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this is the Gamorrean name for the summer season on the planet Gamorr. It follows the period of slushtime, when winter runoffs make the ground a muddy quagmire. Once the land dried out, however, travel became much easier, and Gamorreans can venture to other villages and begin raiding them. (SWJ14)

this green-skinned Boltrunian lived on the planet Aduba-3 during the era of the New Order. A one-time laborer aboard a Corellian freighter, Warto was abandoned by his crew on Aduba-3, and this event gave him a hatred for Corellians and anything to do with them. For many years, he nursed this grudge with a steady intake of nikta. He drank himself into believing that he was dating Azoora when Han Solo and Chewbacca were stranded on the planet shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He jealously attacked Han, who had been talking to Azoora, but Chewbacca quickly thwarted any advantage Warto may have had. Warto eventually joined the Cloud Riders, but was killed in a landslide caused by the Behemoth. (MC8, MC10, GMR4)

this Gamorrean once worked for Jabba the Hutt, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo, before he changed allegiances and decided to go to work for Gardulla the Hutt. This earned him Jabba's wrath, which included a bounty on Wartogg's head for his disloyalty. Jango Fett later claimed this bounty, when he infiltrated Gardulla's fortress in order to confront her about her connections to the Bado Gora. (BH)

an Eol Sha colonist who greets Luke upon his arrival on the planetoid. Warton was later transported to Dantooine, and was the last colonist destroyed by Kratas as part of his ground assault. (JS, DA)

a being from a galaxy in which anti-Force is the prevailing fabric of life. In the Star Wars galaxy, Waru appears as a large blob of meat covered in golden scales. Underneath the scales is raw flesh from which oozes a blood-like substance when exposed. It can assume a number of shapes, but prefers a round shape. Waru was brought across the galactic boundaries when Hethrir began torturing prisoners at Crseih Station. The disturbances in the Force caused by all that suffering, combined with the strange warping caused by the crystallizing star near the station, rended the normal Force fabric and drew Waru through. Hethrir quickly realized Waru's importance, and made a deal with it. Hethrir would help return Waru to its own galaxy in return for mastery over the Force. Waru agreed to this deal. Hethrir secretly began sacrificing his prisoners to Waru, until the inhabitants of the station began to catch whisperings of Waru existence. When the Empire collapsed and Hethrir went into hiding, Waru extended his circle of influence to include the station's population, and a religion grew from the "miracles" Waru could perform. These miracles were simply petty games Waru would play, using some of his collected Force energies to heal the weaker individuals while waiting for really strong Force-sensitives to come along. Waru would envelope an individual with his body, gauging the individual's Force sensitivity. Waru would consume those individuals who were strong with the Force, claiming that Waru could heal only those who truly believed in him. Any doubt hindered his abilities to heal. When Xaverri discovered Waru and his connection to Hethrir, she contacted Han Solo and the New Republic, who came to determine the threat. When they intercepted Hethrir trying to build the Empire Reborn on the Station, they acted quickly. Luke, Han, and Leia all tried to destroy Waru, only to realize that Waru's power lay not in the Force, but in anti-Force. Waru sensed Luke's strength in the Force, and tried to consume him in order to return to his own galaxy without any obligation to Hethrir. Luke resisted, with help from Han and Leia, and eventually Hethrir himself was consumed by Waru. The vast Force energies he gained from Hethrir allowed him to return to his own galaxy. (CS)

an Ewok who helped the Alliance find the Imperial shield generator on Endor. In the novelization of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, this Ewok is different from Wicket. (ROTJN)

