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this woman was a native of Alderaan, and was engaged to Tycho Celchu. She was killed when the first Death Star destroyed Alderaan. (XWBT)

Nyik Tar'ak
this Ebranite and her sisters, Rith and Tor'ara, were members of the Rull clan, and were sold into slavery in their youth when the Empire took control of Ebra. The three sisters managed a daring escape, forcing the pilot of an Imperial shuttle to take them to the Alliance, where they became some of the first Ebranites to serve. They served in Kesh Sector before joining the ranks of Scandium Team, where they founded the Sandstorm Unit of desert-environment Infiltrators. Rith was the only surviving member of the family following the Wellte-ir Massacre, as both Nyik and Tor'ara were killed near the Umber Banks. (SWJ11)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "beautiful" or "pretty." (GCG, WOTC)

this young Balawai boy was one of five children rescued by Mace Windu from a lava flow in the jungle of Haruun Kal, shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, when he traveled to the planet to locate Depa Billaba. The children, led by Terrel Nakay, had been trying to return to their camp in a steamcrawler when it was caught by the lava. Nykl, his brother Urno, along with Keela and Pell Nakay, were taken in by Nick Rostu, after Windu left them to seek out answers in the jungle. (SHPT)

this Imperial Commander was in charge of construction on a new wing of the Imperial Hall of Heroes when Han Solo was sent to assist him. Nyklas had been using - and mistreating - a group of Wookiee slaves he had obtained from the Trandoshan slaver Ssoh. During a mission to obtain more Wookiees, Nyklas found that his contact's ship was disabled. He ordered Han and his flight of TIE Fighters to take out the ship, but Han discovered that there were Wookiees still alive on board. Nyklas ordered Han to kill the survivors, but Han rebelled against this senseless slaughter. He freed one of the Wookiees, named Chewbacca, and was immediately reprimanded by Nyklas. Han was quickly given a dishonorable discharge and blacklisted as a pilot. (THG, C)

Nyl, Darca
this man was believed to have been one of the many Jedi Knights who roamed the galaxy during the decades leading up to the Clone Wars. A former soldier, Darca served as a mercenary for hire many years before the Battle of Naboo, until he abandoned that role when he met his future wife, Teril. Darca later claimed that Teril's love saved him. They looked forward to becoming parents, but Teril died during childbirth, leaving Darca to raise his son Neas alone. The two men became the best of friends. Then, one day shortly after the Battle of Naboo, a Jedi Knight crashlanded on Nyl's land. The dying Jedi explained that he had been transporting a prisoner to Coruscant, a prisoner known as the Dark Jedi, Lycan. Lycan escaped and tried to gain access to Nyl's home. Young Neas managed to shoot the Dark Jedi in the face, but Lycan killed the boy in retaliation. Darca returned home to find Neas' lifeless body on the floor. Lycan escaped again, and Nyl spent two days burying his son before setting out on a mission of vengeance to hunt down and destroy Lycan. He took the dead Jedi's lightsaber, and assumed the role of a rogue Jedi to give him a measure of respect. On the first world he reached during his search, he thwarted the capture of a young boy who had been implicated in the kidnapping of Samuel's daughter, Leddar. Samuel, the leader of the remote outpost, agreed to drop any charges against Nyl, so long as he helped locate his daughter and bring the kidnappers to justice. In exchange for Darca's help, Samuel agreed to also provide information on the Dark Jedi Lycan, whom Darca had been searching for. Darca managed to locate Royce, who had kidnapped Leddar, and discovered the truth behind Samuel's relationship with Royce. After ensuring that they wouldn't kill each other, Darca left Samuel to contemplate his actions and set out for Molavar, where Royce claimed that Lycan was heading. When his ship was shot down while en route to Molavar, Darca was caught up in the machinations of Jaren and her brother, Ament. After bringing the two fugitives to justice, he finally reached Molavar, where he discovered he was five days behind Lycan. However, Lycan was still on the planet, and Nyl could see the end of his mission. After helping Byrom and Ensa ensure their safety in the desert, Nyl finally confronted Lycan. The larger Dark Jedi beat Darca physically through the Force, causing broken ribs and other internal injuries before Darca could recover enough to make his own attack. As he crawled into a mine, Darca lined the entrance with landmines, an idea he had obtained by Byrom. As Lycan claimed victory, Darca set off the charges, bringing the ceiling of the cave down on Lycan's head and killing him. Upon surviving the encounter, Darca had a vision of Teril and Neas, in which they implored him to never give up his new-found quest to make things right in the galaxy. Darca cdidn't consider himself a Jedi Knight - he'd never felt the Force flowing through him - but he resolved to make things as right as he could in the galaxy. (T21, T22, T23, T24)

Nyl, Neas
this young man was Darca Nyl's son. Unfortunately for both men, Darca's wife Teril died in childbirth. Rather than causing problems, this event brought them closer together, and their relationship grew deep. Then, one day just after the Battle of Naboo, the starship of a Jedi Knight crashlanded on Darca's land. Darca went to investigate, and discovered the dying Jedi, who told Darca that he had been transferring a prisoner to Coruscant. The prisoner, a Dark Jedi named Lycan, had escaped after the crash. As Darca listened to the story, he heard gunfire from his home, and rushed to return to Neas' side. Unfortunately, the brave youth had tried to stand up to Lycan, shooting the Dark Jedi in the head before being killed for his actions. As Neas died in his arms, Darca vowed to bring Lycan to justice. (T24)

