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Wood Mite
this was the immature form of the bark mite, which was native to the moon of Rori. (GQRG)

Wooded Paralope
this wooly subspecies of the Corellian paralope was common to the forests on the planet. (GQRG)

this unusual turf covered the rolling plains of the Codian Moon. (VD2)

this huge, flightless reptavian was native to the planet Tatooine. Weighing up to 640 kilograms when fully grown, the woodoo resembled a huge, bloated vulture. Their tiny wings were useful only for dissipating body heat. Woodoos moved about on their thick legs, which ended in wide, flat feet studded with claws for digging. Woodoos fed on the eggs of dewbacks, but would also scavenge for food from kills by other predators. (WSW)

this was the name used by Luke Skywalker to describe the five- to seven-year-old trainees at the Jedi academy on Ossus, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

this was the Dathomirian word for Wookiee. (CPL)

Wookie Liberation Front
this renegade group, known as WOLF, rose to prominence on the planet Cularin during the height of the Clone Wars. Led by the Five Masters, the Wookiee Liberation Front seemed to be made up up of children, each of whom moved about in a flowing, colored cloak. They walked with the help of glow poles, and a gathering of members appeared to be an ethereal meeting of angels. The Five Masters chose to erect an academy on the planet Cularin, negotiating for land and buildings with Barnab Chistor himself. The building, known as the Five Masters Academy, was built from steel and glass, and was a wondrous site to behold. (LFCW)

this was a human term that was used to generically describe the barking language of the Wookiees. (HSE)

tall, fur-covered bipeds from Kashyyyk, Wookiees are perhaps best-known known for their fierce style of fighting. Believed to be descended from tree-climing mammalians, they lived in the trees above Kashyyyk's carnivorous flora and fauna. They had retractable claws that they use for climbing in the trees. The females had six breasts that were used to feed their live-born litters, which were born after about a standard year's gestation. The baby Wookiees were nearly four feet in length at birth, and spent much of their early lives in the nursery rings of the wroshyr trees, where they learned the basic skills of interaction and survival. At the age of twenty or so, a Wookiee returned to live with their parents, once their education was considered complete. Shortly afterward, most Wookiees were required to complete a trial of adulthood, which usually required obtaining the fibers from the bulb of a syren plant. Higher education was purely voluntary, although many Wookiees chose to learn new skills to help their families earn additional income. The Wookiee race was one of the strongest supporters of the Old Republic, but found itself the target of Trandoshan slavers after the Clone Wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi once hinted that Wookiees had a strong affinity with the Force. They were officially enslaved by the Empire, and forced to work in labor camps throughout the galaxy. Because of this, most Wookiees didn't enjoy the presence of humans, even after the Alliance freed them. Access to Kashyyyk was severely limited in the wake of the Battle of Endor, allowing the Wookiees to regain their culture and their pride. Note that The Wookiee Storybook infers that Wookiees are not native to Kashyyyk, but came to the planet a long time ago. (SW, SWR, HTTE, SGL, WSB, RD, GOF8, GMR4)

Wookiee Battle Yell
this was the loud, ululating call that Wookiees gave when attacking. It announced when a Wookiee went into berserk rage, which was known as m'nuush in the Shyriiwook language. (DFR, MBS)

Wookiee City
this was the Imperial name for the city of Kachirho, on the planet Kashyyyk. (SWGAL)

Wookiee Dual Launcher
this missile-launching platform was developed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk as a ground-to-air combat system for repelling the attacks of Trandoshan slavers and mercenaries. Each tube on the rack could fire a warhead-tipped missile that could pierce the hulls of many starships. Unlike the quadrail launcher, the dual launcher was a stationary emplacement. (LAWS)

Wookiee Honor Family
this was the Basic translation of the Wookiee term used to describe and individual's collection of close friends and allies. The Honor Family was often extended to include any being to whom a Wookiee owed a life debt. (HSL, SW, HTTE)