Waryl's Fangs
this was the name of the squadron of modified Royal Yvarema scout ships modified by the Yvarema for use as a war fleet. The fleet was developed by Qesya Vth'naar to be well armed and highly skilled. Individual scout ships were equipped with powerful navigational deflectors which allowed them to pass through the Kathol Rift without penalty. The ships were also armed with a quad laser cannon and a tactical fusion missile. (E)

a plant native to the under-forest regions of Kashyyyk. Chewbacca was fond of eating wasaka berry pie. (WSB, TT)

this ancient species was once native to the planet Joralla, but eventually died out. Xenoarchaeologists have discovered that the Wasilsi were enemies of the Tikiarri, and that they were much larger and stronger than the Tikiarri. However, for unknown reasons, the Tikiarri survived while the Wasilsi disappeared. Many scientists suggest a plague spread across Joralla, but only affected the Wasilsi. Others claim that the Wasilsi were "seeded" on Joralla as part of an experiment, but their immune systems were unable to counteract the viruses of the jungle. (PG1)

this man served the Corporate Sector Authority as the Supervisor of the zinsian mining operations of the planet Brosi. He tried a numberof tactics, including the hiring of bounty hunters, to eliminate the Brosin Underground, but could not root out the guerrillas. (AIR)

a planet with a mining economy. (JTH)

this was one of the multitude of Imperial-class Star Destroyers which made up the Imperial Navy fleet, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

Wasp Fever
this was the phrase used by the Korunnai to indicate the effects of being bitten or stung by a fever wasp. As the larvae of the wasp grow and begin to feed on the brain cells of a host, the host experienced dementia, then severe seisures and spasms, as if suffering from a head injury. In general, wasp fever only lasted three or four days, which was the incubation period of the larvae. Any Korunnai stung by the fever wasp was generally considered dead on the spot, and their body was burned to prevent the larvae from hatching and causing more damage. (SHPT)

this Hapan starship resembled a large wasp which was native to the Hapes Cluster. It was favored among Hapan pirates for its speed and maneuverability. (DJ)

this Jawa was one of the first of his kind to claim he had encountered a genius womp rat in the deserts of Tatooine. Wassak claimed to have found an Imperial probe droid in the sand, and had to fight off four intelligent womp rats in order to recover it. When he shot and killed one of the womp rats, Wassak claimed that the other three stopped fighting and took the dead body of their companion into the desert. (WOTC)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "warm" or "caring". (GCG)

Wasser Barer
this Quarren was an up-and-coming podracer, joining the professional circuit shortly after the Battle of Naboo. (ETM)

Waste Haulers Unlimited
one of the many Ugor waste collections corporations. Like all such operations, they are loyal to the Holy Ugor Taxation Collection Agency. (GG4)

Waste, The
this region of the planet Questal surrounds the city of Gralleenya. It was created by the settlers of the planet, during the ardanium rush that occurred shortly after the Battle of Yavin. Prospectors set out from the city itself, scorching and blasting their way outwards in search of the next rich vein. They left behind a nearly circular area of useless land dotted by mines and pits. (GCQ)

Wasted Plains
this vast, black-sand desert was located on the planet Yefowr. (SWJ14)

this form of narcotic drug was available in the form of sticks. (SWCP)

Wastes, The
this region of the galaxy is located well beyond the Outer Rim Territories. During the expansion times near the end of the Old Republic, the Wastes became a source of wild rumors and stories. Access to the Wastes was forbidden during the time of Palpatine's New Order, as the Empire used its worlds to test new weapons of all sorts. Thus, many of the systems and sectors are veritable wastelands of little value. (SWJ9)

Wastril Bread
this bread was favored by Han Solo, especially when prepared by Dewlanna. (TPS)

