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this New Republic Ambassador once gave Anakin Solo a busy bix as a gift. The box had wheels that could be spun, and blocks that could be pushed through shaped holes. (SOL)

this tall, thin alien presided over the annual Vinta Harvest Classic podrace on Malastare, during the era of the Battle of Naboo. (ETM)

Nuh ghis
this Mandalorian term translated into Basic as 'now'. (KOTOR)

Nui Gneppe
this thin Filordi worked as an archivist for the Naescorcom manufacturing operations on the floating city of Ipsus, on Genarius, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Nui Gneppe had previously worked as an agent of the Trade Federation, but became bored with his work. After joining Naescorcom, Nui worked specifically in the Line Two section of Ipsus, documenting all aspects of the development of thermal detonators. (LFC)

Nuiri Sector
this area of the galaxy was controlled by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (WSV)

native to Altor 14, and often referred to as Altorian Lizards, these quadrupedal reptiles are somewhat smaller than the Avogwi, and can walk on their hind legs for short periods of time. They have long bodies covered with horny scales, and their eyes protrude from their heads on short stalks. An unusual aspect of their physiology is their tubular tongue, which is prehensile and is tipped by tough conical spikes. While the Avogwi are carnivorous, the Nuiwit are herbivorous. They are also cold-blooded. The Nuiwit are pacifists by nature, and have a highly-structured society. Despite all these differences, scholars believe that the two races descended from a common ancestor. Like the Avogwi, the Nuiwit dislike technology. (GG4)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "strong warrior". (GCG)

this was the native language of the Nuknog race, consisting of squeals, barks, and gruff noises. A simple alphabet made up the written form of the language. (UANT)

native to the planet Sump, this unusual alien race was easily distinguished by their unusual skull. The top of a Nuknog's head was dominated by a spined frill, while its jaws were set well below and in front of the cranium. Each node of the frill was filled with fat, which was stored for periods when food was scarce. Nearly a millennium before the Battle of Yavin, the nuknog race literally sold their homeworld to a consortium of unscrupulous businessbeings in exchange for jobs, food, and accommodations. What they got were leftover rations, prefabricated barracks, and generations of indentured and unpaid labor. After several centuries, the Old Republic tried to intervene, shutting down the businesses and ordering hundreds of years of back wages to be paid. Eventually, Sump was returned to the Nuknog people, and the Old Republic began a series of relief missions to Sump, bringing food and supplies to help the beleaguered Nuknogs. However, the Nuknogs feared that the Republic was going to be just as unscrupulous as their former masters. Rather than accepting the relief efforts at face value, they simply took the supplies and then blamed the Republic for "stealing the only life they ever had." The Nuknog leaders then demanded food and supplies be delivered for free in perpetuity, a request which the Republic flatly denied. (SWDB, VD2, UANT)

a small city found on the eastern coast of the Galleros continent of the planet Zelos II. It was renamed in honor of Galleros Nul. (PG2)

this name was given to female Zabrak, and meant "daughter". (GCG)

Nuladeg, Bern
a member of Klyn Shanga's militia, Bern Nuladeg served with Klyn from the first battle they fought as children. Nuladeg's prowess with the limited fighter craft of the Renatasians had earned him a promotion to flight instructor, and later to Admiral of the flight academy. His family was brutally murdered by a group of off-duty Imperial soldiers during the time when the Empire invaded the Renatasia System, while the Imperial commanding officer dismissed any protest on the pretext that the killings were a prank. The commanding officer was killed in his sleep later on, and rumors claimed that Nuladeg was the killer. He later joined Shanga's militia, serving as the twenty-third member of the twenty-four-man unit that became known as Zero Squadron, and set out to bring the Butcher of Renatasia to justice. He was never without a cigar, especially when flying his ship. After the Renatasians were drawn into Rokur Gepta's plans to kill Lando Calrissian, during the early years of the New Order, Nuladeg tried to steal one of the Wennis's auxiliary craft in order to use it to attack the Millennium Falcon and kill Vuffi Raa. He and Shanga were both thrown in the brig, but they proved that Gepta's soldiers weren't up to snuff. That earned them their freedom to fight against the Renatasians' true enemy, Osuno Whett. However, Nuladeg was killed when he attempted to destroy the Millennium Falcon, but instead interfered with the duel between Gepta and Lando Calrissian. His fighter was shot down, without warning, by the Wennis, and Bern died in the explosion. (LCS)

