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Star Wars The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Final Trailer Breakdown

Posted by Bill on October 29, 2019 at 07:24 AM CST

After the emotional roller coaster we went on last week with the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, it appears the kind people at Lucasfilm want to toy with our emotions two weeks in a row. This week we’re greeted with a very unexpected trailer for The Mandalorian, the first Star Wars show on Disney Plus, and there’s a lot to breakdown. Let’s get into it!

We start off with the exact same intro that we got in the last trailer, a row of stormtrooper helmets on the ground and on spikes in the sand. An incredibly effective image that sets the more mature tone that the series is setting.

“Is the world more peaceful since the revolution?”

The rich mahogany voice of Werner Herzog narrates the trailer, questioning our preconceived notions that because the “good guys” won, everything has to be great. As Herzog continues we see two riders on Dewback from a distance, they appear to be the Mandalorian and Nick Nolte’s still unknown character. With the inclusion of Dewbacks, this desert planet is almost certainly Tatooine, which we know will play an important role in the beginning of the series.

“It is a shame that your people suffered.”

This line is incredibly interesting because it suggests something terrible has happened to the clans on Mandalore. Whose people is he talking about specifically and what happened to them? Is Mandalore gone? It’s people? What’s happened that we don’t know yet?

We see the Mandalorian in a tense moment by himself, blaster at the ready, awaiting anything that will take him on, when suddenly a pair of Transdoshians appear out of nowhere. Their vibroblades scratching his armor and appearing to do next to nothing to affect our gunslinger. We’ve seen hints at it before, but the fights here would make old Ben Kenobi blush because there’s nothing elegant about them. These are fights are brutal, dirty, and blunt and no one is pulling any punches. Pedro Pascal’s character shows that his gun has a few tricks up its sleeve as it shocks his enemy back a few feet.

“But bounty hunting is a complicated profession.”

Carbonite! It’s not just for Han Solo anymore, in fact, it looks like there’s a whole assembly line of people going into the freezer. As we’ll see later on in the trailer, this appears to be the main way that bounty hunters deliver their bounties across the galaxy, much like Han was delivered to Jabba the Hutt.

We get a couple of shots of the Razor Crest flying through space and a wooded area we’ve seen before. It’s incredible to me how great these shots of the Crest look because they’re using models like they did for the original trilogy for these shots.

“They said you were coming, they said you were the best in the parsec.”

From here we see that assembly line of aliens in carbonite coming out of the Razor Crest as the Mandalorian walks out, no doubt looking to collect the bounty. We see a the most diverse scum and villainy that the galaxy has to offer, although they are not nearly as charming without the Cantina Band playing in the background. The aliens look at our hero with a bit of disdain and mistrust.Finally! At almost a minute in we get our first look at some living stormtroopers looking grimy, with dirt and sand stuck in the cracks of their armor.

“Would you agree?”

The Mandalorian walks out of the building, surrounded by stormtroopers and makes short work of them, much like the aliens before.Shooting one in the face and taking down the rest with ease. Once again, I love these fights that they’re showing off. They feel like they have a little more oomph in them and it feels really satisfying for a character that isn’t a Jedi to be such a badass. I think we need more stories and characters like that in canon, and I’m so happy to see it here.

Streaming November 12

The boy that we saw briefly in the last trailer makes an appearance again, this with both of his parents and I think this part of the trailer is the most intriguing for the kind of canon material we could dive into in the series. During these shots we see what is undoubtedly super battle droids and at least one droid gunship from the Clone Wars, and this could be two things. One, this is a flashback and we’re getting a live-action Clone Wars flashback, maybe a more terrifying look at the droids from the ground, in the eyes of civilians. Two, since the fall of the Empire, someone is using droids to take over again. Not sure how likely that second one is, but I’m just trying to figure out why they would be there.

A New Visionary Series

A Quarren goes up against the Mandalorian and appears to be losing, very badly, caught on the end of a rope he’s only able to get off one desperate shot against his opponent with the high ground. The Mandalorian shoots back and pulls him in, more than likely getting the better of the Quarren with the help of the door.

From the Star Wars Universe

Some kind of hairy intergalactic rhino roars into the frame, its eyes appearing foggy as if its blind and our bounty hunter holding onto a rope being dragged by the beast. Nick Nolte’s alien character gives the Mandalorian a pat on the shoulders in the cockpit of the Razor Crest as we’re given a few passing shots of two people on speeders, the Mandalorian walking in the desert all alone, and the Razor Crest being chased in space.

Greef Carga ,with his band of mercenaries greets the Razor Crest, although I’m not sure if they are greeting them as friends or enemies. I really feel like Carga will kind of be like Yondu in The Guardians of The Galaxy movies, a mentor to the main character who sort of drifted apart from each other, and they’re on again off again frenemies throughout the series.

“Mandalorian, look outside, they’re waiting for you”

Cara Dune finally makes an appearance and gives the Mandalorian the most amazing high-five since Arnold and Carl Weathers in Predator. Are they old friends or has their adventure brought them together? Giancarlo Esposito’s Grand Moff Gideon, accompanied by a battalion of Stormtroopers and Death Troopers, looks to attack….a building? Is the they, that Herzog is referring to here the battalion and they’re waiting for the Mandalorian?

A women, apparently close to the Mandalorian, touches his helmet as if she’s about to take it off. Do we see his face? Is this a fake-out? Cara comes in again with big repeating blaster and shoots at…..Bill Burr! We’ve known for a while that he’s in it, but this is the first official footage we’ve seen his face.

The trailer ends with an exciting shot of the Mandalorian, equipped with a jet pack, grappling himself to the top of Gideon’s Tie-fighter about to strike when it cuts to the Mandalorian once again. He finally answers Herzog’s statement as we points his weapon towards the screen.

“Yeah? Good.”

Overall, I’m still really excited about this series and I’ll be watching it day one, but this trailer didn’t really do it for me. Maybe my excitement for a trailer was spent last week with The Rise of Skywalker’s but I don’t know, they really didn’t show us anything really new. It just felt like older footage that we had seen before sprinkled with just enough new stuff to hold us over until it releases. Granted it’s coming out in less than three weeks so we won’t have to wait all that long to get some answers. It still looks incredible even if this trailer didn’t really do much for me personally. We’re so close!

Godspeed Rebels!

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