Wookiee Liberation Front
this organization was "founded" on the planet Cularin, during the height of the Clone Wars. A number of stories were told about its origins, but the real story was actually one of recklessness and stupidity. The gang formed by Meelo and her associates was at the heart of the Wookiee Liberation Front, which was often simply known as WOLF. When one of their members was captured and imprisoned by the Metatheran Cartel, Meelo led her inept comrades in a daring escape, which was bungled almost from the start. In the resulting chaos, Meelo managed to rescue her friend, but the Jawa known as Keth-Keth decided that they needed to cover their escape. Screaming "Free Kashyyyk" as loud as his vocoder would project, Keth-Keth called for people to rally around the Wookiee Liberation Front, in an effort to draw the attention of the local police force away from their escape. Although it was a simple ruse, the Wookiee Liberation Front received a lot of press in the local holonewscasts, and eventually became a legitimate organization that funneled credits and supplies to help the Wookiees of Kashyyyk in their attempt to ousted the Separatist forces that were trying to take control of their homeworld. (LFCW)

Wookiee Life Debt
one of the most serious of all commitments, a Wookiee who owes his or her life to another being places themselves into a life debt to their savior. The fulfillment of a life debt takes precedence over even a Wookiee's family. (SW, HTTE, THG)

Wookiee Planet C
this was the name used by many humans of the Old Republic to describe the planet Kashyyyk. (X3)

Wookiee Quadrail Launcher
this projectile-launching apparatus was developed by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk, and saw action during the height of the Clone Wars. The quadrail launcher was capable of being mounted in a stationary position or being attached to treads for use as a mobile platform. Each of the four tubes fired a high-powered energy bolt in rapid succession, and the unit was easily reloaded for continual firing. (LAWS)

Wookiee Warblade
this was the term used to describe the basic melee weapon used by Wookiee warriors during the Great Sith War. The warblade was a cumbersome weapon for non-Wookiees, but wsa a lethal and maneuverable weapon in the hands of a Wookiee. During combat, the warblade was kept in constant motion, ensuring that each blow was deadly. (KOTOR)

Wookiee Warpath
this was a popular arcade game during the height of the Clone Wars. (YDR)

this was the designation of the datafile maintained in the computer system known as Mnemos, containing information about Chewbacca. (LAT2)

a shaggy-looking plant native to the rift valleys of the planet Belsavis. (COJ)

Wookiee's Codpiece
C-3PO and R2-D2 once performed musical entertainment at this bar and grill, found in Bagsho on the planet Nim Drovis. (POT)

a name given to the language of the Wookiees. (SE)

an alcoholic beverage made with Sullustan gin and stirred, not shaken. (TJP)

this slang term was used to indicate the excessive use of force in dealing with a situation, and referred to the battle rage a Wookiee could enter when presented with danger. A verb, it could be used like this: "I'll Wookinate that scout walker!" (SWJ4)

native to Yavin 4, woolamanders were a species of furry, pot-bellied mammals that could be used as a food source. Note that Champions of the Force and Dark Apprentice imply that woolamanders were lizards. Individual woolamanders were covered in purple fur which was striped with yellow down the back, and their long, thin tails were capped with a bushy tuft of rainbow-colored hair. Their large bellies were designed to digest large amounts of fruit, which formed the basis of their diet. Woolamanders lived in the upper canopy of the jungle on Yavin 4, squatting on the branches of Massassi trees and keeping watch for predators. These creatures were considered somewhat intelligent, though by no means sentient. (COTF, DA, WSW, PH)

Woolery, Bryyn
this merchant lived in the settlement of Mos Espa, on Tatooine, during the final years of the Old Republic. For many years, Woolery and his indentured servants toiled in the small settlement, until he decided to pack up and move to Mos Eisley. There, his business flourished, and he eventually freed many of his slaves. More than a few stayed on, working for pay as Woolery continued to expand and succeed. (SWDB)

Woolly Veermok
a subspecies of the veermok, which was native to the planet Naboo, woolly veermoks inhabited the mountain ranges of the planet's arctic regions. The woolly veermok was more canine in appearance, with a pointed snout and long ears, and always moved about on all-fours. Woolly veermoks were generally regarded as more vicious than their cousins, and Gungan legends proclaim the ferocity of the woolly veermok's attacks. (ANT)

this was the name of a vast area of prairies and grasslands, located inland on one of Kashyyyk's largest landmasses. (SWDB)

a breed of nerf that is grown for its long, shaggy pelt. (IJ)

this Kadas'sa'Nikto was one of Jabba the Hutt's slaves, and was an excellent pilot and smuggler. He was one of the cadre of pilots Jabba maintained to fly his personal space yacht, although Wooof himself preferred to fly starfighters. (CCG7)

