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an Alliance star pilot, Narra was the leader of the Red Squadron of X-Wings prior to the Battle of Hoth. The pilots who served with him often referred to him simply as "The Boss". Commander Narra was the leader of one of the first missions to scout out a new location for an Alliance base, after the Battle of Yavin. His team, which included all of Red Squadron, was attacked on a remote jungle world by Imperial forces. They were surprised to find themselves supported by A-1707, a clone trooper who had survived the Clone Wars and was stranded on the planet. Narra was later killed in an Imperial ambush near Derra IV, when the supply convoy he was escorting was attacked. After Narra's death, Luke Skywalker was promoted to Commander. This is contrary to what Classic Star Wars maintains, where it is claimed that Luke was promoted to Commander after Vrad Dodonna's death. (ESBR, SWEGS)

this Lambda-class shuttle was captured by the New Republic and assigned to support Wraith Squadron. It was captured from an Imperial captain who had deserted the Empire and turned to a life of smuggling. It had been retrofitted to provide him with hidden comparments, enhanced weapons and shields, and stronger engines. (WS)

Narrant System
this planetary system was controlled by a confederation of liege-lords who controlled separate factions of genetically-linked species. A series of deep-rooted, ritual obeisance and internal bloods oaths kept them from killing each other, and helped cement a number of loose affiliations. (MA)

Nars Dojah
this Twi'lek served the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars, and was assigned the position of quartermaster at the Rimsoo Seven medical hospital on Drongar, after the death of Filba the Hutt. (MJH)

this pirate was based on the planet Hosrel XI, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GUN)

this small company produced a line of crop-spraying vehicles during the last decades of the Old Republic. (RCHC)

this Cerean elder was one of the few that held faith in the ability of Ki-Adi-Mundi to search out the source of the swoops and other technology which was imported to Cerea during the last decades of the Old Republic. He sent a messenger to Ki during his initial search for Ephant Mon, to bring the Jedi his lightsaber. The lightsaber was being held as evidence for the trial of Maj-Odo-Nomor, but Nar-Sodo-Dali managed to free it with the use of an obscure loophole in Cerean laws. (PTR)

this planet was once the site of an Imperial shiyard. (BTS)

this New Republic Navy officer served as one of Etahn A'baht's tactical aides during the blockade of the Koornacht Cluster. (SOL)

a native of the planet Ukio, this man rose through the Imperial ranks as an accomplished stormtrooper. He was later assigned to the Blizzard Force of snowtroopers that attacked the Alliance's Echo Base, during the Battle of Hoth. He had developed a training regimen for snowtroopers which prepared them for the frigid, extreme weather of environments like Hoth. (CCG9)

Narthrup, Oponni
this woman worked as the Alliance's primary liaison to Vergesso Base, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She served as the general administrator of Alliance personnel in the Lybeya System, and was known for her ability to work several different tasks at one time. She had a wealth of skills that made her too valuable to work as an officer, and the position on Vergesso allowed her to use all her skills to the best of her abilities. (SPG)

a short, four-armed alien race. (TME)

this was the assumed name of the A-class freighter used by Grand Admiral Thrawn as the pawn in his attack on the Sluis Van shipyards, some five years after the Battle of Endor. The Nartissteu was supposedly coming from Nellac Kram, but had been ambushed by pirates. Their main drives had been damaged, and they had requested assistance from the shipyards. In reality, Thrawn had placed several groups of cloaked TUIE Fighters inside the freighter's hold, to be deployed near the shipyards in an effort to gain to steal other starships for Thrawn's growing fleet. (HTTE)

this small, balding man was apprehended by Kirtan Loor on Coruscant, during the time he ran the Palpatine Counterinsurgency Faction. Nartlo was selling diluted bacta for increased profits, and had information on how the New Republic was obtaining its bacta. Loor employed him as a spy, and was giving him lotiramine as an insurance policy. Nartlo was also under observation by Fliry Vorru. Vorru used skirtopanol to pull information from Nartlo, and the interaction of skirtopanol and lotiramine set up intense convulsions and cerebral hemmorhaging that eventually killed him. (KT)

this planet is the homeworld of the Narvath race, and was a strong supporter of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (BTS)

this alien race, native to the planet Narvath, was humanoid in stature, with long limbs. (BTS)

Narwe, Ryca
this man was part of the workforce assigned by Eyar Treatment Systems to clean the south-central branch of the Eyar City sewers. His superiors recognized that Ryca was abrasive and surly, and rarely bothered to assign him a partner. Ryca considered himself underpaid and underappreciated, but continued to work because of the steady paycheck. He had a fear of the dianogas which lived int he sewers, and he would often hide and call security when he encountered one. (HAS)

