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a clan of Dark Side witches on Dathomir, the Nightsisters were created by Gethzerion following her own exile. It is rumored that Palpatine feared their power, so he had the planet interdicted and used atmospheric bombardment to destroy any ships on the planet. They are noticeable by the way the blood vessels near their eyes have ruptured from their rage, and from their use of the Dark Side. They made a deal with the Imperial Warlord Zsinj for a transport ship with which they could escape Dathomir, but they were destroyed by Luke, Han, and Leia just as their ship tried to leave Dathomir. (CPL, CTD)

this was a species of predatory spider that was native to the planet Naboo. All nightspiders used a form of poison to kill their prey or defend themselves, and one subspecies of nightspider could spit this poison at its target. All nightspiders were considered aggressive, and were to be avoided if at all possible. (GQRG)

this weapon, produced by Xerrol, was a model of sniper's blaster rifle. It was well-known among weapons experts for the fact that it fires an invisible bolt. Despite this advantage, the weapon had several drawbacks. First, a canister of the special blster gas it required cost well over 1,000 credits. Second, each canister had only enough gas for up to five shots before it had to be replaced. Lastly, the canisters were specially designed, and only fit in certain weapons. It was created by the Empire for use in taking out specific targets. (SOP)

this was the pseudonym used by Ylenic It'kla to describe the Anzati Saarai-kaar, Nikkos Tyris. The name is a description of the Anzati's smell, which carried more descriptive information to the Caamasi that physical appearance. (IJ)

this nocturnal, carnivorous creature was native to Kamar. They were also a source of food for the Kamarians. (HSR)

this was the name used by one of the Empire's most elite stormtrooper units. A unit of the Storm Commandos, they were sent into the field whenever incredible stealth was required to gain access to an enemy target. (ROE)

this was the callsign of a member of the Thaereian Navy, during the height of the Clone Wars. He originally joined the military to protect his homeworld, although he was one of the few soldiers who truly understood that protection often meant taking the fight to a superior enemy. His beliefs were challenged when he was confronted by Commander Kulkis, who tested Nightwing's resolve by drawing a knife on the soldier. Nightwing was prepared for the attack, and managed to twist the knife into a position where it stabbed into Kulkis' chest when they fell to the ground. Nightwing believed that he had passed whatever test Kulkis had meant for him, although Kulkis' final words caused him to question the need to continue defending Thaere. Many of the Cularin newsnets were abuzz with activity after an account of Nightwing's actions were posted, and many believed that Nightwing was actually Osten Dal'Nay. (LFCW)

an Imperial freigher destroyed by Keyan Farlander during his first tour of duty as an X-Wing pilot. (XW)

Nigkoe Detention Facility
this immense, stone-walled prison was maintained by the Separatists on the planet Felucia, during the height of the Clone Wars. Many Jedi Knights and Masters were held at Nigkoe during the fighting. (ROF)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Nihun River
this river, located on the planet Brosi, flowed down the Nihun Valley to the Bay of Sypon. (AIR)

Nihun Valley
this river valley was located on the planet Brosi. It meandered through the Blan Forest, emptying into the Bay of Sypon. (AIR)

Captain Twolz was killed by Imperial stormtroopers near this planet. (SWJ1)

Niik, Li-Suun
this well-known crimelord operated a bold and fearless smuggling operation from a base on the planet Aargau, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. His smugglers were known for their bravery - or stupidity, depending on how one looked at things. Li-Suun himself was hard for authorities to pinpoint, and the name Li-Suun Niik was probably an alias. He had cultivated several contacts within the Bank of Aargau, although his contacts were unaware of his true identity. What was known was that Li-Suun and his smugglers used a variety of methods to smuggle precious metals off the planet, including surgically attaching sheets of gold to bones. Unknown to most beings, Li-Suun was also somewhat sensitive to the Force, although he was self-trained. (PH, MC48)

Niiliisi, Granz
this middle-aged man was the leader of the Massa Family criminal organization on the planet Ukio, during the early years of the New Order. The local government wanted him removed from power, so it hired the ThunderForce mercenaries to remove him. Niiliisi barely survived the assault, and managed to flee Ukio and hide out on an unspecified world. There, he attempted to regroup the Massa Family members and return to Ukio. (HAS)

Niira Korl
this was a famous Iktotchi individual, distinguished in the histories of the moon of Iktotch. (UANT)

