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Naweenen Fate Rooms
a famous casino found on the planet Ord Mantell. (RM)

this minor Hutt crimelord worked for Ganis before attempting to assassinate Ganis in order to take over his empire. Ganis survived, and placed a huge bounty on Nawnum's head. (IA)

this elderly Wookiee was the last surviving member of the Nysshyyyk clan enslaved at the Maw Installation. When the New Republic invaded the Installation and rescued the captive Wookiees there, Nawruun took the opportunity to brutally kill Grodon Lakky, the Wookiee keeper who had tortured him over the years. Despite the satisfaction generated by the act, Nawruun nevertheless regretted his outburst. (COTF, JASB)

Naxxis Bats
this ancient Dashade warrior was noted for describing the ancient Jedi Council as "twelve blind swordsmen (who) seek only to acquiesce never to resist." He claimed that this was a display of weakness, which could be exploited. (LAWS)

this was one of the many family names used by the Bothan people. It translated loosely to "snow" or "ice". (GCG, WOTC)

this woman was once the wife of former Jedi Knight Jolee Bindo. (SWDB)

this small city, located on the planet Chandrila, was the site of one of the planet's three main spaceports. (CCW)

this Lieutenant served the Alliance as an X-Wing pilot in Red Squadron. As Red 9, Naytaan was a key participant in the relief effort that helped bring supplies to the rebels on Clak'Dor VII. His X-Wing was modified to have additional cargo space. He was famous for achieving ace status in just two missions for the Alliance. (CCG9)

a Ripoblus Lambda-class shuttle group operative during the Sepan Civil War. It was assigned to protect the refugees on the Glas. (TIE)

Nazay Seat
this ornately-carved, high-backed chair was used by the ancient Alwari of the Delgerhan province, on the planet Ansion, during certain rituals. (APS)

Nazfar Metalworks Guild
this Yevethan starshipwright guild built hundreds of Aramadia-class thrustships for Nil Spaar's Navy. (TT)

this Rishii assassin was a member of the Zulirian Swordmasters, and was proficient in the Trispzest form of combat. (WOTC)

this woman worked as a master mechanic for the Klatooinan Trade Guild during the height of the New Order. It was Nazrita who first taught Platt Okeefe the basics of starship maintenance. (PSG)

this is the name of the ancient city ruins which were encircled by the modern city of Baroo. The city of Nazwa was the seat of the ancient Majan culture. (RAC)

a race of grey-skinned equine humanoids which was native to the planet Nazzri during the golden age of the Old Republic. They adhered to the tenets of the Ulizra and the Great Structure, remaining aloof from the rest of the galaxy. For this reason, and the fact that they were rarely seen away from their homeworld, many other races considered the Nazzar to be xenophobic. The few Nazzar encountered away from Nazzri were either outcasts who had rejected the Ulizra, or missionaries who hoped to bring the Ulizra to new peoples. After Emperor Palpatine rose to power, the Nazzar simply remained on their homeworld, ignoring the rest of the galaxy. (FNU, TOJC, PJSB)

this was the native language of the Nazzar. (PJSB)

this dark-haired man was one of the many bounty hunters who were part of the Crimson Nova chapter of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, during the height of the Clone Wars. Nazzer led the small group that was sent to the planet Null, to intercept and kill as many of the Jedi who were fighting on the planet as they could. Ultimately, they only managed to acquire the lightsaber of Jedi Master T'ra Saa. (RSF)

this planet was the homeworld of the Nazzar race. (TOJC)

N-class Freighter
this starship design had a squat cylinder for the main hull, with the cockpit mounted at the front of the cylinder and a central access tube running perpendicular to the cockpit at its midsection. (MC16)

this was the shortened name for Kuat Drive Yards' Nav-Computer Route Astrogation Bypass system. (GFT)

this is the capital city of the planet M'haeli. (ROC)

this unexplored planet was the site of a secret Imperial base during the Galactic Civil War. An Alliance Y-Wing on surveillance duty was shot down by the Empire, and the Alliance launched a mission to recover it. (IA)

this was the Imperial designation of the planet known as Demonsgate. (E)