Nas Choka
this Yuuzhan Vong was the supreme commander of the war fleet which invaded the known galaxy. Despite his position of power, Nas Choka was smaller than most of the Yuuzhan Vong, but no less powerfully built. He wore a deep red cape, signifying his position as supreme commander, and his fingers and arms were covered with rings and signets. He hated the fact that Nom Anor was given a second chance to lead the fleet during the invasion, and was inwardly pleased when the plan to infiltrate Elan into the Jedi Knights failed. In the wake of Elan's death, Choka ordered Commander Tla and the priest, Harrar, back to the Outer Rim and away from the front line of the invasion. Nas Choka also questioned the tactic of destroying the Jedi Knights before conquering the galaxy, claiming that the Force was just an idea, and could be replaced with something else. Nas Choka's fleet was later assigned to Hutt Space, where it quickly subjugated the Hutts and took control of many worlds and spacelanes. After the death of Warmaster Tsavong Lah at the Battle of Ebaq, Nas Choka was recalled from Hutt Space and named the new Warmaster. He immediately made an impact on his superiors, ordering his commanders to withdraw from battles they couldn't win, in order to save their warships for another fight. This smacked of heresy, since it was the Yuuzhan Vong way to fight to the death, Nas Choka, however, realized that the Yuuzhan Vong needed living warriors to completely subjugate the galaxy. With the losses of Yag'Shul, Thyferra, and Fondor, Nas Choka decided to change the tactics of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Rather than focus on specific military targets, Nas Choka devised a plan to destroy the New Republic's HoloNet. This would render their realtime communications worthless, eliminating the advantage of interstellar coordination of forces. Although the plan worked well, and thwarted the Republic's Operation Trinity, Nas Choka continued to wonder about the ongoing plans for ending the resistance of the Republic. When Supreme Overlord Shimrra announced plans to decisively strike at the Galactic Alliance by attacking Mon Calamari, Nas Choka was the first to request that additional planning be put to the mission. Where Shimrra wanted a final death blow so that he avoid facing the Galactic Alliance and Zonama Sekot, Nas Choka was concerned that the enemy was gaining strength in other areas of the galaxy. While Mon Calamari might be taken, the Yuuzhan Vong would be weakened in other locations. He nevertheless acceded to the Supreme Overlord's wishes, and set out for Mon Calamari. The attack went as planned, and just as he was about to call in reinforcements, Nas Choka received word that Zonama Sekot had reappeared near Coruscant. He ordered the fleet to return to the capital immediately, and placed the fleet between the living planet and the Citadel. When Shimrra revealed his ultimate plan - to use the Alpha Red infected coralskipper that had returned from Caluula to poison Zonama Sekot - Nas Choka personally led the protective fleet that accompanied it. When the coralskipper was free to plunge into Zonama Sekot's surface, Nas Choka then turned his attention to the rest of the battle, planning to destroy the Ralroost and eliminate the leadership of the Galactic Alliance's forces. When he saw that Shimrra's escape craft had launched from the Citadel, he moved his ship Yammka's Mount into position to recover it. Unknown to Nas Choka, however, was that Shimrra was already dead, and Onimi was about to die at the hands of Jacen Solo. When the escape craft plunged into Coruscant after dying, Nas Choka realized that the war was over. He offered his subordinates the chance to die in battle or to take their own lives, or to throw in their lot with him and surrender to the Galactic Alliance. Although many chose suicide over surrender, Nas Choka welcomed those who joined him in surrender. After the deaths of Shimrra and Onimi - who proved to be the true Supreme Overlord - Nas Choka and the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong agreed to surrender to the Galactic Alliance. Nas Choka himself, upon learning the truth about Zonama Sekot's relationship with Yuuzhjan'tar, personally called his commanders and their forces back to Coruscant to surrender. In accordance with the advice of Jedi master Luke Skywalker, the Galactic Alliance allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to travel to Zonama Sekot to re-establish their civilization. The planetary consciousness Sekot welcomed them with open arms, then fled into the Unknown Regions to allow its new inhabitants to evolve in peace. (HT, JE, DW, FH1, FP, UF)

Nasalle, Birdigan
this human was a champion swoop racer on the TransGal Circuit, during the height of the New Order. (SWJ2)

an ISB General, Nasda was placed in charge of creating a set of recruiting guidelines that would screen out Alliance infiltrators before they were indoctrinated and could defect with large amounts of knowledge. (ISB)

