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Whip, The
this ancient riverbed wound around the base of Ben's Mesa, and was attached to the Arch Canyon. It was named by the podracers who navigated the Mos Espa Circuit. The Whip later served as a section of the noted Mos Espa Circuit, a swoop racing event held annually during the height of the New Order. (IWE1, SWGAL)

this was the generic term used to describe any flexible cord which was contained in a launching mechanism for ejection toward a target. They were most often used as climbing tool, with a grappling hook at the end. The whipcord was shot toward a target, and could be retracted to assist in climbing or to pull an object toward the user. (FB)

this was the name of the language used by the Whiphids of Toola. Consisting of snorts, growls, and barks, the Whiphid language lacked a written form. (RESB, UANT)

native to Toola, these huge, ivory-furred beasts have massive facial tusks which extend from their long, low-slung faces. The average Whiphid stands well over two meters in height, and weighs more that 400 kilograms. They are fierce predators adapted to the frozen environment of their home world, Toola, and have a great love of hunting. They have been employed as bounty hunters, hunting guides, and bodyguards throughout the galaxy. (GG4, CPL)

this Republic Cruiser was one of many consular ships that were refitted for military use during the Clone Wars. About a year after the Battle of Geonosis, the Whipsaw was under the command of General Fyefee Tiis during the defense of the planet Cartao. The Whipsaw managed to disable the droid control ship which had been placed in orbit around the planet, temporarily disarming the battle droids on the ground. Unfortunately for the clone troopers on the ground, the Separatists had a mobile droid control unit ready to deploy in Foulahn City, which brought the battle droids back online almost immediately. (SWI69)

this was a species of food-fish that was harvested on the planet Vjun. Whip-smelt were often dried on long strings, which made them easier to transport. (YDR)

this was a form of weapon used by the Shaper caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. Like most other Shaper implements, the whipsting was a modified lifeform which was grown to serve this one purpose. It was essentially a long cord which was coiled inside a sac in the Shaper's hand. When poked or nudged in the right place, the living cord would eject its mass outward at a target. The end of the cord was tipped with a poisonous spine, which could pierce fleshand deliver a deadly injection. When jerked free, the whipsting recoiled into its sac to replenish its poison supply for its next use. (FP)

this creature was considered a game beast by the Hutts who lived on the planet Nal Hutta. (TF)

this was an exceptionally vigorous form of dancing. (DN1)

this was the Huttese word for "dancer." (GMR5)

Whirling Snake
this was another name for the slime-covered nonakara, and was given because of the thrashing and spinning a nonakara performs after it travels to a new body of water. This spinning motion dislodges huge amounts of slime, allowing the nonakara to disseminate its genetic material. (COG)

Whirlpool Generator
a device which creates a large, underwater whirlpool. The resulting whirlpool creates a vacuum in the water, which is used to suck in objects. Large whirlpool generators are used by Dunwell to capture Whaladons on Calamari. (GDV)

one of Harrsk's Imperial-class Star Destroyers, Harrsk used it as his own personal flagship following the destruction of the Shockwave. (DS)

this Interdictor-class cruiser was part of the Imperial fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

Whisk the Elder
this ancient Geelan was one of the leaders of the Zirtran's Anchor space station when it was taken over by the Empire. Whisk was one of the few Geelan who stood up to Admiral Vence Tabok, warning the Imperials that a great tragedy would befall them unless they left the station immediately. There were many rumors that claimed Whisk was once the Great Geel himself, despite the fact that the Great Geel never left his homeworld of Needan. (SWJ5)

an expensive perfume. (COJ)

this was the Arakyd Aerodynes personal jet pack. It served as the design basis for the Whisper Jump rocket pack. (ROE, GFT)

this Nova-drive #3-Z freighter was modified for use as an exploration ship by the Alliance team known as the Gray Griffins. The ship was disabled when the Gray Griffins encountered the Scourge pirate force on the planet Alluuvia, and the Alliance team was captured and held for ransom. It was armed with a dual laser cannon and a single laser cannon. (OE)

Whisper Bird
a soft-sounding creature native to Yavin 4, the yellow-feathered whisper bird was equally at home in the air or on the water, and fed on fish and weeds. (HTF, WSW)

Whisper Jump
this is an Arakyd rocket pack developed for use by paramilitary organizations. It was known for its internal sound bafflers and strong construction, which allowed the user to land virtually undetected in a hostile area. (GG9, ROE, GFT)