Seinar Fleet System's hyperdrive activation unit used on the TIE Advanced. (TIE)

this man, a native of Cularin, was killed in his home when a group of Jedi Knights mistakenly attacked it, during the height of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

this tribe of Socorrans was known to be the only indigenous group which didn't live in the desert wastes. They were also the least nomadic of the four main tribes, having established a series of villages along the Rym Mountains. However, the Ndowi were also the smallest in number, with the entire tribe made up of less than 1,000 members at the height of the New Order. (BSS)

Ndowi Tribal Lands
this part of the planet Socorro was owned by the Ndowi tribe, and comprised an area from the equator sothward to the pole. The lands were bordered by the Rym Mountains. (BSS)

this was a race of reptilian sentients. (BSS)

Ne Ganna Dateel Jabba
this bas-relief was commissioned by Jabba the Hutt to illustrate his vast influence. Created from sandstone quarried on Nal Hutta, it was chisled by the slaves of the great Hutt artist Dreyba. Jabba prominently displayed the sculpture at his Tatooine residence. (CCG7)

Ne linga ne hochka
this was a Rodian insult. (SWJ5)

Ne ompee doe gaga punta?
this Huttese question translated into Basic as "Is this freshly dead?" It was used in food preparation as well as when food was served. (GMR5)

Near Wash
this was the name of the shallow sea that separated Maslovar from the islands of the Swamplands, on the planet Desevro. As such, it was the innermost of the five Washes. (GORW)

this planet was located in the Outer Rim Territories. (AIR)

this was a form of living bandage created by the Yuuzhan Vong. In accordance with Yuuzhan Vong tradition, the neathlat treated the wound but did nothing to diminish the pain of the injury. (EL1)

Neb Dulo
this unusual alien was a native of the planet Tocoya. He was a devote follower of the Davrilat religion, and had strong protective instincts. (CCG9)

Neb Neb
this name, which meant "short" - or, more literally, "down down" - was common among Gungan males. (GCG)

Neb Neb Goodrow
this Gungan was one of the best bongo racers in the city of Otoh Gunga, prior to the Battle of Naboo. Neb Neb's trademark was his green-colored bongo, a custom-built monobubble vehicle designed for speed and maneuverability in tight turns. Unfortunately, just before the Battle, Neb Neb crashed with Spleed Nukkles in a practice run for the Bongo Rally, and was unable to compete. Neb Neb later helped Lob Dizz in capturing Captain Swagg, after the blue-skinned pirates tried to destroy the Lake Umberbool arena for a second time. In the years following the Battle of Naboo, Neb Neb and Spleed continued race their bongos, but more often than not they ended in a crash. Whether between themselves or with other racers, Neb Neb and Spleed always managed to survive and race again, a fact that made them popular with young Gungans and new fans across the galaxy. However, it made them less than popular with other racers, who considered them reckless and dangerous. They were often accused of collusion, purposely wrecking other racers so that one or the other could win. They were briefly suspended from racing following the crash and disappearance of Zak "Squidfella" Quiglee, but redeemed themselves by restoring Boss Nass's old heyblibber and bringing Squidfella in for questioning. (E1A12, GMR4)

Neb Nob
this Gungan served under Commander Wollod as a communications officer, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. (E1A9)

Neb Trys Orphanage and Dance School
this orphanage specialized in the training of exotic dancers. Based on the planet Ryloth, Neb Trys paid a small fee to the mothers and families of young, female Twi'leks, in exchange for boarding their daughters and teaching them to become dancers. Once a female became proficient in dance, she was sold to a new master for a tidy profit. It was said that the ownership fo a Neb Trys slave was a sign of prestige, and Neb Trys dancers have performed for some of the galaxy's most important, although often most criminal, individuals. (GORW)

