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Star Wars Resistance - "The Missing Agent" Review

Posted by Steve on December 23, 2019 at 06:10 AM CST


Spoiler Warning!!!

Episode 2.12 – “The Missing Agent”
Directed by – Steward Lee
Written by – Brandon Auman

We start off with a male Duros named Norath Kev (Daveed Diggs) who, along with his droid 2B, is running away from something, or someone, and locks himself into a room. He reveals a hidden data pad where he’s able to get a distress call to the Resistance. He’s obviously about to become the “missing agent” the title refers to.

Just then, a menacing looking bounty hunter named Ax Tagrin (Joe Manganiello) breaks in, blasts 2B, and takes Norath.

Cut to the Colossus where Kaz picks up a Resistance distress call coming from the Varkana system and wants to check it out. Doza thinks it’s a bad idea, sensing a trap, but Yeager’s sudden interest in missions puts him a little at ease.

So, Kaz, CB-23, Yeager, and Synara San (!!!) head to the source of the distress call, Vargo Spaceport. They land just outside of town and make their way on foot.

They run into a junk dealer named Leechee (Fred Armisen), who tries to solicit them. After they refuse and leave, he radios someone, alerting them to their presence.

Arriving at the source of the distress call, the place Norath was, they begin their search for the data pad. With CB’s help, Kaz finds it and has CB download the intel. They learn that Norath is a Resistance spy, who was tracking First Order operations through the black markets. They also learn that Leechee is part of that First Order black market operation.

Before they can leave with the intel, Ax Tagrin returns and he gets into a fight with Synara. She’s able to fend him off but gets injured in the process, while the others look for a place to hide. Once safe, Doza radios Yeager, looking for an update. He’s getting antsy, leaving the Colossus totally exposed in a dangerous system, but gives Yeager a bit more time to find Norath and complete the mission.

They decide to go to Leechee’s and squeeze him for information. Kaz has CB act menacing to try and extract info but it doesn’t work. Instead, Yeager takes his credits until Leechee coughs up the location of Tagrin’s ship. So, they head to the docking bay where he’s parked.

They sneak aboard and find a weakened Norath, but it was a trap all along by Tagrin who contacts Commander Pyre, informing him he has Resistance prisoners. Ax is clearly not a First Order sympathizer, he's just in it for the credits, and sets off for the rendezvous point. Synara wasn’t captured and follows his ship out to the dessert on a speeder where he’s meeting the First Order for the prisoner transfer.

En route, Kaz and CB are able to scuttle the ship from the inside and it crashes. Once outside, they radio Doza for help and get into a fight with Ax, who is kicking their butts for the most part. That is until Synara catches up and evens the odds.

As Yeager and Synara are fighting Ax, Kaz jumps on the speeder with Norath, to get him to safety. In haste, he’s forced to leave CB behind who was damaged during the crash. While leaving, we see a small explosion over Kaz's shoulder, and no response from Yeager or Synara. They're in trouble.

Once a safe distance away, Kaz desperately radios Doza for a pick-up, before the First Order shows up. A stoic Doza informs him it’s too late as we see six ships launch from a nearby Star Destroyer to the planet's surface.

The end.


Whew! So, this is part one of a two-part bounty hunting special and it was a great start, with an even better cliff-hanger/finish.

The intensity dials up as the episode progresses, ultimately leaving all our Resistance pals in deep, deep trouble. Even my precious CB-23 wasn’t immune, having taken a serious amount of damage. It’s funny how I have almost no effect to people suffering but even the slightest hint of pain in CB gets me red. Lol.

The bounty hunter Ax Tagrin wasn’t great for me, not sure I like the outfit, but he’s formidable and I appreciate his ambiguity when it comes to picking sides. That should come into play next week.

On the flipside, I loved Norath Kev and Daveed Diggs does a great job with the voice work. My only beef is droid related, why did 2B have to die?

Also, kudos to Fred Armisen and his take on Leechee, the CB/interrogation scene was actually quite funny.

So, as the episode ends, a First Order squadron is headed to the surface. Commander Pyre I’m sure is among them but will Tam be there? It’s a rare occasion when Yeager joins an away team so I’m wondering if that’s by design. Important mission to trust to a cadet though unless Tierny is pulling the strings.

And what’s with Doza anyways? He’s especially cranky and his line to Kaz, “believe me, you already are” is kinda telling. Is he getting tired of Kaz’s antics? Does he think they’d be better off without him?

Anyways, next week we’ve got “Breakout” …

Kaz and Norath try to help their friends while being pursued by a deadly bounty hunter.

Obviously with a cliff hangar you'd expect certain characters to return, so, Norath is back and it’ll be interesting to see whose side Ax ends up on by the end. I’ll wager he turns on the First Order, or at least gets out of the way.

We’ll find out soon enough!

Till next time…MTFBWY.

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