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New Cylimba
this planet was the site of an Alliance base during the Galactic Civil War. It was abandoned before the Empire could destroy it, thanks to information provided by Rivoche Tarkin. (CRO, GORW)

New DownTime
this was a code phrase used by the New Republic forces stationed on Folor, and was meant to indicate a full retreat. If a retreat was needed, pilots were required to meet at New DownTime, a reference to the cantina often frequented by Republic pilots. (WS)

New Escrow
this was one of the largest financial centers of the Old Republic, located on the planet Aargau and controlled by the Intergalactic Banking Clan. New Escrow also served as Aargau's planetary capital. Despite the successful use of speeders and airlanes in the urban areas of Coruscant, Aargau chose to build magnificent roadways for its vehicle and pedestrian traffic. (HNN5, PH)

New Escrow Old Spaceport
this spaceport, located in the capital city of New Escrow on the planet Aargau, was converted into a museum when the New Escrow Starport was built, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (PH)

New Escrow Starport
this was the primary spaceport located in the capital city of New Escrow, on the planet Aargau. (PH)

New Growth
this think-tank was part of the SoroSuub Corporation, and was charged with developing wild ideas into viable business ventures. (GORW)

New History Squad
this group of children from the planet Melida/Daan was established by Nield, after The Young took control of the planet. They mission to ensure that the Halls of Evidence were destroyed, thereby eliminating the centuries of hatred between the Daan and Melida maintained in their holograms. (UP)

New Holstice
this planet served as one of the many staging points for the Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. New Holstice also served as one of the Republic's primary hospital facilities during the conflict. Located in a remote glade on the planet was a wondrous memorial to those Jedi Knights who had been killed over the millennia. The natives of New Holstice created the memorial by generating a shaft of pure light that rose high into the sky. The light, powered by a dedicated generator that ensured the light would not go out, was of a specific frequency and wavelength that attracted the unusual memory moth. The people of New Holstice added one memory moth for each Jedi who was killed, starting from a point many thousands of years before the Clone Wars. The Jedi's name was whispered to a moth, which repeated the Jedi's name in the beating of its wings, seemingly forever. The memorial was filled slowly over the centuries, until the Clone Wars began. Starting with the Battle of Geonosis, the memorial was filled at an astonishing rate, due to the loss of hundreds of Jedi during the fighting. In the wake of the Republic's resounding loss at the Battle of Jabiim, the surviving forces retreated to New Holstice to recover. Some seventeen months after the Battle of Geonosis, New Holstice was attacked by a group of former Mandalorian warriors, but they were eventually defeated. (RBJ, RSF)

New Hope
this Alliance Dreadnaught had once been stationed in orbit around Churba, as a sort of floating museum. Alliance forces stole the ship out from under the Imperials who controlled the planet, and refitted it to serve as a mobile command post during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, the New Hope was stationed at Milagro. (SFE, ECH)

New Hope Settlement
this was one of the small settlements found on the planet Ladarra. (TFNR)

New Hopetown
this settlement, originally known as Hopetown, was located on the planet Ennth. Like all other settlements there, it was almost completely destroyed in the wake of earthwuakes and tidal waves caused when Ennth's moon orbitted close to the planet. The settlers eventually rebuilt it, and renamed it New Hopetown. When it was again destroyed eight years later, it was renamed Newer Hopetown. The young Jedi student Zekk was born here, and then orphaned when his parents were killed in an earthquake. (SHA)

New Horizons Development Corporation
this corporation recruited several Fefze swarms in order to make food production more efficient. They also employed Fefze as colonizers, allowing the adaptible insects to make a planet more useful for other races. (GG4)

New Javis System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. Aside from the Calipsa System itself, the New Javis system was the most populated system in the control of House Calipsa. The system was siezed from House Pelagia, after House Mecetti nearly exterminated Pelagia. (LOE)

New Kisge
this moon, the eighth moon of the planet Chaasch, was covered with dense underbush and wilderness. It was the homeworld of the Samuac race. (SSR)

New Marketplace
this was a trading and commercial district of the city of Talos, located on the planet Atzerri. (SOL)