Wat Tambor
this Old Republic Senator was one of the many supporters gathered by Senator Palpatine of Naboo, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. A Skakoan, Wat Tambor spent only a few years on his homeworld of Skako before traveling to Metalorn to pursue an interest in technology and industrialization. This travel required him to develop a full-body environment suit, in order to maintain an atmosphere similar to that on Skako. This metal suit covered all but the crown of his head. He was an excellent combat engineer, and later served as a chief executive of the Baktoid Armor Workshop before becoming one of the leaders of the Techno Union. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo, Wat Tambor was promoted Foreman of the Techno Union, overseeing the operations of such noted manufacturers as the Baktoid Armor Workshop and Hoar Chall Engineering, and managing development labs for Republic Sienar Systems and Kuat Systems Engineering. Wat Tambor was part of the delegation which traveled to Geonosis to join Count Dooku and the Separatists, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. As the war ground on, Wat Tambor became increasingly reclusive, and holed up in the Mazariyan fortress on Xagobah to avoid much of the war. He used his own expertise, along with that of other Separatists, to genetically alter several of Xagobah's plants and fungus, twisting them to become killing things that helped to protect the fortress. It was here, as the Clone Wars came to an end, that young Boba Fett found Tambor. Unfortunately for Fett, Tambor was being protected by General Grievous, who took Tambor under his protection and fled the fortress. After hiding on Utapau under the protection of General Grievous, the Separatist leaders were taken to Mustafar. It was there, after Darth Sidious finally lured Anakin Skywalker to the Darth Side of the Force, that the Separatist leaders met their deaths. Skywalker was dispatched to Mustafar by Sidious himself, with orders to eliminate them. Skywalker hunted them down and eventually killed Wat Tambor, before setting off after the rest of the Separatist leaders. (COD, HNN4, HNN5, SWDB, BF5, IS3)

this Huttese word translated into Basic as "here." (GMR5)

this Devaronian creature was often used to guard estates and palaces. (GG11)

a vicious creature native to Gamorr, the watch-beast was a large, four-legged beast which was covered with thick fur. Their bodies were quite low to the ground, giving them a low center of gravity. (IDC, EGP)

a creature found on Belsavis. (COJ)

Watchdog Programming
system-level programming placed in a droid's central computer that prohibits the entry of commands that are counter to the droid's own programming, such as the harming of an individual. (HTTE)

this was the name given to the Twi'lek who was in charge of monitoring the heat storms of the planet Ryloth, to ensure that the Kala'uun Starport would close up in time to avoid any damage. (PSPG)

Watcher Beast
this species of huge, carnivorous worms lived in the muck which covered the surface of the planet Patch-4, making it dangerous to set foot on the planet's surface. The Watchers had been placed on the planet by Orion Ferret, in order to protect his hidden caches of weapons. Ferret controlled the creatures with a sonic device that rendered them unconscious. (LTA5, MC59)

Watcher Droid
any droid equipped with sensors and other surveillance devices. They can be equipped with repuslorlifts or ground-based locomotion, but are always programmed for stealth in finding and tracking their designated target. (CS)

this was one of three Bakura-class destroyers deployed by Hortel Ossilege to assist the New Republic in breaking the blockade of the Corellian System. It was one of four ships, along with the Intruder, Sentinel, and Defender, that were built specifically for the defense of the Bakura System, in the wake of the Battle of Bakura. When the Bakuran ships entered the interdiction field, the HIMS systems kept them going. The Watchkeeper, however, sustained large amounts of damage entering the field, and was evacuated. Ossilege then used the ship as a decoy, remotely-controlling it as it appeared to be leading the Bakuran fleet. It was in this position that the Watchkeeper became the first ship destroyed by the Selonian planetary repulsor, as it smashed into the repulsor field and was flattened. Luckily, all hands were rescued after the impact, but the Watchkeeper was abandoned for scrap. (AS, CTD)

the title bestowed on ancient Jedi Masters who oversaw the activities of a particular star system or sector. They were charged by the Old Republic with keeping the peace and harmony of life intact, and to act autonomously. (TOJ, DLS)

this Imperial stormtrooper served as part of the Aurek-Seven unit of the Imperial 501st Legion during the years following the formation of the Imperial Remnant and the signing of a peace treaty between the Empire and the New Republic. Watchman was his unit's tech specialist, and much of his equipment had been upgraded beyond that of his teammates. Like his companions Grappler, Cloud, and Shadow, Watchman accompanied Chak Fel on the mission to locate the Outbound Flight Project in Chiss space, some three years before the Yuuzhan Vong began their invasion of the galaxy. They took heavy damage when the Vagaari pirates launched their attack, but the unit remained intact throughout the fighting. (FB, SQ)

this was an ancient blaster weapon, produced during the era of the Great Sith War. The Watchman was developed for use by scouts and explorers as a survival weapon, although it was easily upgradeable and could match a heavy blaster in power and poerformance. (KOTOR2)

