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this was the name adopted by the humans native to the planet Nessem. They were known for their incredible craftsmanship, and were also apolitical in their nature. They sold their ships and services to any being with the credits to afford them, and they regularly invited offworlders to Nessem for conferences. (WOA12)

a nickname applied to the inhabitants of the Stenness system. (DE1)

Nesst-class Light Freighter
produced by SoroSuub, the Nesst-class freighter measured 29 meters in length. It resembled a pair of long cargo pods connected along a central axis. A triangular cockpit sits at the front, and twin engine pods take up the aft section. SoroSuub developed the Nesst-class to appeal to the independent spacer and to appease the Empire. It was given a large, 150 metric ton cargo area, but was unarmed and underpowered in order to avoid Imperial entanglements. (WBC, PP)

Nest Blessing
this was a quasi-secret form of greeting used by members of the Nediji race. The blessing itself was quite simple - "Fly free, fly straight, Brother of the Air" - but was virtually unknown on non-Nediji. (MBS)

Nest Leader
this is the title of the male Arcona who is chosen by popular vote to rule a Grand Nest. (GG4)

Nest Leader
this title, which was given to those Geelan who led the individual city-like nests, was derived from a similar Arconan title. Each of the Nest Leaders answered directly to the Geeloniran, or the great Geel. (AE)

Nest, The
this was the name given to the command center of the space station known as The Rig, during the height of the Clone Wars. (RSF)

this is the basic unit of Shashay society. (TA)

this was the Basic term used to describe members of the same hive of the Colony. (DN2)

Nesting Rag
this was a form of thick cloth that was used to form a makeshift bed. (DN2)

Nestless Ones
these Avogwi who do not have their own eyries in the arid cliffs of Altor 14 occupy the lowest rung in Avogwi society. (GG4)

this is the name used by the Shashay to indicate the rulers of their planet, Crytal Nest. The Nestmothers make all of the decisions which affect the Shashay society. (TA)

Nestra Pallik
this was the name of a noted Ranat individual. (UANT)

this is the capital city of the planet Salliche. (CRO)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Netbers, Radaf
this former Imperial Captain served under Warlord Zsinj during the period following the Battle of Endor and the breakup of the Empire. A native of the planet Broest, he was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and was requested to test the Hawk-bats' skills in this area before the assault on Kuat. In a brief melee, Qatya Nassin - the alias used by Shalla Nelprin - broke his nose and quickly incapacitated him. It wasn't the first time his nose had been broken, and Netbers considered it another battle scar. He was assigned to the security force left behind at Binring Biomedical, after Zsinj abandoned it and brought the labs aboard the Iron Fist, and nearly captured Wraith Squadron on Saffalore. However, Hohass Ekwesh caught and managed to break his right shoulder and his neck by swinging Netbers against a wall. (IF, SOC)

this predatory arachnid lived in the forests of Kashyyyk, trapping daubirds with an elaborate net. The average netcaster grew to a length of 75 centimeters, but it used a highly-toxic venom to kill its prey and defend itself from larger predators. (TT, GMR4)

this Em'liy was distinguished in the history of the planet Shalyvane. (UANT)

Neth, Karie
this woman served as a gunner with the Alliance's Starfighter Command. She was one of the members of Rogue Squadron. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, she replaced a Bothan gunner who was lost during the mission to recover the plans to the second Death Star. She flew with Gray Two during the battle. (CCG11)

Nethathanin, Parto
this man served as a crewman aboard the scout ship Bright Seeker. (TSIA)

Nether Ice
this was the name used by Socorran native to describe the ice they "mined" from the planet Neftali. Because of the mineral concentration within the frozen water, nether ice remained in a frozen state for many months in even the warmest conditions, and was used by Socorran pilots to cool their starship engine drives. Small pieces of nether ice have also been carved into jewelry. (BSS)

