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this was the Huttese word for the number zero (0). The Hutts used a base-eight numbering system, since their hands had just four fingers each. (GMR5, TF)

Nobody's Inn
this cantina was located on the planet Ord Mantell. (SWJ14)

Nobrin, Dod
this alias was used by Garik Loran to infiltrate the planet Storinal, shortly before the Night Caller was to rendezvous with the Hawkbat. Dod was a farmer native of the planet Agamar, and also had two brothers: Fod, portrayed by Wedge Antilles; and Lod, played by Myn Donos. Their cover story was that they were on Storinal to find wives. (WS)

Nobrin, Fod
this alias was used by Wedge Antilles to infiltrate the planet Storinal, shortly before the Night Caller was to rendezvous with the Hawkbat. Fod was a farmer native of the planet Agamar, and also had two brothers: Dod, portrayed by Garik Loran; and Lod, played by Myn Donos. Their cover story was that they were on Storinal to find wives. (WS)

Nobrin, Lod
this alias was used by Myn Donos to infiltrate the planet Storinal, shortly before the Night Caller was to rendezvous with the Hawkbat. Lod was a farmer native of the planet Agamar, and also had two brothers: Fod, portrayed by Wedge Antilles; and Dod, played by Garik Loran. Their cover story was that they were on Storinal to find wives. (WS)

this man operated a boshi farm on Tatooine, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He also raised nerfs for food. (T7)

this was a clan of Tarasin, native to the planet Cularin. (LFCW)

this was a race of Kadrillians which lived in the hills of their homeworld of Kadril. They were distinguished from baseline Kadrillian stock by their more primitive civilization, as well as their wider range of emotions. The Nocivs hated their brethren, believing that the Kadrillians had become too passive. The Nocivs were targetted by Darth Vader because of their territorial home, which was filled with kunda stones. (LAT3)

Nocombackie Law
this was the name of the Gungan which exiled a member of the Gungan society from their underwater cities. (SWDB)

Nocturne of the Winged-Stars
this unusual, natural event took place every 300 years on the planet Caluula. Scientists from across the galaxy gathered on Caluula to investigate its origins and triggers. During the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Caluula was expected to experience another Nocturne, shortly after the Battle of Ebaq. During the Nocturne, thousands upon thousands of winged-stars emerged from their chitinous shells and began their mating dance. Unlike other species which were similar in physiology, such as the drone-flitter, the winged-star had just a single day to attract a mate, then successfully fertilize and lay their eggs. What made the winged-star even more unusual was that its eggs took the next 299 years to incubate and hatch. Thus, it lived its entire life in one brief day. It was this day that drew scientists from across the galaxy to witness the Nocturne. (UF)

Nod Kartha
this planet was located in the Karthakk System. (JSF)

Nod, Lorian
as a youth, Lorian trained to become a Jedi Padawan at the same time as a young Dooku, some 68 years before the Clone Wars. They were the best of friends during the early years of their training, sharing their education as well as a number of schemes. Lorian was always a bit more reckless than Dooku, but their different personalities meshed well, until Dooku's incredible skill with the Force made him a favorite among the teachers. When Dooku was chosen to be the Padawan of Thame Cerulian, and Lorian was passed over several times, Lorian was left to ponder his own future. He hoped to impress the Jedi Masters by stealing a Sith Holocron and learning new skills from it, but he imposed on Dooku to cover for him when he was caught. Dooku refused, and eventually Lorian was expelled from the Jedi Temple. He refused to take a position in the Agricultural Corps, and set out on his own. Harboring nothing but ill-will toward the Jedi, Lorian began building his own base of power. Using his connection to the Force, he bullied beings into providing him funding, then established the Caravan corporation as a front for his illegal activities. Posing as a pirate, Lorian began kidnapping Old Republic Senators and holding them for ransom. While attempting to capture Blix Annon, Lorian ran into Dooku once again. Dooku was now a Jedi Master, and he and his Padawan Qui-Gon Jinn set out to arrest Lorian. Lorian managed to capture them on Von-Alai, shortly after kidnapping Senator Blix Annon. When Annon died of a heart attack while in captivity, Nod suddenly found himself in a lot more trouble. Dooku managed to capture Nod and have him sent to Coruscant for jailing. Thirty years later, Lorian appeared on Junction 5, where he was given command of the Guardians police force. His bloodless assumption of power would have been perfect, if the chance arrival of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi hadn't helped expose his plans. Once again, Nod was sent to prison, and was again eventually released. He returned to Junction 5, and used his skills to help restore peace to the planet he had tried to conquer. During the early months of the Clone Wars, he returned to Coruscant, ostensibly to offer his assistance to the Republic. Obi-Wan refused to believe his sincerity in offering his help, and Lorian could do nothing but work to prove him wrong. When the founders of the Station 88 Spaceport met with Count Dooku on the planet Null, Lorian decided that he could not support Dooku and the Separatist movement. Dooku tried to eliminate the leaders and flee, but Lorian chased after him, hoping to finally rectify all the wrongs he had done in his life. Unfortunately, before he could stop Dooku, the Count pierced him through the chest with his lightsaber. Lorian died as he took hold of the Force one last time. (LOJ)

