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Ninth Aquatic Zone
sometimes called AquaZone 9, this was the final destination of students of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, during their gruelling "final examination." It was noted for its green sand beaches. (AIR)

Ninth Fleet
this was one of the primary naval units of the Old Republic, during the height of the Clone Wars. (MBS)

Ninth Quadrant
an area of the galaxy, located in the Outer Rim Territories between the Greeb-Streebling Cluster and the Noopiths. (COJ)

this Rodian worked as a taxi driver on the planet Redcap, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ5)

this was a poisonous chemical. (APS)

this man was the ranking Imperial Colonel serving aboard the Guardian during the early years of the New Republic. Colonel Niovi was placed in charge of security aboard the ship by Admiral Gaen Drommel himself, during the time they spent repairing the huge ship near Soullex. He didn't agree with Drommel's methods, and when the New Republic tried to take possession of the Guardian, Niovi shot Drommel dead and assumed control. Niovi then surrendered the ship and her crew to Cryle Cavv and Sienn Sconn. (SWJ15)

a Ripoblus escort shuttle operative during the Sepan Civil War. It was used in the Sepan battles agains the Empire. (TIE)

this was one of several scavenger species native to the planet Lutrillia. Like the larger chompers, nippers fed on all manner of inorganic material, and a pack of nippers could dismantle a stalled vehicle or other mechanical item in short order. (WOA33)

a baby Ewok, Nippet was born to Chief Chirpa and his second wife. Kneesaa often babysat for Nippet, who was the younger sister of Kneesaa's friend Latara. (ROTJ, ECAR)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. This name could also be spelled "Nippet". (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this great hunter married a water spirit. (GCG)

this Jedi Master was the teacher of Nason Laric. Niquon maintained a retreat on the moon Skalokor, where he often trained his apprentice. (GMR10)

Nir Kento
this was a noted member of the Nagai race. (UANT)

Nir, N'zaet
this Corellian man, a member of the Corellian Security Force's Direx board, was a native of the planet Mayro. During a trip to Coruscant, during the height of the Clone Wars, Nir was among the hostages taken when Senator Meena Tills was captured by Nuriin-Ar. After the situation was diffused by the actions of Omega Squad, it was discovered that Nir was the actual target of the terrorists. The Corporate Sector Authority and CorSec might have been given enough reason to join the Separatists if Nir had been killed. In order to ensure his death, the terrorists dressed him in the clothing of one of their own, knowing that Omega Squad would be firing at the individuals who were wearing certain outfits. However, the intervention of Kal Skirata meant that Nir was covered when the clone commandos entered the room, and Skirata barely kept Fi from shooting them both. (SWI81)

Nira Sivrak
this Shistavanen female was Lak Sivrak's mother. Nira and her husband, Tagg, made great sacrifices to ensure that Lak was sent to school away from Uvena Prime. (EGA)

this strange alien - a member of the Oblee race - was the major crimelord active in the Cularin System during the last years of the Old Republic. Nirama started out in the crime business as one of Riboga the Hutt's accountants and chief lieutenants. Despite his position within the organization, Nirama despised slavery, and often turned a blind eye to that part of Riboga's business. Unknown to Riboga, however, Nirama had been manipulating events behind his back. Nirama was also skimming profits and falsifying records to make it appear that Riboga's operations were unprofitable. Then, during a high-stakes sabacc match, Nirama played Riboga into a position where he was forced to put up control of his criminal organization as collateral. Riboga, fearing that the organization would destroy him, gladly turned over control to Nirama upon losing the final hand. Nirama then assumed control, and set up his base of operations in the Cularin System's asteroid belt. Nirama ensured that his hold on the belt was legalized by purchasing the rights to the largest asteroid. In an effort to put a better spin on the work he and other crimelords were doing in the Cularin System, Nirama agreed to be interviewed by Yara Grugara for the Eye on Cularin newsfeed. He spoke in the third person, never referring to himself as "I," and barely restrained his anger at Grugara's ingratiating demeanor. Nirama's empire was known by the simple title of The Consortium, and referred to the entire scope of his relationships. He demanded unswerving loyalty to the Consortium, and detractors such as the fringe group known as The Cell were swiftly dealt with. Despite his criminal background, Nirama was outwardly loyal to the Cularin System, and made sure that his public intentions were always of the best nature. He even claimed that his ouster of Riboga was in the best interests of Cularin. When the Thaereian Militia began to make inroads in the Cularin System, Nirama watched for a while before adding his own ships and soldiers to the fight to keep Cularin independent, having come to think of the system as his home. His loyalty to Cularin wsa rewarded - and, indeed, increased - when the Oblee were returned to the galaxy after the darkstaff was destroyed. Nirama disappeared forever shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, and a recorded message was broadcast across the Cularin HoloNet nodes, in which Nirama professed his loyalty and thankfulness to the people of Cularin. In the recording, Nirama explained that it was the people of Cularin who taught him was loyalty was, and what real heroes were made of. In the end, he wished the people of Cularin all the best. (LFC, LFCW)