Nethermost Abyss
the Askajian name for the deepest regions of evil in the earth. (TJP)

this likeable man served as the entire "security force" aboard Darknon Station, at the height of the New Order. Nethius was also in charge of customs, although there was rarely a problem while he was on duty. However, Nethius was more than a security officer. He was also a Sergeant in the Imperial armed forces, and was stationed on Darknon Station in order to protect the location of a secret research facility hidden within the Itani Nebula. He also monitored the activities and communications of the spacers who visited Darknon Station, hoping to find a lead on the Alliance's activity in the area. (PSPG)

this race of tree-like beings descended from the planet Ryyk,although it was believed that they first evolved on the Myrkr. For many years, the Neti were also referred to as the Ryyk, which only served to confuse their actual heritage. Xenoarchaeologists of the New Republic believe that the alternate name of "Ryyk" was actually a reference to the original homeworld of the Neti, and not a reference to a distinct species. This information was pieced together from the Jedi Holocron of Bodo Baas. The ancient Jedi Masters Ood Bnar and Garnoo were Neti, as was T'ra Saa. As a people, the Neti were intelligent plants, reproducing by creating a few seeds every century. They survived by gathering food through photosynthesis, and could change their shape, size, or appearance almost at will. Most Neti were capable of three distinct forms: as a solid tree, as a humanoid, or as a quadripedal creature. Each of these forms provided certains levels of mobility and strength, and the Neti could adapt its shape to meet the needs of its surrounding environment. It was believed that Ood Bnar was the only surviving member of the species, being offworld when the planet Ryyk was destroyed, until T'ra Saa was discovered by the Jedi many centuries before the Clone Wars. (DE2, EGP, EGA, PJSB, WOTC)

this unusual language was spoken by the Neti, or Ryyk. (PJSB)

Net'lseb Toli Park
this wooded park was built by the Fia on the outskirts of Gal'fian'deprisi City, on their homeworld of Galantos. Like the city, Net'lseb Toli Park was located in the midst of the Gar'glum Sea. It differed from the city in that it was situated completely atop the gelatinous sea. The Park was noted for its wide variety of exotic plants and fragile wildlife. (EGP, CCW)

Netolio System
this Tapani Sector star system was part of the holdings of House Calipsa during the New Order. It was seized from House Pelagia, after Pelagia was virtually exterminated by House Mecetti. (LOE)

Nett, Theron
this smuggler, a native of Ord Mantell, joined the Alliance shortly before the Battle of Yavin. He became one the Alliance's best X-Wing pilots, serving as Garven Dreis' wingman. Nett flew as Red Ten during the Battle of Yavin, and perishing trying to protect Dreis during their assault on the first Death Star. (CCG9)

this was the sixth planet in the Obas System. (IA)

this herd herbivore was native to Dantooine. (COG)

Nettic, Calder
this man lived on the planet Dantooine some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. He was murdered by Handon Guld and Rickard Lusoff, after Handon discovered that Calder was having an affair with his wife. (KOTOR)

Netting Beetle
also known as lav peq, these insects were bio-engineered by the Yuuzhan Vong to fly around an area and exude an organic netting. When released in swarms, netting beetles formed a dense network of fibers that stuck to anything it touched, creating the netting as a by-product of their feeding. The first wave of beetles strung their fibers between trees and bushes, while successive waves fed on whatever they found in order to replenish the netting. Using these creatures, Yuuzhan Vong warriors could capture a fugitive or enemy without actually knowing where they are. Many times, the netting beetles fed on the flesh of the enemy, using the cells in the formation of the netting, but this was rarely fatal to the captured individual. Once a target had been captured, the grub-like insects began to reel themselves back along the fibers, drawing the captured prey back to the attacker. A speciallized form of netting beetles was used on prison worlds such as Selvaris, with enough rudimentary intelligence to accept minimal training. This allowed the Selvaris netting beetles to fly in coordinated patterns, crisscrossing their webs to weave a much stronger web. (EVC, FH3, UF)

an ancient, squid-headed Defense Minister of the Old Republic, Netus was on Coruscant during the Great Sith War. Prior to his governmental service, Netus served for 5 years in the rocket-jumper corps. His found that he preferred politics, and spent the next twenty years serving the Old Republic before the Sith War broke out. (TSW, TOJC)

Neural Band
developed shortly after the Great Sith War, this device wrapped around the skull like an intefrace band. Instead of providing computer access, however, the neural band augmented the willpower of the wearer by electrically reinforcing established mental patterns. The troopers of the Old Republic referred to this device as the "Little Shocky". (KOTOR)