Nod, Seib
this woman was a frequent patron of Coruscant's Outlander Club during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis, despite the fact that she always wore an blood-red, ankle-length robe that was attached to a unique facial screen that completely hid her true identity. (SWI75)

this Imperial Army Major was ostensibly in command of the ground forces which invaded the moon of Sulon, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. (SFE)

Nodgra System
Abdi-Badawzi ran a small operation in the system, during the early years of the New Order. (SWJ2)

a Cathar from the same litter as Nonak, Nodon and his sibling joined up with Burrk to hunt for some of the galaxy's most desired furs and pelts. They eventually settled on obtaining Wampa pelts from Hoth, and had been fairly successful. That was, until they agreed to take Drom Guldi on a hunt. During the hunt, the Wampas had gotten smart, and had ambushed them at their ship. The Wampas inadvertently started the ship's auto-destruct sequence, which completed before the Wampas were removed from the ship. The ship exploded, stranding the entire party on Hoth. They were later discovered by Luke Skywalker and Callista, who were on Hoth trying to regain Callista's powers. He was injured in a Wampa attack, and was later killed in yet another attack, this one inside their base. (DS)

this planet is home to the Noehon race, as well as the k'lor'slug. (GG12, CCG)

a race of four-armed insectoids from the planet Noe'ha'on, the Nohehons have a savage culture. They stand on two legs, and they are covered with bristly hairs. The eyes of a Noehon are multi-faceted, with each facet having a specific range of vision. Some facets are used for detailed analysis, while others are for detecting motion. They exude a strong scent from glands in their cheeks, and use this scent to mark their territory. A pair of strong mandibles surrounds the Noehon mouth. They are excellent climbers. The Noehon race is obsessed with order and discipline, and are focused on maintaining heirarchies in their society. Their family groups are known as Welds, and consist of a dominant, alpha male ruling up to fifty females. The females have their own hierarchy.This hierarchical society leads many off-world Noehons into the slave trade. It has also led to a large amount of fighting for position in the overall society. The Noehons never achieved a high level of technology, and were planet-bound when they were discovered by the Old Republic. (GG12)

this was the spoken language of the Noehon race. There was no written form of the language. (UANT)

Noerr, Celida
this woman was a student at the Imperial Institute of Higher Learning, in the same class as Shandria L'hnnar. Unknown to Shandria, Celida was also a member of the rebel underground and an agent of the Alliance. When Celida was arrested as a traitor and executed by Imperial forces, Shandria herself joined the Alliance to avenge her death. (SWJ5)

Noeu Sphere
this ball was used in a sport which involved passing the sphere to teammates before throwing it into a goal. (IWE1)

Noff, Gavron
this man was captured by Armx, after a bounty was placed on his head. He might have escaped capture, but the power cell in his blaster failed while the blaster itself registered full-power. (GG10)

Nofre Ecls
this Sullustan was the sister of Loro Ecls, and ran the Nofre Repair Bay at the Gelgelar Free Port. She was also an independent operative for the Alliance, working with Colonel Arik Stijhl's team at the drop point in the Free Port. Nofre kept her involvement with the Alliance a secret from her brother, as he held no support for the Alliance. To ensure that she wasn't discovered, Nofre acted for the Alliance under the pseudonym Talana. Her skills were in gathering information, which she readily supplied to Stijhl and his team. (SWJ14)

Nofre Repair Bay
this starship repair facility was maintained by Loro Ecls' sister, Nofre, at the Gelgelar Free Port. (PSPG)

a predator native to the planet Smarteel. (JTH)