Nyl, Teril
this woman was married to Darca Nyl, until she died in childbirth when her son Neas was born, several years before the Battle of Naboo. (T24)

this was an inexpensive, synthetic fabric, used to make all manner of clothing during the early years of the New Republic. (TG)

this material was created by mixing nylon fibers into flexible steel. It was useful in the manufacture of high-strength straps and bands for securing cargo containers. (DN1)

the flesh of this creature was often served grilled. (EVR)

this Feeorin was known as a pirate who ambushed ships from a secret base on the Naboo System, although the base's location was never discovered. Nym was orphaned on the planet Lok as an infant, and was raised by harsh criminals and pirates. He developed into a fearsome fighter, not because he was overly violent, but because he was swift and effective. Nym was known as a tactical genius as well as a scoundrel, and his piracy of Trade Federation convoys earned him a considerable bounty. When regular channels failed to bring him into custody, the Federation hired Vana Sage to capture Nym. She was able to lure Nym and his crew into a trap when they tried to sell off a load of experimental Scalp-Hunter blasters they obtained from the Trade Federation. Despite her success, Nym's crew soon rescued him from the Federation's control. He returned to Lok to fight the Trade Federation's occupation of his homeworld, but nearly lost everything he owned. Nym piloted his ship, the Havoc, during the Battle of Naboo, helping the Naboo break the Trade Federation's blockade and helping restore trade to the system. A full pardon of his past crimes from Chancellor Palpatine allowed Nym to continue his piracy as well, although he was never monetarily rewarded. He returned to his adopted homeworld of Nym, only to find it still under the control of the Trade Federation. He spent the next few months on Bothan Space, biding his time to return home. Six years after the Battle of Naboo, Nym was hired by the Mere Ambassador Loreli Ro, to help her people overthrow the Trade Federation's control of Maramere. Nym relunctantly agreed to help, but found himself fighting Sol Sixxa's forces as well as the Trade Federation. In the end, though, Nym, convinced Sol Sixxa to join forces with him, and the two set out to destroy the Federation. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo and the Clone Wars, Nym returned to Lok and became the leader of his people. He was considered more cunning and shrewd as he grew older, and was revered by his people during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that he kept several possessions of an old friend, the Jedi Master Adi Gallia, in his hidden retreat on Lok. Nym remained hidden on Lok for many years, as the Empire rose to power and began patrolling the spacelanes. If the price was right, he would sometimes support the actions of the Alliance, although he refused to commit to one side or the other during the Galactic Civil War. (OWS, SFT, STF, T7, SWDB, CRBN, SWI65, ROD, JSF)

Nymalian Water-Ox
this immense, bovine creature was distinguished by the way it shook its massive head to dislodge insects. (SHPT)

Nym's Hovel
this was the name given to a large asteroid located in the Spine of Lok. It was believed that the pirate Nym maintained a base on the asteroid at some point in time, thus earning it the name Nym's Hovel. After Nym established his base of operations on Lok, the Hovel was reserved for use as a sort of prison, where Nym could hold his enemies. (SWGAL)

Nyngwah nooglik
this Ansionian phrase was used whenever one individual wanted to dare another into doing something. The phrase imparted the belief that the individual being dared was less than able to perform the task. (APS)

this planet was part of the New Republic, and is the homeworld of a sentient race of three-headed aliens. (TNR)

a native of Morado, this young man wanted become a Jedi Knight so badly that he tried to scrape up enough credits to buy a lightsaber on Nar Shaddaa. In desparation, Nyo entered into a sabacc match with the Herglic gambler Doune, and lost all but a single credit. Nyo was "rescued" by Kinnin Vo-Shay, who wagered the last credit and eventually won more than 200,000 credits from Doune. Nyo and Vo-Shay then traveled to Nar Shaddaa to purchase the lightsaber, which Nyo had already secured with a downpayment, only to find that Doune had beaten them to the Smuggler's Moon and purchased the weapon out from under him. Nyo was enraged and dismayed, until Vo-Shay offered to try and win the weapon from the Herglic in a winner-takes-all sabacc match. Vo-Shay purposely lost the match, giving Doune the amulet he wore around his neck as the winnings. Doune then gave up the lightsaber, claiming that he no longer needed it. Vo-Shay then introduced Nyo to the real source of his luck, the disembodied Jedi Master Aryzah. Aryzah and Vo-Shay asked Nyo to join them as part of their crew, agreeing to help Nyo learn more about the Force. (TFNR)

named for the strange sound it makes when it jumps out of the water, this mollusk is native to the planet Naboo. It jumps from the water to catch insects and small creatures near the swamps, and it is considered a delicacy by the Gungans. (GF)

this Imperial Admiral was in command of the fleet which protected the planet Corulag during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He commanded a fleet from his flagship, the Nullifier. (SWJ12)