Niiriit Esh
this was one of the small group of Shamed Ones who lived with Vuurok I'pan beneath the surface of Coruscant, after the planet had been transformed into a likeness of Yuuzhan'tar. Like the rest of their cadre, Niiriit believed that the Jedi Knights were not abominations, but saviors of the Shamed Ones and symbols of the new ideology which should be embraced by the Yuuzhan Vong. For this reason, their band remained small, in case they were captured by the Yuuzhan Vong warriors. This ensured that their small cult of Jedi followers would never be fully discovered. A former warrior, Niiriit developed a simple relationship with Kunra during their residence below Coruscant's surface. Niiriit was quite suspcious when I'pan returned one day with Nom Anor at his side, having heard of the former Executor's work as a minion of the Supreme Overlord Shimrra, but she was attracted to Nom Anor's charismatic presence. Niiriit was killed when the small band of heretics was discovered by a squad of Yuuzhan Vong warriors. When the warriors were drawn to Nom Anor's presence or simply happened upon the band, they mercilessly killed every Shamed One they could capture. (FH1)

Nijune Treasure Fleet
this traveling starship caravan was rumored to have been one of the most wondrous and valuable sets of ships ever put together during the Old Republic. The Fleet was ambushed by Hez Kragg, the so-called Dread Buccaneer, shortly before Kragg was dispatched by a Jedi Knight. Centuries later, Jonas Durns discovered the location of the Kragg's Fury, which was rumored to contain the riches of the Fleet in its holds. Durns learned of the Fleet's location from Sig Coven, and hired a group of freelance scouts to find it. (SWJ7)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the suffix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "jester" or "riddle". It could be attached to a prefix by itself, or combined with other suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

Nikaede Celso
this female Wookiee was a constant companion of Drake Paulsen, and served as the first mate aboard the Steadfast. Huge even for a Wookiee, Nikaede was smuggled off Kashyyyk at a young age by her own parents, in an attempt to keep her free from slavery. She later bonded with Drake, developing a relationship which helped fill in the gaps of her childhood. (SWJ3, SWJ12)

Nikals, Gerrin
this man was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, and was in command of the Kal'Shebbol Fury platoon during the early years of the New Republic. (E)

this independent spacer performed extensive modifications to his R2-series astromech droid, to the point that the droid did not resemble its original form. (FTD)

Nikk pryozz
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase translated into Basic as "I am", and was used in announcing one's arrival. (T)

Nikk pr'zzyo
this Yuuzhan Vong phrase translated into Basic as "I was", and was used in announcing one's arrival. (T)

Nikk, Hatras
this woman made a living as a con artist on the Outland Transit Station, during the years following the Battle of Naboo, until Rozatta placed a bounty on her head. She was accused of seducing many a traveler, before robbing them blind. She was caught by Jango Fett and brought to Rozatta for questioning. (BH)

Nikkle Nut
this plentiful plant, which produced a thick-shelled nut, was native to the jungles of Haruun Kal. (SHPT)

this man, a native of Onderon, spent most of his free time playing pazaak in the cantinas of Iziz, during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He was convinced that his friend, Dhagon Ghent, was innocent of the murder of Captain Sullio, and was able to prove it with the help of The Exile. (KOTOR2)

Nikkos Tyris
this Anzati was one of the most powerful of the Saarai-karr leaders of the Jensaarai, who discovered some ancient Sith teachings during the Clone Wars. Tyris was also a former Jedi Knight, and his knowledge both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force, coupled with Tyris' unusual style of fighting, made him a formidable opponent. He and his companions were dispatched by Nejaa Halcyon and Ylenic It'kla, but not before Halcyon was mortally wounded when Tyris drove his azure lightsaber through Halcyon's chest. Halcyon, though dying, absorbed all the energy from Tyris' lightsaber and used it to create a fist-like projection with the Force. Halcyon used it to crush Tyris. The other Jensaarai accompanying him was the husband of a Jensaarai who would become the next Saarai-kaar on Suarbi 7/5 and confront Corran Horn. (IJ, PJSB)

this noted pazaak player lived on the planet Taris, some four millennia before the Battle of Yavin. He could often be found at the Upper City Cantina. (KOTOR)