Whispering River
a waterway found on the planet Endor. (AT)

this furry creature was considered a pet by many people, and resembled a large, wingless bat. (BP)

this realspace drive system was produced by Rendili StarDrive, and was originally used only on military starships. It allowed a ship to move through realspace without emitting energy waves, making the ship run silently. Illegal WhisperThrust engines found their way into pirate fleets and outlaw tech shops during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (PP)

Whist, Shren
this man, a native of the planet Caprioril, was the Proconsul of the city od Doolis during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Whistle Code
any form of secret communication which involves whistles. Different tones and patterns represent certain pre-determined words or phrases. Haber Trell and Maranne Darmic used an elaborate whistle code during their smuggling and transportation work. (TFE)

this was a simple form of musical instrument. (HSE)

Corran Horn's codename for his R2-D2 astromech droid. Whistler had a near-human personality, and made itself understood by modifying its language of sounds to mimic human mannerisms. This trait kept Whistler on Corran's nerves, but it also kept Corran out of trouble. Not your average astromech, Whistler was programmed by the Corellian Security Force for a number of aptitudes, including creativity, surveillance, lock-picking and forceful entry, and a certain amount of deductive reasoning. Corran also added escape and evasion subroutines. After Corran married Mirax Terrik, Whistler told her that he wanted to pilot the Pulsar Skate when Corran retired from the New Republic. When Rogue Squadron was rescued and held captive by Colonel Vessery and Ysanne Isard, all their astromechs were fitted with restraining bolts. The bold had no effect on Whistler, because the droid had a specialized piece of code installed. Whenever a restraining bolt was attached to it, Whistler's programming detected it and blocked it immediately, rendering the bolt useless. However, the same piece of code intercepted the commands of a caller or owner, and Whistler could simulate the effects of the restraining bolt. This allowed Whistler to reactivate itself after being impounded by the Imperials, and he also removed the bolt from Gate. The two used ventilation ducts and much of Whistler's knowledge of Corran and Mirax's businesses to escape the Imperial facility and return to the Errant Venture, where they told of Rogue Squadron's survival and the existence of Ysanne Isard. (XWN, IR)

this Ortolan merchant was so pre-occupied with food that he fell in love with the idea of owning and operation a restaurant. He was the being who designed and built the Whistler's Whirlpool cafe on the planet Trogan, wanting to have a nature theme to his restaurant. (LCSB)

this was the name of an encryption module produced by Carbanti for use in disguising a starship's communication signals. (EGW)

Whistler's Whirlpool
this tapcafe was located in the Drinking Cup on Trogan, near the city of Kergara. The Whistler's Whirlpool was designed and built by an Ortolan who was known as Whistler. Once a major tourist attraction during the last decades of the Old Republic, the Whistler's Whirlpool eventually fell on hard times. The circular structure was centered on the Drinking Cup, allowing the tidal geyser to erupt through the center of the cafe. Unfortunately for Whistler's profit margin, the cafe's design and location made the cafe a cold, damp place to try and enjoy a meal. The sound of the geyser's rushing water drowned out the loudest of conversation. Additionally, the tapcafe's charm soon wore off on the local population on Trogan, and they eventually stopped coming. These two things, coupled with the speciallized construction of the facility, made it impossible to maintain, and the Whistler's Whirlpool was eventually abandoned. (TLC, LCSB, NJOSB)

White Current, The
this was generally considered to be the Fallanassi version of the Force, although the Fallanassi generally did not acknowledge the existence of the Force itself. It involved a different set of abilities to detect and manipulate the natural world, and preached the immersion of an individual into the Current, rather than calling upon its energy for action. Unlike other believers in the Force, the Fallanassi chose to hide their acceptance of the White Current and its powers, and many members dedicated themselves to ensuring that no record of their existence remained. One of the talents of those Fallanassi who maintained a deep connection to the White Current was their ability to create complex illusions, not the least of which was a lifelife doppleganger of themselves to fool others. (BTS, WOTC)

White Death
a nickname given to the Scimitar Assault Wing. (ISB)

White Door, The
this ratty cantina was located in the city of Akmalla, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (WOA35)

White Lancer
this was the alias used by Lara Notsil, in her transmission to Airen Cracken describing the blackmarket dealings of Atton Repness. (IF)

White Ledge
this cavernous area of the moon Torega was filled with the various hideouts and facilities of the shadowport located on the moon. (SSR)