Nasdra Magrody
founder of the Magrody Institute, Nasdra was one of the galaxy's premier expert on droids and automata. An Arkanian, Magrody had a close relationship with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma, until he was sought out by Moff Tarkin to teach at the Omwat orbital program. He was very enthusiastic when Qwi Xux survived the program and joined the team of scientists at the Maw Installation. Magrody was later tapped, along with Xux, by Tarkin and the Emperor when the first Death Star was being designed. His work in trying to create Force-sensitive machines was heightened by the fact that Nasdra was somewhat Force-sensitive himself, a secret he nearly managed to keep quiet. When Roganda Ismaren began to plot how best to recover the Eye of Palpatine, she realized that Magrody's Force-sensitive automata would be best-suited for the job. She kidnapped his wife and child, forcing him to develop a special brain implant for her son, Irek. Magrody worked diligently with Irek, creating an incredibly intelligent mind that could manipulate inorganic machines with the Force. When he tried to get word of this to the New Republic, Roganda arranged for him to conveniently disappear. Roganda realized two benefits from his disappearance. It kept her plot secret, and it cast doubt on Leia Organa Solo's position as Chief of State for the New Republic, for rumors quickly spread that she had used her position to eliminate Magrody for his involvement with Palpatine. (COJ, OWS)

this minor city was located on the planet Talus. (GQRG)

Nashal River Race
this swoop race was held annually during the Galactic Civil War, along a dry riverbed near the city of Nashal, on the planet Talus. (SWGAL)

Akanah provided this Fallanassi name to Luke Skywalker, claiming it was his mother's. It was a star-name, held in high regard. When Luke and Akanah finally discovered the Fallanassi, Wailu told Luke that she could not reveal whether or not Nashira was his mother, because he was not of the White Current. (BTS, TT)

one of the many well-known hunting beasts of Dra III, the nashtah was a six-legged beast with long, diamond-hard claws on all six feet. They had three rows of sharp teeth on each jaw, and their tails were barbed. Extremely well-muscled and built for speed, the nashtah was also a tenacious, tireless hunter, stopping for nothing once they had chosen their prey. They had a distinctive green hide. (HSR)

Nashtah Bite
this aging Victory-class Star Destroyer was part of Warlord Zsinj's third fleet, during the early years of the New Republic. (SOC)

Nashtah Pup
Bossk's short-range scout ship, the Nashtah Pup was secured within a dorsal hold on the Hound's Tooth. The Nashtah Pup was released by opening a dorsal hatch. The Nashtah Pup was an emergency-use ship, being large enough for only two passengers and no cargo. (EGV)

this was one of the larger Hutt kajidics, or clans. Before Jabba the Hutt claimed Tatooine for the Desilijics, the Nasirii clan controlled nearly one-fifth of the planet's criminal activities. The Nasirii were also in charge of maintaining the various pleasure dens established by the Hutts on the desert planet. (SOT)

Na-Soth Larr
this was the name of a noted Givin individual. (UANT)

meaning "female ruler" or "queen", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "deep waters". (GCG)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Nassin, Qatya
this woman was one of the pilots who served within the Hawk-bat pirate squadron. In reality, Qatya was Shalla Nelprin. (IF)

this humanoid was in charge of the local underground on Mrlsst, during the early years of the New Republic. A gawky, bird-like being with dark brown skin and pronouced eye-sockets, he helped Rogue Squadron uncover Loka Hask's plans by using the surveillance cameras in the Mrlsst Academy to view Hask's strategy meetings. (XWPA)

Nastascha, Areilla
this woman was a high-ranking noble of House Cadriaan, and a member of Lady Bathos' inner council. Areilla grew up on Achillea with Lady Bathos, but Areilla concentrated on sports and the military. She served for twelve years in the Tapani Sector House Guard before being recruited by Lady Bathos after her election. After learning that House Melantha was working with Mining Guild auditor Annora Calandra, Lady Areilla dispatched the Herglic lord Knumai to ask for help from the Alliance in determining their schemes. (LOE)

this Imperial Bayonet-class cruiser traveled to the planet Goroth Prime, at the behest of Moff Nebin Cray, during the early years of the New Order. Believing he would find a dead world, the Captain of the Nastion was amazed to find the Gorothites thriving in the hostile environment. Core samples taken from the planet's crust revealed a wealth of heavy metals and hyperbarides, and indicated that the historical records of the planet's resources were correct. (GSE)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "rock". (GCG)