this planet was subjugated by the Empire, but the underground resistance eventually joined forces with the Alliance and threw off the Imperial yoke of control. (SWJ12)

Niran Resistance
this group of underground freedom fighters rose up on the planet Niran after the Empire subjugated the planet. The Niran Resistance eventually joined the Alliance, and was able to free the planet from Imperial control. (SWJ12)

this was the second and primary world in the Nirauan system, located in Gradilis Sector. It was here that Faughn and Mara Jade plotted the course of the strange starships which began showing up around the time of the discovery of the Caamas Document. Jade went to investigate, and was stranded on the planet. A dim red star was the central body of the system. Nirauan istelf was a drab, seemingly lifeless world when viewed from space, with dull browns and grays dominating the surface. The planet was covered in vegetations, however, although the normally green color had given way to the duller colors in order to survive in the pale light received from its sun. The rocky strata of the planet was riddled with veins of cortosis ore. Hidden deep in a cave, Jade found the entrance to a huge fortress which was similar those located on Hijarna. Inside the cave, she found a group of mynock-like creatures that seemed to communicate by sending thoughts through the Force. They later revealed themselves to be of two races, the Qom Qae and the Qom Jha. They registered a marked reaction when she talked about Luke Skywalker, and they eventually helped Luke and Mara infiltrate the fortress known as the Hand of Thrawn. This fortress was a five-towered citadel maintained by the Chiss in hopes of Thrawn's reappearance ten years after his death. At some point during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the facility on Nirauan was abandoned by the Empire of the Hand, which inexplicably disappeared. The Chiss Ruling Circle refused to divulge any information on why Nirauan was abandoned. (SOP, VOF, DN1)

Nirbella Tanless
this was the name of a noted member of Nimbanese society. (UANT)

this woman served as the Captain of the Lant Mining Corporation prospecting ship Pulverizer. She was distinguished by her cybernetic arm, the souvenir of a mining accident. (FBS)

Nirellian Groundslug
this is a species of long, fat, ground-dwelling mollusks. (MA)

Niriz, Dagon
this Imperial Navy Captain came from a long line of Old Republic and Imperial Navy officers, but found that he didn't have the desire of his forefathers. Nevertheless, he strove to be the best officer he could become. He graduated with honors, and was given the command of a Star Destroyer. His tactical skills, however, caught the notice of his superiors, and he was transferred to a position within the military command on Coruscant. Niriz got caught up in the promotions of Admiral Thrawn and Captain Parck, and was removed from his advisory position when Thrawn was exiled. Niriz was given command of the Star Destroyer Admonitor shortly after the Battle of Yavin, and then spent several years under the command of Admiral, then Grand Admiral, Thrawn in the Unknown Regions. Niriz fumed inwardly at being assigned to Thrawn, especially since Thrawn was an alien and he'd had nothing to do with Thrawn's exile. When Thrawn began dealing with the alien pirate Creysis, Niriz was approached by General Haverel, who had planned to relieve the Admiral of command. Niriz nearly agreed to Haverel's plans, but stopped short of full mutiny. He did, however, tender his resignation to Thrawn after the discussion with Haverel. Thrawn denied the request, citing Niriz's support of Thrawn during the battle with Creysis. He captured the freighter Hopskip as it was making a weapons run to Derra IV, and commandeered the crew to perform a mission for him. He was working with Grand Admiral Thrawn - who was disguised as Jodo Kast - to smoke out the agents of Black Sun on Corellia. They were successful in the mission, having usurped the services of Haber Trell and Maranne Darmic, who were transporting Riij Winward and Rathe Palror to Derra IV along with a cache of weapons. The second part of Thrawn's plan involved the tampering with their cargo, placing homing beacons within the various crates to help determine their destination. This allowed the Empire to track the Alliance to Derra IV shortly before the Battle of Hoth. (TFE, SWJ11)

