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Lady Luck

Lando Calrissian's personal ship, the Lady Luck was a modified SoroSuub PLY 3000 pleasure yacht. Formerly owned by an Orthellin royal mistress, the ship was richly appointed. Lando rigged it with a straight-line, homing-beacon type of full-rig slave circuitry. Other modifications to the weapons and defenses were also made. The ship was originally designed to be a mobile base of operations for the suave smuggler, who often entertained his female friends onboard. However, as Lando became increasingly active with the New Republic military, he made several modifications to give the Lady Luck more firepower and protection. A Class 3 hyperdrive allowed the ship to swiftly move across the galaxy, and it could reach speeds of 820 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. Advanced sensor systems and communications transceivers gave Lando the ability to keep in touch with civilian and military contacts. Outwardly, the Lady Luck still resembled a pleasure yacht, as the only visible waeponry was a laser cannon mounted on the belly. However, retractable weapons systems allowed five more laser cannons and a turret-mounted ion cannon to be brought to bear during a fight. The most unique element of the Lady Luck's design was its observation deck. Lando allowed the deck to remain open to the surrounding environment, which gave him the ability to entertain his guests "outside". To protect the passengers while in space, Lando installed a heavy-duty force field to surround the deck and allow beings to watch the stars as the ship moved between worlds.
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