White Panther
this was the name of Mab Kador's rebuilt podracer. (BF4)

White Room
this meeting place on Coruscant was carved from a single, huge stone. It had many doors, and had space to seat thousands of visitors. The building was dome-shaped, and a series of lights shone into the dome, illuminating the beautiful white stone. The White Room was the site of Han Solo's wedding to Princess Leia. (CPL)

White Thranta
this shipping operation was based in Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. Although the business was outwardly legitimate, much of its business was handled by smugglers and their agents in Mos Eisley. Although it was never proven, it was believed that most of the contraband moving through the White Thranta facility was destined for the Alliance, to bolster their effort to defeat the Empire. (SWGAL)

White Wing
this modified YZ-900 transport was originally outfitted as a smuggling ship, making runs into and out of Hutt space during the height of the New Order. The original owners removed the concussion missile launchers to provide additional power to the laser cannons, and many of its onboard systems were altered to allow the use of a substantial droid crew. The ship could be piloted by a single being, although two additional gunners were needed to handle the weapons. The ship was abandoned shortly before the Battle of Endor, and was later auctioned off to pay for its excessive docking fees. (GMR2)

White Wings of Hope
one of the Ancient Tokens of the Legendary Ewoks, the White Wings are a special headdress of white wings, bestowed on the leader of an expedition as a symbol of hope for the expedition's other members. The White Wings were bestowed upon Deej, the leader of the rescue mission to the Fortress of the Gorax, by Logray. (EA)

White Witch
this was the name given to the racing speeder built by Jord Dusat and Thall Joben. The took the speeder to Boonta, during the early years of the New Order, in an attempt to win the Boonta Speeder Race. After many misadventures and after Jord was injured, Thall was forced to fly the White Witch during the race. He was oppposed by the agents of Tig Fromm, as well as by the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. Thall managed to avoid disaster, and eventually won the race. (DCAR, EGC)

White Worm
native to the planet Ylesia, this annelid was eaten as a delicacy by the Hutts. (EGP)

Whitebeam Run
an ancient ore shipping route across the Stenness System, the Whitebeam Run was anchored by the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal. (TOJ, TOJC)

this disease affects the tallgrain plant, and can wipe out a field within days if not treated. (SOP)

this was the name given by Halls Saper to the 3PO head she used as a holo-recorder in her teachings. She wore Whitecap on her shouder, giving her the impression of having two heads. She felt that the droid's presence would be less obtrusive to the children she interviewed. The idea was sound, but the implementation still left some children uneasy in the presence of a two-headed woman. Eventually, with the help of Wedge Antilles and his pilots, Hallis reduced Whitecap's components into an ornate hairpiece which allowed the same abilities to record but was much less unusual. (SOA)

Whitecloak Fighter
this was a form of personal starfighter produced during the last decades of the Old Republic. It was a heavily-modified version of the Kuat Systems Engineering Cloakshape fighter, measuring fifteen meters in length and having a cockpit which had been expanded to accommodate a second passenger. These craft were named for the fact that most Jedi who used them had them painted white to symbolize purity. Each of these Jedi craft were armed with a concussion missile launcher and a pair of light laser cannons. (WOA16, PJSB)

this was the name used by the New Republic to describe the naotebe winglings released by Nom Anor inside Settlement Thirty-two on Duro. In their pupal stage, white-eyes were simply sluglike insects. However, after emerging from their coccoons, the white-eyes were flying bugs with a pair of rasp-like pincers for jaws. These creatures had a hunger for synthetic materials like synthplas, and consumed it with gusto. The Vong hoped to destroy several of the refugee domes on Duro by letting loose the white-eyes, thereby herding all the refugees into a single location for easy capture. (BP)

this was a slang term used to describe an Imperial snowtrooper. (HSL)

this was one of the Alliance's Nebulon-B frigates, active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Whitesand Island
this was one of the many resort locations found on the moon of Dorumaa. (LFC)

this was Basic translation of the Togorian name for a stormtrooper. (GG4, MIS8)