Nulan VI
this planet was an extremely rebellious world in the Empire, until the Scimitar Assault Wing, known as the White Death, laid seige to it with their TIE bombers. The planet's inhabitants eventually surrendered to the Empire. (ISB)

this forested planet was one of first worlds ally itself with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Although a planet-wide government had been established, the native peoples preferred to manage themselves on a more local level. Individual tribes existed in small settlements, and justice was often carried out in the form of swift and deadly skirmishes that left no witnesses behind. During his attempt to gain possession of the Station 88 Spaceport for the Separatists, Count Dooku suggested that representatives from Junction 5, Delaluna, Bezim, and Vicondor all meet on Null to negotiate a deal. Lorian Nod, representing Samish Kash, asked the Jedi Knights to investigate the situation on Null, in an effort to keep the Station 88 Spaceport in the hands of the Republic. Over time, Dooku managed to acquire ownership of the entire planet, and it became one of the many targets of the Grand Army of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. During the fighting, the Separatist forces hired the bounty hunters of the Crimson Nova chapter of the Bounty Hunter's Guild to kill the Jedi Knights who were leading the Republic's forces. (LOJ, RSF)

this humanoid race, native to the planet also known as Null, stood a meter taller than the average human. The males wore their beards long and braided, and both sexes preferred to dress in animal skins and thigh-length boots. The Null were known primarily for their skills as hunters and stonemasons. (LOJ)

Null ARCs
see Null-class ARC Troopers (SWI84)

Null G-Ball
this physical game of chance was played in many larger casinos. (SWJ1)

Null Quantum Field Generator
this was the part of a hyperdrive unit that helped a starship enter and remain in hyperspace. (BF2)

Null Space
Obigon's pirate Corellian gunship. (HTSB)

Null Zone
an area of the galaxy surrounded by a sea of gamma radiation, it is where the Prophets of the Dark Side operate, separated from the rest of the galaxy. (LCJ)

Null, Warb
one of the most ferocious Naddists to inhabit ancient Onderon, Warb Null had incrediblte strength and military prowess in addition to his ability to tap the Dark Side of the Force. Originally a metallurgist named Shas Dovos, he was melded to his unique set of armor after conjuring a Sith spirit. He launched an attack on Iziz during the funeral processor for Queen Amanoa, and managed to steal the remains of the Queen and Freedon Nadd. Warb Null's base was located beneath the ground of Iziz, and he was serving under the still-living King Ommin. When the Jedi Master Arca appealed to Ommin for aid in recovering the remains of Freedon Nadd, Ommin and Warb Null attacked, overpowering Arca and taing him captive. However, in the battle, Warb Null was struck down by Ulic Qel-Droma. (FNU, TOJC)

this immense Shell Hutt was the leader of the group which inhabited the artificial world of Circumtore. Nullada was unaware of Gheeta's intricate web designed to ensnare Boba Fett, until the younger Hutt set them in motion. It was Nullada who offered to keep Oph Nar Dinnid safe from reprisal by the Narrant System liege-lords, in return for the information stored in the comm handler's brain. However, Gheeta executed the Lyunesi before any real information could be extracted. This angered Nullada, but not as much as the destruction of the diplomatic complex on Circumtore, which resulted when Boba Fett reacted to Gheeta's plans. However, Gheeta's death at the end of the battle was more than enough to allow the bounty hunters to leave without retaliation. (MA)

Null-burst Projector
this strange weapon was created by the Aing-Tii monks for use on their Sanhedrim starships. The null-burst projector creates a pocket of negative energy which does little physical damage to its target. However, the target's crew is incapacitated for several hours after the blast, during which time the Aing-Tii can board the ship without resistance. (KO)

