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Naga Sadow

an ancient Sith magician who practiced a thousand years before the Freedon Nadd uprisings, Naga Sadow was one of the strongest Sith Lords at the time Marka Ragnos died. Trained by the old mage Simus, Sadow was an intense individual who wished to bring the Sith Empire to the forefront of the galaxy, a viewpoint not held by his contemporary, Ludo Kressh. Upon Ragnos' death, Sadow chose not to attend the huge funeral. Rather, he plotted how he could obtain the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. At the close of the procession, Sadow confronted Kressh, and the two Sith Lords battled for the position of Dark Lord of the Sith. This clash of Sith energy brought Marka Ragnos' spirit back from the dead, and the spirit warned both of them that conflict within the ranks of the Sith would further no one's plans. With the appearance of Jori and Gav Daragon, Sadow discovered a way to further his own goals. Ludo Kressh believed them to scouts from the Old Republic's advanced forces, so Sadow freed them and staged a rescue attempt in which many Sith warriors were killed. Sadow claimed it was Kressh's inability to mobilize the Sith forces that caused the deaths, and claimed himself Dark Lord of the Sith in order to guide the Sith into battle. He then took the Daragons to his two fortresses and hid them, playing upon their emotions and their latent Force abilities to gain their confidence. He built up Gav's strength, teaching him Sith magic while manipulating him into a position where he would obey any command. Sadow recovered the Starbreaker 12 and returned it to Jori, telling her that Gav had been killed and that Sadow could no loner protect her from the other Sith Lords. Her flight provided Sadow with all the hyperspace coordinates he needed to begin attacking the Old Republic. When Kressh finally mustered his own forces to attack Sadow, he attacked at Khar Delba. This expended much of his resources, while Sadow hid on Khar Shian. From there, he launched a massive counterattack, decimating Kressh's forces and nearly killing the rival magician. Sadow then retired to Primus Goluud, where he entered a mediation sphere and launched his attacks on the Republic, augmenting his forces with illusory warriors and monsters. When Gav Daragon disabled the sphere, Sadow's concentration was broken. The Jedi Knights and the Republic were able to see through the illusions, and eventually defeated the Sith forces. Sadow, under attack by the Republic's fleet at Primus Goluud, chose to rip the star apart and destroy them all. Gav was able to provide the Republic fleet with an escape vector, saving them from the conflagration but dooming himself. Sadow limped back to the Sith Empire, where he was confronted by Ludo Kressh's restored forces. In the opening acts of the Great Hyperspace War, Sadow used the Dark Side of the Force to coerce one of his starship captains to ram Kressh's ship, destroying his chief rival and securing his position as Dark Lord. However, this left his forces vulnerable to Empress Teta's fleet. In a last-ditch effort, Sadow drew Teta's forces into the Denarii Nova in hopes of destroying them all, but the Nova flared up and destroyed much of Sadow's fleet and part of the Tetan fleet. Sadow himself managed to survive, and fled to Yavin 4 to begin rebuilding his empire. Note that Lightsabers and Dark Lords of the Sith claim Naga Sadow was an insectile beast of pure Sith blood who learned how to give life to the dead. The ruling Dark Lord of the Sith did not appreciate Sadow's bold attempts, and sentenced him to die. Sadow took his knowledge and his followers and fled to the moon Yavin 4. He was eventually hunted down by the Old Republic, who branded him an outlaw and chased him to the Denarii System. There, Sadow used the powers of the Sith to rip the cores from the two Denarii stars and fling them at the pursuing fleet. The fleet was destroyed, and the stars exploded to form the Denarii Nebula. Sadow survived the encounter, but later passed into legends. It was believed that his spirit was finally destroyed on Yavin 4 by Freedom Nadd, who learned much of his own Sith training from Sadow's spirit. Naga Sadow and his followers are now extinct, but their knowledge and powers remain behind on Yavin 4.
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