Niko Brehe
this noted criminal and smuggler was one of the few who tried to oppose Jabba the Hutt's control of the planet Tatooine, during the years following the Battle of Yavin. Like most other such rivals, Niko was constantly hounded by mercenaries hired by Jabba to do his dirty work. (SWGAL)

Nikohler Elee
this alien was a member of the Galactic Radicals, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (BH)

this political faction was formed on Hapes many decades ago, by those Hapans who agreed with the former Queen Mother Ni'Korish - Ta'a Chume's grandmother - that the Jedi Knights were among the most hated beings in the galaxy. It was believed that the Ni'Korish were behind several assassination attempts on the life of Teneniel Djo, during her tenure as the Queen Mother of Hapes. (DJ)

this Hapan woman was the Queen Mother before her daughter, Ta'a Chume, took the throne. She was known for her intense hatred of the Jedi Knights. (DJ)

this was an alcoholic beverage brewed on Aduba-3. (MC8)

this frothy, powerful alcoholic beverage was created by the Nikto race. (GG12)

this Jawa was part of a roaming group of beggars that accosted visitors and inhabitants of Mos Eisley for handouts, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. When several patrons of the Dusty Bowl saloon began to complain about his smell and his aggressive begging techniques, the owners of the saloon issued a bounty for his arrest. Jango Fett claimed the bounty shortly afterward, durnig a mission to Tatooine to seek an audience with Jabba the Hutt. (BH)

this was the native langauge shared by all five races of Nikto. (UANT)

a humanoid alien race which evolved into five distinct branches on the planet Kintan. They were an ancient species, being one of the three races signed into servitude to the Hutts during the battle against Xim the Despot. The Nikto were characterized by their leathery skin, reptilian eyes, and fierce temperments. The skin of a Nikto was made up up thousands of overlapping scales, which could be shifted to cover wounds to protect them from infection. All five races are genetically capable of interbreeding; 93% of the offspring from such unions resemble only one of the parents. There were a number of environmental and geological changes that greatly affected life on Kintan, causing the once-singular Nikto race to evolve its five unique races. Chief among these changes was the radiation expelled by the nearby star M'dweshuu. The Red Nikto, called Kajain'sa'Nikto, evolved in the deserts. They have ridged foreheads, eight small horns around the eyes, and two at the chin. They breath through a permeable membrane over their mouths and through four breather tubes on their necks. The Green Nikto, known as Kadas'sa'Nikto, evolved in the forests. They are visibly scaled, with obvious noses and small horns ringing their eyes. The Mountain Nikto are called Esral'sa'Nikto, and have smooth skin. Their ears are large and fin-shaped, designed to be extended or pulled flat to regulate body heat and enhance hearing. They also have a nasal membrane similar to the Red Nikto. The Pale Nikto, called Gluss'sa'Nikto, are found in the islands of the planet. They resemble the Green Nikto, with fin-like ears. The last race, called M'shento'su'Nikto or Southern Nikto, lack any horns but have a number of breather tubes at various points on their skulls. Their inner strength and fierce nature has been honed over millennia of survival against the predators of Kintan. This led to four intense civil wars which nearly destroyed Kintan some 30 years before the Nikto helped the Hutts defeat Xim. The Hutts then distributed the Nikto to various worlds as bodyguards and strongmen. The Nikto developed atomic-level technology on their own, and absorbed galactic technology from the Hutts. They have remained under Hutt control for over 25,000 years, for the most part remaining neutral throughout the various battles between the Empire and the Alliance. Because of this, many Nikto individuals who were sensitive to the Force remained undiscovered by the Jedi Knights, although a few Nikto escaped slavery to become Jedi. (ROTJ, TOJ, GG12, SWJ6, AOTC, GMR6, MJH)

Nikto Kajidic
this modified Imperial Customs Frigate was owned and operated by Ga'p'tashi. It was armed with four heavy laser cannons, a heavy ion cannon, and a tractor beam projector. (PP)

this Quint worked for Jenna Zan Arbor as a guard, at her secret laboratory on Simpla-12. He was jealously loyal to Jenna, and resented the bond she seemed to form with her Force-sensitive test subjects. Qui-Gon Jinn managed to use Nil's anger as a lever, and managed to escape twice from under Nil's guard. Luckily for Nil, he was caught by Zan Arbor each time. Unluckily for Nil, Zan Arbor grew tired of his inability to contain the Jedi, and injected the Quint with a lethal dose of drugs. (EVE, TDR)