Nat Secura
a Twi'lek descendant of the Secura Twi'lek clan, Nat Secura the son of Lon Secura. He was the younger of Lon's two sons, but his brother Van died suddenly. It left Nat the prime heir to the Secura clan's leadership. Nat was kidnapped several years after the Battle of Naboo, as part of a plot by Ro Fenn to maintain his stature among the Twi'leks, despite the law which required his death. The Morgukai warriors Tsyr and Bok took him, but they were pursued by the Jedi Master Tholme and his apprentice, Aayla Secura. Years later, Nat found himself under the control of Bib Fortuna, just before Jabba the Hutt's death. When Jabba came to Ryloth to obtain Twi'leki slaves, he had burned buildings in Nat's city in order to force the Twi'leks out of them and into capture nets. Nat had been severly burned in the fires; his lekku had been completely burned off. Fortuna had discovered Nat while looting his house, and had "rescued" him. The Twi'leki survivors never forgot Nat's bravery, and Fortuna had planned to use Nat as his figurehead and as a rallying point. However, Jabba had grown tired of Nat's presence, and was planning on feeding him to the rancor. Fortuna intervened, again "rescuing" Nat, only to have Nat's brain surgically removed by the B'omarr monks and placed in a nutrient jar. Nat's mind railed against the loss of his body, but he eventually came to accept his place. Jabba then threw Nat's body - which had been kept alive by the monks' skillful surgery - to the rancor, seemingly ending Nat's life. Fortuna had planned to find a Twi'lek clone body for Nat's brain, a body that was not scarred and deformed like his original one. He told Nat this, and Nat decided that he wanted Han Solo's body. Fortuna thought that this would be a fitting revenge against Solo, and kept the plan in his mind. However, the death of Jabba and the monks' revenge against Fortuna left both of them disembodied. (TJP, ROP)

Nataal, Bek
this Corellian smuggler managed to rescue Tere Metallo from the slavers who had taken her from Riileb, and he adopted her as his apprentice. Unfortunately, Nataal was killed during when the Empire unexpectedly boarded his ship. (SWJ6)

Natalar Mountains
a range of mountains found on the planet Adarlon. (GG6)

Natalon Core Bandits
this band of monstrous alien pirates was active during the early years of the New Order. (AVS)

this was one of the smaller raft-cities which floated on the oceans of Ando during the height of the New Order. These small settlements served as resupply or refueling depots for the crews and vessels that plied the various sea-based industries of the Aqualish. (PH)

this man was a General with the Alliance, and served in the Brak Sector Command office during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (FBS)

this natural, gaseous fuel was created by converting animal an municipal waste produced into a liquid sludge that is boiled. Natchgas was easy to create, and found widespread use in the cash-poor Outer Rim Territory. (IWE1)

this clone trooper, originally designated CT-96/298, was one of the many that developed their own personalities during the height of the Clone Wars. Nate's identification number was often shortened to simply A-98, since he was the leader of a small unit of ARC troopers. He was a veteran of the Battle of Geonosis, having saved himself and five comrades from the attack of a droideka. His actions led to a rapid series of promotions to the rank of Captain. A hip injury while fighting off a broca on Altair 9 nearly cost him is leg, but the recouperative powers of a clone troopers allowed him to survive and restore nearly all his range of motion. Two years later, after surviving the training missions on Vandor-3 with exceptionally low casualty rates, Nate was placed in command of the troopers who were to be attached to Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kit Fisto on a mission to Ord Cestus. He chose four other ARC troopers - known as Forry, Sirty, Xutoo, and Seefor - to serve on the team. Nate was assigned to Master Fisto's team, which was charged with locating the Desert Wind terrorist group, in an effort to create public unrest across the surface of Ord Cestus. It was on this mission that he met Sheeka Tull, a woman who claimed to have once been the girlfriend of Jango Fett. The connection seemed to spark something inside Nate, who found himself attracted to the woman. After spending time with her, Nate became more and more aware of his own individuality, in addition to his own connection to Jango. For this reason, he adopted the new nickname Jangotat, which literally meant "brother of Jango" in Mandalorian. Shortly afterward, the hidden lair of the Desert Wind terrorists was discovered by Asajj Ventress, who sent a group of infiltration droids to destroy them. In the fighting, Jangotat sustained heavy injuries, and was rescued by Sheeka Tull. (HIV, TCD)

Nate, Pori
this fifteen-year-old boy was one of the first of his generation to admit that he was using and abusing the death stick, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. It was later discovered that Pori Nate was not the boy's real name. (HNN4)

this archaic name was given to female Zabrak, and referred to the being in Zabrak mythology who welcomed Zabrak into the afterlife. (GCG)

this figure was from the Zabrak mythology. Together with her sister, Ath, Nath welcomed dead Zabrak into the afterlife. (GCG)

Nath, Jamur
this man was one of the many officers who served under Zozridor Slayke as a member of Freedom's Sons and Daughters, during the height of the Clone Wars. Nath held the rank of Corporal, and was partnered with Omin L'loxx when Slayke decided to attack the Separatists who had taken control of Praesitlyn, some two and a half years after the Battle of Geonosis. After L'loxx and Nath rescued Odie Subu and Erk H'Arman, they were ambushed on their way back to base. In the firefight that ensued, Nath took several blasts from a Gamorrean thug, and was killed before he could be retrieved. (JT)

Nath, Reson
this woman was a bounty hunter for the Paramexor Guild of Hunters. She was accused by Prefect Adar of a variety of crimes, and was sentenced to Guild punishment. In her case, it was armed combat with her accuser. Adar quailed at the prospect of fighting with her, and withdrew the charges rather than fight her. However, Moff Gorliz - called in to observer the trial - had already wagered Janq Paramexor that Adar would last at least ten minutes on combat, and ordered the to begin. (GG10)