Noga River
this waterway is found on the planet Teyr. on the opposite side of the world from Griann and the Teyr Rift. (SOL)

this ancient Barabel phrase was discovered on several unearthed wall carvings on Barab I, during the Old Republic's initial explorations of the planet. These words were found near images of ancient Jedi Knights wielding green lightsabers. Much of the excavation of the ruins was disrupted by Korshnak, who wanted Barabels to remain free of outside influence. (GORW)

the Captain of the Imperial Corvette Bixby, he defected to the Alliance when his ship was captured. He then gave the Alliance the coordinates of the Imperial staging point near Dellalt. (XW)

Nogdra System
this star system is located about three days hyperspace travel from Socorro. (SWJ2)

this male Mon Calamari, distinguished by his bluish skin coloration, was a scout and trailblazer. (GMR3)

this was one of the more common names given to males of the Mon Calamari race. To the Mon Calamari, this name meant "pilot". (GCG)

this was another name for the Honoghran language. (UANT)

this race was held subservient by the Empire. They were known for their guerrilla techniques. Individual Noghri were short in stature, with needle-sharp teeth, steel-grey skin, large dark eyes, and protruding jaws. They were nearly wiped out when two starships battled over the surface of their homeworld of Honoghr. One of the ships was destroyed, and plummeted to the ground, releasing noxious chemicals and rendering much of the planet uninhabitable. The entire battle was only a ruse, however, perpetrated by Emperor Palpatine as a way to reduce the will of the Noghri and bend it to his own uses. The Emperor dispatched Darth Vader to offer assistance to the Noghri, who were only too happy to accept. The price for their salvation was that they had to send their sons to Palpatine for use as silent commandos. Palpatine had all knowledge of the Noghri erased from the Imperial databases in order to heighten the effect of his commando teams. When Princess Leia discovered the Emperor's plan and was able to show the Noghri how they had been tricked, the Noghri quickly began recalling its sons from their commando teams, and joined the New Republic's struggle against the remnants of the Empire. In the aftermath of Thrawn's death and the destruction of the Mount Tantiss storehouse, the New Republic worked with the Noghri to restore Honoghr's ecosystem. However, the damage inflicted by the Empire proved to be too much to overcome. The Republic, and a poetic form of justice, gave the Noghri the option to resettle on Wayland. Many of the Noghri clans made the move, taking up residence on Wayland alongside the Psadans and the Myneyrsh. (HTTE, DFR, SOP)

this secret group of holo-video producers, directors, and actors was created in the underground of Adarlon's entertainment industry during the New Order. They created bootleg holo-vids that told stories of Jedi Knights and the glory of the Old Republic. The ranks of No-Holds-Barred are filled with artists who were blacklisted by the Imperial censors, and all of them were supporters of the Alliance, through contacts with Drun Cairnwick. (GG6)

this portly, mustached man served the Imperial Army as a General during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. He was in command of the ground defense forces on Kalist VI some eight months after the Battle of Yavin, when the Nuna's Twins arrived two days after its scheduled arrival date. Noils ordered the vessel to be detained before it could land, until Captain Jodeen and his fighters could surround the vessel and investigate its crew's claimed to have survived an Alliance ambush. Although Jodeen's men were satisfied with the story, Noils demanded to meet Captain Harran face-to-face. The younger man's story eventually satisfied Noils, who allowed the crew to debark upon their arrival on Kalist VI. Noils, however, was unaware that Captain Harran and his crew were actually Alliance agents. (SWEWW)

this female Senator of the New Republic was from an unspecified alien race. (BTS)

Nojik Beanstalk
the discovery of this unusual plant is generally considered one of the greatest archaeological finds of the modern era. (TT)

this Rodian, was Neela's brother, and an uncle to Greedo and Pqweekduk. Nok engineered the Tetsus clan's escape from Rodia, as well as the escape to Nar Shaddaa, when Navik the Red set out to eliminate them. (TME, HFG)

meaning "difficult" or "obstinate", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Nok Cartel
this band of pirates was based on the planet Abregado-re during the height of the New Order. (LOE)