Woorta Cent
this was the given name of the Swokes Swokes female known as Woorta Woorta. (GORW)

Woorta Woorta
born Woorta Cent, this female Swokes Swokes was the daughter of the Caliph of the Sassa District of Thousand Thousand. She made a name for herself during the final decades of the Old Republic as a schinga breeder, and became one of Makem Te's most successful importers. Her relations with off-world individuals and corporations earned her the anger of the Temple of the Beatific Razor, forcing her to eliminate any penitent who tried to disrupt her business. (GORW)

this Wookiee was one of the leaders of his home city of Rwookrrorro, on the planet Kashyyyk, during the era of the Great Sith War. (KOTOR)

an expletive used on the planet Simpla-12. (EVE)

this long-leafed plant, native to the swamps of Naboo, was used by the Gungans for medicinal purposes. It was bioluminescent, and gave off a soft glow. (IG1, E1A9)

this was the native language of the Woostoid people. It was a precise language which had many diferent dialects with local idioms. The Woostoid considered their language to be virtually perfect, and shunned any form of abbreviation or contraction. (ANT, UANT)

native to Woostri, the Woostoid were a logical race known for their natural affinity for computer technology. As a people, they also had a great fear of the unknown. Humanoid in stature, the Woostoids have reddish-orange skin and flowing red hair. Their bulbous eyes rarely ever blink. Woostoids are peaceful by nature, and are known as logical thinkers. The average Woostoid was extremely comfortable around computers, and many Woostoid cities were automated. The brain of the average Woostoid worked in a very logical way, and much of their computer technology was developed with this in mind. (TLC, TTSB, AE, ANT)

this planet was attacked by Thrawn prior to his attack on Coruscant. It was attacked by the Death's Head under C'baoth's mental command. Woostri is located in the Sumitra Sector. The planet's ecosystem is dominated by oceans, with a single continent located in the water. Historians claim that a cataclysmic event sunk much of the planet's prior landmass, resulting in a crowded, urbanized technopolis. (TLC, REB, LCSB)

Woostri HoloScan Database
this vast library of holographic recordings is located in the city of Gopsthal, on the planet Woostri. It is housed in an immense building, and contains information dating back to the early days of the Old Republic. (LCSB)

see Woostoid (TLC)

Woostroid statue
this form of artwork was often described as putrid-looking. (TLC)

Woot Horn
a deep-toned musical instrument, often used in marching bands. (CPL)

Wooter, Mem
this lawyer was one of the primary partners in the law firm of Wooter, Rimki, and Vass. He made a great deal of money working during the period of the New Order and its remnants in the years following the Battle of Endor. He was essentially the court-appointed defense attorney for any of the low-life criminals arrrested by Imperial forces, and made sure that they all were acquitted without too much hassle. When the Xenovet facility on commenor went into receivership, Wooter was appointed the trustee of the site. He paid for any fees out of his own pocket, hoping to recover any losses upon the sale of the facility. He made a small fortune on the sale, and was eventually contacted by Ysanne Isard's clone. The clone hoped to buy the facility in order to use it as bait for the New Republic and Rogue Squadron. Mirax Terrik and Iella Wessiri traced the operation which led to the death of Urlor Sette to Wooter's firm, and tried to break in and steal evidence. They were nearly captured when they fell for a false set of blueprints to the law offices, and walked into a trap. With the unwanted help of one of Booster Terrik's friends, they managed to escape. (IR)

Wooter, Rimki, and Vass, Attorneys at Law
this law agency was based in the capital city of Commenor. Because of the sale of the Xenovet facility by Mem Wooter, the agency became involved in the placement of prisoners from the Lusankya on Liinade III. Ysanne Isard's clone used the facility to house prisoners from the Lusankya, but evidence from the site led the New Republic to the agency. The firm was quite powerful and wealthy, and made most of its money through Mem Wooter's defense of low-life criminals. (IR)

a planet in the Koornacht Cluster. (BTS)

Wor Tandell
the planet, located in the Tandell System, one which Tiree was forced to kill Cuvir in order to report on Imperial fleet movements to the Alliance. (MTS)

this was a form of book used on the planet Rhamalai. (SWJ13)

this Imperial Navy Captain commanded a Star Destroyer during the Galactic Civil War, and was in charge of the first test of the Empire's cloaking device. A probe droid was equipped with the device, and was cloaked perfectly after deployment. Unfortunately, the droid performed too well and was lost to the ship's sensors. (ML)