New Melaana
this was the name given to the recently urbanized canyon floor of the city of Melaana, on the planet Soterios. The Old City, as it was called, had maintained the canyon floor for use as farmland. However, the deserts of Soterios eventually reclaimed the land, making it unsuitable for farming. In the last centuries of the Old Republic, the city managers built New Melaana in the fashion of the skyscrapers of Coruscant. (PGT)

New Nystao
this was the name of the settlement which sprang up at the base of Mount Tantiss, on Wayland, after the New Republic defeated Grand Admiral Thrawn and took control of the facility. It became the nominal capital of the planet because it was also the location of the largest civilian starport on the planet. (HT, WOA29)

New Oldtown
this village, found on the planet Aldivy, was the home of Lara Notsil before it was destroyed by Admiral Trigit. (IF)

New Order
the name given to Palpatine's reign as Emperor, the New Order was instituted in the wake of the galactic upheaval experienced during the Clone Wars. Although Palpatine had publicly promised to resign his position as Supreme Chancellor when the threats of the Separatists had passed, he had been secretly manipulating galactic events in order to retain his position of leadership. He also worked behind the scenes to curry favor with many Senators, and was not above using force to get his way. Thus, when the Separatist threats to the Old Republic became too great, he graciously accepted continuations of his tenure. With the Clone Wars ended, Palpatine seized control of the military and the government in the wake of what he called the "Jedi Rebellion", instituting the New Order as his plan to eliminate the corruption that was rampant in the Old Republic. In his own words, Palpatine proclaimed, "We will make a New Order. We will trade strength for frailty, order for chaos, and decisiveness for uncertainty." The bywords of the New Order were safety, security, justice, and peace. One of the primary tenets of the New Order was that diversity was a weakness the galaxy couldn't tolerate. Thus, a strong pro-Human sentiment was instilled that relegated aliens and near-humans to a much lower status. (SWN, RESB, GBC, VD3)

New Order Progressive
this was the title of a newsfeed which reported on the state of the galaxy during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. As its name suggests, the NOP was heavily pro-Imperial in its reporting. (SWJ3, SWJ8)

New Oslet Flejj Beasts
this was one of the best Pugil teams found on the planet Lannik, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (HNN5)

New Plympto
this star was the central body in the New Plympto System. (CCW)

New Plympto
this planet was located deep in the Core Worlds, on the edge of the Deep Core. It was located along the Corellian Trade Spine, between Jumus and Duro, in what as known as the Outlier Systems. New Plympto was the homeworld of the Nosaurian race, as well as the rikknit, a species of crablike spider whose eggs were a vital ingredient in many intoxicants. The planet was first contacted by Corellian traders some 10,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. When the trade for ji rikkit was shut down, New Plympto experienced an economic depression, and the Nosaurians came to hate the Republic for it. The change-over to Emperor Palpatine's New Order was no better, especially after New Plympto was declared "expendable" by an Imperial Procurator of Justice. The death of Fefar Blackeye, although caused by Imperial forces, was attributed to the New Republic, and the Nosaurians eventually declared themselves independent from the fledgling government. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Nosaurian natives of the planet put up a strong resistance, led by the Jedi Knights Alema Rar and her sister, Numa. In retaliation, the Yuuzhan Vong unleashed a life-destroying plague that wiped the planet clean of organic life. The Rar sisters barely escaped with a large group of refugees, sneaking by the Yuuzhan Vong blockade by hiding in ore freighters. Note that, while Coruscant and the Core Worlds indicates that New Plympto had a day which lasted 18 standard house and a year that lasted 244 days, Star Wars Gamer issue 9 indicates that New Plympto's day lasted 22 standard hours and its year lasted 370 standard days. (IWE1, BP, SBS, NEGC, CCW, GMR9)

New Polokia
one of the colony worlds visited by the Star Morning after it left Darepp, en route to Motexx. (SOL)

New Quarter
this section of Mos Eisley, located on the planet Tatooine, was the site of many of the newest docking facilities and landing pads, during the height of the New Order. It was centered on, and radiated outward from, the city's water and power distribution center, and was considered the most "tourist-friendly" area of the city. (TCG4, SOT)

New Ralltiir
Han Solo was interviewed by Voren Na'al on this planet. (CSA)