Null-class ARC Troopers
this was the so-called "black operatives" group of the Grand Army of the Republic, rumored to have been trained as intelligence operatives, but deemed too dangerous to deploy by the Kaminoan cloners who created them. According to rumors, the Null ARC Troopers were trained by Kal Skirata, since he essentially disappeared after training the first squads of ARC troopers and clone commandos. The development of the Null-class ARC Trooper was begun by taking the pure genome of Jango Fett and altering it with specific changes or deletions. Only twelve of these Null ARCs were ever produced, and only six managed to survive the gestation period. The survivors proved to be among the most effective black-ops units in the entire galaxy, but were considered unpredictable, and were feared because of their unswerving loyalty to Skirata. (SWI83, SWI84)

this was one of the most cutthroat communications agencies of the New Order. (CCW)

this form of gas was used by paranoid starship owners who wanted to protect their ships from being stolen. In the event of a break-in, these captains had installed anti-intrusion systems. One system could release a charge of null-gas into the life support system, effectively removing all oxygen from the environment and rendering the theives incapacitated or dead. (SS)

Null-gee Polo
a popular, zero-gravity spectator sport. (RD)

this medicinal spray was used by field surgeons during the height of the Clone Wars to help dull the pain of injury, while at the same time killing any germs or bacteria that might have gotten into a wound. (MJH)

this Imperial-class Star Destroyer was placed in command of the fleet which protected the planet Corulag, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was commanded by Admiral Nyran at the time. (SWJ12)

Nullifier Diffusion Armor
this specialized piece of technology was a piece of ancient technology, rediscovered by Vallikor En-Vahdi. It was a full suit of armor, including helmet and tactile gloves, which emitted a powerful force field around the wearer. This force field absorbed all forms of energy thrown at it, both from without and within. This meant that the wearer had to use projectile weaponry while the armor was activated, or else all shots fired would be absorbed by the armor before they could hit their target. (WSV)

this was one of the many World Devastators that were dispatched to the planet Mon Calamari by the Empire, during the First Battle of Calamari. It was badly damaged in the attack, and crashed into the planet's oceans. The Mon Calamari Council deemed the ship too expensive to salvage, and left it to become an artificial reef that began more than 1,500 meters beneath the surface. The Nullifier-5 sank near the planet's equator, in the area known as the Algae Sward. Several years after sinking, the hulk began to leak toxic waste into the water, and the Council was forced to mount an expedition to eliminate the waste and preserver the Algae Sward. (GORW)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

this was a common name given to Twi'lek females, and meant "sister" in the Twi'leki language. (GCG)

Numa Rar
this Twi'lek female - distinguished by her pale blue skin - and her sister, Alema, joined Luke Skywalker's Jedi praxeum some time before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The sisters were briefly trained by Daeshara'cor, and were later part of the Jedi team dispatched to New Plympto. Numa Rar and the planet's leaders agreed to help fund the initial stages of the formation of Luke Skywalker's Great River, in hopes that they could rescue their own refugees. While there, the Rar sisters were instrumental in driving off the Yuuzhan Vong. Unfortunately, the Yuuzhan Vong simply covered the planet with a life-destroying plague. The Rar sisters managed to assist several thousand refugees in escaping, finding passage aboard intersystem ore freighters. After a bounty was placed on the heads of the Jedi by Warmaster Tsavong Lah, Numa and Alema were ambushed while traveling in disguise aboard the Nebula Chaser. Numa was the first of the Jedi to fall to a voxyn, dying aboard the ship while she and Alema tried to escape. (EVR, SBS)

this hide of this creature is valued for clothing and footwear. (RD)

this was a species of savage predator that was native to the plains of Sulon, the agricultural moon of Sullust. (GCG)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and referred to a savage predator that was native to Sulon. (GCG)

this was the nickname of the Bith who owned and operated the Irrational Number, in Jugsmuk Station on Gamorr. (SWJ14)

Numesh Sector
this was the name of one part of the planet Coruscant, after it had been destroyed and rebuilt by the Yuuzhan Vong into a simulacrum of their long-lost homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar. (FH3)

this strange, bird-like reptile inhabited the swamps of the planet Naboo. The nuna had a large, round body supported by two strong legs. Its wings or arms were virtually non-existent, and its head bobbed up and down when it walks. Also known as a swamp turkey, the nuna was often served as the main course at Gungan holiday feasts. When confronted in the wild, most nuna would simply turn and flee as fast as they could. If cornered, though, a nuna would lash out with its sharp beak and kick with its legs. Males often showed aggression by inflating the wattles around their necks and hissing. Females gave birth to a litter which was contained in a single, huge egg. Each egg could contain up to ten young, and the mother had to help the young escape from the thick shell upon hatching. The meat of a nuna was considered tasty to the Gungans, but was poisonous to Rodians and Twi'leks. The Gungans developed a sport, known as nuna-ball, that used a live nuna as the ball. The angered nuna puffed itself up, and was carried by each team toward it's opponent's goal. (SW1, SON, WSW, SWI65)