Nil Spaar
this cunning Yevethan was in charge of the Yevethan workers at the Imperial shipyard known as Black-15. While there, he plotted to overthrow the Imperials and take control of the shipyards for the Yevethans, and bided his time working under Jian Paret. When the official order to evacuate the shipyards and destroy its ships was issued, Spaar heard it almost as quickly as Paret did, and put his plans into motion. The Yevethan workers gained access to the spaceworthy Imperial craft, and slaughtered their crews. Nil Spaar personally executed Jian Paret and took control of the Intimidator. With his plan under way, Nil Spaar and the Yevetha retreated into the Koornacht Cluster to repair their ships and plan the next phase of attack. The next phase began twelve years later, and would be known among the Yevetha as the Great Purge. Nil Spaar went to Coruscant to discuss a mutual relationship between the Yevethan Duskhan League and the New Republic with Leia Organa-Solo. Spaar carefully avoided an alliance while probing for weaknesses in Leia's government. Spaar wooed certain New Republic Senators who opposed Leia's ideals, and through them sowed seeds of unrest in the Senate. When Leia discovered the missing Black Sword Command, Nil Spaar again called the Yevetha to act, and used a carefully orchestarted series of events to his own ends. He twisted the events to appear as if Leia were the agressor and himself an innocent victim, while launching a wave of extermination throughout the Koornacht. The Yevetha wiped out any non-Yevethan settlements, keeping intact any strategic mines or businesses. Nil Spaar then retreated to N'Zoth to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He used the New Republic's HoloNet communications network to bombard the citizens and Senators with slanderous accusations against Leia, and he fostered relationships with several disgruntled Senators. He also place Belezaboth Ourn on Coruscant, and the set-up provided him with a great deal of advanced information on the Republic's moves with regard to the Yevetha. When the Republic decided to send Han Solo to command the Fifth Battle Group, Spaar ordered that Solo be captured, as a way to bring Leia under his control. At the same time, he began breeding with several Yevethan females, hoping to ensure his immortality through prodigious offspring. Taking some of the advice of Tal Fraan, Spaar kept a group of prisoners - taken from each of the worlds the Yevetha purged - on the Pride of Yevetha. This assured that the Republic would not take direct action against him, for fear of harming innocent captives. Among the captives was Han Solo, but Chewbacca and Lumpawarump were able to penetrate the Star Destroyer and rescue Solo. During the rescue, the Wookiees also destroyed many of Spaar's mara-nas casks. This series of events angered Spaar into taking foolish actions, which led to his eventual defeat at the Battle of N'zoth. Unbeknownst to Spaar, the Imperial officers he had kept prisoner ever since the Yevetha took control of the Black Sword shipyards were also rising up against him. Led by Sil Sorannan, the Imperials took control of several Yevethan warships during the Battle, including the Pride of Yevetha. Sorannan, wanting to kill Spaar outright but also wanting Spaar to suffer for his actions, forced the Yevethan leader into an escape pod as the Super-class Star Destroyer travelled through hyperspace toward Byss. The pod was ejected into hyperspace, and Nil Spaar was never heard from again. (BTS, SOL, TT)

this assassin droid was employed by Moff Bandor to wander the Game Chambers of Questal and remove the prisoners placed in them. Humanoid in form, NIL-8 is coated with a matte-black finish that reduces glare and reflection. NIL-8's head resembles a large set of macrobinoculars, and its vocabulator is located in its chest. The droid was well-built, and normal blaster fire usually bounced off its armor plating. This strength gave NIL-8 a certain bravado, as it often entered a fight by walking out into the open and firing. (GCQ)

one of the six Tiss'shar races, the Nil-ar were characterized by the thin, reddish bands of scales which coverd their eyes, wrists, ankles, and tails. (UANT)

Nilar Med/Tech Corporation
this corporation produced a wide range of medical devices developed for use in the field. (FOP)

the false Sith lord Nobam Nol was killed by Boba Fett on this planet. (SWG6, TOD)

this was one of the most common female names among the Corellians. (GMR9)

Nilek Rillion
this was the name of a distinguished Morseerian individual. (UANT)

this female Rodian was a member of the Goa-Ato, and was part of the committee which matched hunters to bounties during the height of the New Order. (SPG)