this female Tarasin served as the Mother of the Vriisan irstat before Kasslan as elected. Like other leaders before her, Niroida heard the stories of Reidi Artom's first visit to Cularin and her relationship with the Vriisan, and passed them on to Kasslan when she died. (LFCW)

this was one of the many tribes of Tarasin which was native to the planet Cularin. (LFCW)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "gold" or "golden". (GCG)

this feline humanoid was part of a rogue group of Alliance supporters who worked from a hidden base in the Cantros System, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Unlike most of her group, Niru didn't believe that the war against the Empire would be won with more violence. Her views were not shared by Durne, who simply wanted to take control of the Cantros System. He tried to murder her, to silence her voice, but Luke Skywalker prevented him from completing the task. Niru herself captured Durne before he could escape. (MC93)

this Alwari clan, native to the Niruu Plateau of the planet Ansion, was noted for their exquisite woodworkings. (APS)

Niruu Plateau
this flatland was located on the grassy plains of Ansion. (APS)

this was a common name among the Filordi race. (UANT)

this small insect was rasied by the Yuuzhan Vong as an organic tracking mechanism. Each nisbat in a hatching could sense the presence of its hatchmates over a distance. As one member got closer to another, the nisbat would emit a bussing noise. This buzzing got louder as the nisbat neared its hatchmate. Thus, the Yuuzhan Vong could implant a nisbat into the body of a being and use another nisbat - a hatchmate of the implant - to locate the being by the strength of the buzzing sound. (EL2)

Nisemia Thread
this is a flowering, vine-like plant. (POT)

Nisewarner, Semmac
Bakuran Captain of the Intruder. (AS)

this sentient race of near-humans is native to the planet Nishr. They were subjugated by the Empire during the height of the New Order, and were reluctant to assist the Alliance Special Forces unit which arrived on the planet. They allowed the group - which became known as the Nishr Taskforce - to set up bases on the planet, but remained neutral in the conflict in order to avoid Imperial retribution. The Nish were in a period of industrial revolution at the time of the Battle of Yavin. (ROE)

this deity was one of the many gods worshipped by the ancient Unfyr Warriors. Ni'Shaw was a minor god, and represented both war and wisdom. According to legend, Ni'Shaw only had two prophets, whereas all other Jydan deities had three prophets. Ni'Shaw was therefore doomed to be forgotten until he found his third prophet. Thus, the leader of the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry was referred to as the Third Prophet. Worship of Ni'Shaw rose to prominence through the work of Kaltor Naklian, who founded the Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry. (AIR)

Ni'Shaw-Dak Ministry
this religion was founded by Kaltor Naklian, and was a derivative of the Jydan religion of the Unfyr Warriors. It was also the most prevalent religion on the planet V'shar. This religion was dedicated to the worship of Ni'Shaw, who fell out of favor among the Jydan after their downfall. Despite Ni'Shaw's minor position among the Jydan gods, the Ministry gained a great following and eventually commanded enough power to influence the government of V'shar. The Ministry was led by a its Third Prophet, who was supported by twelve Al'ma'den priests. Individual ministries were run by Shafar priests. Despite his loyalty to the Zulirian Swordmasters, Kaltor maintained separate accounts for the Ministry, and never let the two missions interfere with each other. Among the Ministry's primary laws were the ideas that wisdom was gained through vanquishing one's enemies, and that the best warriors were those who were mightiest in sword and mind. (AIR)

this Outer Rim planet was initially scouted by a team of Alliance SpecForce Wilderness Fighters and Pathfinders, who eventually established a base on the planet and became known as the Nishr Taskforce. They were originally just gathering intelligence on the Imperial presence on the planet, but became a fixture in an effort to harass the Imperials into leaving. The Imperials had garrisoned the planet just nineteen months before the Battle of Yavin. It was a temperate world of rolling plains, low mountains, and the occasional desert. (ROE)