this sport originated on the planet Naboo, when Gungans started using a live nuna as a ball. When angered, a nuna would inflate its body ot make itself look bigger. This round nuna was then carried by opposing teams toward their opponent's goal. The sport gained popularity after the Battle of Naboo, and entire leagues were founded on the basis of the sport. (HNN5, SWI65)

Nuna-Ball League
this was the galaxy's first, professional nuna-ball league, established by Lysko Buelia and a group of investors during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Teams in the league, which started out as a product benchmarking test, were made up entirely of droids. New models of droids were grouped into teams and pitted against each other in matches that mimicked the organic sport that evolved on Naboo. Droid manufacturers liked the format for many reasons, not the least of which was the minimal cost involved in fielding a team, versus the monetary rewards of the sport's popularity. (HNN5)

Nuna's Twins
this Imperial tanker was one of the many ships that made regular supply runs to the Imperial facility on Kalist VI, during the months following the Battle of Yavin. About eight months after the battle, the Nuna's Twins was captured by Alliance agents in the Thila System, as part of a larger plan to ambush the planet's labor colony. The ship was detained only briefly after its capture, just long enough crew the vessel with an Alliance assault team. The Nuna's Twins then completed its journey to Kalist VI, with a group of Alliance starfighters "harrassing" it the entire way. With the communication systems aboard the Nuna's Twins damaged, her "crew" was able to convince the defense forces on Kalist VI of the legitimacy of their story, and they were allowed to land after the rebel fighters were driven off. The "crew" of Alliance agents was by Luke Skywalker, under the alias of Lieutenant Jundland, and they were able to infiltrate the labor colony. (SWEWW)

this surname was common among the Sullustan race, and meant "teacher" in the Sullustan language. (GCG)

this smuggler, based on the StarForge Station, discovered a cache of A9G archive droids. He tried to sell them to other smugglers, in order to resell them to an unknown source on Ryloth at a tidy profit. (SWJ14)

this Galacian woman was a member of the Hill People, and was known for her skills in watching over and teaching the children of her clan. She was one of Elan's most trusted friends. (MOC)

according to Ewok legend, this fish spirit lulled Ewok fishers to sleep before stealing - and eating - their bait. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

Nunsk, Lin
this Imperial Navy Captain was stationed in Tapani Sector, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He commanded the Empire's Tapani Sector fleet from his command ship, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Gauntlet. He had been stationed in Tapani Sector for six years prior to the Battle of Endor, primarily ensuring that shipments of bacta reached the Imperial Core. He was known as a competent though fearful officer who took as few risks as possible in order to ensure at least some measure of victory. (LOE)

this city on the planet Roon hosted the Colonial Games. (DCAR)

Nupe Yeldand
this being was a native of Manda, during the early years of the New Order. (DCAR)

this barren, rocky planet was the fourth world in the Vulpter System. It was orbited by a single moon. (PH)

this planet experienced an economic breakdown during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Astri Oddo, the wife of Nuralee's elected Senator, Bog Divinian, was at the forefront of a relief group that petitioned the Old Republic for assistance. Astro hoped that the passage of the All Planets Relief Fund would help Nuralee's situation. (JQ3, JQ9)

this Clawdite shapeshifter made a living on the planet Aargau, during the last decades of the Old Republic, assuming the guise of a helpful Bimm in order to help unknowing individuals recover their fortunes from Aargau's banks. Nuri agreed to help the individuals reach the Undercity, where he assured them that cheaper and less obvious methods of making withdrawals could be found. In this way, Nuri gained the confidence of young Boba Fett just weeks after the Battle of Geonosis. Once Nuri delivered the individual to an access machine, he withdrew his own "small" commission - usually a large percentage of the individual's fortunes - then left them stranded in the Undercity. Boba Fett encountered Nuri again on Xagobah, during the search for Wat Tambor. Fett, now thirteen, and discovered that it was Nuri who helped Tambor escape from prison, and was now helping to guard his fortress of Xagobah. In a brief struggle, Boba Fett managed to disarm Nuri and force him to reveal Tambor's exact location by drugging him with the poison of a xabar fungus. Unfortunately, the xabar had been among those altered by Wat Tambor, and Nuri was immediately rendered rigid and unconscious. All his body functions were reduced to bare minimum levels, and he appeared to be dead. (BF3, BF5)