Whitesun, Beru
this was the maiden name of Beru Lars. Beru was a native of Mos Eisley, and had no dreams of ever leaving Tatooine. She fell in love with Owen Lars, and was able to hold her own as a verbal sparring partner with Owen's father, Cliegg. She also got along well with Cliegg's second wife, Shmi Skywalker Lars. Some years after Shmi's death, Owen and Beru were married. Note that the Star Wars Screen Entertainment computer programming originally provided Beru's maiden name as Weth. (OWS, AOTC)

this man served as the watchman of the settlement of Southview Village, on the planet Edan II, during the period leading up to the Imperial bombardment of the planet. (IAG)

this was the stage name of the nalargon player who traveled with Jabba the Hutt's entourage, during the time the young Hutt learned the business from Jiliac. (THG)

this ancient Twi'lek lived in Mos Eisley during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He owed a sum of credits to Jabba the Hutt, and was constantly hounded by Big Gizz and his swoop gang. He managed to obtain a large crate of ryll spice, which he sold to pay off his debt. (SESB)

Who Cares (If Freedom's Gone)?
this song, written and played by the band Boba Fett and the Assassin Droids, was released as a single and banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

a disgusting creature native to the planet Smarteel. (JTH)

this Squib garbage collection starship was the flagship of the Reclamation Fleet. (HR)

this ornery Rodain owned a general store on his homeworld of Rodia. (SPG)

this is an Issori egg fertilization between two members of the noble caste, within the same nation. Such a breeding is meant to strengthen the two families involved. (IR)

this is an Issori egg fertilization between a noble caste member and a more common caste member, within the same nation. (IR)

this was one of the repulsorlift-equipped, floating cities found on the planet Rordak. (PG1)

this library administration droid served one of Tipoca City's branches, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Whrr was a friend of young Boba Fett, encouraging the youth to read the books his father, Jango Fett, recommended, as well as providing books that might have been of interest to the young boy. When Boba fled Kamino with his father, he inadvertently left behind a holobook created by Jango. This book was to be opened only in the event of Jango's death. Whrr took the book from Boba, believing it to be a library book the boy had returned. When he discovered that the book wasn't a real book, Whrr kept the book safe until Boba returned to Kamino to recover it. This occurred shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, where Jango Fett was killed in battle against Mace Windu. Whrr then claimed that the book was overdue, but overdue to be returned to Boba Fett himself, not the library. Whrr then gave Boba 250 credits to pay for the late fees, as a gesture to help the young orphan make his way in the galaxy after Jango's death. (BF1)

a long, think, segmented worm found on Dathomir, the whuffa (sometimes spelled wuffa) was hunted and killed for the leather produced from its hide. The rest of the worm was also used for food, and none was wasted. They live on the minerals in the crust of the planet, and have two distinct sexes. Their hydrostatic skeletons allowed them to move about below the ground, and their heads were dominated by a wide mouth. This mouth was filled with heavy teeth, and surrounded by a pair of curving tusks. Shortly before the rise of the Empire, it was disovered that the whuffa had actually been bred by the Kwa, to serve as guardians of their Star Chambers and the Infinite Gates. (CPL, SWIE)

this Wookiee was rescued from an Imperial slave camp by an Alliance Special Forces unit, and decided to join the SpecForces. His first assignments were as fire-support, where his strength allowed him to move the heavy weapons around with relative ease. He survived a number of intense lightfights before being promoted to Sergeant, and then Whumparrin joined Team 19. Initial problems with communications were quickly solved when Whumparrin taught the rest of the team how to speak Wookiee. He became the Team's heavy weapons specialist, and worked with the droid C-7NO on administrative duties. (ROE)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "bread maker", according to historian who studied the Ithorian race. (GCG)

this Ithorian was the owner and operator of the Jungle Vault casino, located on the planet Vaynai, during the height of the New Order. He was meticulous about the plantings he kept in the Jungle Vault, and many regular patrons believed Whuvuum was once a member of the aristocracy that lived on the planet's surface. He was known for his ability to mix up a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, many of which were brewed using ingredients found in his underground jungle. (GMR8)

Whyren's Reserve
this was one of the best brands of Corellian whiskey. Tal'dira called it "Whyr'rensreserve." (XWN, BW)

Whyrens Tribe
this tribe of castaways eked out an existence on the planet Iego, on a mesa overlooking the Scatter. (GORW)

Wicked Pleasure
this was one of the many starships trapped on Coruscant when the Yuuzhan Vong first attacked the planet. The Wicked Pleasure managed to escape, taking a hold full of refugees with it. (SBS)

according to Ewok legend, this nature spirit was inquisitive and fearless by nature, and was honored by Ewok explorers. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