Watchtower Base
this immense building served as the primary surveillance center for Dorthus Tal Island. Its primary function was to monitor the Dorthus Tal Prison, but the entirety of Dorthus Tal City fell beneath its umbrella. (CCW)

Watchtower Run
this was a noted podracing course, carved through the forests of Gamorr. (GMR10)

Water Beetle
a Socorran insect, the water beetle thrived near the underground water sources found below the planet's volcanoes. They were considered a delicacy by native Socorrans. (SWJ2, BDD)

Water Bug
this problematic insect was native to the planet Tatooine, where it hunted relentlessly for water. When a group of water bugs located a private or municipal water source, they gulped the water as fast as they could, and continued to multiply until the water ran out. (GQRG)

Water Cyc
this jellyfish-like beast is found on many planets throughout the galaxy. Water cycs float on the surface, bouyed by their balloon-like bodies. They capture their prey with three poisonous tentacles that hang below their bodies. They appear to simply float motionless, but can attack with swift precision when they sense prey getting near. (DF2)

Water Glider
an alien creature native to the planet Marca, the water glider was an insectoid creature with a round, flat body studded with ten delicate legs. The skimmed along the surface of the water, using the surface tension to stay "afloat," and were fast swimmers. They had bright red coloration and wicked-looking mandibles, but were harmless plant-eaters. (POM)

Water Hockey
a sport. (TNR)

Water Moon
see Ohma-D'un (GF)

Water Tabacc
this plant was grown on the planet Deyer. (JASB)

this was the codename of one of the starship control officers who served the naval forces supporting General Khamar's defense of Praesitlyn, during the height of the Clone Wars. Waterboy, who was actually a female Ensign, was charged with relaying orders to the many starfighters who participated in the initial attack on the Separatists who tried to take control of the Intergalactic Communications Center. Unfortunately for her pilots, Waterboy was killed when her control ship took heavy fire and crashed into the surface of Praesitlyn. (JT)

this species of mushroom-like growth lived in shallow pools of water on the planet Kuras III. These plants were filter-feeders, and actually clarified the water in which they grew. (PG3)

a plant native to the planet Endor. (AT)

Water's Edge Market
located on the floating city of Hikahi, on the planet Calamari, this was an open-air marketplace which catered to a variety of Mon Calamarian needs. (FH1)

this long-legged insect was named for the way it moved across the surface of a calm body of water, skimming along the surface without falling under. (YDR)

a predatory reptile native to a number of planets and locales, including the jungles of Baskarn and the swamps of Trinta. (DOE, SWJ2)

this large spider was native to the planet Kabal, where it had evolved large footpads to move about on the surface of the water. (GMR1)

this Simiyiar-class freighter was built for the Alliance, but was stolen from a depot on Wilpiet shortly after the Battle of Yavin by Milicass. After Milicass joined the Granse Confederacy, the Waterspire languished in drydock for many years. It was armed with a turret-mounted dual laser cannons and an ion cannon. (AIR)

this was a Tynnan sport. (SWJ15)

a giant, energy-eating creature native to the planet Daluuj. These huge, spotted slugs live deep in the swampy waters, and are recognizable by their black and green skin patterns, large eye stalks, and two rows of flagella that flank either side of their bodies. (CSW)

this was another name for the species of immense, oceanic sea-dragons found in the oceans of the planet Drexel II. (MC11)

the planetary governor of Viamarr 4, Watesk was under the control of Apwar Trigit and Warlord Zsinj shortly after the Battle of Thyferra. (WS)