Neural Collar
this device, developed by Cybersoft Corporation, was used to control large creatures in zoos and universities. When placed around an animal's neck, the collar could receive signals from a remote control unit, allowing the animal handler to control a dangerous beast through verbal or electronic signals. Many slavers used modified versions of the neural collar to control slaves, although this practice was outlawed in the Core Worlds. (GFT)

Neural Pacifier
this ancient weapon was produced for use by battle droids. Similar in many respects to the ion weapons used against droids, the neural pacifier caused temporary disruption to the nervous system of many biological lifeforms. These weapons were outlawed during the years following the Great Sith War. (KOTOR2)

Neural Scrambler
more powerful than a neural pacifier, this ancient weapon was produced for use by battle droids. Similar in many respects to the ion weapons used against droids, the neural scrambler used cohesive energy to overload the nervous system of many biological lifeforms, rendering them unconsciousness. These weapons were outlawed during the years following the Great Sith War. (KOTOR2)

Neural Storm
this telepathic ability involved using psychic energy to overload a victim's neural network, causing extreme but momentary disorientation. (UANT)

Neural-net Eraser
this device was developed during the Clone Wars, as a defense against rogue or runaway droids. When fired at a droid, the neural-net eraser destroyed the software and delicate circuitry that controlled the droid's ability to move and react. Neural-net erasers became popular during the Clone Wars, when many beings feared being attacked or captured by the droid armies of the Separatists. (YDR)

this was one of the heaviest, densest metals found in the galaxy. Some gravity-sensitive species claimed to be able to feel a small warping of the space-time fabric of gravity when close to a large piece of neuranium. Among its most useful properties was the fact that even a millimeter-thick piece of neuranium was impervious to sensors. Although this might have been a boon to smugglers and other criminals, the weight of enough neuranium to protect a hidden item or to line a cargo hold would have been prohibitively heavy. (VD3, E3N)

Neuritic Carbide
this was a deadly, gaseous chemical. (SWI65)

this was a form of anesthetic drug that was developed during the final decades of the Old Republic. It was milder than effitol, and allowed a patient to maintain a more normal breathing rhythm. (SWI83)

this was the name used by New Republic scientists and military advisors to describe the bio-technology that powered Yuuzhan Vong starships. It was believed that specially-developed dovin basals were connected in a hive-like structure at the aft of the alien starships. (JE)

Neuronic Whip
a particularly cruel weapon produced by TholCorp, the neuronic whip causes intense pain and trauma in its target by sending electrical charges into the target's nerve cells. (GG12, AEG)

this pain-killing drug was developed during the last decades of the Old Republic, and found widespread use during the Clone Wars. (MBS)

Neuro-Saav Corporation
this large corporation manufactured a wide range of products, although much of their work was based on the blending of neurology and technology. Most prominent among their portfolio was a line of cyborg enhancements, including cyborg/droid interface modules. These modules allowed a cyborg to converse with, and draw data from, a droid or a computer system. During the last years of the Old Republic, Neuro-Saav entered into an agreement with TaggeCo., which resulted in the formation of the BioTech company. This alliance also put Neuro-Saav in good graces with the Empire, after the establishment of the New Order. (CFG, NEGW)

Neuro-Saav Technologies
a division of Neuro-Saav Corporation, Neuro-Saav Technologies manufactured a wide range of weapons sighting accesories, including light amplifiers, holographic imaging systems, and heat bafflers. (RPG)

Neuro-shock Hand
this cybernetic prosthesis from BioTech is more of a weapon than a bionic limb. The hand is equipped with a series of repulsor-field generators connected to a neuro-trigger in the palm. When the hand is jabbed at a target and makes contact, a full-force repulsorfield is generated from the hand, inflicting damage to the target. This action is continually active, so someone with the Neuro-shock Hand could cause pain and damage even if they accidentally run into someone. (CFG)

this pike-like weapon delivers a nerve shock when it touches bare flesh. (GG10)

Neutra Four
this planet was one of many worlds subjugated by the Empire. (MC45)

Neutral Jedi Zone
this was the Basic translation of the Barabel term used to describe a high-ceilinged cave located beneath the surface of Barab I. It was in this cave, which was several hundred meters in length and width, that the Barabels resolved far-reaching disputes that could not be decided at the local level. Individual Barabels were appointed as diplomats to argue each side of a dispute, and visiting Jedi Knights or other dignitaries were asked to mediate the debates. The Neutral Jedi Zone offered offworlders luxury accommodations in exchange for their help in mediating the disputes. (WOTC)