Nilg System
this planetary system was used as a base of operations for Tolad Dor and his criminal organization. (SWJ10)

Nilgaard Bioprocessing
this corporation established a major plant on the planet known as Reaper's World several thousand years ago, and slowly used up all the natural resources the planet could offer. After the world was drained, Nilgaard packed up shop and headed to the Corporate Sector. (ND)

Nilgaard Sector
this area of the galaxy contained the planet Dalos IV and Reaper's World. (ND)

Nilgarian Worm
a vile alien creature. (TJP)

this was one of the many Twi'leki clans which were native to the planet Ryloth. In the Twi'leki language, the clan's name meant "heroic". (GCG)

Nilko Bwaas
this Selkath was one of the first of his people to notice that Selkath youths were signing on to become mercenaries for the Old Republic, then mysteriously disappearing, during the height of the Great Sith War. He approached several Jedi Knights to inquire about this situation, and the Jedi investigation revealed a Sith plot to trick the youths and infiltrate the Selkath. (KOTOR)

this Imperial Navy sensor master served under Captain Gegak, aboard the Tobay. (TT)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "farmer" or "cultivator", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this Rodisar was one of the many gladiators who were fighting in the Blood Sport of Rattatak when Asajj Ventress submitted her name as a combatant. Nilo was, at one time, a General in the armed forces of his homeworld fo Rodis, until he and his command crew were captured by a group of Zygerian slavers and brought to Rattatak. Nilo was purchased by a Rattataki warlord and forced to fight in the gladiator arenas. Despite his rank, Nilo was little more than a brawler, having earned his rank by bribing corrupt Rodisar politicians. He exploits were due primarily to the work of his commanders. Nilo's one and only fight was in The Cauldron against Asajj Ventress, a fight that quickly ended with Nilo's death. (SWDB)

this man was an acquaintence of Dair Haslip, and was a Lieutenant serving with the Imperial forces who occupied Garos IV during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ2, SWJ12)

Ni'lyahin Smugglers
this band of smugglers struggled for many years under the oppression of the Empire, until the Battle of Yavin gave them a way to strike back. In the wake of the destruction of the first Death Star, the Ni'lyahin Smugglers began salvaging material from the wreckage. Anything and everything the smugglers found was later sold at a huge profit on the black market, allowing them to fight their own kind of war against the Empire. The Ni'lyahin Smugglers established a base of operations in the nearby Ferrous Aurora Nebula, to ensure their salvage rights weren't stolen. (SWGAL)

this was the name of a noted Vuvrian individual. (UANT)

this short, rotund man was a General in the Imperial armed forces, shortly before the Battle of Yavin. He was ordered by Darth Vader to destroy the Icarii, and laid out plans with Colonel Abal Karda as to their destruction. Karda carried out his orders perfectly, but managed to capture the Icarii queen, Selestrine. Vader wanted her brought to him, and Nim was dispatched to recover her disembodied head. However, Karda grew jealous and angry, and his mental condition deteriorated. He killed Nim and his guards in order to retain possession of the head, then fled the Empire and was labeled a fugitive. (EOE)

this identity, used by Pike Angeles, was an Imperial Lieutenant Commander who served in the Military Intelligence branch. (CRO)

Nim Abek
this red Nikto was a pirate who worked for the Nalroni crimelord Sprax. He chose to shorten his full name - Nim'abek'shy-wedell - to make it easier for non-Nikto to communicate with him. He began his career as a freelance pirate working the Sisar Run, until his gang preyed upon one of Sprax's starships. The vigo brought him in, and Nim Abek was surprised when the Nalroni offered him a job instead of executing him. Since then, Nim Abek has been given command of some 100 pirates, plying the spacelanes of the Sisar Run. He maintained a shadowport just beyond the intersection of the Sisar Run and the Ac'fren Spur, known as Abek's Station, to further his own goals. When he learned that information about Black Sun's operations along the Sisar Run were up for sale by Limna Yith, Abek tried to obtain the information before Sprax learned of it, in order to lessen Sprax's stature in the eyes of Prince Xizor. (SSR)