this Wookiee worked for Cal Majjer as the Director of Food preservation and Dietary Consultation at the Dry Goods Emporium, on the planet Cularin, during the last years of the Old Republic. It was later discovered that Nyrkar was also one of the founding members of the underground resistance that sprang up in response to the Metatheran Cartel's presence on Cularin, in the years following the Battle of Naboo. (EOS)

this short-statured man was a Colonel in the Darkknell Defense Agency, at the time when Garm Bel Iblis tried to recover the plans to the first Death Star in Xakrea. He was a loyal supporter of the Empire, although he rarely received any form of support from the local garrison. He attempted to make a great deal of credits by recovering the datacards which contained the plans to the first Death Star, then selling them to Ysanne Isard. However, his plans were thwarted when Isard sliced into his computer systems and redirected his troops. Moranda Savich and Garm Bel Iblis managed to recover the plans, leaving Nyroska with nothing but Isard's wrath. (TFNR)

this planet was the second planet in the Ylesian system to be colonized by the Besadii kajidic as a religious retreat. Like its predecessor, Ylesia, Nyrvona was touted as a religious holy-land, but would really become a ready source of processed spice and slaves. (RD)

this Kajain'sa'Nikto was one of Jabba the Hutt's sail barge guards. He was intensely loyal to the Hutt, and his loyalty was rewarded with position of guarding Jabba's primary barge during its trips into Mos Eisley. (CCG7)

this planet was the primary world in the Nyssa System, located in Tapani Sector. Part of the holdings of House Mecetti at the height of the New Order, it was once the base of operation for the Mecrosa Order, several thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. (PGT, LOE)

this Wookiee clan lived on Kashyyyk until it was decimated by Imperial forces which raided the planet for slaves. Most of the clan's members were sent to work at the Maw Installation, under the sadistic eye of Grodon Lakky. Eight Nysshyyyk Wookiees were killed by Lakky's unrelenting use of a power-lash within the first month, for sabotaging their work. Four others committed suicide rather than submit to Lakky's anger. Fifty more died from exhaustion during the construction of the Death Star prototype. (JASB)

this was one of the many Jedi Masters who were killed by General Grievous during the Clone Wars. Nystammall died on Tovarskl, along with Jedi Master Puroth. Both of their lightsabers were confiscated by Grievous, who later used them in combat against Obi-Wan Kenobi. (E3N)

this was was the primary cultural center of Honoghr during the early years of the New Republic, primarily because it was one of the few locations on the planet that supported any form of life. Because of this, Nystao was the site of the Grand Dukha. The city had an Imperial-built spaceport that was manned by Noghri, but it was usually kept closed except for Imperial traffic. (DFR, DFRSB)

Nysza III
this planet was the site of an Imperial communications bunker which was destroyed by the Harrier infiltration team. The mission cost the team the life of Arecelis Acosta. (SWJ8)

Nyth, Volu
this woman, a native of the planet Kuat, joined the New Republic's Rogue Squadron shortly before the Battle of Coruscant. (EL1)

this purplish mist was a form of sleeping gas, used by guerilla armies during the height of the Clone Wars. (SHPT)

Nyubba-class Barge Driver
this segmented freight barge driver was produced by SoroSuub. The Nyubba-class had five spherical sections, with the middle sphere being connected to the main drive systems. The drives resembled an elliptical pod emerging from the right side of the ship. The Nyubba-class barge measured twenty-two meters in length, requried a pilot and co-pilot to operate, and could transport up to two passengers and 200 metric tons of cargo. These craft were armed with a pair of turret-mounted double laser cannons. Barges could be attached both fore and aft because of the offset positioning of the drive systems. (SWJ11)

Nyubuna Bulul
this female Mon Calamari owned and operated the Even Cut Sabacc Parlor and Casino, located in the Center Sphere district of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. During the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, Bulul established herself as Miss Mylla's chief rival, and not simply because the casino was located across the street from Miss Mylla's Saloon. Bulul chose to focus on the gambling, and showed a business sense that was only rivaled by that of her Falleen competitor. (GMR7)

this native of the planet Rudrig was elected to the New Republic Senate. (TNR)

this plant was native to the planet Cularin. (LFC)

this Sullustan owned Uncle Nyyv's Floating Eatery, found on Streysel Island on the planet Vaynai during the height of the New Order. (GMR8)

this archaic name was common among Sullustan males, and meant "flexible". It referred to certain Sullustan individuals who could squeeze into small tunnel openings. (GCG)

this planet, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was the Yevethan homeworld and the capital world of the Duskhan League. It was also the site of the Imperial orbital shipyard Black-15. Sometime after the planet Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong, the Fia of Galantos made a deal with the alien invaders. The Fia provided information on the Yevetha's strengths and weaknesses in return for their own freedom, leading the Yuuzhan Vong to launch an all-out attack on N'zoth. Hoping to eliminate a possible problem on their rearward borders, the Yuuzhan Vong mercilessly attacked the Yevetha, destroying the planet N'zoth and wiping out every last member of Yevethan civilization. (BTS, FH1)

N'zoth III
this was another name for the planet N'zoth, although its origins are unknown. (UANT)

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