Nok Derrick
this disfigured near-human lived in the dirtiest section of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. Nok managed to capture Temo Dionisio, after learning that the man had ties to the Alliance. He planned to interrogate Dionisio and extract any information he held in his brain, then sell the information to the Alliance. Nima Maas hired the inexperienced bounty hunter Greedo to recover Dionisio, hoping that a covert attempt to elminate Derrick would work. Despite his ineptitude, Greedo managed to kill Derrick and recover Dionisio. (T6)

N'oka Brath
known as the Glowstone by the Qella, this is the star around which the planet Brath Qella orbits. (TT)

this was an alien word which translated into Basic as "no." (GMR10)

this was one of the lesser Hutt kajidics of the planet Nal Hutta. (TF)

Nol Ilen
this near-human male was a native of Demar, and had worked for the Lant Mining Corporation since he was eighteen. At that time, he found work as a grunt on a space barge at Lish V, and was known as an incessant talker. His supervisor finally transferred him off the barge and into pilot training, just to get rid of him. At the time of the Battle of Yavin, Nol worked as a shuttle pilot, ferrying miners to and from their worksites. Nol chats with them all during the flights, trying to keep abreast of activity on Lish V. (FBS)

this species of grass fills the plains of the planet Naboo. Dried nola grass is used as fire kindling, and can be ground up for use as a cooking spice. (GF)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and referred to the mythical figure Nolaa, who was the daughter of Mala. (GCG)

according to Twi'lek mythology, Nolaa was the daughter of Mala. (GCG)

Nolaa Tarkona
this female Twi'lek ws distinguished by her greenish skin and her single head-tail. A group of optical sensors was mounted in the stump of her missing head-tail. It was rumored that she was Oola's sister. She grew to power as the leader of the Diversity Alliance, and sought the location of the Emperor's Plague as a quick way to rid the universe of the human race. She paid Bornan Thul to transport it to her, but he disappeared with the datadisk and had to be hunted down by the likes of Boba Fett and Zekk. When she finally located the Imperial storehouse, Bornan tried to stop her. With the help of the yougn students of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, Tarkona was nearly captured. In the firefight between their forces, several of the Imperial plagues were unleashed, including the Emperor's Plague and a virus dangerous to Twi'leks. Both Bornan Thul and Nolaa Tarkona contracted one of Evir Derricote's viruses in the plague chamber, but Tarkona managed to escape with Raabakyysh. They fled the storehouse, but Tarkona was too ill to notice that the young Wookiee had blindly jumped into hyperspace. Raaba landed on a remote world and quarantined them both, until Nolaa died of her virus. She hoped that the virus would eventually die, and become harmless to the rest of the galaxy. (SHA, TEP)

this man was, at one time, the Imperial Captain in command of the Interrogator. He was also the mentor of a young officer named Vharing, who eventually succeeded Nolaan in command of the Interrogator. He was executed for an error by High Inquisitor Tremayne. (TFNR)

Nolan, Alikka
this young woman worked with Ketrian Altronel at Arginall Refinery, during the time when the Empire controlled the natural resources of the planet Hargeeva. She served as the plant's personnel supervisor. She longed to be part of the resistance in Arginall City, as her brother had been imprisoned in one of Nial Pedrin's labor camps. For this reason, she threw in her lot with Stevan Makintay when he returned to Hargeeva. She was captured, along with Mak and Ketrian, during an Imperial raid on the Lantern Inn, and was subjected to intense interrogation. She died when the drugs administered by Nial Pedrin overloaded her heart. (SWJ8)

this planet was one of the largest commercial centers of its sector, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Because of the large number of businesses and wealthy beings passing through the planet's cities and spaceports, thievery was one of the most popular professions on Nolar. (JAF)

this bustling commercial center was the capital city of the planet Nolar. (JAF)

Nolarian 6000
this beam drill, produced on the planet Nolar during the years preceding the Battle of Naboo, was considered one of the best mining tools of its age. The Nolarian 6000 was an immense drill, mounted on a mobile platform and designed to underwater mining and excavation. (JAF)

this young man was among the many Force-sensitive individuals who were exiled to the planet Dathomir during the early years of the New Order, because he was perceived as a threat by Emperor Palpatine. Noldan became something of an aide to Rohak, and was with the old man when he discovered the location for the Village of Aurilia. (SWGAL)