Watsn, Shev
this man was the docking master at Coruscant's Eastport facility during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He was known for his irritating ability to squeeze large ships into small docking bays, much to the chagrin of their owners. (SBS)

this Toydarian junk dealer operated a large shop on the outskirts of Mos Espa, shortly before the Battle of Naboo. A former member of the Ossiki Confederacy Army on his homeworld of Toydaria, Watto lost a tusk and sustained a leg injury while fighting in the seasonal wars fought by his people. After retiring from active service, Watto traveled to Tatooine to set up his own junk business. A skilled gambler, Watto won the rights to Shmi and Anakin Skywalker in a bet with Gardulla the Hutt. Since that time, he used Anakin to maintain his shop while using Shmi for other duties. While he was Anakin's owner, Watto discovered that the boy was quite skilled at fixing things, and was also a quick study in podracing. Watto used the fact that Anakin was human - a trait not often associated with pod racers - to win money from his rivals in wagers on the races. He met his match when Qui-Gon Jinn arrived in Mos Espa, hoping to replace the hyperdrive on Queen Amidala's ship. Qiu-Gon recognized Anakin's skill as coming from the Force, and helped the boy enter the Bootna Eve race. When Anakin won the race, Qui-Gon not only won the hyperdrive but also Anakin's freedom. Watto never fully recovered from the loss of such a skilled slave, but his heart did soften a little bit. He even began to blame others for his so-called bad luck, knowing that much of his success had been due to Anakin's abilities. Watto began to treat Shmi with more respect, and even splurged once a week to buy them both some nectarot and pallie wine. Several years after Anakin left Tatooine, Watto agreed to sell Shmi to Cliegg Lars, who had obviously fallen in love with the slavewoman. Watto made several excuses and created a number of delays in the transaction, torn between the loss of a slave - albeit an older slave - and his hope that Shmi would be happy with Cliegg. Finally, it was Owen Lars who helped his father trick Watto into selling Shmi in exchange for a Tobal lens. After the deal was made, Watto admitted that he had deactivated Shmi's slave transmitter just months after Anakin was freed, afraid that Shmi would wander aimlessly off in sorrow and blow herself up. Years later, when Anakin returned to Tatooine in search of Shmi, Watto provided Anakin with information on the Lars family's location. (SW1, OWS, AOTC, TG)

this Imperial Lieutenant was a native of the planet Corulag. His skills were in the area of sharpshooting and gunnery, and he was known as a deadly accurate shot. He was temporarily assigned to Kuat Drive Yards during the development of weapons systems for the AT-ST scout walker. Watts and his co-pilot, Major Marquand, were captured during the Battle of Endor when Chewbacca and a pair of Ewoks commandeered their AT-ST scout walker. (ROTJ, CCG10)

Watumba Bat
this species of tiny flying mammal is native to the planet Glottal. They feed on algae, rock dust, and fire. These bats are also the favored host of the parfue gnat, which is considered a delicacy by the Glottalphib. Thus, many Glottalphib will maintain a cave filled with watumba bats, in order to attract the gnats. (TNR)

Waurie, Sam
Sam was the son of a famous Corporate Sector Authority Security Division executive. He never aspired to reach that height, and worked in a series of dead-end jobs contentedly for many years. He showed great promise as a programmer, but chose to remain a drudge. He was a dreamer, and often found himself dreaming of heroic, romantic, melodramatic deeds. (CSA)

Wauth Complex
this residential building was located on the planet Coruscant, near the Sasal Center, during the early years of the New Republic. (AFA)

Wave Trap
this specialized chamber was used in armament development. The walls were specially baffled, and were angled together with the floor to create a room that could absorb incredible amounts of energy. (TFE)

Wave Weapon
an early for of the laser cannon that appeared during the middle of the Old Republic's reign. (TOJ)