New Regime
this government assumed control of the planet Brigia during the early years of the New Order. While not expressly allied with the Empire, the New Regime adopted many of its methodologies. When it came to power, the New Regime began to build up the planet's military, using the meager funds collected by the previous government to purchase anything that even resembled military surplus. To hide its misuse of funds, the New Regime instituted a new form of currency, thus enabling it to control trade. However, the paper currency it used on Brigia was little more than photocopied forgeries, lacking any financial backing. When Han Solo tried to bring Hissal back to Brigia, he was able to expose the New Regime for what it was, bringing its activities to the attention of the native Brigians. (HSL)

New Republic
the name given to the government which overthrows Palpatine's New Order. Founded just after the Battle of Endor and the Truce at Bakura, the New Republic reaffirms many of the Old Republic's basic tenets, and also establishes some new ones. These new beliefs are aimed toward eliminating the beliefs which brough the Old Republic down. It was first headed by Mon Mothma, and later by Leia Organa-Solo. At the time of the Yevethan Great Purge, the New Republic had 400 sentient species on 11,000 inhabited worlds as members. The symbol of the New Republic reused the blue crest of the Alliance, which signified the burning desire to restore justice to the galaxy. Surrounding it were fifteen stars that signified the galactic community. A thin golden border surrounds the circular seal, symbolizing the galactic right of the people to govern themselves. The Republic withstood many internal challenges, not the least of which was the petty squabbling of its member worlds, until being rocked by the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Under incredible pressure to maintain order and ensure their survival, many members of the New Republic Advisory Council worked harder to save themselves than their homeworlds or constituents. The Advisory Council's inability to make a decision on how to address the alien invaders allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to make swift inroads toward the Core Worlds. Within three years, the Yuuzhan Vong captured the planet Coruscant and forced Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya to sacrifice himself in an attempt to stem the tide. With Coruscant destroyed, the New Republic shattered. In one of the earliest meetings of the so-called Inner Circle, General Antilles called the New Republic "a dead, oversizing hulk with a decentralized nervous system, whose extremities don't realize that its heart isn't beating anymore." (HTTE, DE1, JS, BTS, TTSB, EL1)

New Republic Advisory Council
this six-member body formed the highest level of the New Republic's government. Led by the Chief of State, the Advisory Council debated over the most problematic issues faced by the Republic. It was formed nearly two decades after the Battle of Endor, but was scattered in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, when the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed much of the capital planet and precipated the death of Borsk Fey'lya. (VP, EL1)

New Republic Archaeological Corps
this branch of the New Republic was formed in the wake of the destruction of Emperor Palpatine's clones on the planet Byss, after Luke Skywalker discovered the Ysanna civilization on Ossus. The New Republic established the NRAC to assist various university-based groups in the excavation of historical sites like Ossus, so that the artifacts and information that were uncovered could be preserved for the rest of the galaxy. Additionally, any new discoveries of information on the former Jedi Order was to be documented and provided to Master Skywalker, for use as he strove to rebuild the Jedi Knights. The NRAC became especially active during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, when it became imperative that the Jedi have every advantage they could in fighting against the alien invaders. (GORW)

New Republic Astrogation Studies Center
this educational resource, funded by the New Republic, was set up to study those planets which lacked sufficient information in the New Republic's databases. They provided detailed information on planets which remained pro-Imperial or neutral, were unknown, or simply lacked detailed information. (CTD)

New Republic Bounty Hunter License
this was the New Republic's version of the Imperial Peace-keeping Certificate, and licensed a being to be a bounty hunter. (HR)

New Republic Cabinet
the New Republic's governing body, established in the wake of the defeat of grand Admiral Thrawn. (JS)

New Republic Cantina
this establishment is located in the city of Algarine, on Algara II. (PG2)

New Republic City
this was the name used to describe the capital city of Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It replaced the ancient name of Republic City, as well as the name Imperial City, which had been used during the era of the New Order. (UF)

New Republic Claims Office
this branch of the New Republic's government was responsible for ensuring that planets and resources scouted out by independent scouts are not usurped or "jumped" by another scout, as well as paying for the rights to use the newly-found location. Proper registration of the discovered resource must be made by the independent scout in order to receive any form of payments or protection. (GG8)

New Republic Defense Fleet
this is the primary coalition of the New Republic's Naval forces. (TT)