Nathanjo Nirrelz
this Gotal Emmisary to the Old Republic was captured by the Roshu Sune near Atzerri, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Nirrelz had been on Atzerri trying to secure shipments of bacta back to his homeworld, in an effort to provide aid to the Gotals who suffered hardships after the Battle of Antar 4. Following Nirrelz' kidnapping, the Roshu Sune guerillas simply transmitted the Articles of Secession in place of formal demands. They hoped to force the government of Antar 4 to formally secede from the Republic. Nirrelz was eventually freed by a team of Jedi Knights. (HNN5)

Nathas I
this cold, airless planet was located in Questal Sector, and was the homeworld of the Protean race. (AE)

this planet was visited by Jabba the Hutt some years before the Battle of Yavin, as Jabba wanted to explore the sacred temple of Poborandurannum. (JTH)

National Museum of Alderaan
this was one of the major collections of historical artifacts found on the planet Alderaan. It also had a large collection of artifacts from other worlds. (TNR)

this was the name given to the planetary government of Jabiim, after they sided with the Empire and its occupation of their homeworld. Those Jabiimites who believed that the Empire should be removed from power on Jabiim formed the small band of rebels that were known as the Loyalists. (SWESF)

this planet was one of many worlds targeted for takeover by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the height of the Clone Wars. The plans for the attack on Nativum were actually a ruse, meant to throw the Old Republic off the trail of the true Separatist target. In reality, the Separatists had been waiting for the codebreaking device created by Talesan Fry to show up. When the codebreaker was brought to Azure, a tracer installed by Helina Dow sent out a signal pinpointing its location on Azure. (SOJ)

this Hutt crimelord made her wealth in the slave trade of the Outer Rim Territories. Despite the fact the she was very polite with her visitors, Natja was ruthless and untrustworthy at best. She was known to keep a tribe of Jawas under her control, to serve as servants and personal escorts. Natja eventually purchased the prototype Imperial armor and shields auctioned off by Sard Nightbringer, for an even 100,000,000 credits. She was later poisoned with a verneilan parasite, and quickly died. It was later revealed that her killer was none other than Marg Sonat. (POC)

Natori Association
this branch of the Tenloss Syndicate was made up of former military personnel who worked to train mercenaries for hire. They were based on Sperin, in the Palaquin System, and were a serious rival of the Ragnar Bounty Hunter Syndicate during the early years of the New Republic. It was believed that the Natori Association was funded and controlled by Malakin Enterprises during the early years of the New Republic. Those soldiers who attended the Assocation's training had the option of paying up-front or deferring payment. Those who deferred payment were obliged to pay for their education by serving in the Natori Shock Troops. (GG11, SWJ15)

Natori Shock Troops
this was the lowest level of first-line soldiers who graduated from the Natori Association. It was manned by those soldiers who didn't pay for their education in the Assocation up front. (SWJ15)

this was the fifth day of the Tapani local calendar's week. (PGT)

Natural Planetary Protectorate
this radical environmental protection group rose to prominence during the height of the New Order, after they foiled an expedition from the Dreskin Foundation to acquire a Burskan gundark. The NPP valued life above all things, so their tactics usually involved the sabotage of equipment or, in extreme cases, starships to prevent the unwanted removal of plants or animals from planets which had been declared as protected preserves during the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this was the alias adopted by Maneeli Tuun, when he was interrogated by Imperial Inquisitor Sancor on Polis Massa, many months after the Clone Wars. Tuun used the alias in an effort to hide his true identity, as well as his previous relationship with the Old Republic. In his guise as Naturian, Tuun emulated a physician, which allowed him to pull up only those medical records that seemed innocent. He could then erase of obscure any records of Padme' Amidala's presence at the Polis Massa medical facility. (LJ2)

Naul Cilgris
this Duros trader was the nephew of Thes Cilgris, and inherited the Birthright from Thes' son, Yett. Like his relatives, Naul used the ship for business, but was also supportive of the New Republic's efforts to eliminate the Yuuzhan Vong threat. Naul made many supply runs for the Republic, helping to maintain a level of stability despite the horrors of the alien invasion. (SOG)

this was a grilled food which was favored on Tatooine during the early decades of the New Republic. Nausage was often served with dustcrepes as a breakfast meal. (SBS)

this was the older of two male sons born to Yarna d'al' Gargan and her mate, Nautag. The younger Nautag was named in honor of his father, who was killed by Jabba the Hutt while trying to protect his family. (TJP, SWDB)