Wave Works
this gift shop was located within the Fathoms restaurant complex, situated in the Glitter Cay Tower of Wildwater City on Calamari. Its most unique attraction was the "ceiling" of water devised by Jund Voon, its owner. Using specially modified repulsors, a swirling body of water was maintained at the upper reaches of the shop, making it appear as if patrons were shopping underwater. A group of local musicians was hired to play soothing pieces of music, further enhancing the aquatic experience. The Wave Works was known for its wondrous jewelry, created from the shells, gems, and pearls found in Calamari's oceans. Patrons marvel at Voon's skills with the jewelry, but it was really the work of Kei No Kay. (WSV)

Wavecrest-class Frigate
this class of frigates was developed by the Givin race during the height of the Clone Wars. (SWI76)

this was another name for the Qwohog race. (GG12, UANT)

this gruff man served as the Chief Purser aboard the Aurorient Express, some six years prior to the Battle of Naboo. As the ship's Chief Purser, Waverton was surprised to find that one of the cargo lots was illegally switched out, to allow a shipment of Fastlach-class defense droids to be brought on board. His investigation revealed that Podlong Foahl had been responsible for loading Saul Moegantz's cargo lot, which had been swapped out in favor of the droids. Waverton followed Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in their search for Foahl, who had holed up inside the cargo bay. Foahl revealed that he had helped switch the cargoes, but seemed unaware of the real danger that the pressure pirates had placed the Aurorient Expres in. When Foahl threatened to set off a core bomb, Waverton shot him dead. Unfortunately, the Jedi had not yet learned the location of the bomb. It was later discovered that Waverton was in league with a group of pressure pirates, who hoped to disable the Aurorient Express and steal its cargo. He had a repellent signal emitter that allowed him to avoid being shot by the Fastlach-class droids, a fact that the Jedi were able to use to link him to Podlong Foahl and the pirates. Waverton admitted to his part in the plot, and then agreed to help resolve the problem of the core bomb. When all the plots to destroy Rhoden's wealth were revealed, Bouyardy and Waverton decided that they had had enough. They allowed the core bomb hidden inside the ship to explode, as payback for all their troubles. (TAE)

another name for a wave walker. (DESB)

a small repulsorcraft vehicle use on many ocean-covered worlds, the waveskimmer was designed to operate just under the surface of the water. This allowed a certain measure of stealth. These craft were armed with a sonic blaster, which delivered a pulse of pure sound that traveled through the water to cause damage. (OE)

this Mon Calamari cruiser was part of the Alliance's fleet, during the last years of the New Order. It was commanded by Commander Elpfel. (MTSE)

used on Calamari, this is a landspeeder-like craft used to move over the oceans on the planet. (DA)

an Imperial assault vehicle which glides over the surface of a body of water. They were created by the World Devastators, and are not walkers at all. Each wavewalker has two booms which are mounted on servomotors. The servos allow the pilot to position the pontoons in the same plane as the central cockpit, allowing the craft to skim the surface and discharge cargo and troops. The servos also react to the craft's acceleration, lifting the walker off the surface to gain speed. These 14-meter craft are armed with two medium blaster cannons, two light blaster cannons, and two concussion missile launchers. (DE1, DESB)

Wavren, Palhra
this woman was captured, along with Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz, by a band of Roshu Sune terrorists shortly before the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this Ithorian tree was known for its pale, green leaves. (GCG)

Wawaatt Archipelago
this island chain, which contained the city of Kachirho, was located on the planet Kashyyyk. The string of islands was held by Separatist forces during the Clone Wars. The bases in the archipelago were used to launch the attacks on Kachirho, during the First Battle of Kashyyyk. (X3, SWDB)

a plant, native to Dathomir, which has large, green, fanlike leaves. (CPL)

this tree, originally found on the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar, was grown for its flavorful and oddly chewy wood. Thin slices of waxwood could be chewed to release the flavor. (FH3)