Nishr Base Seven
located on the continent of Feldt, on Nishr, this was the primary base of operations of the Alliance's Nishr Taskforce. The base itself was created from an abandoned mining operation deep in the Lukhur Badlands. (ROE)

Nishr Base Ten
this was the smallest base maintained by the Alliance's Nishr Taskforce during the Galactic Civil War. It was located in the highland caves of the planet. (ROE)

Nishr Base Three
this was a stopover base maintained by the Alliance's Nishr Taskforce during the Galactic Civil War. It was located in the Shirshir Desert, and housed a hidden powr station in the midst of an oasis. (ROE)

Nishr Suppression
this was the name given to the campaign in which Governor-General Vin Kollis and his Imperial troops wiped out a large portion of the Nish population in order to secure the Imperial garrison on Nishr, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (ROE)

Nishr Taskforce
this Alliance Special Forces unit was made up of a pair of Wilderness Fighter platoons and a Pathfinder platoon. They were the first group to scout the planet Nishr, which eventually became their home base. A SpecOps mission group and an Intelligence agent were attached to the taskforce for unusual support. The taskforce was under the command of Fisk Csino during the Galactic Civil War. Their mission was defined after the original scouting party discovered the large Imperial presence on the planet. Their commanding officers deemed it important for them to remain on Nishr and harass the Imperial garrison, in an effort to draw reinforcement to the planet from other worlds. This would have allowed the Alliance to promote other actions during a lull in Imperial forces elsewhere. The mission was poorly planned, but forged moderate success over the years. (ROE)

Nisil Alarin
this was the name of a noted Givin individual. (UANT)

Nist, Xecr
one of the reborn Emperor Palpatine's personal advisers, Nist was promoted to Military Executor of Operation Shadow Hand after Sedriss and Vill Goir were killed on Ossus. Palpatine granted him the powers of Dark Jedi as part of the promotion. However, after Palpatine's final clone died on Onderon, Xecr Nist was captured by Luke Skywalker and put in prison, where he died some years later. (DE2, NEGC)

this planet, the primary world in the Nista System of Tapani Sector, was part of the holdings of House Cadriaan during the New Order. (LOE)

this woman was part of the scout team which rescued Bering on Wyndigal 2. (COG)

this Yevethan word is used to describe a young Yevethan male. It translates roughly to " the strongest of us all." (SOL, TT)

this infrared motion sensor system was developed by Neuro-Saav. Designed to be used in a protective helmet, the NiteSite system allowed the user to see into the infrared spectrum to locate a target. The Ubese used the NiteSite in the creation of their unusual helmets, and coupled the NiteSite with a Sure-Sight targetting system. (EGW)

Nitram, Kenn
a New Republic X-Wing pilot, Nitram once asked Han Solo about his days as a swoop racer. Kenn was personally recruited by Wedge Antilles. (DFRSB)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was part of the Empire's fleet in Tapani Sector, at the height of the New Order, and was assigned to patrol the space around Procopia. (LOE)

this name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "handsome". (GCG)

Niuk Niuv
this New Republic Senator, a native of the planet Sullust, was a member of the Advisory Council during the start of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. He was not supportive of Luke Skywalker's plans to re-establish the Jedi Council, in order to better control the actions of the growing Jedi population. Many rumors spoke of Niuk Niuv's own ties to the smugglers that the vigilante Jedi led by Kyp Durron were taking out of business, and hinted that his dislike of the Jedi was based more on lost profits than anything else.When Leia Organa Solo petitioned the Senate to address the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Niuk Niuv accused Leia of trying to deflect the issue of the renegade Jedi with wildly exaggerated views of the threat. Later, when it was learned that the Yuuzhan Vong planned to attack either Corellia or Bothawui, Niuv argued that Corellia be left undefended so that Bothawui could be saved. Niuk Niuv was one of few members of the Advisory Council to reach Borleias, in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant. He joined with Senator Pwoe in trying to restore the Advisory Council, but soon realized that Pwoe's motives were purely personal. When the call came out from Calamari for the Senate to reconvene there, Niuk Niuv abandoned Pwoe and traveled to Calamari. There, however, Niuk Niuv remained a vocal proponent of eradicating the Yuuzhan Vong completely, much to the chagrin of Cal Omas and the Jedi Knights. Note that this character is sometimes referred to as Niuv Niuv. (VP, DTO, JE, WOTC, EL1, DW, FH1)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "water warden" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