Neb Ufentes
this noted space vessel engineer was an expert in hyperspace theory. Neb was contracted by Drooim-Durtha Systems to develop the ShipFinder for use by the Empire some two years before the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He continued to develop newer versions of the device until he was killed by the crimelord Mahk'khar, who then stole the latest prototype. (SWJ8)

Neb, Killium
either a Gamorrean or one of Pothman's stormtroopers. (COJ)

this was a common name among the S'kytri people. (UANT)

this Jawa was known for his ability to plan raids on rival tribes, and was known to other tribes as a despicable warrior. He was the acknowledged leader of his tribe, and hated to be "frocked." (CCG9)

this Onderonian street philosopher and Naddist helped Exar Kun find the hidden Sith artifacts on the Dxun moon. (DLS)

Nebula Award
this award was given by the Alliance to those military and special forces members who displayed uncompromising loyalty and unswerving bravery in the face of imminent danger. (CFG)

Nebula Chaser
this independent transport ship was owned and operated by Captain Pollux. It was a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation civilian cruiser, measuring 1,000 meters in length and equipped with a Hoersch-Kessel sublight drive system. Some two years after the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy began, the Nebula Chaser was part of the small fleet which assisted in the evacuation of the planet Talfaglio. Shortly after leaving Corellian space, it was ambushed by the Gift of Anguish and boarded by the Yuuzhan Vong. Aboard the ship, Alema and Numa Rar tried to escape, but were cornered by a voxyn. Alema managed to escape, but Numa became the first of the Jedi Knights to be killed by the voxyn. The Yuuzhan Vong took possession of the cruiser, and used it as a pawn in their plans to obtain Jaina and Jacen Solo. The ship was eventually destroyed, in an effort to sway Leia Organa Solo to the Yuuzhan Vong's position. She refused to turn over any information on the Jedi, and the Nebula Chaser was destroyed. (SBS)

Nebula Consumables
a corporation that grew in the clouds of the gas giant Tyed Kant, Nebula Consumables is the planet's leading producer of food. It has two primary customers: Tyed Kant's government, and the Empire. (SWJ2, SN)

Nebula Front
this protest group sprang up in response to the Trade Federation's control of trade routes in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories during the last decades of the Old Republic. Based on the planet Asmeru, in the Senex Sector, the Nebula Front had issues with the Old Republic as well, and took great pains to hamper the activities of the Trade Federation and Republic starships in the Outer Rim. These were the so-called "free trade" zones, despite the fact that the Federation exercised a great deal of control there. Several decades before the Battle of Naboo, Finis Valorum's father had a chance to eliminate the Nebula Front, but simply chastised them and allowed them to regroup and rebuild. It was known that the Nebula Front tried to negotiate a truce with the Trade Federation, but the two groups were unable to see eye to eye. The Nebula Front refused to accept funding from the Hutts or any group which supported slavery. After the Trade Federation was given a full franchise by the Old Republic, a militant branch of the Nebula Front set out to hire pirates and mercenaries to strike against the Federation. They were later accused of plotting the assassination of Chancellor Valorum, and only the timely intervention of Qui-Gon Jinn and Adi Gallia prevented Valorum's death. In the wake of their failure to kill Valorum and break up the Trade Federation, and with the death of Havac at Eriadu, the Nebula Front disintegrated. (COD)

Nebula Hotels
an Outer Rim chain of reasonably-priced hotels. (GG9)

Nebula Manufacturing
this Old Republic manufacturer was one of the largest corporations found on the planet Coruscant. (CCW)

Nebula Masters
this branch of the Dark Star Hellions was based on the planet Questal. Led by Bim Maldeen, they discovered Tiree's X-Wing after the Alliance agent landed on the planet to help find his brother-in-law, Rogan, and sold the ship on the black market. They recovered Tiree's locator pendant, which misled a group of Alliance agents who were searching for him. (GCQ)

Nebula Orchid
this eatery was located in Kuat City, and was quite popular during the early decades of the New Republic. It was here that Reck Desh learned of Elan's seeming defection to the New Republic from an unknown telbun. (HT)