Nim Drovis
the New Republic maintained a Sector Medical Hospital and Research Facility on this planet, located in the Meridian Sector. It is a hot, humid world which was little more than a mudball covered with thick growths of fungus. (POT, EGP)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "gift" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

this was the full name of the red Nikto Nim Abek. (SSR)

this style of fighting was originally developed by the Royal Macheteros of the Kashi Mer, although it was later claimed by the Legions of Lettow. Named for two groups of three Kashi gods, Niman was a two-handed fighting style that used one blade for offense, while the other could be used for parrying or for additional attacks. After the Legions of Lettow were defeated by the ancient Jedi Knights, the Jedi adopted both the two-handed fighting technique and its name. Although many Jedi trained in the Niman style to gain basic knowledge of a two-bladed attack, very few ever mastered it completely. Note that Star Wars Insider magazine, issue 68, claims that Niman was the ancient term used to describe the Form VI lightsaber fighting style. (SWI68, WOTC, VD3)

this was the title given to the two groups of three deities who ruled the pantheon of gods worshiped by the Kashi Mer. (WOTC)

Nimat Corridor
this area of the galaxy was located along the border of the Mid and Outer Rim Territories. (DM111)

this noted Twi'lek female was a scholar known for her treatises and theories on the civilization and society of the Hutts. During her education, Nima'tar was a singer for a small jizz band, traveling the galaxy in order to earn enough credits to pay for her schooling. Unfortunately, Nima'tar and her band accepted a gig with Jabba the Hutt, and her bandmates sold her into slavery in order to buy passage off Tatooine. Nima'tar was forced to work as a dancer for Jabba, all the while collecting notes and data for her doctorate work. She used her wits and brains - and some help from Tamtel Skreej - to escape from Jabba and return to school, completing her education. (T8)

Nimba 5
this remote planet is along the space lane to the homeworld of the grumph. (TMEC)

this planet is the homeworld of the Nimbanese race, and is the primary planet in the Nimban System. Its surface is covered with rolling plains. (GG12)

the name used to describe a single Nimbanese. (GG12)

this humanoid race has hairless, walrus-like heads without tusks, and stringy reddish beards. A single member of the species is called a Nimbanel. The Nimbanese race is reptilian, but has a warm-blooded metabolism. As a race, they are regarded as arrogant and snobbish, but they place great value in knowledge and ethics. Native to the planet Nimban, they evolved from herbivorous creatures faced with increasingly resilient plant species. They have become highly adept at solving complex puzzles and questions, and turned to mental battles when many races would have initiated wars. They have been instrumental in the Bureau of Ships and Services and various banks throughout the galaxy, although they were once expelled from the BoSS when an ancient Nimbanel threatened to harm a BoSS family. They managed to merge back into the BoSS arena with the help fo the Hutts, who regularly employ Nimbanese as accountants and negotiators. (GG12, CCG)

this was the native language of the Nimbanese people. (GMR8)

Nimbi, Jasper
this man was a doctor, and was in charge of the recovery of Eelysa shortly before the Second Battle of Coruscant. Doctor Nimbi found himself treating Leia Organa Solo as well, when she was transported to Corellia by her husband, Han, to allow her to recover from the injuries she sustained during the Battle of Duro. Nimbi was sympathetic to the Jedi Knights, even in the face of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, and maintained tight security in his facility so that Eelysa could heal. (REC)

this gas giant was the fourth planet in the Nubus System. It was orbited by eight moons. (CCW)

Nimbus Rider 2000
Gefferon's Hutt floater, this 4-meter craft was designed for those Hutts who couldn't afford a luxurious sail barge or a larger floater. (DE1, DESB)

Nimbus Soldiers
this was a group of elite ground troops asssigned to Alto Stratus and his Separatist armies on the planet Jabiim, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was the Nimbus Soldiers, along with their supporting troops of battle droids, which attacked and devastated the Old Republic's Shelter Base, during the opening weeks of hostilities on Jabiim. (SWI69, RBJ)

Nimbus, The
see Nimbus Soldiers. (RBJ)

this port city was located on the planet Roon. (EGP)

Nime Freight Handlers' Union
this was the primary labor union based on the planet Roon, during the height of the New Order. The union's base was in the port city of Nime, but their influence spread acros the planet. (GORW)