Nive, Jacob
the captain of the CR90 corvette Backstab, Jacob Nive was one of the few Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirates to survive the Imperial attack that destroyed them. Nive was a young but shrewd tactician who fiercely hated the Empire. The survivors of the Eyttyrmin pirates rallied around Nive, who earned their respect. He was a tall, well-built man with long, blond hair he drew into an impressive braid. The Survivors retreated to Elrood Sector, and established a foothold there by raiding Imperial convoys destined for Derilyn and Berea. When he first met Shondra Del, Nive was suspicious as to her motives. However, when she identified herself as a member of the Alliance, Nive began working with her as part of Operation: Elrood. His assistance ended with the destruction of the Brazen, and the Khuiumin Survivors went back to raiding Imperial convoys. When Corran began taking strides toward defeating the Invids, he was joined by Luke Skywalker in an effort to destroy Leonia Tavira and rescue Mirax Terrik from Suarbi 7/5. Before they left, they confided in Jacob their subterfuge and their plans, and offered him a chance to redeem himself and the Survivors as members of the New Republic. Nive greatly accepted the chance, and left Invid service. (GG9, OE, IJ)

this red-skinned humanoid was one of Jabba the Hutt's many followers who lived in the Hutt's palace on Tatooine. Nivek has strange, blue appendages sprouting from his head. He was secretly employed by Bib Fortuna to round up as many men as possible in one of the Twi'lek's first plots to kill Jabba. Nivek managed to recruit six beings, and Fortuna's plot was hatched. Unfortunately, it was luanched the same day as Gru'um Ropple's plan, and the two became entagled. Nivek was attacked by a frekker release by Ropple, and pleaded with Fortuna to save him. He began to speak of Fortuna's plot, and Fortuna shot him him the head. Fortuna later claimed he was trying to remove the frekker. (JTH)

this planet had an unusual orbit path that kept it in the shadow of a larger in-system planet throughout much of its year. This meant that the planet's surface was almost always in shadow, sometimes pitch blackness. The landscape of Nivek was dominated by barren, rocky plains, although strange forms of succulents managed to grow in those areas that received minimal light. This unique arrangement earned Nivek the nickname "Night Planet", and probably led to the common name of Shadowmen for its native sentient race. A Separatist base was established on Nivek during the height of the Clone Wars, and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were dispatched to destroy it. (CWA1)

Boba Fett received a half a million credits for recovering this Ffib who had fled the religious oligarchy on Lorahns. (TJP)

the Imperial Grand Moff in charge of Tandankin. (XWRS)

this Mid-Rim planet was the homeworld of a race that was also known as the Nixor. During the early years of the New Order, Nixor was known as a place for an independent starship captain to hide from the Empire. However, the spaceports on Nixor were poorly maintained, primarily because the Nixor people wanted nothing to do with either the Old Republic or Empire and their regulations. Thus, although it was a good place to hide, Nixor offered nothing in the way of amenities or starship services. (LJ2)

this alien race was native to the planet Nixor. Like many frontier peoples, the Nixor hated the overwhleming regulations of the galaxy's government, whether it was the Old Republic or the Empire. Thus, the Nixor refused to maintain their facilities to galactic standards, preferring to remain primitive and in control of their civilization. (LJ2)

Nixx, Tron
the navigator in Drek Drednar's pirate crew, Nixx was a native of the planet Corlass. He had been a member of another pirate gang, but defected to join Drednar's crew. It was later discovered that Nixx had some control of the Force, and used it to chart a safe course through the Quintar Nebula. He eventually discovered Taraloon, which became the base of operations for Drednar's gang. (SWJ5)

Niya Giedan
this Duros male was hired by Pri-Andylan Propulsion Systems to oversee the operations of its shipyard, built in the Duros System during the height of the New Order. (GMR2)

this barren ball of rock was the fifth planet of the Centares System, located in the Mid Rim. It was orbited by a pair moons. (WOA32)

this is a species of meek animal. (CRO)

Nizu Didarri
this was the name of a noted Woostoid individual. (UANT)