Yarna d'al' Gargan's Askajian mate, Nautag was known as one of the best weavers of tomuon wool on Askaj. Nautag and his family were captured by Jabba the Hutt's slavers and brought to Tatooine. When Nautag cursed Jabba for being nothing more thana low-life scum who would never have his family as slaves, Jabba dropped Nautag into the rancor pit. After Yarna escaped from Jabba's palace, she named her older surviving male cub Nautag, in honor of its father. (TJP)

Nautical Star
this 30-meter-long Mon Calamari transport ship was typical of the smaller ships produced by the Mon Cal. Like all Mon Cal starships, it was unique among similar ships but retained the exquisite lines and exception craftsmanship inherent in all Mon Cal designs. It has controls for a number of non-Calamari races, including humans. It could handle up to 75 metric tons of cargo, and had a number of redundant systems. The Nautical Star has the unique ability to be able to operate in the vacuum of space, in atmosphere, and under the water. The Nautical Star was armed with a pair of laser cannons. (SWJ9)

this was the written form of the Nautolan language, which is only pronounceable underwater. (PJSB, UANT)

see Nautolan (NEGC)

this was the native language of the Nautolan race. It was fully pronounceable only underwater, so many Nautolans preferred to remain below the surface of the water when communicating with each other. They could speak either Anselmian or Basic when out of the water, or when communicating with the Anselmi. (WOTC)

this humanoid race was amphibious in nature, with green skin and a collection of headtails falling from the rear of their skulls. The Nautolans were native to the Sabilon region of the aquatic world Glee Anslem, a planet they shared with the Anselmi. They were known for their incredible sense of smell, which came from the highly receptive olfactory receptors located throughout their head-tails, and they could detect the presence of pheromones and changes in a being's body chemistry. This sense of smell was exceptional when used underwater, but tended to fade when the Nautolan lived on the land. Because of this, and the fact that their native Nautolan language could only be fully pronounced underwater, Nautolans preferred to live in the water. In addition to verbal and pheromonal communication, the subtle swirls and patterns found in a Nautolan's unblinking eyes often displayed their emotions. The music of the Nautolan race was difficult to comprehend for most other races, as the pauses between notes were more important than the notes themselves. The musical notes were often sustained in irregular units. Note that Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Characters names this race as Nautiloid. (TCG1, WOTC, NEGC, OWS, TCD)

Nauton IV
Jedi Master Ruati was beheaded on this planet, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was believed that he was killed by Asajj Ventress. (O)

Nava Card
a data card which contains navigational logs and information from Imperial starships. (DF)

Navander, Romas "Lock"
this Corellian pilot attended the Imperial Academy, but defected to the Alliance upon graduation. Much of his training and expertise was in communications and tactical planning. After earning a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, he became one of Echo Base's senior technical communications officers. Working with Tamizander Rey, Lieutenant Navander directed the distribution of orders to Alliance ships during the evacuation of the base following the Battle of Hoth. (CCG3, SWI74)

Navardan Regenerator
this implant was developed some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It provided the user with enhanced healing powers, allowing wounds and injuries to heal in mere seconds instead of days or weeks. (KOTOR)

Nav-Computer Route Astrogation Bypass System
known as the N-CRAB, this device was created and manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards to allow starship pilots to alter their course while in hyperspace. Without the N-CRAB, pilots had to drop out of hyperspace and recalculate their flight routes in order to alter their destination in the middle of the trip. With the N-CRAB, the pilot can enter in the new destination coordinates, and the N-CRAB will slowly integrate them into the existing flightplan programming. Over a short period of time, the N-CRAB will alter the starship's hyperspace vector, bringing it to the new destination without having to revert to realspace. In many situations, this ability could save a pilot many hours of time during a run. The only drawback to the N-CRAB's ability was the fact that it interfered with the ship's primary navigation computer, requiring that the nav-comp be "cleaned" periodically and especially before the N-CRAB is used again, to ensure that the calculation routines haven't been altered. (GFT)

this the term used to describe any device which provided navigation and direction finding information to its user. (GFT)

this three-leafed, yellow swamp plant is found on the planet Naboo, where it is used by the Gungans as a spice and a wrapping for many meals. (GF)

Nave Vengaris
this female served as the governor of the planet Aquilaris during the last decades of the Old Republic. She welcomed the tourism and income which accompanied podracing during this period, and heartily supported the used of several floating cities as parts of the race courses. (RAC)