Nimgorrhean Saber-wasp
this is a species of swarming insect. (SLS)

this Hobor was the leader of his people, and represented them at the peace talks conducted by the Tion Hegemony. He had a deep hatred of the Troobs, and chose to speak only Tahlboorean in their presence. This was a ploy by Chief Nimondro, for he could understand and speak fluent Basic, but held onto this trump card to gain the upper hand against the Troobs. Nimondro also controlled Mount Yeroc, and used it to demonstrate his powerful position during the negotiations with Counselor Harthan. His daughter, Larka, was the light of his life, and when she was framed for the murder to Ket Krax, he was furious. When she told him that she was in love with Ket, he realized she was innocent, and prepared to use sky cannon inside Mount Yeroc to defend against an impending Troob attack. However, C-3PO and R2-D2 were able to convince him to let them use the sky cannon for its true purpose while exposing Jake Harthan as the killer. Nimondro then agreed to work with the elder Krax to hammer out a real peace agreement. (DRPC)

this yellow-scaled Trandoshan male was the head of security for House Hirskaala, on the planet Cularin, during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo. It was later discovered that Nim'Ri was also one of the founding members of the underground alliance which sprang up on Cularin, in response to the build-up of power by the Metatheran Cartel. Nim'Ri quit his job with House Hirskaala to join the resistance, believing that the freedom of Cularin was much more important than an individual trading concern. Shortly after the onset of the Clone Wars, Nim'ri suddenly disappeared, although rumors began to circulate that he was "headed home." Most natives of Cularin could not believe this rumor, since Nim'Ri had been born on Cularin. They did, however, believe that Nim'Ri had been captured and possibly executed by the Thaereian Military for his rebellious actions. (EOS, LFCW)

this ancient Senali woman was Ganeed's elder mother. (SP)

Nin Nemb
an Alliance starfighter pilot, Commander Nemb was fatally wounded in the Cobolt Offensive, but managed to return his starfighter to the rendezvous point before he died. (RASB)

Nina Dar'Eboros
this was a noted figure in Balosar history. (UANT)

this small fish lived deep below ground on the planet Tatooine, existing in tiny, water-filled caves. They were harvested for their tasty flesh, and they were often served fried. (BF4)

Nine Corellian Hells, The
the Corellian people believed that there were nine distinct levels of Hell into which a being would fall, if they were deemed unworthy after death. Many Corellians used an oath similar to "Where in the Nine Corellian Hells am I?" when they were unexpectedly lost. (T)

Nine Families
see Nine Ruling Families (SQ)

Nine Moons, The
this was a mystical reference used by the natives of the planet Tirahnn. (LTA1, MCA1)

Nine Ruling Families
this was one Chiss term used to describe the ruling families of the Chiss Ascendency. Each family was equally represented in the Chiss government, although they went to great lengths to ensure that family identity was eliminated wherever possible. The leaders of the Chiss did not use names, but instead wore colorful robes to distniguish themselves. This helped ensure that decisions were reached in a fair and equitable method. Note that Force Heretic II: Refugee indicates that there were four Chiss families. (SQ)

this clone commando - officially known as RC-1309 - was one of the many commandos who survived the Battle of Geonosis. The remainder of his squad was killed in the fighting on Geonosis, and Niner was force-fit into a new squad, known as Omega Squad. (RCHC)

Nineteenth Battle of Zehava
this struggle for control of the city of Zehava was initiated by the Melida just six months after the Eighteenth Battle. The Daan had used the underground tunnels and drains of Zehava to gain access to Melida-held territory, and soundly defeated them. (DOD)

Ningal's Droid Repair
this droid repair facility was located on the planet Vannix, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EL2)

this was the name given to one of a pair of dwarf opee sea killers kept at the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility before the Battle of Naboo. The dwarf opees were the facility's rarest and most valuable specimens. Despite being just as vicious as their larger cousins, Nink and Vink were also able to understand simple commands after being trained by the researchers. (E1A9)

this planet was known for its devoted priesthood. The so-called Priests of Ninn wore green vestments that served to announce their devotion. (HSR)

Ninopas Orocc
this male Gran and his partner, Botlat Rej, were small-time criminals on the planet Coruscant during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. After Orocc vandalized a hover platform with Cornesian wax, the platform malfunctioned, causing the deaths of three Senators. Orocc fled Coruscant, and a bounty was established for his capture by the Coruscant police force. Orocc hid on Tatooine for a while before traveling to the Outland Transit Station. There, he was captured by Jango Fett and held for questioning. (BH)

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