Worker Drone
this was the brand name of the Roche Industries J9-series protocol droid. (FTD)

this was the lowest of the Yuuzhan Vong social classes, most often made up of Shamed Ones and members of races that the Yuuzhan Vong had conquered. A handful of Domains were also bound to the Worker caste by birth, (UFCD)

Workers, The
this was the underprivileged majority which lived on the planet Apsolon, during the Old Republic. In the decades leading up to the Battle of Naboo, the Workers began to rebel against the control exerted on them by the Civilized minority. Through a series of industrial sabotage actions, the Workers began to crippled Apsolon's high-tech industry. Some fifteen years before the Battle of Naboo, the Civilized finally realized that they had to recognize the contributions of the Workers. The Jedi Knights were asked to mediate a planetary election, which resulted in the election of Ewane as the planetary leader. Despite the victory of having a Worker elected to rule the planet, the Workers blamed the Jedi for forcing them to hold neutral trials for war criminals. (TTB)

Works, The
this was the name given to one of the many industrial sectors found on the planet Coruscant. Hundreds of years before the onset of the Clone Wars, The Works was abandoned by many of Coruscant's largest manufacturers, who found that they could build the same products cheaper on more remote worlds. The Works fell into disrepair, and many of its former inhabitants left to either follow the jobs or obtain newer housing. Over time, The Works became a haven for all manner of criminals, and most Coruscani refused to even go near the area. Fugitives from Nar Shaddaa were known to pass through The Works on a regular basis. The local police force claimed that the number of bodies buried within the warehouses and factories would qualify The Works as a cemetary. Interestingly, The Works was located to the south and west of the Senate District, and stood in stark contrast to the opulence afforded by the leaders of government. Many Coruscani would have gladly razed the entire area, but there existed little or no recorded information on who actually owned what within its boundaries. It was within The Works that the Jedi Order discovered a secret meeting place used by Darth Sidious and Count Dooku, during the height of the Clone Wars. Sidious had imbued most of The Works with the energy of the dark side of the Force, and it was here that he trained both Darth Maul and Darth Tyranus to be his apprentices. During the height of the New Order, The Works experienced something of a renaissance, for it was here that hundreds of TIE Fighters were produced every day in support of the Imperial war machine. (PH, IWE2, LEV)

a Nharwaak container group destroyed by the Empire when it raided the Nharwaak base. (TIE)

Workshop Xcan
this was one of the many design and manufacturing sections of the Xi Char Cathedral. (LEV)

this series of Aratech repulsorlift skiff measured five meters in length, and could carry up to 350 kilograms of cargo and/or passengers. They were often referred to as drogues. (ROE)

World Brain
this was the immense, ship-sized brain which was brought by the Yuuzhan Vong into the galaxy to take control of the New Republic. The goal of the world-brain was to allow the Yuuzhan Vong to control every resource they controlled from a central location, allowing for complete domination of the galaxy. When the Yuuzhan Vong's homeworld of Yuuzhan'tar was dying, genetic samples of the World Brain were taken aboard a specialized seedship for maintenance and care by a cadre of Master Shapers. For millennia, the genetic material was held in stasis until the galaxy was invaded. After choosing the planet Coruscant as the new version of Yuuzhan'tar, Master Shaper Ch'Gang Hool began developing the genetic materials. He carefully grew the cells into the immature dhuryams, in the hopes of obtaining one strong enough to reshape Coruscant. The immature dhuryams had to compete with each other in order to determine which was the strongest and most able to sustain an entire planet. In a ceremony known as tizo'pil Yun'tchilat, the entire clutch of dhuryams was reduced to a single individual, which would then be installed as the World Brain. (EL2, T)