New Republic Defense Force
this was the primary military body, created by the New Republic, to protect the Republic from external subterfuge. The credability ot the NRDF was severely degraded when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, since the Republic's military was poorly-equipped to handle the situation. The valiant struggle to win the war was not given much media coverage, further adding to the poor image of the NRDF. However, in the wake of the Battle of Borleias and the release of Wolam Tser's holodocumentary, The Battle of Borleais, the true efforts of the Defense Force were revealed to the public, and popular opinion of the NRDF was restored. In time, the New Republic Defense Force was considered an equal of the Senate, although the loss of Coruscant and the scattering of the Republic's leaders put a great strain on the NRDF's relationship with the government. Once the Galactic Alliance was solidifed on Calamari, the NRDF once again set to work protecting those people it could. (HT, DW, FH1)

New Republic Diplomatic Corps
this branch of the New Republic government was formed to work with formerly Imperial worlds, to bring them into the fold of the New Republic without warfare. (WOTC)

New Republic Fleet Infirmary
located on the planet Coruscant, this military hospital was set up to maintain the health of the home fleet. (SOL)

New Republic Historical Archive
this vast warehouse served as the New Republic's primary archive, during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Most sections of the Archive were open to the public, and provided a visual description of the galaxy's history. (PH)

New Republic Honor Guard
this branch of the New Republic military was charged with protecting the dignitaries of the New Republic during their travels. (VP)

New Republic Intelligence
the New Republic's primary source of information throughout the galaxy, it is a vast network of spies and agents. They are very skilled in overt and covert operations. (AC)

New Republic Medical Institute
this medical research and education facility was established on the planet Corellia, in the wake of the Battle of Endor. (EGA)

New Republic Military Oversight Committee
this body of the New Republic was charged with the defense of the galaxy, ensuring that proper costs and justifications were used in all actions. Their work during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy came under intense scrutiny, especially in the wake of Viqi Shesh's exposure as an agent of the alien invaders. (SBS)

New Republic Military Police
this branch of the New Republic's armed forces was responsible for ensuring that the members of the armed forces act within the laws established by the Republic. (IF)

New Republic Obelisk
this tall, thin needle of stone was erected in Imperial City, on Coruscant, to symbolize the unity of the New Republic. (JE)

New Republic Observers
this group of individuals was chartered by the New Republic shortly after Ponc Gavrisom was named President and the policies of the Republic were modified. Their roles was to move freely about their assigned sectors, reporting any improper government activities directly to the High Council. Beings were assigned to sectors of space far from their own homeworlds, to develop Observers who were impartial and incorruptible. They were filling a role which use to be played by the Jedi Knights, when they were much more plentiful. They wore a small, gold-filigree pin to signify their position, often hiding it inside their collars. (SOP)

New Republic Prime Newsgrid
this news agency was the primary source of news throughout the galaxy. It reported on happenings regardless of their location. It complemented the Coruscant Global Newsgrid, and was one of the first agencies to report the lift-off of the Aramadia from the planet. (BTS)

New Republic Reference Service
this information bureau was part of the New Republic. Luke Skywalker had the service search for any references to the Fallanassi or the White Current, during his travels with Akanah. (SOL)

New Republic Relief Corps
this was the body of beings who performed the work funded by the Senate Select Committee for Refugees, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (NEGV)

New Republic Scout Service
this New Republic-sponsored group was created to provide the latest information on star systems and intergalactic phenomena to anyone looking to explore the galaxy. Its findings were considered complete, but often went through several layers of Republic review before they were published. The service was championed by Mon Mothma herself, who argued that the service would help bring the more remote and out-of-touch planets of the Unknown Regions and Wild Space up to the galactic norm, especially in the wake of the Battle of Endor. She received stiff opposition from the Provisional Council, but her reasoning won out in the end. The NRSS employed three kinds of scouts: service scouts, who were members of the New Republic itself; corporate scouts, funded by the many mega-corporations of the galaxy; and independent scouts, who worked for themselves. The Service was derived from a similar branch of the Old Republic, which was disbanded by Emperor Palpatine when he discovered that many Old Republic scouts were feeding anti-Imperial information to newly-discovered civilizations. (GG8, SWJ8)

New Republic Security Force
implemented by Airen Cracken shortly after Coruscant was liberated from Ysanne Isard, the NRSF replaced the old Imperial Sector Rangers. It was designed to be a law enforcement agency as well as a counter-insurgence force. (KT)