Nuri Pravada
this blue-skinned woman (a Chiss?) was part of the rebel underground on Elerion, serving under General Orma Hundeen during the height of the Galactic Civil War. She posed as one of the Quetzal Sisters to help Leia Organa recover a valuable holocube on Elerion, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (T15)

this Korunnai native of Haruun Kal led a daring mission to Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars, capturing Senator Meena Tills and several other beings. They were held hostage in exchange for the complete removal of the Old Republic's forces on Haruun Kal. According to Nuriin-Ar's first message, the Republic was to fear his group, since they were able to operate in the very heart of the Republic without being captured. The government of Haruun Kal refused to admit any knowledge of Nuriin-Ar's actions, but acknowledged that it "fully understood" the gang's actions. In order to make a show of good faith, Nuriin-Ar agreed to meet with Jedi Master Kaim, but became incensed when he discovered a strip-cam hidden in Kaim's robes. To make sure the Republic understood his conviction, Nuriin-Ar knocked Master Kaim unconscious and hid an explosive on his body, then pushed the Twi'lek's body back out into the anetchamber. The explosives detonated, destroying Kaim's body and nearly killing the clone commandos who were waiting outside. The terrorist action only hardened the resolve of the clone commanos of Omega Squad, who were able to sweep in an eliminate all of the terrorists, including Nuriin-Ar, before any more hostages could be killed. It was later learned that Senator Tills wasn't the primary target, just a convenient diversion for the possible killing of N'zaet Nir. (SWI81)

this Sullustan pilot worked for Event Vistas, and served as the pilot on the auxliary bridge of the Nebula Queen in support of Rostat Manr. When Manr was brainwashed into trying to crash the ship into the planet Coruscant, Nurm managed to stun Rostat, rendering him unconscious and saving the ship. (SOC)

this was the designation of a group of Imperial tankers used to supply the Bretie production facility during the Galactic Civil War. (XWA)

a common name given to Twi'lek males, this name meant "judge". (GCG)

Nuro Tualin
this Twi'lek male served as Polearm Two, of the New Republic's Polearm Squadron, during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. During a short leave from the Squadron, Tualin was captured and brainwashed by agents of Zsinj working on Projects Minefield and Funeral, and programming was implanted into his brain which compelled him to destroy something. That something would be named within a key phrase that would trigger the programming. Just before the Republic responded to the distress call at Jussafet Four, the cook Galey activated Tualin's programming with a short phrase. Tualin was compelled to do everything in his power to destroy the Mon Remonda. He nearly succeeded, blowing a huge hole in the command bridge and killing a number of crewmen. Tualin was killed in combat by Tyria Sarkin. (SOC)

Nuron Gep
see Norun Gep (UANT)

this tropical city, located on the planet Esseles, was the site of the Togatto Speedway. (CCW)

this was the name given to the interior of the seedship commanded by Master Shaper Ch'Gang Hool, where a group of immature dhuryams were allowed to grow and learn about controlling their environment. The Nursery was divided into wedges, with the points of each wedge touching the central pond where the dhuryams were growing. Artificial night and day were provided by immense light sources, and the Nursery was stocked with all forms of natural resources. Slaves were assigned to each dhuryam infant, which controlled them in order to execute its own plans for developing the resources in the wedge it controlled. When the time came, the dhuryams which had grown in the Nursery were subjected to the trials of the tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, in which a single individual would emerge as the World Brain that would seed Coruscant. (T)

Nursery Rings
used on the tallest wroshyr trees on Kashyyyk, nursery rings are built as a sort of day care and school for young Wookiees. (HTTE)

this was the name for a young falumpaset. (WSW)

this rocky, gas-covered was the third planet of the Bissillirus System. A number of mining colonies were established by Messert Mines Corporation around the planet during the last century of the Old Republic. Its red atmosphere was discovered by Arnoll Draenell to have brilliant flashes of light sparkling its face, and it was later discovered to be rich in corthel and cortheum. The average day on the planet lasts 19 standard hours, and its year encompasses 300 standard days. (GMK)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Nuruk was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "soldier". (GCG)