Nebula Orchids
brilliant flowers native to Yavin 4. They grow on thin vines, which are used as string. The vines are filled with fluid which seeps out when cut. This causes the vines to contract, tightening any existing knots even further. (DA, HTF)

Nebula Queen
this luxury ship was operated by Event Vistas, and made regular runs to Coruscant. (SOC)

Nebula Rubantine
this was the primary override authorization code used by the crew of the Nebula Chaser. (SBS)

Nebula-class Star Destroyer
one of the first major designs produced by the New Republic, the Nebula-class was a mobile assault platform similar in its role to a Star Destroyer. First unveiled some eleven years after the Battle of Endor, the Nebula-class was considered one of the new class of starships produced for the New Republic's Navy, and measured 1,040 meters in length. (BTS, SOP)

Nebulas of Osssorck
this vast area of space is so dense with gases that it affects starship sensors and other systems. More ships have crashed into each other while travelling within the Nebulas than in any other part of the galaxy. (GMS)

this Dug was a member of Sebulba's clan, and worked for Sebolto's gang during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Mawhonic issued a bounty for his capture, claiming that "all the kin of that dirty Dug Sebulba deserved to fry." Jango Fett managed to claim the bounty during his attempt to meet with Sebolto. (BH)

Nebulon Ranger
this was the name of Ulic Qel-Droma's Coruscant-class heavy courier starship. He used it to transport himself, his brother Cay, and Tott Doneeta to Onderon in order to help enact a truce to the Beast Wars as Master Arca's chargemen. After Ulic was possessed by the Sith magic of Exar Kun, the Nebulon Ranger fell into Cay's hands, and he used to assist the Jedi during the Great Sith War. Cay took it to Ossus in an attempt to help the Jedi recover their lore after the destruction of the Cron System. However, he discovered Ulic's presence there, and took to the skies to defeat his brother. In the battle, the Nebulon Ranger was destroyed by Ulic, forcing Cay to land at great cost to the ship. Ulic then murdered Cay in a lightsaber battle. (TOJ, DLS, TSW)

Nebulon Rangers
this group of space pirates, led by Ssurussk, ambushed many cargo convoys in the Expansion Region of the galaxy during the early years of the New Order. (SOG)

Nebulon-B Frigate
the designation of the Kuat Drive Yards EF76B Escort ship, it is a strangely-shaped ship that has a long, thin hull with its main decks hanging off the front end and the engines hanging off the rear. It measured 300 meters in length. They are slow, unwieldy ships, and were designed to carry a number of TIE Fighters as protection. Originally built for Imperial escort duty just after the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance was able to capture a number of them intact, and used these frigates as medical ships. They had a normal crew of 920, but could be operated with as little as 850. They were built at a cost of 194,000,000 credits, not quite a fifth the cost of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The Nebulon-B Frigate boasts the following shipboard systems

  • 12 Borstel RH8 Laser Cannon Batteries
  • 2 Phylon-Q7 Tractor Beam Projectors
  • Serridge SEAL Shielding System (rated at 160 SBD) or Delphus JC-671 Projectors
  • 12 Taim and Bak XI7 Turbolaser Batteries
  • Plat Dromma Targetting Computer
  • Triple Tam Stardrive and Hyperdrive Motivator
  • Fabritech ANs 9.5w Wide Range Sensor System
  • 2 Fighter Bays
    • 1 X-wing or 1 A-wing Squadron
    • 1 Y-wing Squadron
KDY also produced a modified version of the Nebulon-B frigate, aptly named the Nebulon-B2. (ESB, HTTE, SCRE, XW, TIE, SFS, SOG)

Nebulon-B2 Frigate
this was the follow-up to Kuat Drive Yards' successful Nebulon-B Frigate design. The primary difference between the B and the B2 is in the forward section of the ship. The Nebulon-B has a deep-based forward pod that extends well below the aft engine section. The Nebulon-B2 has a smaller forward pod, comparable in size to the engine pod. Attached the smaller pod, in order to gain stability, are two downward-planed wings. It is otherwise exactly the same as the original Nebulon-B. (TIE)