New Republic Senate
the new planetary Senate formed with the birth of the New Republic, it mirrors the old Imperial Senate in its ways and means. (JS)

New Republic Ship Registry
this bureau replaced the Imperial Bureau of Ships and Services, and was responsible for keeping records of all operative starships in the galaxy. It assigned registry numbers to each ship, and catalogued owners and ports of origin. (SOL)

New Republic Space Academy
a military institution who graduates went on to serve in some of the highest military positions of the New Republic. Many new graduates became part of the Chief of State's honor guard before going into active duty. (POT)

New Republic Space Navy
this was the official designation of the New Republic Navy. (SBS)

New Republic Special Acquisitions Unit
this was the term used by Airen Cracken to describe Cryle Cavv and Sienn Sconn, when they were hired to steal the Super-class Star Destroyer Guardian. Cracken appealed to their vanity and experience when recruiting the two scoundrels. (SWJ15)

New Republic Trade Council
this sub-committee was made up of businessbeings and New Republic officials, with the goal of keeping trade open and free. (SHA)

New Republic War College
this institution was created by the New Republic to preserve and maintain information on the various aspects of warfare used throughout the history of the galaxy. A main branch of the college is located on Woostri, near the planet's HoloScan Database building. (TTSB)

New Sith Wars
this was the term used by historians to represent the history of the galaxy from 2000 to 1000 years before the Battle of Yavin. The alliance of Sith known as the Brotherhood of Darkness rose to power during this time, but the Sith culture was marred by infighting and backstabbing among its members. Although the Sith of this period managed to take many worlds from the Old Republic, the lust of its members was unsatisfied. Each Sith Lord wanted more power and control, and the violence within the ranks was as vicious as it was against the Republic. Ultimately, the era of the New Sith Wars came to an end with the Battle of Ruusan, when the Brotherhood of Darkness was finally defeated. Also during this time, the Mandalorian Mercs were able to recruit an endless supply of soldiers for their seemingly endless campaigns of violence and pillaging. The Mandalorians of this time once again pledged their support for the Sith, and fought alongside them in many battles against the Old Republic. (SWI80)

New Star
this Imperial Nebulon-B frigate was under the command of Captain Miech Conar when it was hijacked by Dhas Vedij and the crew of the Far Orbit. (FOP)

New Thing
this was a term used by The One and The Other to describe something that their race had never encountered. For many members of The Rest, the idea of encountering a New Thing was a scary proposition, since change was to be avoided. (LCS)

New Town
this was the western part of the city of Bagsho, on Nim Drovis. As the name suggested, it was the most recently-developed section of Bagsho. (POT, EGP)

New Vertica
this was one of the largest, official cities found on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa. (HNN4)

New Year's Fete
this Imperial holiday was celebrated on many Imperial worlds, although it was nothing more than an excuse to get drunk, eat to excess, and take some spice. (SWJ10)

Newar Forrth
this Twi'lek Jedi was one of the many heroes who hailed from the planet Ryloth. A member of the Nercathi clan, Newar Forrth led the Third Legion of Light to a victory during the Battle of Ruusan. However, during the battle, Newar Forrth was killed. His remained were cremated, and the ashes were formed into three crystalline idols in his likeness, which were returned to Ryloth after the war. (WOTC)

this was the given name of Newar Forrth. (WOTC)

a name given to those inhabitants of Nam Chorios who were not direct descendants of the original prisoners left there by the Grissmath. They came to Nam Chorios to try and open new frontiers and establish profitable commercial centers. The barren wastes of the planet prevented them from doing so. The Newcomers believed that the Therans and other Oldtimers wanted to keep the planet isolated, as evidenced by their use of automatic gun emplacements to shoot down incoming and outgoing cargo ships. This belief was fostered by Seti Ashgad, although the real meaning of the gun emplacements was never made public. The Oldtimers and Therans were striving to keep the drochs from leaving the planet, not trying to prohibit trade. The Newcomers fought for Ashgad, ambushing the gun emplacements when ships arrived. The ships contained weapons required to liberate Ashgad and the droch Dzym from the planet, although the Newcomers were told that the weapons were to be used against the Oldtimers. (POT)

Newer Hopetown
this was the name chosen for the rebuilt settlement of New Hopetown, on the planet Ennth, after it was destroyed in the wake of seismic activity which wracked the planet every eight years. When it, too, was destroyed, it was renamed Newest Hopetown. (SHA)