Nurumbal Shrine
this is one of the most revered locations on the planet Esseles, located in the city of Calamar. (SWJ8)

this was one of the four ruling families of the Chiss civiliation. Like the other families, the Csapla bloodlines predate modern Chiss society. The Nuruodo family controlled much of the Chiss military forces, with colonial units from each of the twenty-eight Chiss colony worlds. The Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet was also controlled by the Nuruodo. (GMR5)

Nus Whale
this leviathan was native to the oceans of Dorumaa. An average bull whale could swallow a fishing trawler whole, making them extremely dangerous to hunt. An average specimen could grow as much as twenty meters a year, in seasons when food was plentiful. Bulls of 100 meters in length, and cows over eight meters, were not uncommon during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LFC)

this planet, the third world in the Hoth System, was covered with liquid-methane oceans. It was orbited by four moons. (PH)

this Nediji word described one of the many colors that were not visible to most humanoid eyes. It was only visible to races like the Nediji, that could see above and below the wavelengths of visible light. (MJH)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "smooth-skinned". (GCG)

this small insect is considered a delicacy by many humans. The shiny, slippery bugs have tasty flesh, and are cracked open while still alive. The meat is removed and eaten, while the shell is discarded. (TBH)

this was the alias used by one of two Almas Academy Jedi - the other was simply known as Rune - who approached Yara Grugara about doing an interview on the current state of the galaxy, in the wake of the Clone Wars and the formation of the first Galactic Empire. The two Jedi, under visual and audio anonymity, tried to explain who the balance of the Force had been upset by the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine. Nute's position was that the Jedi Order was correct in focusing on protecting the peace and stability of the galaxy, in fighting against the Sith and their use of the Dark Side of the Force. Rune argued that the Jedi were blinded by this position, and should have worked harder to embrace a more complete vision of the Force. When Yara questioned whether or not the Jedi should have taught their students more about the Sith, Rune agreed with this statement. Nute, however, boisterously disagreed and explained that this was an unnecesarrily fatalistic view of the situation, which further raised Rune's emotions. When Nute tried to explain that the Jedi were only concerned with doing was was right, Rune's control broke. He drew on power from the Dark Side of the Force and tried to strangle Nute, and Yara was powerless to intervene. The broadcast ended with Rune screaming at Nute about balance, as Nute struggled to draw a breath. (LFCW)

Nute Gunray
this Neimoidian worked as the Viceroy for the Trade Federation, but was primarily under the command of Darth Sidious. Gunray himself was a minor Viceroy until the Trade Federation Directorate was targeted for assassination by the Nebula Front, during the taxation summit on the planet Eriadu, about a year before the Battle of Naboo. When Gunray and Lott Dod were the only two Neimoidians to survive the assassintation, he was promoted to a position in which he was the commanding Viceroy over the entire Trade Federation. Sidious placed Gunray in charge of blockading the planet Naboo and capturing Queen Amidala if she should try to escape. However, Gunray was unable to control the Queen, and she fled the planet. Darth Sidious then sent Darth Maul to recover her. Meanwhile, Gunray was ordered to invade Naboo and take control of the world, which the Niemoidians did with the help of their vasr droid army. However, Gunray and his comrades were unable to foresee the resourcefulness of Queen Amidala, who returned to the planet and managed to capture Gunray and his assistants during the Battle of Naboo. The Niemoidians were returned to Coruscant to stand trial for their actions. However, through political machination, Gunray was allowed to maintain a modicum of control over the Trade Federation, provided that he dismantle the Federation's droid army. Seeing the opportunity that freedom afforded him, Gunray agreed to the deal. However, in the background, he continued to work toward re-establishing the Trade Federation's protective droids. He later supported the Separatists by throwing the Federation's political and financial strength behind Count Dooku's Separatist movement. He also paid Dooku quite heavily for the services of Jango Fett, in an effort to assassinate Padme' Amidala, as a pre-condition to the deal and as a measure of revenge for the loss of Naboo. The plans for the battle droids were provided to the Geonosians, who turned out huge numbers of the droids in their factories. When the Jedi arrived on Geonosis, and the Battle of Geonosis raged on, Gunray and his subordinates saw another disaster looming in their future. Rather than assist in the war effort, they boarded their starships and fled into space to plan the next phase of the Separatist assault. Gunray himself chose to return to the Neimoidian purse-world of Cato Neimoidia, where he maintained a fortified palace and a fungus farm. He was nearly trapped there, some thirty months after escaping from Geonosis, and was forced to leave behind his wealth in order to survive. Among the things Gunray left behind was his custom-build mechno-chair, which was captured by the Republic before Gunray could destroy it. The technology in the mechno-chair, combined with the information stored in its computer systems, allowed the Republic to finally verify the existence of Darth Sidious, and laid bare much of the Separatists' plans for the upcoming war. Gunray, along with the other leaders of the Confederacy on Independent Systems, were secreted away to Utapau just before the First Battle of Coruscant. After hiding on Utapau under the protection of General Grievous, the Separatists were taken to Mustafar. It was there, after Darth Sidious finally lured Anakin Skywalker to the Darth Side of the Force, that the Separatist leaders met their deaths. Skywalker was dispatched to Mustafar by Sidious himself, with orders to eliminate them. Skywalker was forced to hunt down Gunray, who had fled their hiding place when Skywalker began killing the rest of the Separatist leaders. Gunray tried to plead for his life, but Skywalker simply cut him down in mid-sentence. (SW1, COD, AOTC, AOTCN, NEGC, LEV, IS3)