Way of Vhallis, The
this Old Republic dueling academy was one of a handful which could trace its history back to pre-Republic dates, during the era of Xim the Despot. The Way of Vhallis, like virtually every other dueling academy, was forced to shut down its operations during the last decades of the Old Republic, when popular opinion regarding dueling academies plummeted with that of the Jedi Order. (PJSB)

Way, The
this was an ancient term for the Force. (TOJC)

Way, The
this was a famous treatise of Bothan philosophy written by Golm Fervse'dra. (SPG)

this was the name of the settlement on Tatooine which was the farthest from Arnthout and Mos Eisley, well to the southwest of both settlements. (SWTJ)

this meticulously maintained freighter was own by Roa, during the early years of his association with Han Solo. (THG)

this New Republic picket ship was assigned to the Fifth Battle Group. It suffered hyperdrive failure while en route to the Koornacht Cluster, during the Republic's move to blockade the Yevetha. It was forced to return to drydock and never rejoined the fleet. (SOL)

this Mu-3 long range shuttle was owned and operated by Radell Mining Corporation, and was used as a scout ship. The cargo area was modified for the use of four additional passengers, and was armed with two turret-mounted laser cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers. (OE)

Wayfarer-class Medium Transport
this transport vessel was manufactured during the height of the New Order. (DM98)

Wayfaring Stranger
this poorly-armed transport ship carried twenty traders from Bakura shortly after the Battle of Bakura liberated the planet from Imperial control. It was ambushed by an Imperial patrol vessel just outside the Bakura System. (TBSB)

a primitive, backwater planet, Wayland was chosen by Emperor Palpatine as a hiding place for his high-technology projects, such as the cloaking device and his Spaarti cylinders. A forested planet not unlike Yavin 4, Wayland's treetop canopy was divided into two unique levels. Its day lasted 23 standard hours, and its year consumed 353 local days. The planet was home to the Psadan and Myneyrsh races, both of which lack any higher technology. It was originally discovered during the Old Republic's second expansion wave, but was lost from the records for many years. The colonists were forced to survive with little or no technology, and unknown to them, no chance of rescue or resupply. These first colonists quickly angered the native Psadan and Myneyrsh races, stealing land for their own use through superior technology. Just before his death, Palpatine placed the mad clone Joruus C'baoth on the planet to guard the technology stored in Mount Tantiss. He ruled there with the cruel sense of justice of a Dark Jedi until Luke Skywalker was called to the planet. In the swirl of events surrounding Grand Admiral Thrawn's death, Mount Tantiss was destroyed and C'baoth killed. In the years that followed, the Noghri were relocated to Wayland, and the city of New Nystao was formed in the shadow of Mount Tantiss. The New Republic discovered that it would be nearly impossible to restore Honoghr, and gave the Noghri a chance to rebuild on Wayland. When the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Wayland was briefly used as a safe world for New Republic personnel. It was here that Elan was incarcerated, pending her transfer to Coruscant as a prisoner of war. Elan, however, had planned her capture, and provided the Yuuzhan Vong with information on Wayland's location with a villip she had kept hidden. After the Yuuzhan Vong staged a fake rescue attempt, they subjugated the planet Wayland and used it as a breeding ground for amphistaffs and other bio-organic weaponry. Much of the planet's crust and mantle was consumed by Chom-Vrone, huge, worm-like creatures that transformed raw materials into superheated plasma. (HTTE, HTSB, TLC, SOP, EVR, GMR10, SWI62, SWDB, NJOSB)

Wayland Herd
one of the many Ithorian herds, it was the herd to which Iggjel belonged, until he decided that he needed to commune with the Mother Jungle and left the herd. (SWSB)

Wayland Marble
an exquisite form of marble quarried on the planet Wayland, this marble was used as floor tiles in some of the galaxy's most luxurious buildings. (BP)