Neutrino Activator
this switching device was used to turn a droid on or off, depending on its setting. They were most often used in small droids, where power requirements were minimal. (MDCAR)

Neutrino Hybridizer
this was one of the delicate, critical components of the sublight drives of early Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300's, such as the Millennium Falcon. These devices were usually made of specially-grown quartz and platinum. (LCF)

Neutron Dissembler
these weapons were theorized, but never actually developed, by the scientists of the Old Republic. The theory was that a neutron dissembler acted at the sub-molecular level, disrupting the bonds which held neutrons together and caused matter to "melt." The resulting damage appeared like scar tissue. (RP)

Neutron Furnace
a huge power generator, sometimes used on space stations. (MMY)

Neutron Pixie
this was a form of "medicinal" spice that was created during the height of the New Order. It was popular among smugglers. (SWGAL)

Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser
Rendili Star Drive's modified bulk cruiser, the Neutron Star was a 600-meter long capital ship known to be slow and in frequent need of repair. The Alliance, recognizing that these could be unreliable starships at best, usually assigned them to transport duty. Crewed by 2,050 and capable of carrying up to 200 troops, the Neutron Star was armed with 30 quad-laser cannons and two tractor beam generators. (RASB)

a heavy metallic element used in the formation of dura-armor and durasteel, neutronium was once used to make strong blades for melee weapons during the Great Sith War. (SWSB, RD, CTD, KOTOR2)

Neuvalis Bounty Hunters Guild
this was one of the more prominent guilds for bounty hunters, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. This was quite an achievement, since the guild was formed just 10 years before the Battle of Yavin. This was due mainly to the family fortunes of the Guild's founders, Marjan and Feras Neuvalis. (GG10)

Neuvalis, Feras
this woman was married to Marjan Neuvalis, and was one of the leaders of House Neuvalis. (GG10)

Neuvalis, Marjan
this man and his wife, Feras, controlled House Neuvalis and the Neuvalis Bounty Hunters Guild. They were extremelyt rich, drawing from two family fortunes to bankroll the operation. (GG10)

Neuvian Sundae
this was the name of an immense dessert of frozen cream and fruit, served in a wide bowl. (MDCAR)

Nev Ice Flow
this vast glacier was located on the planet Hoth, between the Kerane Valley and the Clabburn Range. Much of the ice forming the flow came from the Lanteel and Cirque Glaciers. (IWST)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "legal council" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

this was one of the Alliance's Dreadnaught warships, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Neva Kee
this Xamster was a native of the planet Xagobah, and was regarded as a good podracer during the last years of the Old Republic. He preferred the Farwan&Glott FG 8T8 Twin Block2 Special racer, with its unique, cockpit-in-front design. (RAC, IG1, IWE1, SWDB)

Neva Transport
this small shipping company plied the spacelanes of Brak Sector, at the height of the New Order. (FBS)

this Dubravan woman's father owned a huge debt to the bounty hunter Sarma. She hoped to pay it off by providing Sarma with the location of Luke Skywalker, so that he could collect the Imperial bounty on Luke's head. However, she was unaware of who Skywalker really was, thinking he was just a smuggler. When Sarma tried to apprehend her with a squad of stomtroopers, she ran to find Jal and confront him. When the Imperials caught up with her, Nevana was shot in the back and killed by a stormtrooper. (VQ)

this man served the Imperial Army as a Brigadeer General during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Nevar worked with General Veers in coordinating the AT-AT walker assault during the Battle of Hoth. Nevar was an extremely paranoid individual, and had his Blizzard 2 walker upgraded with heavier armor to protect himself. This armor proved to be useless against the ingenuity of the Alliance forces on Hoth, which used harpoons and tow cables to entangle its legs. The walker fell to the group, and the impact of the crash buckled the armor plating. With several passes of laser fire, Alliance T-47 snowspeeders destroyed Blizzard 2, killing Nevar and all aboard. (CCG3, IWST)

Nevar Yalnal
this immense Ranat was outcast from Aralia, and found work as a laborer for Hrchek. When that fails, he will act as a spy for anyone willing to pay him. (CCG)