this was once of the many names given to Duros females. Among the Duros, it meant "breathtaking". (GCG)

this specialized hull plating material was developed to defeat sensors systems, allowing a ship to move about with relative stealth. (SWJ5)

this corporation produced a wide range of processed foodstuffs during the era of the New Republic and into the era of the Galactic Alliance. Among their most popular foods was gelmeat. (DN1)

Nuuk Kuur
this Duros, an early supporter of the Alliance, was captured on Kwevron by Falto Dragen, shortl before the Battle of Yavin. Nuuk Kuur had been staying in the safehouse maintained by Idu Taanfaar, and was being transported to the spaceport in Mal Ethon City when Dragen intercepted them. Taanfaar was killed, and Nuuk Kuur was taken into custody. (RESB)

this was the Yuuzhan Vong designation of those highly-skilled warriors who were chosen to become the physical incarnation of the hunter. Only one in a thousand warriors was chosen to wear the cloak of the Nuun, which was a living material containing photosensitive bacteria that made the wearer blend into their surroundings. (SWI62)

Nuur, Shaela
this ancient Jedi Knight was once a student of the renowned Jedi Master Ood Bnar. When Master Bnar initiated his life-cycle change, he bequeathed a solari crystal to Shaela, whom he considered to be his most promising student. Unfortunately for the Jedi Order, Shaela disappeared shortly after the Great Hunt, and the solari crystal vanished with her. Shaela had been working with Guun Han Saresh and Duron Qel-Droma, hunting down and destroying the terentateks that had escaped during the Great Sith War. On a mission to eliminate any terentateks that remained on Korriban, their party was fragmented when Guun Han grew jealous of, and angry at, the relationship Shaela had with Duron. Guun Han claimed that their passion placed them all on a path to the Dark Side of the Force, and he left the group and traveled on his own to Kashyyyk. Left alone to complete the mission to Korriban, Shaela and Duron were no match for the terentatek they encountered. Duron was killed first, when the Dark Side energy of the planet clouded his ability to affect the mind of a terentatek. His death left Shaela alone and grieving on the Sith world. She felt herself slipping over to the Dark Side of the Force, blaming Guun Han for Duron's death and hating him for it. Her last words were recorded on a datapad that was later recovered by another group of Jedi Knights, indicating that she set out to kill the terentateks in an act of revenge. She tracked the beast to Naga Sadow's tomb, but was unprepared for the appearance of a second, larger terentatek. She was believed to have been killed by the pair. (KOTOR, T23)

according to Ithorian legend, this bird collected pretty gems. (GCG)

this name was common among Ithorian females. Although such names do not generally have meaning, Ithorians who studied their race's history learned that the name referred to a mythical Ithorian bird that was known to collect pretty gemstones. (GCG)

this Phindian male was Kaadi's father. He was arrested by the Syndicat and put through their renewal process. His memory was wiped clean, and the Syndicat dropped him on the planet Alba, in the midst of a bloody civil war. Nuuta was not heard from again. (HP)