Nebulon-Q Swoop Racer
manufactured by Mobquet, these popular swoops were used by racers as well as swoop gangs. They are single-person craft, with a maximum flight ceiling of 350 kilometers and top speeds of 600 kilometers an hour. The Nebulon-3 measured three meters in length. Note that the Star Wars Adventure Journal, Issue 6 names this vehicle as theMobquet-Q. (SWSB, SWJ6)

Nebulon-R Swoop Racer
this was the follow-on to Mobquet's Nebulon-Q swoop racers. (SWJ5)

Nebulon-S Swoop Racer
another Mobquet racing swoop, the Swoop-S measured 3.2 meters in length. It is armed with a single blaster cannon., and has a top speed of 600 kilometers per hour. (DFRSB)

this was a Mobquet thruster jet engine, produced during the New Order for use on high-performance speeders. This might actually refer to the Nebulon-Q swoop. (NEGV, GMR4)

Nebulox Q Racer
this was a model of swoop built by Mobquet. (ML)

this Rodian mercenary trained a team of Jawas in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat, for employment as security agents at the Bantha Traxx establishment on Lianna. Ne'Chak owed Yin Vocta a favor, and relutantly agreed to train the diminutive creatures. Despite his misgivings, the Jawas quickly exceeded Ne'Chak's expectations. Ne'Chak was later hired by Omze'kehr Kahr to serve as the captain of the security forces aboard Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport, commanding a team of Rodian mercenaries who kept the peace aboard the converted cruiser. (WSV, PSPG)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this small scavenger is native to the planet Korbin. Necresh as red-furred mammals which resemble rats. Their keen senses of small and hearing allow them to locate sources of food, although they rarely have to use them because most necresh live near the Last Call valley. This valley provides most necresh with a ready source of dead meat. (PG2)

this planet, originally known as Dahrtag, wa s populated by a human culture known as the Necropolitans. Hoole asked Han Solo to take he and his charges - Tash and Zak Arranda - to the planet in order for them to purchase a new ship after the planet D'vouran consumed their previous vessel. The planet's surface was shrouded in a perpetual mist. The natives of the planet had an ancient civilization, whose origins went back thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, and they revered their dead with deep-seated traditions. Doctor Evazan used this planet as a place to hide out from the various bounty hunters searching for him, and perfected his reanimation serum during this time. He used the many legends and traditions of the Necropolitans to keep his efforts a secret. (GOF2, ANT)

this was a term used by Judder Page and his team of infiltration agents to describe the planet Coruscant, after it had been terraformed by the Yuuzhan Vong into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar and then destroyed by Supreme Overlord Shimrra. (UF)

this was the name used by the living human natives of the planet Necropolis. Much of their day-to-day activity is governed by the Master of Cerements, who works to ensure that the Curse of Sycorax will not be invoked. Many of the modern children of Nercpolis believed the ancient Curse was simply a bedtime story meant to scare children into behaving. However, the ancient rituals evolved into time-honored traditions, and the Necropolitans observed them all. Funerals were especially impressive and elaborate, but solemn and thought-provoking nonetheless. The loved ones of the deceased are kept separated from the body, for the Necropolitans believed that if the dead person saw the living mourn, they would come back from the dead. The family of the departed therefore lived in seclusion for seven days. (GOF2)