Never Die
this was the codename used by the person who created the Shard of Alderaan computer slicing program. This person was known to be a former native of Alderan, but that was all the information known about them. (LAA)

Neverending Valor: The Unauthorized Guide to the Galaxy's Newest Heroes
this datatext, produced by Veritas Press during the last decades of the Old Republic, presented a series of falsified exploits that were supposedly accomplished by a group of heroes. When the book was read by the heroes, not to mention their opponents, it raised quite a stink. Old enemies took exception to their inept portrayal, and the heroes were furious that they were not consulted during the book's writing. Eventually, both the heroes and their enemies teamed up to destroy Veritas Press. (CCW)

this starship, custom-built by the Coyn Shipyards, was owned by the bounty hunter Grea. (PG3)

Nevid d'Hon
this Avogwi ran a starship repair and outfitting business on Ord Mantell during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SL)

this man was the Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator during the period leading up to the Battle of Hoth. Nevik was killed by Agent Sollaine when he tried to assume command of the Devastator's flight plans during the hunt for suspected Alliance undercover agents. Nevik's people believed an agent was in the Alfestril System, but Sollaine demanded the ship fly to Corulag. Sollaine used the power source in his cybernetic arms to electrocute Nevik in front of the entire bridge crew of the Devastator. (SWJ12)

a Captain in the New Republic Navy, Nevil served as one of Rogue Squadron's pilots during the early stages of the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. Note that this may be a mistake, as Dark Tide: Ruin indicates Kral Nevil was a single pilot. (DTO, DTR)

this ancient Quarren surname meant "singer of sagas". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan. (GCG)

this was a common name among the Lepi people. (UANT)

this scruffy human and his gang were hired by Darth Vader to hunt down Boba Fett, while the bounty hunter was tracking Abal Karda. They had been imprisoned on Coruscant, and Vader offered them a chance to redeem themselves if they took the job. They were able to intercept the Captain of the Port-Esta Queen and gather information about Karda'a location, then set out to find Fett. Unfortunately, Nevo and his gang were no match for Fett's skills, and all were killed by the bounty hunter on Maryx Minor. (EOE)

this planet was once the homeworld of the Nevoota race, until they were virtually destroyed by the ancient Mandalorian Crusaders. (SWI80)

this insectoid race was once native to the planet Nevoota, until the ancient Mandalorian Crusaders nearly wiped them out in a series of epic wars. (SWI80)

New Academy for Space Pilots (*)
a school for young pilots throughout the galaxy, Luke Skywalker once attended classes there. He saved the Academy from destruction by a moon whose orbit had decayed by deflecting it with zukonium rays. (MM)

New Agamar
this planet was noted for its greater than standard gravity. The human settlers who colonized the planet evolved over time to be much stockier and more muscled than most humans. (JT)

New Alderaan
a lush, temperate planet that was repopulated by the descendants of Alderaanian-born members of the Alliance. It was one of the Alliance's best-hidden safe worlds. After the birth of the New Republic, it served, for a time, as the hiding place for Jacen and Jaina Solo. Princess Leia also returned there, during the many battles with the clones of Emperor Palpatine, to give birth to Anakin Solo. Note that The Courtship of Princess Leia says Zsinj ravaged the planet, but Dark Empire II has Imperial forces under Xecr Nist laying waste to it. (RASB, CPL, DE2)

New Apsolon
originally known simply as Apsolon, this planet decided to join the galactic community, and the Old Republic, some 15 years before the Battle of Naboo. The people of Apsolon had to choose a leader who represented the entire planet, and the Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl were dispatched to assist in ensuring a fair election. The planet was controlled by the Civilized Authority, and policed by the Absolutes. The two primary social factions, the Civilized and the Workers, were continually at odds with each other. After the industrial sabotage of the Workers forced the Civilized to recognize their plight, the two groups agreed to form a single form of government which was known as the Unified Legislature. Each being who inhabited Apsolon was given a vote in the election, giving the Workers the largest portion of the total vote. The natives of the planet elected Ewane to be their leader, and decided to rename the world New Apsolon in remembrance of their new freedom. The planet was known for its two primary exports: high technology and beautiful grey stone. The planet had three natural satellites, and it orbited a pair of small stars. (TTB, CTV)