Nole Tree
this species of tree was native to the planet Vernet. (SWJ15)

this barren, rocky planet was the fourth world in the Sacor, or Sacorria, System. It was orbited by a pair of moons. (CCW)

this flightless bird was native to the planet Ganeid IV, and was the favorite prey of the cooha. The noli were not without defenses, however, possessing powerful beaks and slashing claws. (TBSB)

Nollo Kanx
this Quarren enforcer worked for Odanni, the Mon Calamari owner of the Fathoms restaurant complex. He had a fearful reputation among the locals of Wildwater City, who knew that he presense meant only bad things were going to happen. Nollo Kanx was something of a expert in the use of poisons, and he created many of his own poisons using the plants and animals which were supported within Wildwater City's environs. (WSV)

Noloh Gunga Bongoform
this Gungan-owned manufacturing facility was located in Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. It was one of the few businesses based on Lamaredd that were not locally owned, and produced many of the skimmersubs and lifeboat pods that were used on the planet. The company operated the Noloh Gunga Fuel Station, located within the Three Jetties area. (GMR7)

Noloh Gunga Fuel Station
this refueling depot, which was owned and operated by Noloh Gunga Bongoform, was located within the area of the Three Jetties, on the planet Lamaredd. It was located offshore from Bartyn's Landing itself, allowing the workers to contain any potential fuel spills before they reached land. (GMR7)

this member of the H'kig colony on L'at was believed to have been captured when the Yevetha took control of the planet during the Great Purge. Noloth was supposedly held on the Pride of Yevetha in order to deter attack by the New Republic. In reality, Noloth had escaped on the Star Morning before the Yevetha arrived. Noloth's presence on the Star Destroyer was an illusion generated by Enara to fool the Yevetha. (TT)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "provider". (GCG)

Nolyds, Burr
this gaunt, white-haired man served on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. Nolyds was one of the Council members who supported Carnor Jax and the plans he had for eliminating Emperor Palpatine, for the Emperor kept all of his supporters on short leashes. After Jax was killed on Yinchorr, Nolyds took control of the Council. He opposed Feena D'Asta's plan to make peace with the New Republic, despite the legitimacy it would bring to the Council. He was killed when he returned to his quarters after a long debate with D'Asta, and found a message disk in his rooms. When he activated it, it exploded, killing Nolyds instantly. (CE2)

