found widespread use during the Imperial occupation of the Greater Javin. (WOA33)

this gold-skinned, alien race was native to the planet Nothoiin. Aside from the Lutrillians, the Nothoiins were the most widely-traveled race found in the Greater Javin. (WOA33)

this world, the primary planet in the Nothoiin System, was the homeworld of the Nothoiin race. During the fifty years leading up to the Galactic Civil War, Nothoiin experienced extreme drought conditions, and huge wildfires were touched off every summer. Scientists have blamed this phenomenon on the poor water management techniques of the Nothoiin people, who used all their water supply for municipal and selected agricultural uses. This left the plains of the planet with only meager rains to supply needed moisture. Because of the annual wildfires, Nothoiin's cities and starports were surrounded fire-break walls. The fires also filled the skies of Nothoiin with ash and soot, giving the planet a near-continual shroud of smog. (WOA33)

Nothoiin Colony
this was the name given to the ruling body of the Nothoiin race. Rather than implying any sort of favoritism among factions, representatives to the Nothoiin Colony met on the world of Council to discuss the issues that affected their peoples. (WOA33)

Nothoiin Corridor
this hyperspace travel route connected the Corellian Trade Spine with the Eriadu Way, passing through the Ivax Nebula in the Anoat Sector of the galaxy. (WOA33)

Nothoiin System
this system, located in the Anoat Sector, was best known for the exquisite carbon ur-diamonds which are found on the primary moon of the planet Nothoiin. (GG2, WOA33)

Nothos, Bane
Bane Nothos was, at one time, an aspiring Imperial district commander of the space surrounding the Roche Asteroid Field. Nothos was something of a tactical genius. He was assigned by Emperor Palpatine to shut down Ackbar's Shantipole Project, and given a new Nebulon-B frigate to maintain control of the asteroids. Nothos then planted Salin Glek in the project as a spy and informant. Nothos demanded that the Verpine submit or die, but was rejected by Jurfel. He allowed Shantipole to run its course, choosing to take possession of fully-operative B-Wings instead of just plans and designs. At Salin Glek's notice, Nothos attacked Shantipole, and even obtained possession of the B-Wing prototypes. He was able to anticipate Ackbar's actions for a time. However, Alliance agents - including Ackbar - were able to foil his attempt to take control of the project and steal his Nebulon-B frigate. The Shantipole Project was a complete success for the Alliance, and Nothos was demoted. He was then sent to the Outer Rim Territories to lead a patrol fleet. While there, he was captured by a group of Alliance spies. He was being transported to an Alliance penal world aboard the Celestial when he staged an escape. When the transport ship had hyperdrive problems and was lost in Otherspace, Nothos was forced to submit to the powers of Grand Moff Ravik. They were captured by the Charon ship Desolate and forced to flee the machinations of Ber'asco. Nothos eventually was killed when a group of Alliance agents - dispatched to take control of the Celestial - tried to rescue the crew of the transport from Otherspace. The Alliance agents tried to fight the Charon, and Nothos tried to toss a thermal detonator into the melee to ensure their death. However, the detonator exploded before he could throw it, opening a huge hole in the Desolate. Nothos and his Imperial subordinates were believed killed in the explosion, but Nothos somehow survived. He was captured and put into cryogenic sleep, until Ber'asco lost the strange mental battle with Ravik. Ber'asco's mind then took control of Nothos' body, and used it to hunt down Ravik. In a battle on the planet Stronghold, Ber'asco used Nothos' body to nearly defeat Ravik, but the stronger Ravik crushed Nothos' body in his iron grip. Both Ber'asco and Nothos ceased to exist. (SFS, OS, OS2)

this Elom proved, via physical calculus, that the Alliance was destined to win the Galactic Civil War. Opponents of the use of physical calculus point out that Notoganarech's table was pre-weighted in order to obtain the outcome, a result of Notoganarech performing his analysis after the Battle of Endor was finished. (TT)