Waytha Ara Quetha Way
the chant the Teneniel Djo uses to call up the power of the Force and create a Force Storm. (CPL)

Waywa Fybot
a feathered humanoid from an unknown race, Waywa Fybot was a 2.5-meter-tall alien with an orange beak, scaled, three-toed feet, and bright yellow plumage. He was a well-muscled individual, but spoke in a high-pitched voice that belied his strength. Despite its wings, his race was flightless, and his arms were essentially vestigial wings that had a membrane connecting them to his chest. Fybot also suffered from his race's nervous anticipation and their intense dreaming. As a youth, Fybot received Imperial conditioning, which made him tough and shrewd. He took this experience and became an undercover drug officer, which led him to become involved with the attempts to arrest Bohhuah Mutdah. It was believed that his role as Imperial narcotics agent was not his choice, but rather the payment of a debt owned by his people to the Empire. In this capacity, he also came under the notice of Rokur Gepta, who saw a way to finally kill Lando Calrissian by assuming the guise of Mutdah. Gepta paid Fybot to pretend to help Lob Doluff and Bassi Vobah, and to accompany Bassi and Lando to Oseon 5792, where Gepta had killed Mutdah and taken his place. Ostensibly, their mission was to arrest Mutdah on charges of buying and selling lesai. Fybot, however, had his legs broken in the flight to the asteroid when Lando's ship was attacked by Klyn Shanga's militiamen. He had barely recovered when they landed on Mutdha's asteroid. When he and Bassi Vobah burst in on Lando and Mutdah, Fybot quickly shot and killed Vobah, gaining the upper hand for Gepta. When Gepta felt that he had finally achieved his goal of trapping Lando, he decided that Fybot had outlived his usefulness, and killed the avian being in cold blood. (LCF)

Wayward Girl
this freighter, owned by Jadonna Veloz, was berthed on Alderaan when Veloz suffered several injuries after a run-in with a malfunctioning anti-grav loader. The injuries nearly forced her to abandon her shipment - nerf tenderloins due on Cloud City - until a young Han Solo signed on to help pilot the ship. Solo was looking for any way to get to Bespin for the huge sabacc tournament there, and their interests overlapped. Han got the ship there on time, and was able to attend the tournament, while Veloz was paid in full for her cargo. (RD)

this was a noted member of the Nikto race. (UANT)

Waza Tree
native to the planet Dar'Or, the waza trees can grow to be 200 meters or more in height and have thousands of branches. The Ri'dar use the trees as living space, which they share with the indola. The Ri'Dar string baloo vines between the branches, and these vine nets catch falling leaves and needles. Over the millennia, these nets have become quite thick, composed of decomposing matter. (GG4)

this Imperial Army commander's infantry units defected to the Alliance, raising a concern among Imperial commanders that more and more Alliance spies were being recruited into the Imperial armed forces. Once they learned valuable information, the began deserting. (ISB)

WBY-102 FirstMate
known as a Webby droid, this specialized thrid-degree automaton was programmed to tutor beings in the operation of a variety of mechanical vehicles. Specifically, the WBY-102 was designed to teach the sailing, maintenance, and navigation of a multi-crewed sailing yacht. The Webby was equipped with a water-tight plastic shell, as well as a homing beacon and distress signal which activated in the event of an emergency. (SWJ1)

W-class Space Barge
this line of huge cargo ships wascmanufactured by Incom Industries, and became very popular throughout the galaxy during the early years of the New Republic. They were equipped with standard docking ports and airlocks, making them very easy to load and unload. Each W-class transport was crewed by a pilot, a co-pilot, and a labor droid. The W-class was unarmed in its stock form, and had minimal shielding. (DFR, DFRSB)

Weakness of Inferiors, The
the second volume of Emperor Palpatine's Dark Side Compendium, this work was completely created from Palpatine's twisted mind. He described that the source of a Dark Jedi's power is the fear and weekness of inferior beings. (DE1)

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