Nom Anor
this shadowy, black-armored figure worked behind the scenes of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. He used Xandel Carivus as his agent, and predicted that Carivus would be elected to lead the Council after Nolyds was assassinated. Nom Anor spoke with a raspy hiss, which strengthened his evil image. He claimed to be in charge of the dealings on Ord Cantrell, and that the murders which plagued the Council were within his plans. However, General Immodet was soon poisoned, and not by any of Anor's agents. He claimed to be unconcerned about the rumors of Kir Kanos returning. Nom Anor became known to the New Republic several years later, when he emerged as the spiritual and political leader of the Rhommamoolians. Nom Anor made no effort to hide his hatred of the New Republic and the Jedi Knights, and preached about abandoning technology in favor of looking for the truth in the natural elements of life. In response to his charismatic personality, the Red Knights of Life rose up to further his beliefs. He had managed to incite them to rebel against their neighbors on the planet Osarian, sparking an intrasystem battle while furthering his own plans. In reality, Nom Anor was the Yuuzhan Vong leader of the advance forces of the Praetorite Vong, and a member of the Intendent class. When he was given the assignment, he showed his devotion to the Yuuzhan Vong by removing his own eye with the sharpened end of a burning stick. The eye was replaced with a plaeryin bol. He faked his own death by pretending to be on a diplomatic shuttle dispatched to the Mediator, but he was actually in an A-Wing fighter fleeing to Sernpidal. The shuttle exploded in the hold of the Mediator, although Nom Anor himself was in another craft fleeing the battle. He was disgraced upon his return to the Yuuzhan Vong leaders, and was replaced by Shedao Shai. It was later revealed that Nom Anor was a member of a lower caste in Yuuzhan Vong society, and hoped to elevate his people to warrior status by successfully conquering the first planets along Vector Prime. His failure almost guaranteed swift retribution. With the failures of Shedao Shai and Deign Lian, Nom Anor found himself once again in a position of command, leading the forces which destroyed Obroa-skai. He was also part of a growing faction of Yuuzhan Vong which believed the Jedi Knights were the key to taking control of the galaxy. Nom Anor also took steps to form an alliance with Borga the Hutt, which provided a minimum of protection for Hutt Space and gave the Yuuzhan Vong their choice of worlds to use to grow yorik coral. However, Nom Anor found himself entangled with two female rivals during the invasion. The former Jedi Knigth Vergere seemed to be favored by Warmaster Tsavong Lah, while Viqi Shesh - the woman he himself had recruited to the Yuuzhan Vong cause - was working behind the scenes to assassinate Borsk Fey'lya and become Chief of State of the New Republic. Nom Anor met both challenges head-on, and was dispatched to Coruscant to meet with the Republic Senate and Chief of State Fey'lya. Nom Anor was summarily arrested, thwarting his immediate plans and those of Senator Shesh, but managed to escape unharmed after rendering the entire Senate unconcscious. Upon his return to the Yuuzhan Vong, Nom Anor was again paired with Vergere, this time on the so-called Solo Project. He argued for the project's existence by showing Tsavong Lah that the New Republic - and the Solo family in particular - were destined to win the Galactic Civil so that the Yuuzhan Vong could invade the galaxy. Speaking heretically, Nom Anor explained that the Empire's centralized forces would have crushed the Yuuzhan Vong, so the True Gods altered events to ensure the Alliance own the war. While this appeased the Warmaster, Nom Anor's failure with the Solo Project did not. He was relegated to duty on Coruscant, which had been reformed into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar, locating and eliminating any pockets of resistance. His continued failure to capture Jacen Solo, combined with the loss of Ganner Rhysode and the near-destruction of the World Brain, forced Nom Anor to flee into the depths of the planet to escape execution. There, he met up with a group of Shamed Ones who had begun to revere the Jedi Knights. Their heretical beliefs gave Nom Anor the idea of turning them in to Overlord Shimrra, as part of a plan to regain his stature. When the band of Shamed Ones was routed by Yuuzhan Vong warriors, Nom Anor was again forced to flee deeper into the planet, relying on Shoon-Mi and Kunra to survive. However, his plans were not in shambles, and he continued to gain power as Yu'shaa, the Prophet who would lead the Shamed Ones to freedom. He gathered the Shamed Ones and used their religious fervor to build his own base of power, from which he hoped to strike back at Shimrra for abandoning him. He thought his plans had come to fruition when the living planet Zonama Sekot was located, as he believed that the destruction of the planet - which was a source of fear to Shimrra - would return him to the Supreme Overlord's good graces. After arranging to reach the planet with Nen Yim and Harrar, along with the Jedi Knights Tahiri Veila and Corran Horn, Nom Anor found the rumors of the living planet to be true. He set his plans in motion, hoping to overload the planetary hyperdrive and destroy the planet. He was forced to kill Nen Yim, who had discovered his true identity, only to be revealed later by Tahiri. Nevertheless, Nom Anor managed to escape Zonama Sekot and return to Coruscant, where he was restored to a position of power by Shimrra himself. Nom Anor was named the Prefect of Yuuzhan'tar, much to the dismay of High Prefect Drathul. Drathul decided that Nom Anor should be the individual to put a stop to the heretical cult of the Prophet Yu'shaa, a move that Nom Anor believed would earn him even more power. He was unprepared for Kunra's own plans, however, when the Shamed One twisted his warnings into bold proclamations to the Shamed Ones. Kunra thus forced Nom Anor to lead the masses, rather than abandon them. However, the weight of serving two masters began to force Nom Anor into a corner. When Shimrra finally ordered the World Brain on Coruscant to literally destroy the planet, making it useless to either side of the battle, Nom Anor did the only thing he could to save his planet. He shed his Prefect's cloak and took up arms with the Shamed Ones, fighting against the establishment of Shimrra. Once again, his actions were merely executed to save his own skin, and Nom Anor hoped to escape in the midst of the fighting between Shamed Ones and warriors. He was tracked in his escape by none other than Mara Jade Skywalker, who was part of an infiltration team dispatched to capture Shimrra. Mara's combat skills, both with a lightsaber and barehanded, were no match for Nom Anor, who was already breathless and tired from trying to escape the battle. She forced him to surrender, at which point he told her about Shimrra's plans to use the Alpha Red virus against Zonama Sekot. He then agreed to take the Jedi and the Solos to Shimrra's Citadel, in the hopes of locating Luke Skywalker and Jaina and Jacen Solo. Along the way, Nom Anor continued to look for a way to turn the situation to his own needs, but the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi left him with only two options: rejoining Nas Choka or joining the Galactic Alliance. Neither prospect gave him the kind of power he wanted, however. As he led the Jedi to Shimrra's escape pod, even his attempt to force them into the waste disposal system went awry. Jacen recognized the ruse, and confronted Nom Anor. In a last-ditch effort, Nom Anor used his plaeryin bol to squirt poison at Jacen. The young Jedi, however, simply restructured the poison into nothing more than water. Left with no alternative, Nom Anor chose to die when the escape craft crashed back into the surface of Coruscant. (CE2, VP, DTO, DTR, HT, SBS, SWDB, T, FH1, FH2, FH3, FP, UF)