Navett, Drend
this member of the underground organization known as Vengeance worked with Klif to incite crowds to riot over the smallest of issues. Klif did the talking, using forceful words to bring a crowd to a state of agitation. Drend, once the mood was right, would touch off the riots with a few well-placed blicci-fruits or pipe-bombs. The two found steady employment when Moff Disra hired them to cause riots on several New Republic worlds after the revelation that the Bothans were involved in the destruction of Caamas. Later, Navett and Klif were placed in charge of taking out the shield generator in Drev'starn, posing as exotic animal dealers. In this capacity, they were able to obtain several swarms of metalmites, which they infiltrated into the genreator building on the clothing of the workers. When the Bothans realized that they had a problem, they called in Navett and Klif. They were only too happy to help the Bothans exterminate the metalmites, and while laying down the insecticide they also laid several spreads of liquid nutrients. Then, after gaining access to a power conduit under the restaurant of a Ho'Din - with the help of Pensin and Horvic - they used a nesting of baby mawkrens to carry out the next steps. The mawkrens were hungry, and Navett used this to his advantage. After strapping small, remote-detonating bombs to their backs, Navett helped them get the scent of food: the liquid nutrients they had placed in the generator building. The first wave of mawkrens were used to take out the building's main walls, while the second group was used to destroy the generator itself. Unfortunately, this second step required Navett to be close the explosion - it was a suicide mission. As soon as Navett got the shields down, the others managed to get aboard the Predominance and initiate a battle for Bothawui. (SOP, VOF)

this wealthy Sephi was the nephew of King Alaric, the leader of the Sephi people during the height of the Clone Wars. Navi served as Thustra's representative to the Galactic Senate, and had become one of the many Senators who spent more time worried about their own luxury than the needs of their people and the galaxy. After Alaric decided that Thustra would secede from the Republic, Navi was called back to his homeworld in order to reinforce Thustra's secession. Once back home, Navi found that Jedi Master Yoda - Alaric's old friend - had been arrived to try and negotiate with the King. Using all his new skills, Navi tried to twist Alaric's decision to appear as if the King had become old and senile, and was sending the Sephi to their deaths. Alaric, for his part, explained that he had recalled Navi to cut off his illicit profits, not to bring him back for support. Finding Yoda impenetrable, Navi went after the two Jedi Padawans, Cal and Pix. He provided Cal with information that would allow the Jedi to escape the palace, then he met with Pix to give her a fabricated story of Alaric's execution of the Jedi. Navi gave her information on the latest troop movements of the Sephi, as well as information on how to attack Alaric's palace. Meanwhile, his assistant Moje began planting rumors of a plot by the Jedi to murder Alaric, inciting an anti-Republic sentiment that further incited the Sephi. When Alaric was killed in a fight with Yoda, Navi used the event to secure his position of power. He then returned to Coruscant to call for the elimination of the Jedi Order, hoping to make the Senate believe that Yoda had been killed shortly after being apprehended. Yoda's sudden reappearance put an end to Navi's machinations, and the Sephi Senator was thrown into prison for his duplicity. (J5)

this was the New Republic term given to the brain-like structure which served as the navigational computer of a Yuuzhan Vong warship. It was discovered by Lowbacca, aboard the Ksstarr, that the navibrain detected minute changes in the surrounding environment, measuring the gravity of planets, moons, and stars to determine its location and the direction it should take in order to reach its destination. (DJ)

see Navigation Computer (HSR)

Navigation Bouy
also known a NavBouy, these floating, deep-space devices provide information on interstellar coordinates to nearby starships, as long as they have the correct access codes. They can also aid those starships that have hyperdrives but limited navicomputer capability. (XW)

Navigation Computer
also known as a NavCom Unit, these computers were used to plot trajectories and hyperspace flight plans between the planets contained in the computer's database. It used the spatial coordinates of the ship in order to accurately chart a course. Many military-grade navigation computers maintained continually-updated databases of the coordinates of billions of planets, moons, and stars to several hundred decimal places, which allowed the computers to accurately plot courses through realspace as well as hyperspace. Civilian models did not require this level of accuracy, but nonetheless maintained incredibly accurate information on the locations of spatial bodies. Coordinates were based on the current location of the planet Coruscant, which was denoted by the coordinates (0,0,0), even though it was not at the exact center of the galaxy. This fact was irrelevant to navigation computers, but vexed many astrocartographers, especially those not born in the Core Worlds. (SW, SCRE, GMR9)

Navigational Deflector Shield
a starship protection device which uses an ionized graviton pulse emitter to deflect solid matter away from the ship. These shields are extremely important for protecting starships moving at high speeds, but are not effective for deflecting large objects. (SWSB)

Navigator's Guild
see Hyperspace Navigator's Guild (GAS, PH)

the leader of the Chattza Rodians, Navik is easily distinguished by the red birthmark which covers his face. This birthmark led to his nickname, Navik the Red. He perpetuated the warlike nature of the Rodians, using the traditional wargames as an excuse to make war on other tribes. In doing so, he killed Greedo's father and forced the Tetsus tribe to Flee Rodia. He hunted them down, forcing them off the jungle planet they had adopted and onto Nar Shaddaa. Navik returned to Rodia, and after the Battle of Endor he became Rodia's de facto leader. He was later named the planet's main representative to the New Republic, and was a member of the nine-being leadership of the New Republic Defense Force. (TME, JE)

meaning "dark", this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this was another term for a starship's navigational computer. (LCS)

this was the Snivvian word for "starship." (HNN5)