Necr'ygor Omic
this was a popular, interstellar wine served during the early years of the New Republic. It was said that the '47, '49, '50, and '52 vintages were among the best at the time. (HTTE)

this was an inexpensive liquor that was favored by Watto. (TG)

this form of insect lived by sucking the nectar out of fruits and certain flowers. (JH)

this wine is fermented from the fabled fruit fields of the planet Nepoy. (BF)

this young boy was the son of a spaceport worker on Belasco, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. Ned's mother provided information about Cir L'ani and his companion to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, during their search for Jenna Zan Arbor. (TDR)

this remote planet was the homeworld of the Nediji race. (MBS)

this alien race was native to the remote world of Nedij. Avian in appearance, the Nediji were distinguished by their bird-like face, but were more humanoid than avian. The nose and mouth were formed from rubbery cartilage that tapered into a sharp point that resembled a beak, but the head was smooth, and the ears were flat against the skull. The skin of a Nediji was covered with what appeared to be pale blue fur or feathers, with a darker blue patch of skin beneath the chin. The fingertips of a Nediji ended in yellow talons, adding to their bird-like apperance. Most Nediji remained on their homeworld throughout their lives, living as part of the Flock. It was generally believed that travel offworld was considered taboo among the Flock. Only those who could not become members of the Flock were free to leave Nedij, and made they way in the galaxy as trackers and assassins. The number of off-world Nediji was exceptionally small, however, making their appearance in the galaxy an unusual occurrence and their innate skills relatively unknown. (MBS)

Nedmak, Kaj
a native of the planet Drall, Kaj stowed away on the smuggling ship of Zevel Hortine and learned to be a smuggler. At the age of seventeen, he set out on his own. He was one of the Nar Shaddaan smugglers who agreed to help Bria Tharen fly troop and rescue ships during the Battle of Ylesia. Years later, he teamed up with Celia Durasha, taking her much the same way Hortine had taken him in, after finding her stowed away aboard his ship, the Tryan Kajme. However, Kaj wasn't as good a sabacc player as he was a spacer, and he found himself heavily in debt to Rass M'Guy. This only added to the debt Kaj already owed Bwahl the Hutt, after failing to deliver a cargo of spice to the Gordian Reach, which was blockaded by the Empire. In an effort to pay off both Bwahl and Rass, Kaj convinced Celia to allow him to give an entire shipment of weapons - which they had been contracted by Bwahl to deliver to Tammuz-an - to Rass. Kaj then planned to play some sabacc and run enough spice to pay back Bwahl. Celia reluctantly agreed, but feared that something bad might happen. After Rass took the weapons as payment for the interest Kaj owed him, Kaj gave serious consideration to joining the Alliance. He hoped to avoid any further legal entanglements by joining up, but Celia asked him to stay out of the war. Before they could get very far from Ord Mantell, the Tryan Kajme was pulled from hyperspace by one of Bwahl's ships. They were forced to crashland on Ord Mantell, and Kaj was lost. He was captured by the bounty hunter known as Thune, who used Celia as an unwitting accomplice to capture Treytis Prash as well. Thune planned to return Kaj to Bwahl, and turn Prash and Celia over to the Empire. Celia and Prash managed to subdue Thune, and Kaj shot her Gank partner. Thune, however, came back to consciousness and managed to stab Kaj through the heart with a heavy knife. Kaj held on long enough for Celia and Prash to escape, and was eventually rescued by U-THR. The droid had finally had enough of Thune's bounty hunting, and helped Kaj stun her. Kaj then recovered the Y-Wing in which Celia and Prash had escaped, and they all made off with the Faceted. Kaj and Celia renamed the ship to Starlight Red, and recruited U-THR to help them out in their smuggling activites. (RD, SWJ14)

this female Sunesi was one of Agapos the Ninth's primary followers. Like Agapos, Nee had a sensitivity to the Force, and could heal others. When Urek managed to free Daye Azur-Jamin, Nee was able to assist him. She managed to heal Daye's eyes, but was injured before she could help further. She turned her abilities inward, and was able to heal herself. (SWJ10)

Nee choo
this Huttese verb translated into Basic as "to die." (GMR5)

this Rutanian was in charge of the prison facility in the city of Testa, during the rule of King Frane. (SP)

this Rodian gunrunner worked for Tern Ashandrik, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (ND)