this scout relied on his M38 explorer droid in his work. (FTD)

an Imperial Out System Scout craft which discovered Butler's Cove, the Nomad and her crew was captured by Alliance agents before they could report back to the Empire. (SN)

Nomad City
this was the name of Lando Calrissian's mining operation on the planet Nkllon, during the years following the Battle of Endor. Nomad City was a mobile colony built from an old Dreadnaught cruiser, which was mounted atop 40 AT-AT walkers, and built to withstand the nighttime heat of Nkllon's surface. (HTTE)

Nomad City Control
operations center aboard Nomad City, responsible to the regular arrival and departure of supply ships and ore transports. (HTTE)

Nomad Gulch
this rocky gulley was located on Tatooine, near the town of Motesta. (AIR)

Nomad Squad
this group of Alliance troopers was part of the security force protecting the outpost on the planet Taul, shortly before it was destroyed by the Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominator. (SWJ1)

Nomad Squadron
this starfighter squadron was part of the New Republic Navy during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Based on the MC80b cruiser Allegiant, Nomad Squadron was one of the very first full units formed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, during the months that followed the Battle of Yavin. It was originally a squadron of A-Wing fighters, but over time its pilots became famous for their ability to fly anything, at anytime, anywhere in the galaxy. When the Yuuzhan Vong launched their invasion, Nomad Squadron was under the command of Captain Tarrik, and they were stationed in the Meridian Sector of the galaxy. (GMR9)

this was another name for the Em'liy race, used primarily by the human inhabitants of the planet Shalyvane. (GMR1)

an Alliance YT-1300 destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this man was Captain of the Laughing Dancer, although the name was assumed to be an alias. Nomar was lost and presumed dead after the disappearance of the Laughing Dancer. (HAS)

Nomar, Heyc
this man worked in the spice mines of Kessel during the last years of the Old Republic. He had been on Kessel for so long, that he eventually went native. He was a fixture in the mines, and managed to obtain a level of authority within the mines. He remained on Kessel after the Empire took control of the mines, using his seniority to gain certain liberties with the Imperial overseers. (GORW)

this man owned a salvage yard. In his mid-fifties during the Galactic Civil War, Nomas looked as though he had personally scoured every square meter of his yard, for he was constantly covered in grease and grime. He felt much of the Empire's grasp as it imposed heavy tariffs on his used parts, and he often assisted Alliance agents whenever possible. (GMH)

Nomers Ocean
this was the largest body of water located on the planet Brosi. (AIR)

Nomgon's Arm
according to Ansionian mythology, this was a magical artifact associated with surprising events. (APS)

this plant, native to the planet Toydaria, produced a drooping, red flower. (IWE1)

an Imperial freighter assigned to the TIE Advanced plants in the Omar System. (TIE)

meaning "nectar", but also referring to a type of candy that was popular among the Gungans, this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this was the name of a popular Gungan candy. (GCG)

this Imperial Lieutenant served under Captain Zyak at the Fuel City depot on Sulon, during the Imperial occupation of the Sullust System. (RAG)