Nuutu Plunb
this female Sullustan worked for Xizor Transport Systems as a dispatcher, based on the planet Lianna. She was in charge of routing cargoes from Lianna to XTS locations throughout the Allied Tion Sector. She was known as an excellent judge of character, and could also be a dangerous enemy to those pilots who cross her or the company. (PSG)

this Lafrarian male was a tattoo artist and body decorator who ran a small shop on StarForge Station during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

this merchant had a shop on the Kuari Princess's Bazaar Deck, selling humanoid formal attire. (RM)

an island in the northern hemisphere of the planet Ban-Satir II, it is famous for its production of Novanian Grog. (CSA)

Nwarcol Point
known as the "small giant" of the Sisar Run, this outpost was located at the connecting point of the Run with the Salin Corridor. Often called the Sisar Terminal, which was the term used to describe its location along the Corridor, Nwarcol Point was the primary refueling station for ships travelling from Hutt Space to Tharin Sector and the Salin Corridor. The station fell under the protection of the Nalroni crimelord Sprax during the height of the New Order. Among the many services provided at Nwarcol Point was a huge, sprawling casino, which accounted for more than twenty percent of the station's income. (SSR)

Nyalsan II
this was the name of DefenStar's planetary shutter shield system. (HAS)

native to the waters of Wyndigal 2, this large mammal was a filter-feeder that consumed swamp debris, algae, and small fish as it moved through the water. The body of a nyantolo was covered with a heavy, plated carapace which is formed from a sticky secretion produced by the animal's body. Bits of debris sticks to the fluid, and over time it builds up to form the "shell." The average nyantolo measured 3-5 meters in length, yet only lives a few years. Reproduction among nyanolo is a communal event, as there are three distinct sexes among them and all three are needed for reproduction. This creature was originally named for the scout who inadvertently discovered them. A Rodian, Nyantolo was knocked from his feet a swipe from one of the creature's long fins, and died when the beak of the creature crashed down on his skull. (COG)

this Rodian scout was killed on Wyndigal 2 when he discovered a huge, aquatic beast later known as a nyantolo. The Rodian got too close to the water's edge and startled the beast, which knocked Nyantolo from his feet with a swipe from a long fin. Nyantolo fell into the water, and his skull was crushed when the beast brought its head down on top of him. (COG)

Nyarikan Nebula
located near the Garos System, this gaseous cloud makes travel in the area difficult at best. Thus, the Garos System received little travel in or out. (SWJ5, SWJ12)

a planet in the Colunda Sector, it was the site of an Imperial AT-AT battalion during the Galactic Civil War. (DESB)

Nyax Sword
this unique weapon was named for Lord Nyax. (SWGAL)

this was an alien word which translated into Basic as "no." (GMR10)

a sleep-inducing drug. (COJ)

Nygann Cantina
located on the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa, this cantina was the site of Doune's most famous sabacc victory. He "won" one final hand against Kinnin Vo-Shay, obtaining the human's obsidian amulet in the win. Doune believed the amulet provided Vo-Shay with unending luck, and hoped to become a greater sabacc player with it. Unknown to Doune, the amulet was simply a gift from one of Vo-Shay's old girlfriends. Vo-Shay actually gave the game to Doune, holding a sabacc but allowing it to pass. He did it for two reasons: first, to escape Doune's wrath; and second, to recover the lightsaber Nyo wanted so badly. (TFNR)

Nygreena Clo
this Jedi Knight, along with Plessus Ghon, Ixian Rovieda and Padawan Renxis Dielle, was killed on Kabal during a series of riots broke out when the Trade Federation overtaxed the planet for shipping. The taxation occurred just before the onset of the Clone Wars, and led to massive food shortages among the Kamarian people. The Jedi had been called in to quell the riots, when a fleet of supply ships loyal to Count Dooku and the Separatists began to drop food supplies to the populace. A scramble to obtain food ensued, and the Jedi were killed while trying to maintain the peace. (HNN5)

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