Needa, Lorth
an Imperial Navy Captain, Needa was one of Ozzel's closest advisors in the Imperial fleet. A veteran of the Clone Wars, Needa held the rank of Lieutenant Commander during the First Battle of Coruscant, when he commanded the Carrack-class cruiser Integrity. It was Needa who demanded the surrender of General Grievous, but he was unable to prevent the cyborg's escape. During the era of the New Order, Needa was promoted to the command of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Avenger, and was part of the fleet that attacked Hoth in order to destroy the Alliance's Echo Base.. Following Ozzel's inability to follow instructions at the Battle of Hoth, Needa was directed by Darth Vader to follow the Millenium Falcon into the Hoth asteroid belt. Needa's failure to capture the Falcon resulted in his execution at the hands of Vader. (ESB, ESBR, MTS, WG, E3N)

Needa, Virar
this first-cousin, once removed, of Lorth Needa served the Empire on Coruscant as an orbital mirror commander, during the period following the Battle of Endor. He was in control of mirror OSETS 2771, which was reprogrammed by Winter to evaporate one of the planet's major resevoirs, in hopes of creating a huge electrical strom to short out the planet's shield generators. Virar was powerless to stop them. Note that The Krytos Trap indicates Virar was in commanf of OSETS 1127. (WG, KT)

Needalb, Dedro
this Imperial Customs officer served the Empire on Nar Shaddaa during the early years of the New Order. Although he was an Imperial officer, he was under the control of the Hutts that controlled Nar Shaddaa. Whenever he felt like it, he would send an unverified report on traffic and cargo shipments to Moff Sarn Shild. (THG)

this planet, located beyond the Outer Rim Territories, was the homeworld of the Geelan race. The majority of the planet was once covered with oceans which teamed with life, while the land masses were covered with beautiful jungles. The planet was suddenly knocked from its orbit by a passing comet, and Needan was pushed into a wider orbit. As a result, the planet was plunged into a premature and permanent ice age. Much of the flora and fauna was killed off over a couple of generations, but the Geelan managed to construct domes to protect themselves from the perpetual winter. (SWJ13)

this was the name of Shantee Ree's pet attack stohl. (COG)

developed by Loronar Corporation in the early years of the New Republic, the Needle was a small, automated attack ship which employed Centrally Controlled Independent Replicant technology. Less than three meters long and extremely fast, Needles could be deployed from anywhere in the vicinity of their target. They were build from small, shielded transport shells manufactured by Seifax, and employed small hyperdrives built by the Bith. The droch Dzym agreed to supply Loronar with Sppok crystals for CCIR in return for weapons and synthdroids. In the field, Needles were controlled from a remote location, usually the starship from which they were launched. Their speed and size made them nearly impossible to detect and track. As part of their deal, Dymurra obtained the rights to build a Needle production facility on Antemerdias, although this construction never occurred. (POT)

Needle Beast
this lethal predator is native to the planet Dithanune. (CRO)

Needle Flier
this gauzy-winged avian was native to the planet Neimoidia. Each needle flier had two pairs of wings. (COD)

Needle Ray
this was the term used to describe a specialized blaster setting. A needle ray was an extremely thin beam of coherent light that forced a shooter to be extremely accurate. Needle rays were often employed in sporting events, to test the marksmanship of contestants. (MC22)

Needle Ship
this defensive craft was named for its slender shape. This shape allows the needle ship to slip into cloud cover and virtually disappear. It also allows the ship to evade most radar and sensor scans. (TNR)

Needle Thorn
the Yuuzhan Vong cultivated a unique plant for growing needle thorns. These thorns were quite thin and sharp, and were often thrown at a target. (FH3)

this was the name given to the laser beam that was emitted by a needlebeamer. (HSR)

Needlebeam Rifle
this was a larger version of the needlebeamer, with a longer range. (HSL)

this small weapon was often used in duels. It fired a thin, tight laser beam at its target, allowing a quick death with a minimum of bloodshed. (HSR)

this insect lives in the forests of Kashyyyk. It has a barb-covered nose which it uses to dig into the wroshyr trees' bark and suck out the sap. (TT)

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Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith - Vader
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