Nomo Sliken
this Clawdite assassin worked for Moska the Hutt during the height of the New Order. It was Nomo Sliken who murdered Nak Simm, then took the Zabrak's place at a meeting that was scheduled to cement an alliance between the Hutt crimelords Torga and Jolla. Unfortunately, Nak Simm's body was discovered before the meeting could be finished, and Nomo Sliken's plans were exposed. Nomo fled from the Corusca Gem Casino in an effort to escape, using a variety of disguises to avoid being recognized. However, the beings with whom he had been meeting managed to capture him before he could escape into the crowded streets. Nomo was later imprisoned by Torga for his treachery. (WOA23)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Nomor referred to industry, hard work, or diligence. (GCG)

a Cathar from the same litter as Nodon, Nonak and his sibling joined up with Burrk to hunt for some of the galaxy's most desired furs and pelts. They eventually settled on obtaining Wampa pelts from Hoth, and had been fairly successful. That is, until they agreed to take Drom Guldi on a hunt. During the hunt, the Wampas had gotten smart, and had ambushed them at their ship. The Wampas inadvertently started the ship's auto-destruct sequence, which completed before the Wampas were removed from the ship. The ship exploded, stranding the entire party on Hoth. They were later discovered by Luke Skywalker and Callista, who were on Hoth trying to regain Callista's powers. He was later killed in another Wampa ambush, trying to save his brother, Nodon. (DS)

this slimy amphibian was found in the lakes and swamps of a number of different planets. Its was mainly herbivorous, but would eat small insects and fish if needed. Nonakara produced copious amounts of irritating slime from their skins, and the slime helped debilitate the flora and fauna surrounding the nonakara and allowing it to more easily catch and feed on it. Scientists have also discovered that the slime contained genetic material, and that two nonakara could interbreed by exchanging slime. This mating required that one nonakara travel to the other's body of water, a trip would was perilous for the creatures. In this manner, the two nonakara parents would each give birth to offspring. These creatures were sometimes referred to as whirling snakes because of the thrashing and spinning a nonakara performs after it travels to a new body of water. This spinning motion dislodges huge amounts of slime, allowing the nonakara to disseminate its genetic material. (COG)

this man was a Captain in the Imperial Navy. He was in command of the small fleet which deployed the first-stage Darktroopers to take out the Alliance's Tak Base, on the planet Talay. (T4)

this was the name used to describe the spies used the Old Republic Senate. Each No-Name was given an entirely new identity, complete with the appropriate text docs and security clearances. A casual investigation of a No-Name's identity revealed nothing unusual or incriminating. When an agent died, the identity wasoften retired from use. (JAD)

this Radnoran was a known criminal, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Nonce was hired by Dol Heelp to locate teams of youths who were willing to help steal loot from the homes of those Radnorans who were evacuated from their homes in Tacto, after a plague was unleashed in the neighboring city of Aubendo. (JQ1)

this Senali was a member of the Banoosh-Walore clan. (SP)

NonHumans Inn
this chain of hotels in the Outer Rim caters to species of non-human origin. (GG9)

Non-Limbed Professional Greenputt Tour
this was one of the primary series of greenputt matches held during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was established to give those beings which lacked arms - which were required to swing the clubs used to hit the greenputt ball on the other professional tours - a chance to compete on a galactic stage. (HNN4)

this Alliance freighter was forced to crash-land on the planet Chorax, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. Rogue Squadron was dispatched to protect the freighter and its crew and cargo from Imperial attack until a rescue team could arrive. (RSG)

Nonnaihr, Lorac
this man was apprehended while smuggling guns through Alderaan's Spacer Quarter, during the height of the New Order. An Alderaanian by birth, Nonnaihr understood why weapons were banned on his homeworld, and demanded that any being who purchased weapons from him must never use them on Alderaan. (CCW)

this noted Imperial scientist disappeared from public view several years before the Battle of Yavin. (AIR)

Non-Sentient Professional Greenputt Tour
this was one of the the primary series of greenputt matches held during the last decades of the Old Republic. For many sports historians, the formation of the NSPGT marked the lowest point in the history of greenputt. It was formed in reaction to the consistent play of three neeks from Ambria, as well as the play of a Taurill named Bortis. (HNN4)

this was the brand name of a series of blaster silencer attachments manufactured by Merr-Sonn during the Galactic Civil War. They were produced for a variety of slughthrowers and projectile weapons, and each version was suitable only for a specific weapon. (ROE, AEG)

this was one of the many corporations which had its headquarters in the Stratablock 7 building of Metellos' Moridebo District, during the height of the New Order. Nonsu and its rival, CarsinShare, were the primary buyers and sellers of business information. They also produced much of the material used to build and maintain the city of Ektra. On the less legitimate side of things, CarsinShare and Nonsu also staged death matches deep in the bowels of Ektra, pitting their champion gladiators against each other in bloody fights to the death. (CCW)

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