Newest Coast Town
this settlement, located on the planet Ennth, was typical of the small towns that were built there. The planet virtually tore itself apart every eight years, when its single moon passed close enough to graze the atmosphere and set off huge seismic and tidal disturbances. Rebuilt from the base of a previous town - probably called Newer Coast Town - it was eventually destroyed itself in a huge tidal wave. (SHA)

Newest Hopetown
this settlement on the planet Ennth was built from the rubble of Newer Hopetown. When it was destroyed during Ennth's eight-year seismic cycle, it was rebuilt and renamed Another Hopetown. (SHA)

this was the largest of the floating cities found on the planet Neona. (PGT)

Newland System
a planetary star system located in the Outer Rim Territories, it contains the planet Argoon. (TIE)

Newlife Point
this is the only city on the planet Carosi XII, located on the north shore of the Avuae Sea. It was named in honor of the fact that Carosi XII offered the Carosites of Carosi IV a new chance to live when the Carosi star expanded and destroyed Carosi IV. (PG2)

this huge, arachnid-like creature was native to the caves of the planet Rodia. Newoongalls have six legs that they use for moving about on the ground, plus a pair of clawed forearms. In addition to these limbs, newoongalls have four upper arms which they used to cling to the ceiling of their caves. (SPG)

this was one of the three major spaceports located in Imperial City, on Coruscant. The Obroan Institute maintained a landing bay there for many decades, until the Yuuzhan Vong took control of Coruscant and reformed it into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar. Like most locations on the planet, Newport suffered huge amounts of damage during the early stages of the reformation. (BTS, TT, UF)

this term referred to any small, quickly distributed piece of news. (APS)

this was the name given to any droid which collected news reports for later presentation on a newsnet. (SWJ6)

this was the generic term used to describe the various forums and bulletin boards which sprang up on the HoloNet, to provide all manner of timely information and communication to the citizens of the galaxy. The types of information being shared on NewsNets ranged from gossip to travel notices to realtime news reporting. (SWJ3)

this is a species of legged annelid. (SWJ8)

Nexcore Mining Corporation
this mining operation estabvlished a base of operations on the planet Velusia, during the last decades of the Old Republic. After building a spaceport inside Mount Hollow, NMC set out to extract as much ore as it could from the oceans which covered the planet. They used a series of oceanic exploration missions as cover for their activities, hoping to reap huge profits before they could be discovered. When their activities were dsicovered, however, NMC was forced to shut down much of its operations. Other mining corporations were given access to Velusia's seas, and NMC lost their monopoly on its profits. (CCW)

Nexer System
located in the Borderlands Region, this star system was believed to house the base of operations of Gaor Tembon during the height of the New Order. This system was located near several well-used trade routes, but was remote enough that it avoided official notice. (WBC)

Next Chance, The
a casino located in Equator City on Rodia. (SE)

this was one of the many crystals used by the ancient Sith Lord in the construction of a lightsaber. It was believed to have given the wielder the ability to cause a greater amount of damage with a blow from their lightsaber. It was also thought that a nextor crystal caused an opponent to feel fear or apprehension when faced with the lightsaber. Nextor crystals were found almost exclusively on the planet M'haeli. (KOTOR)

this was one of the many Acclamator-class military transport ships used by the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. The Nexu was the ship that transported clone troopers to Vandor-3. (TCD)

native to Cholganna, this incredibly dangerous, feline predator was prized by those beings who staged gladiator fights during the last decades of the Old Republic. The head of a nexu was wide and flat, and dominated by its toothy maw. A golden mane surrounded the head, and the paws of the nexu were studded with heavy claws. Most nexu were native to the continent of Indona, with four distinct subspecies existing on Cholganna. Perhaps the most formidable of these subspecies was the four-eyed forest nexu. Two pairs of eyes gave the forest nexu incredible vision, with the primary pair having the ability to see in the visible spectrum while the secondary pair could see in the infrared spectrum. The tail of the forest nexu was partially prehensile, and split into two long "fingers" which were used to stabilize the forest nexu when it hunted in the trees for arboreal octopi. A subspecies of wild nexu evolved on the planet Malastare, after several crimelords had them exported from Cholganna for use as guard beasts. Many of these were too wild to tame, and escaped into the wilderness. It was rumored that the Old Republic Senator from Malastare, Ask Aak, once kept a nexu as an export pet and guard-beast. (TCG1, BF1, VD2, SWI63, BH)