New Apsolon
this was one of the largest cities on the planet New Apsolon, and was the site of the planet's primary spaceport. Like all cities on the planet, it was divided into a section for the Workers and a section for the Civilized. Before the planet was united under a single leader, some fifteen years before the Battle of Naboo, the two sections were separated by a wall of pure energy, ostensibly protecting the Civilzed from the Workers. Following the election, the energy wall was dismantled and replaced with forty shimmering, stone columns. Each column remembered a member of the Workers who died trying to breach the wall, during the civil war which simmered between the Workers and the Civilized. (TTB)

New Architecture
this was the name given to the architectural style that arose during the last century of the Old Republic. It was most obvious in the Senate District of Coruscant, where the upper layers of the city were dotted with somes, spires, and blade-thin obelisks. (LEV)

New Atraken City
this was the capital city of the planet Atraken, built a half-kilometer below the surface of the planet. It once supported a small mining community, before it was ravaged in the Clone Wars. The city remains, although the chemical and biological weapons used on the planet have left it devoid of life. The city now supports the planet's refugees. (PG2)

New Bakstre
a habitable planet with seven moons. It's atmosphere, combined with its nearby-sun, creates a purplish sky overlooking twisted and gnarled vegetation. (RPG, SWJ1)

New Bornalex
this planet was a member world of the Old Republic. It was one of many worlds that were devastated during the height of the Clone Wars, when the Mandalorian Protectors carried out covert attacks for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. (COD, SWI80)

New Brigia
this planet, located in the Koornacht Cluster, was settled by humans who fled the government of Brigia. They were brought to the planet by the Bothan cargo hauler Stanz aboard the Freebird, and paid their passage by selling the chromite they mined to Stanz. Stanz paid them the minimum for the ore, thereby keeping them in debt for many years. The planet was the first world targetted by the Yevetha during the Great Purge, and all of its inhabitants were quickly executed. The chromite mines were left intact. (BTS)

New Calamar
this city, located on Esseles' southern continent, was the site of the Terril Naval Base. (GG2, SWJ7)

New Calince
this city, located on the Rett continent of Draenell's Point, is the planet's primary food processing center. (GMK)

New Canistel
this planet was the original homeworld of the senoti tree. (GORW)

New Class Starships
these classes of starship design were implemented by the New Republic in the wake of the struggle against Grand Admiral Thrawn. The goal of the New Republic was to remove the ragtag ships which made up the fleets of the Alliance, and replace them with more modern, less-expensive warships. They were designed to be smaller and more mobile than the standard Imperial ships they replaced, and were developed to be defensive in nature. (CTD)

New Corellian Treaty
this was the name used to describe the treaty signed by Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Bail Organa, officially announcing the creation of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. This name was adopted to eliminate confusion with the original Corellian Treaty, which established the boundaries of The Slice and the hyperspace travel routes within it. (CCW)

New Coronet
this city, located on the swamp-covered world of Trigalis, was designated in many travel guides as a trading post. In reality, it was little more than a slum, a collection of rundown buildings that served as a haven for all many of criminals during the height of the Clone Wars. During this time, the city was under the control of the Black Sun assassin Xist. (O)

New Cov
the third planet in the Churba sector, New Cov was once the sight of a Bothan battle with a Victory-class Star Destroyer during the early stages of the Galactic Civil War. This event marked the only documented instance of a Bothan-only battle with the Empire. New Cov had no indigenous sentient species, but it was a jungle world teeming of plant life and valuable natural resources. The planet's cities were walled and domed to protect them from the dangers of the surrounding environment. The planet's primary industry revolved around the jungle's exotic flora, which produced various biomolecules with commerical value. However, many of the plants adapted to this threat and became dangerous to the harvesters. The planet had a normal rotational period of about 27 hours, and it's year lasted 301 local days. (DFR, DFRSB)

New Cov Biomolecule Company
located in the city of Ilic on New Cov, this company was the primary harvester and exporter of New Cov's various natural biomolecules. These substances were used throughout the galaxy for a number of medicinal, industrial, and military applications. (DFRSB)

New Cov Quasar
this starship was owned by Kevas Startron. It was a Hyrotil Crescent-class transport. (CRO)

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