Nizuc Beck
see Bek, Nizuc (IWST)

the chief supply officer serving aboard the FarStar during its search for Moff Sarne, Nizzal was one of three Turazza sisters who joined the crew with Loh'khar. The trio of small aliens had hatched from their eggs while in the hands of Loh'khar, and immediately bonded to him. Nizzal was the unspoken leader of the trio, and worked for Loh'khar as a dealer. However, she showed none of the loyalty that Rizzal and Vizzal did. Nizzal defected from the FarStar with Khzam, after the Rodian's past with the Sabiador Slavers was revealed. Nizzal hid the Rodian aboard the Muvon and travelled with the crew to Uukaablis. Once on the ground, Khzam waited until everyone was off the ship before taking control and stealing it. (DARK, KO)

this severe man served the Imperial Navy as a Lieutenant, serving under the command of Captain Plikk during the years surrounding the Battle of Hoth. Nizzon and Plikk witnessed the Millennium Falcon suddenly jumping into another dimension of space, when their hyperdrive malfunctioned some time after the Battle of Hoth. They both hoped that the discovery of inter-dimensional travel would earn them great favor with the Emperor. However, Nizzon and Plikk's entire fleet were stranded in the interdimensional rift when Sunn-Childe allowed them to destroy his floating city. Plikk's ships were forced to drain all power from their hyperdrive systems in order to destroy it, leaving the fleet with no way to return to realspace. (MC46)

NJ Opuh
this Phuii, who lived on Coruscant during the years following in the Battle of Naboo, was a frequent patron of Dex's Diner. (SWDB)

Njeko Hkik
this was the given name of Jek Nkik. (SWJ11)

Njinska's Tavern
this restaurant was located on Phyrstal Island, on Abregado-Rae. It was located in a small, wooden building made more attractive through the liberal use of large panes of stained-glass art. (ND)

this personal jet pack was manufactured by Nanogar during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

this was a Mandalorian command or warning, depending on the context. It was the simplified usage of Ke nu jurkad, which literally meant "Don't brandish your sabre." When spoken by a Mandalorian, it often simply meant "Don't mess with me," with the implied threat of retaliation against another's actions. (OWS)

an early version of Borstel's ion cannon, the NK-3 found widespread use on the Empire's more advanced TIE fighter models. (XW, SWDB)

one version of Borstel ion cannon, the NK-7 was mounted on a square tower for emplacement on a space station or capital ship. Sixty of these ion cannons were used in the armament of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. (SCRE, EGW)

Nkkek, hkkeuika, obvioaga
this was the passcode used by the Jawas of Jek Nkik's tribe. (SWJ11)

a super-hot planet located in the Athega system, Nkllon's mantle and core were rich in metallic ores. Due to its proximity to its sun, the surface of the planet was an uninhabitable wasteland that was bombarded by intense heat and radiation during the day, and frozen at night. Lando Calrissian modified an idea proposed by Ecclessis Figg, and used a mobile mining operation to mine the dark side of the planet. Some five years after the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn attacked the planet twice. The first attack was aimed at obtaining some of Lando's mole miners for use in the attack on Sluis Van. The second was an attack to neutralize a primary source of ore for the New Republic. Sometime afterward, Lando was ready to rebuilt his Nomad City mining operation, but he lost the planet in a sabacc match. The planet's rotational period lasted 3,527 standard hours, or just over ninety standard days. Thus, the planet's "year," one complete orbit around its sun, lasted only 5 local days. (HTTE, HTSB, JS)

Nkllonian Lava Extract
this illegal drug was named for its color, which many thought looked as if it had been taken directly from the molten rock of the planet Nkllon. It was one of many illegal substances that appeared in the underworld of Coruscant during the last years of the Old Republic. (BF6)

the Imperial outpost built by then-Vice Admiral Thrawn in the Pakuuni System. (TIE)

this series of household courtesy droids was produced during the early years of the New Republic. (POT)