Notonian Mudworm
this was a species of especially slimy worm. (APS)

according to ancient Seoulian legend, Notron was the birthplace of all human life in the galaxy. (MC84)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Notsil, Lara
this was the alias adopted by Gara Petothel, following her escape from the destruction of the Implacable. She used the alias - that of a young farm woman orphaned on the planet Aldivy by one of Admiral Trigit's raids, then forced to be his concubine - to gain entrance to the New Republic's starfighter corps. She was approached by Garik Loran and Ton Phanan, both of whom hoped she would help them expose Colonel Repness' blackmarket schemes. She agreed, but used her own Imperial Intelligence training to pull the job off better than they had planned. In the end, Lara was given a position the thirteenth position in Wraith Squadron, which meant that she could only fly if another member was out of action. During this time, the part of her that was still Gara Petothel longed to return to Imperial service, and offered Warlord Zsinj the chance to use Lara to gather information about the New Republic. However, after flying with the Wraiths and seeing the Republic's operations first-hand, she realized that much of what she believed about the former Alliance and its people was nothing more than propaganda and lies spread by the Empire. She opted to shed the identity of Gara Petothel for good, and simply be Lara and a Republic fighter pilot. This image was nearly shattered when Zsinj tried to expose her by planting a false "brother" of Lara's in contact with her, but she managed to eliminate the brother with the help of Myn Donos. Lara and Myn had begun a serious relationship at the time when Garik Loran started to realize Lara wasn't a simple farm girl from Aldivy. After searching the Republic's records for a name provided by a Coruscant beggar, Loran discovered that Lara was Gara Petothel. Lara fled the Wraiths, unsure what to do until she realized that she still had an enemy: Zsinj. She returned to the Gara Petothel identity and applied for service aboard the Iron Fist, claiming to bring with her the knowledge of Wraith Squadron, Han Solo's fleet, and the Republic. In reality, Lara used her astromech, Tonin, to assume control of hundreds of MSE-6 droids aboard the huge ship, and set up a series of traps that were designed to bring about its demise. During the battle between Solo's forces and Zsinj's fleet at Kuat, her efforts very nearly destroyed the Iron Fist. However, they were discovered before any real damage could be done, and she was forced to flee the battle. Before leaving the Iron Fist, she freed the creatures Zsinj was using in Project Chubar, and the Ewok Kolot volunteered to fly a shuttle to help her escape. Her shuttle was shot down over Selacron, and it was believed that she died in a crash. She turned up later, on the planet Corellia, as Kirney Slane. (IF, SOC)

Notsil, Tavin
this was the assumed name of one of Zsinj's agents. Tavin's background was that he had escaped the destruction of New Oldtown during some shady dealins in another city. Tavin also claimed to have gotten Lara a job with Lachany Foods. The agent was placed in the village of Old Newtown in order to draw Lara Notsil - an identity of Gara Petothel - into Zsinj's own plans. However, Lara had made up her mind to remain with the New Republic. She agreed to meet with Tavin, but was forced to eliminate him when he threatened to kill Myn Donos and take with him and his companion, Captain Rossik. (IF)

Notsub Security
one of the subsidiaries of Notsub Shipping, Notsub Security is Mos Eisley's largest private security firm. (GG7)

Notsub Shipping
the parent company owned and operated by Armanda Durkin, Notsub Shipping is the largest company on Tatooine, employing nearly 1,000 beings and 300 droids. Located on the northern edge of Mos Eisley, Notsub's primary income is derived from shipping and transport. Other business interests Notsub manages include Notsub Security, a stock brokerage, several other minor interests, and controlling-percentages of stock in over 50 outside companies. (GG7)

this smuggler was active during the height of the New Order, piloting her YT-1300 on a variety of dangerous and exciting missions. (GMR8)

this Huttese verb translated roughly into Basic as "are not" or "were not." (E1A14)

Not-Yet-Dead Professional Greenputt Tour
this was one of the primary series of greenputt matches held during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was designed around allowing the oldest living players to compete on a regular basis. (HNN4)

a Habeen CR90 Corvette, this ship was one of the original CR90s produced. The Habeen used the outdated ship to protect their hidden research base. (TIE)

Nouane System
a planetary system. (BTS)

this was a noted member of the Nikto race. (UANT)

codename of the Energy Emittance Baffler project. (ML)

this New Republic carrier cruiser patrolled the Outer Rim Territories shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It was assigned to Captain Neran Bluuis and the Corva Sector fleet. (SWJ6, SWJ8)

Nova Award
this award was presented annually during the last decades of the Old Republic, to recognize excellence in news reporting. (MBS)

Nova Bomb
a detonation device. (ZHR)

Nova Colossus
this was one of the terms Han Solo used to describe an Imperial superweapon, during his discussion with Vana Dorja following the Battle of Coruscant. (DW)