Wicket Wystri Warrick
this brave Ewok was one of the many young adults who were living in Bright Tree Village, on the Forest Moon of Endor, during the era of the Galactic Civil War. The son of Deej and Shodu, Wicket was an inquisitive and somewhat rebellious Ewok, and was often banished from participating in the rituals and ceremonies of his home village. He was the Ewok who befriended Cindel Towani when her family's shuttle crashed on Endor. He helped Cindel and Mace rescue their parents from the Gorax, and also helped liberate a group of Ewoks held captive by the Marauders. Later, it was Wicket who found Leia Organa on Endor's forest moon, after her speederbike crashed during a chase with several Imperial scout troopers. Wicket was instrumental in convincing Chief Chirpa and the shaman Logray to accept her presence among the Ewoks, and he later helped the Alliance gain access to the Empire's shield generator. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, Wicket built his own home within the burned-out bunker of the Imperial garrison, and eventually married his longtime friend Kneesaa. The pair returned to Bright Tree Village, and were elected to lead the village. Wicket himself was named tribal chief, succeeding Chirpa as a leader. (ROTJ, EA, BFE, EGA, OWS, GORW)

Wicko District
during the last years of the Old Republic, the Wicko District of Imperial City was known for the garbage pit races which pitted beings with race-wings against the garbage-disposal systems of the planet Coruscant. (RP)

manufacturers of the K220 peripheral processor unit. (VOF)

this was a common name among the Kushiban race. (UANT)

see Willy (BFE, SWDB)

a planet in the Koornacht Cluster. (BTS)

Widek Bypass
this hyperspace route connected the Metellos Trade Route to the Koornacht Cluster. (CCW)

this diminutive droid was owned by the human female, Mora. on M'haeli. Widget was her assistant in a repair business, an automaton that she crafted herself. In all respects, Widget was a walking toolbox. Its arms were filled with a variety of tools which could be extended from its fingers for quick utilization. Its legs were short and stubby, causing Widget to wobble back and forth as it walked. (ROC, EGD)

this one-meter-tall alien resembled a big ball of fur. Widget considered himself a friend of Helm Iskraker, although Iskraker often ignored Widget or, in desparate times, blamed his mistakes on the tiny furball. (CCC)

this barren, rocky world was the fourth planet of the Naboo System. It had one natural satellite. (SON)

Widow Maker
this modified Incom Explorer scout craft was owned by Alic and Vika Surn. It was armed with a turret-mounted dual laser cannon at the front of the ship. (GG10)

this was another name for the Jer'usk, native to the planet Goroth Prime. (GSE)

this plant, native to the planet Dononter Minor, was often used as a weapon. (GMR9)

this Imperial Frigate was part of the fleet which protected the Imperial Remnant, during the years following the peace treaty signed between the Empire and the New Republic. It was under the command of Arien Yage during the early stages of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, during which time Captain Yage remained loyal to Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. After the Battle of Borosk, Captain Yage volunteered her crew and the Widowmaker to escort Luke Skywalker's mission into the Unknown Regions to locate the mysterious planet of Zonama Sekot. Grand Admiral Pellaeon agreed to the proposal, and the Widowmaker accompanied the Jedi into the Unknown Regions. After locating Zonama Sekot in the Klasse Ephemora System, the Widowmaker remained in orbit to protect against any further attacks. After Nom Anor managed to infiltrate the planet and set off an incubator to destroy it, the Widowmaker tried to engage the Red Qurang and stop it from escaping. Before the ship could be caught, Zonama Sekot made the first of many blind jumps into hyperspace to stop the damage caused by Nom Anor. The Widowmaker was drawn into the planet's wake, but was unable to follow the planet. It was lost for many months, and there was no way to track where it had come out of hyperspace. With the Yuuzhan Vong surrender at Coruscant several months later, Sekot decided to return to the Unknown Regions with the Yuuzhan Vogn survivors. Tahiri Veila decided to remain with the planet, and promised Master Skywalker that she would continue the search for the Widowmaker. (FH1, UF)

Wif Sissk
this was a noted individual from Anomid history. (UANT)

an Imperial Corvette transporting Mon Calamari as slaves to the Star Destroyer Warrior when it was attacked by Halley Kadorto. (XW)

a plant native to the planet Endor. (AT)

this was a race of six-legged, horn-plated beings. (HSL)