Nexu Grin
this was one of the many attack postures practiced by the warriors who trained in the teras kasi martial arts. (HNN5)

this was the brand name of Cybot Galactica's droid scomp link access unit. It was basically a thin arm which had interface ports on its end, and could be extended and inserted into a scomp link access panel. (FTD)

the Imperial shuttle used by Admiral Zaarin to meet with the Habeen diplomats in the shuttle Fairfax. (TIE)

this Imperial Carrack-class cruiser was part of the Imperial force dispatched to hound the Alliance as its ships massed near Sullust, just prior to the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Nexus City
this is the primary spaceport of the planet Entralla. (SWJ4)

Nexus Ring
produced by Menendahl Cybertronics, this Bith device appeared to be an ordinary signet ring. In reality, the nexus ring can be used to connect a cybernetic or prosthetic device to a local power source for recharging. (GFT)

this clone commander was one of the many ARC Troopers who led squads into battle for the Grand Army of the Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. Officially designated as Commander 8826, Neyo was among the first 100 graduates of ARC Trooper training, and was known for his cold - often morbid - personality. Commander Neyo was one of three ARC troopers who led the clone troopers which were dispatched to Saleucami, under the command of Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis. Commander Neyo was traveling with Jedi Master Stass Allie when Emperor Palpatine issued the command to execute Order 66. He allowed his speederbike to fall behind Allie's, then opened fire on the unsuspecting Jedi. His shots hit their mark, destroying Allie's own speederbike and causing it to explode. Stass Allie died in the explosion. Note that the original script for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith had Commander Neyo participating in the Battle of Kachirho, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. (VD3, E3, SWDB)

Nez Peron
this was a small, agricultural world which was aligned with the Empire, even after the Battle of Endor. The planet was ruled with an iron fist, and the Empire even transmitted a message indicating that the lives of the natives of the planet were expendable if it helped the Empire. (CE, CE2)

Nezriti Organization
a criminal organization that tried to gain Prince Xizor's favor during the Galactic Civil War. (SE)

this Yuuzhan Vong priestess was one of the many followers of Yun-Harla. She brought news to Warmaster Tsavong Lah that Vergere had returned to the Yuuzhan Vong during the early stages of their invasion, but had inherent doubts about the truth behind the Eighth Cortex. When the Shamed Ones began speaking of the Jedi Knights as their saviors, Ngaaluh was one of many high-placed Yuuzhan Vong who took to The Message. To prove herself, she donned an ooglith masquer and set out to locate the prophet of the Shamed Ones, Yu'shaa. She tried to present Yu'shaa with a living unrik, but Yu'shaa - actually Nom Anor - believed she was trying to use a weapon. He used his plaeryin bol to defend himself, and barely realized the mistake he had made. Using a specialized anti-venom, Nom Anor revived Ngaaluh. When she had recovered, Ngaaluh agreed to return to Supreme Overlord Shimrra, with a villip concealed in her robes to record everything she witnessed and relay it to Nom Anor. She accepted the mission, despite its obvious danger, because she so believed in The Message. She was appointed by Shimrra himself to begin weeding out the heretical members of the Shamed Ones, a position which allowed her and Nom Anor to plot the downfall of many high-ranking members of Shimrra's command structure. However, their plans were uncovered during Shimrra's own investigation into the supposed treachery of Prefect Zareb and Drosh Khalii. Interrogation of the acolytes who had been inserted into Zareb's household revealed that it was Ngaaluh who actually placed them there. Shimrra ordered her captured and interrogated, but Ngaaluh would not reveal her true loyalties. She poisoned and killed herself, rather than revealing Nom Anor's part in the plots. (EVR, FH2, FH3)

an alien race. (EGC)

this Rodian weapons manufacturer produced the 9118 heavy carbine during the Galactic Civil War. Much of their distribution was handled by several Hutt clans, so many of their weapons ended up in the hands of criminals and mercenaries. (ROE, WOTC)

Ngaric, Japhod
this shabby old man was the desk manager at the Lake Aire Hostel, on Lamuir IV, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TSIA)

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