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Nadd, Freedon

this ancient student of the Force was amazingly open and willing to touch the Force when he was first trained on Ossus. However, he was completely unprepared for his first true test, shortly after the Jedi Masters passed him over for promotion to a full Jedi Knight. In his anger at not being given the title of Jedi Knight, Nadd struck down Matta Tremayne and succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force and the teachings of the Sith. He became proficient in the use of the Dark Side Sith magic, but could progress no further than apprentice, since the reigning Dark Lord was still young (by Dark Side standards) and the Sith had declared that only one Dark Lord could rule at any time. This frustrated Freedon Nadd to the point that he rebelled against the Sith. He fled to Yavin 4, where he was trained by the ancient spirit of Naga Sadow. When he felt strong enough, Nadd destroyed Sadaow's spirit and set out to become a Dark Lord. He traveled to Korriban to complete his training, and later took a wealth of Sith artifacts with him from Korriban to Onderon. On Onderon, he began to teach the Sith lore to the Onderonians at Iziz, hoping to establish his own Sith Empire, and he used his Sith knowledge to help the Onderonians repel the Beast Masters time and again. (This has been passed down by the Naddists in the form of a truism that Freedon defeated "the wild beasts and aborigines" of Onderon.) As his power grew, the Jedi Knights learned of his atrocities on the planet, and sent a task force out to bring his reign to an end. There was a pitched battle, and eventually Freedon Nadd was defeated. However, his Sith teachings had been accepted by the Onderonians, and Nadd's bloodlines were extended during his stay, so the power of the Dark Side has never left Onderon. Nadd himself managed to preserve his spirit, locked away with the Sith artifacts he worked to obtain. His spirit was released nearly 400 years later when Exar Kun discovered Nadd's tomb, and Nadd's spirit led Kun to Yavin 4. There, Nadd tried to use Kun as a way to progress further down the dark path. However, when Kun became the wearer of the Sith amulets hidden on the moon, Nadd's spirit was obliterated by Kun's rage.
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