Navin-u kir-essen?
this Snivvian question translated into Basic as "Can you fly a starship?" (HNN5)

this gas giant was the third and outermost planet in the Pyrshak System. It was orbited by eight moons. (PH)

Navroc City
this was one of the larger cities found on the planet Cartao. (SWI68)

this city was located on the western continent of the planet Bothawui. (SPG)

Navy, Imperial
the space-going branch of the Imperial armed forces, the Navy oversaw all operations the involved the Imperial fleet. They had become a mental weapon for the Emperor Palpatine, who used them as a primary part of his "rule by fear" doctrine. He beefed up the Navy, adding the larger and fiercer Imperial- and Super-class Star Destroyers while increasing the speed and firepower of the TIE fighter squadrons. It was rumored that, at its height, the Navy consisted of over 25,000 Imperial-class Star Destroyers. The Imperial Navy also possessed the sophistication to determine galactic stellar coordinates to 3 additional decimal places over and above the necessary precision for most navicomputers. (SW, AC, ISB)

Navy, New Republic
the space-going branch of the New Republic armed forces, the Navy oversaw all operations the involved the Republic fleet. Like the Alliance before it, the New Republic Navy initially consisted of ships that were donated, on loan, or stolen. This meant that many ships were outdatedm and there were several instances where designs were represented by a single ship. This made for tremendous logistical problems for maintenance and repair. Thus, one of the first considerations of the New Republic was outfitting its Navy with new classes of starships. Among the first of the new fleet were the Sacheen- and Hajen-class ships. Following the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Palpatine's cloned reincarnations, the New Republic began to decommission much of the Navy, feeling that the need for their firepower was past. This led, in part, to many star systems beginning to consider secession from the New Republic, in order to more fully protect their assets. The Corellian Sector was one of these systems, and Thrackan Sal-Solo took advantage of the New Republic's reduced firepower to actually seceed from the Republic. The also possessed the sophistication to determine galactic stellar coordinates to 3 additional decimal places over and above the necessary precision for most navicomputers. (SW, AC, BTS)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "tongue" or "speaker". (GCG)

Nawara Ven
this Twi'lek was a member of Wedge Antilles' X-Wing Rogue Squadron. On Ryloth, Nawara was born to the Ven clan. His name was translated literally to be "tongue of silver," but the translation was modified to mean "excellent speaker." On Ryloth, he is known as Nawar'aven, which indicates the Twi'leki tendency to modify names to indicate meaning. If he were known by his true clan name, Nawara'ven, the translation would then be "tarnished silver." He was a lawyer with the New Republic before applying for fighter duty. As such, he drew a part in the mission to liberate Coruscant. Once on the planet, Nawara contracted the Krytos virus, but underwent immediate bacta therapy and was able to overcome the virus. He later served as Tycho Celchu's defendant in the trial of Corran Horn's murder, as well as the Rogue Squadron primary representative in the mission to Ryloth to obtain Kor ryll. Upon his return to Coruscant, Ven was contacted by Kirtan Loor, who offered to expose every Imperial agent on Coruscant, including the true identity of the traitor in Rogue Squadron, in return for freedom from Ysanne Isard and certain liberties. Ven brokered a deal with the New Republic's Provisional Council, and met Loor with Iella Wessiri in the bowels of Imperial City. When they exitted the turbolift at the prosecutor's level, they were attacked by Diric Wessiri. Wessiri believed that Loor was actuall Evir Derricote, and wanted to kill Derricote for enslaving him. Instead, Diric shot Ven in the hip before killing Loor. Diric himself was killed by his own wife, Iella, who believed him to be a crazed assassin. Ven managed to overcome the injury and return to Rogue Squadron, but was shot down during the Battle of Thyferra by Erisi Dlarit. He ejected before his X-Wing exploded, but he sustained damage to his legs when his vacuum suit was pierced by shrapnel. He decided to give up flying and become the Rogue's Executive officer. He tried to develop a relationship with Dia Passik, but she remained aloof to him because of the fact that he remained loyal to Ryloth in many ways. He later started working for Booster Terrik aboard the Errant Venture, using his legal and accounting skills to keep the floating outpost solvent. He was briefly stranded on Trogan during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, while trying to arrange for transport of some "hot items" off the planet's surface. The "hot items" were actually a group of Force-sensitive children Nawara was trying to return to the Errant Venture. He was impeded when a group of bounty hunters arrived on the planet looking for Jedi Knights, but a group of freelance operatives helped him evade the bounty hunters and return to the ship. (XWN, WG, KT, BW, SOP, IF, NJOSB)

Naween Oasis
this freshwater oasis was located on the planet Tatooine, just north of Mos Eisley. (IWST)

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