Wila Prammi
this Galacian woman was one of the candidates to succeed Queen Veda, after the monarch decided to abdicate the throne. Her supporters often fought against those of Deca Brun, but neither group opposed Prince Beju. She had more political experience the Brun or Beju, having served as an underminister for King Cana and Queen Veda. Many felt that her position within the monarchy distanced her from the majority of the people. However, in the wake of admissions about Deca Brun's abuses of campaign funds, and after Prince Beju withdrew from the election and threw his support to Prammi's campaign, she was elected to succeed Veda. Prammi even received the support of Elan and the Hill People, although they chose to remain apart from the majority of Galu natives. (MOC)

this was the name used to describe the herbivorous grazing creatures which roamed the rocky plains of Kuras III. They were unusual in that there were three distinct sexes of wild: male, female, and carrier. The carriers were responsible for actually gestating litters of young spawned by the males and females, although the exact method of impregnation was never truly discovered. The heads of these quadripeds were protected by a horned, bony frill at the base of their skulls. (PG3)

Wild Fire
this converted stock light freighter was one of the few Disac pirate ships to survive the break-up of the band, shortly after the Battle of Hoth. During Morturr Heth's attempt to re-establish the Disac gang, the Wild Fire was supported by two surviving MRX-BR Pacifiers. (SSR)

Wild Force Shard
this was the term used by the Jedi Order of the Old Republic to describe any artifact - usually a crystal - which had been imbued with the power of the Force. The shard actually resonated with the Force, sending out ripples of energy that affected the world around it. Because the shard simply existed in the Force, it lacked any affinity to the Light Side or the Dark Side. Instead, it simply altered the effects of the Force in its vicinity. Although any Force-sensitive individual could hold the shard and use it to augment their own powers, such use was frowned upon by the Jedi Order because the shard could amplify either side of the Force, potentially turning a good Jedi down a path of evil. (LFCW)

Wild Karrde
Talon Karrde's smuggling ship, the Wild Karrde at first glance appeared to be a dilapidated Corellian Action VI Transport. It measured the standard 125 meters in length, and was nondescript in coloration, but it was really a highly-modified smuggling ship. It was equipped with combat-rated shields and three turbolasers, a sophisticated sensor package, and a stealth travel system. A Class 1 hyperdrive gave the ship long distance capability, and its sublight drive system could move the ship at speeds of 950 kilometers per hour in atmosphere. It had room for Karrde's crew as well as a kennel for his vornskrs. Shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Karrde installed a sensor shroud system in order to cloak the ship during missions into occupied territories. (HTTE, DFRSB, EVC, NEGV)

Wild Knights
this group of Force-sensitive Barabels remained separated from the Jedi Knights during the early decades of the New Republic. Their isolation was self-imposed, and based on a fear of the xenophobia of Emperor Palaptine. For a short time, they were trained by the Jedi Knight Eelysa, who was on Barab I on an intelligence-gathering mission. However, when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy and threatened all forms of life, the Wild Knights decided that it was time to end their self-imposed exile and help the Jedi. Saba Sebatyne made the first move, sending three students to join Luke Skywalker at Eclipse. They flew a collection of well-maintained but battle-scarred Y-Wings, but were also well-skilled in the control of an X-Wing. In the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant, the ranks of the Wild Knights were augmented by Danni Quee, whose expertise on the gravitic technology of the Yuuzhan Vong was invaluable in battle. (SBS, EL1)

Wild Menagerie
this modified YT-1930 freighter was owned and operated by Zan Ransom. The primary modifications to the ship were in the passenger and cargo areas, which Ransom adapted to hold the various animal species he collected in Wild Space. In addition to the interior refitting, the Wild Menagerie was armed with a turret-mounted quad laser cannon for defensive purposes, and a belly-mounted stun gun for taking down large creatures. (WOTC)

Wild One
this was the name of the blastboat that served as the flagship of the Wild Knights fighter squadron. The Wild One was holed by grutchin fire shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, when the New Republic defended their new base on Borleias from invasion by the Yuuzhan Vong. (EL1)

Wild Space
the true frontier of the known galaxy, Wild Space separates the known galaxy from the Unknown Regions. The planets of this region are virtually ignored by the rest of galaxy, since they are so distant from the Core. (HTTE, EGP)

Wild Star
this highly-modified Uulshos DPx space yacht was built for speed. The 12-meter craft had been given a Boshaa-C'hi ion drive, and has a pair of hyperdrives for improved faster-than-light speeds. (SWJ9)

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