Nlek Statu
one of Bogga the Hutt's alien henchmen. (TOJ)

a flower known for its cloying, perfume-like scent. (JE)

a fragrant flower used in perfumes. (WG)

this was the model number of SoroSuub's Dragon suit of power armor. It was built with the Sullustan physiology in mind, and was developed for use by SoroSuub's security forces, but could be adapted for use by other humanoid races. Unfortunately, about the time that SoroSuub allied itself with the Empire, the prototype suit of Dragon armor was stolen, and the suit was never mass-produced. (GUN, SWJ3)

this was the identification code of the repulsorcraft stolen by Jacen and Jaina Solo during their escape from the CorDuro Shipping headquarters on Duggan Station. Access to the craft was provided to Jacen by Gnosos, while Jacen was imprisoned by Durgard Brarun. (BP)

this catfish-headed alien, distinguished by his red scales and long fang-like teeth, was Jabba the Hutt's primary agent on the planet Formos, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. N'Mrith was native to a warm, humid planet, and needed to regularly moisten his skin when off-planet. He as captured by Imperial stormtroopers on Formos, just after Chewbacca rescued Hronk from the prison ship commanded by Colonel Quirt. It was discovered that N'Mrith had doubled-crossed Chewbacca and his partner, Han Solo, providing the Imperials with a tip that Han would be transporting a large load of spice off Formos. Because Hronk was never found, and no spice was detected on the Millennium Falcon, N'Mrith was sent to the Spice Mines of Kessel for his duplicity. (MCI1)

this was a specialized mask created by an unknown race. It fit the wearer's facial features snugly, but outwardly revealed nothing of the actual shape of the face. The mask's contours flared upward above the eyes, creating a pair of "horns." Coloration could either be random or patterned, depending on the owner's desires. (WSV)

No bata tu tu
this Huttese phrase meant "Whatever it is, I didn't do it." (AAOTC)

No chuba da wanga!
when translated into Basic, this Huttese phrase meant "No, not that one!" (AAOTC)

No Luck Required
this starship was owned and operated by Uldir Lochett, during the early decades of the New Republic. The chassis of the craft was that of an old Corellian YZ-775 medium transport, which had been refitted and updated to more modern technologies and weapons. Inside the ship's hangar were several snubfighters, four modified A-Wings with room for a single passenger and emergency medical supplies. The two weapons emplacements had been heavily modified; one to hold a cesium-vapor turbolaser and a proton torpedo launcher, and the other simply removed to make room for the hangar. The targetting computer added for the turbolaser also served to help fire proton torpedoes. The slots for escape pods were removed to make more room for the hangar, but the A-Wings in the hangar served as escape craft in a pinch. The ship was badly damaged when Uldir managed to locate the rogue Jedi Knight Klin-Fa Gi, who used her lightsaber to slash through bulkheads to reach the hangar bay. She then stole a starfighter and blasted her way out, leaving the ship venting atmosphere. Uldir's crew managed to patch the leak and travel to Wayland, in an effort to recapture Gi. (GMR9, GMR10, EOV)

No wega mi condorta?
this Huttese phrase translated into Basic as "What can I do for you?" (AAOTC)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

No'aat Padu'll
Ka'aa name for the Koornacht Cluster. It translates to "The Little Nursery." (BTS)

Noab Hulis
this ancient, Miraluka Jedi sought out Chamma after the younger Jedi defeated a Sith-spawned being on Athiss and went into hiding on H'ratth. Hulis retold the tale of Chamma's bravery and control of the Force, and eventually convinced Chamma to return to his training. (TOJC)

No-ad System
the precious gems known as fire crystals were found in this planetary system. (GOF5)

a genetically engineered beast that serves as a guardian for the Lurians. (CSA)

Nobam Nol
this charletain once posed as a Sith Lord to dupe the inhabitants of N'ildwab. The natives hired Boba Fett to kill the magician, which he successfully did about five years after the Battle of Yavin. (SWG6, TOD)

this was the Huttese word for "no," and was used to indicate disagreement. (GMR5)

this Invincible-class Dreadnaught was lost centuries before the Battle of Yavin. It crew was distinguished from other Old Republic crew in that the humans on board all had green hair. (AIR)

Noble Sacrifice
this Yuuzhan Vong warship was beleived to have been the first ship to locate the rogue planet Zonama Sekot in the Klasse Ephemora System, during the height of the aliens' invasion of the galaxy. Upon arriving at Coruscant, which had been reformed into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar, the Noble Sacrifice was destroyed in orbit, on the pretense that it carried saboteurs. A yorik-trema landing craft managed to escape, and it was believed that this ship carried Commadner Ekh'm Val to the surface. (FH3)

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