Nova Core
this was an elite brotherhood of New Republic Scout Service employees, designed to honor those scouts who have performed above and beyond the call of duty. In order to gain entrance to the Nova Core, a scout must have at least two years of active service with the NRSS, as well as having explored at least five new, unregistered worlds. Then, the scout must get an invitation from a current member of the Nova Core and then pass an initiation test. (GG8)

Nova Crystal
these precious gemstones were best known because they helped bankroll the first Death Star project for the Empire. Found on several planets, including Mygeeto, Krann, Sarka, and Cotellier, nova crystals were highly-agitated gemstones which had a unique crystalline matrix. This matrix, when exposed to bright sunlight (especially in the red color band), absorbed the heat from the light and became excited. This allowed the gemstone to glow with its own luminescence, providing a ready light source. If not refrigerated after their removal from the rocky matrix, the crystals could explode with incredible force. (HSE, TSK, GMH, SWDB)

Nova Demons
a notorious swoop gang operating in the Outer Rim Territories. (DFRSB)

Nova Designs Incorporated
this was one of the largest buyers of spin-sealer tibanna gas from Cloud City during the height of the New Order. (GG2)

Nova Flare
a bombing pattern in which proton torpedoes are dropped on a capital ship in an increasingly wider pattern. The first few torpedoes are tightly-grouped, and take out the section of shielding they hit. The remaining torpedoes explode in a pattern aorund the initial hole, causing the ship's shields to attempt to compensate for an ever-widening assualt. The shield generator on most ships cannot react fast enough to provide power to the growing destruction, and fail. (BW)

Nova Force
a mercenary squadron under the command of Willum Kamaran shortly before the Battle of Yavin. Kamaran and Nova Force were contracted by Prince Xizor to help Durga the Hutt defend the Ylesian colonies from Teroenza and the Desilijic Hutts. Durga agreed to pay Xizor thirty percent of the profits from Ylesia for the protection. (RD)

Nova Generator
an experimental power source, even moreso than matter-antimatter reactores. The idea behind a nove generator is to contain a small star within the generator itself. Then, the star is bombarded with R-band emissions, causing to the explode as a supernova. The intense energy generated by the explosion is then harnessed and stored for later use. A working version of the nova generator has yet to be built. (SWSB)

Nova Level
this was the designation of one of the upper levels of the cityscape on Coruscant, located near the Senate Rotunda, during the last century of the Old Republic. (LOJ)

Nova Lilly
a brightly-colored flower. (DA)

Nova Network
this arch-rival of TriNebula News produced a pro-Imperial tabloid. Nova Network trademarked everything, in a effort to gain an advantage over TriNebula. (GG9, SWJ11)

Nova Nova
this is the finest restaurant in Coronet City, on Corellia. Reservations must be called in months in advance. Often described as 'techno' because of its small, artisit portions, the restaurant also used utensils with built-in sensors, which described to the eater the subtle flavorings and ingredients used to create each mouthful. (IJ)

Nova Prince
this bulk freighter served as the base of operations for Klysk and his masters, who were searching for the unusual gemstones which were rumored to be located within the Red Nebula. The ship was destroyed when Klysk tried to obtain the stones for his own wealth, disregarding the fact that they were protecting his homeworld within the Nebula. The ship, forced into automatic pilot, plunged into the star at the center of the Nebula. (LTA2, MC50)

Nova Ruby
a valuable gemstone found in large numbers on the planet Sarka, nova rubies were not found on any other planet in the galaxy, making them exceptionally rare. The native Sarkans, however, considered the glowing stones to be among the most common of gems found on their homeworld, and often laughed at the offworlders who clamored for them. (AE, GMR7)

Nova Scouts
this group of scouts was part of the New Republic Scout Service. They were one of the most successful bands of Service Scouts maintained by the New Republic. (GG8)

Nova Squadron
this New Republic group of B-Wings was assigned to the support structure for the Mon Remonda's fleet during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj and the Iron Fist. (IF)

Nova Starlight
this perfume was popular during the decade just prior to the Battle of Yavin. (MDCAR)

Nova Station
this space station was erected in the remains of the Carida System, as a stopping point along the Perlemian Trade Route. It was situated just within the cloud of the supernova's gas shell, forcing incoming ships to drop out of hyperspace before reaching the system and then use sublight engines to enter the shell. This gave the station's security forces time to identify every incoming ship, and prepare the appropriate response to their presence. Because of this, Nova Station became a haven for smugglers and other criminals, who liked to have warning of an impending raid so that they could escape. (SBS)

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