World Devastator
designed by the scientists at the Maw Installation, the plans for the World Devastator were sent to Grand Moff Tarkin years after his death at Yavin. The plans were intercepted by Umak Leth, who convinced his superiors that the designs were his own. This was easily accomplished, since the existence of the Maw Installation was well-hidden by Tarkin. Leth saw the creation of the World Devastator as his chance to surpass the genius of Bevel Lemelisk. He took the basic idea of a molecular furnace that broke down matter into its basic elements, and expanded on it. The plans were transmitted to GM Tarkin just after he left the Maw Installation with Bevel Lemelisk and the plans for the first Death Star. As with the original Death Star plans, their source was never revealed to Emperor Palpatine. The World Devastators were eventually implemented by the clone of Emperor Palpatine and used against Calamari. It was the second generation of superweapon from the Installation, and was designed to "eat" the material from a planet's surface (buildings, cities, spaceships, etc.) and reconstitute them into raw materials for creating new Imperial war machines. As with the Death Star before them, the World Devastators were described to the engineers working on them as beneficial, to be used to recycle useless rubble into useful industrial components. In a similar vein to the Mon Calamari starships, each World Devastator was slightly different than the others. This stemmed from the fact the they built themselves over time. The basic skeleton is the same, but the ships are "grown" under supervision until they are ready for deployment. Then, their programming is altered to allow them to attack a planet and begin consuming its resources for use in creating other war machines, rather than for expanding themselves. (DE1, DESB, JS, JASB)

World Family of Alderaan
another name for the Royal Alderaanian Court. (SWN)

World Log
this was the standard report required to be filed by the New Republic Scout Service, whenever a new planet or system of worlds is discovered. The log must contain information on each planet's environment, native life (both sentient and non-sentient), natural resources, and any personal notes on the planet or system. (GG8)

World Security
this was the planetary security force that protected the planet New Apsolon, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. (CTV)

World Smasher
this was another name for the Imperial World Devastator. (NEGW)

World Sweeper
this was another name for the Imperial World Devastator. (NEGW)

WorldArmor 4
a smaller, less-powerful version of the MerrWeapons WorldArmor 9 planetary defense shield. (HAS)

WorldArmor 9
this was the name of MerrWeapons' planetary defense shielding system. This system encased the planet in question with an energy shield. The WorldArmor 9 was permeated with tiny fire gaps, which allowed ground-based weapons to fire at targets outside the shield. (HAS)

a huge, artificial planetoid created by the Imperial Engineers under Palpatine's rule. These huge planetoids were actually starships which could travel through hyperspace. The Emperor gave them out as gifts to his most trusted servants for their exemplary service. He gave one to Hethrir for his service as Procurator of Justice for the Empire, which Hethrir took and hid on while building the forces he needed to establish the Empire Reborn. (CS)

this was the name of the aging freight hauler owned and operated by Rennik and his two sons. (IR)

World's Core
this was the name given to the dense, underwater maze of tunnels found at the center of the planet Naboo. World's Core was the primary lair of the colo claw fish. (SON)

a bio-engineered form of capital ship, the Yuuzhan Vong worldship was created from a community of yorik coral. Known to the Yuuzhan Vong as a Koros-Strohna, these ten-kilometer-wide ships were living creatures designed to cross vast distances of space. Each was propelled by a collection of dovin basals, which could lock onto a nearby gravity source and use it to "pull" the worldship toward it at incredible speeds. A series of bio-engineered, membranous creatures were attached to the worldship, and could be extended whenever there was no strong gravitational field for the dovin basals to lock onto. The membranous creatures allowed the worldship to be pushed by the interstellar winds. Each worldship carried a compliment of coralskippers for added protection, and several were used to keep the membrane creatures extended. Because the worldship was a self-contained living environment, many Yuuzhan Vong inside began to go mad from the confinement. To ease this situation, special drugs were released into the atmosphere inside the worldship, to calm the Yuuzhan Vong population. Once the worldship was ready for landing, a huge, tubular worm was extended from the craft into the surface of the landing area, allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to establish a planet-side base and maintain contact with the worldship. Like all living creatures, worldships had to be regularly fed and nourished in order to maintain their systems, a chore which was carried out by the Shapers of the Yuuzhan Vong. However, also like living creatures, these huge ships eventually aged and died. Many of the worldships used by the Yuuzhan Vong to cross the intergalactic gulf were quite old by the time they reached the New Republic, having traveled through the intergalactic gulf for many generations, and many began to die shortly after the invasion began. (VP, SBS, DJ, FP, NEGV)

this Ithorian worked as a shuttle pilot on the planet Naboo, during the years surrounding the battle of Naboo. He made regular trips to Ohma-D'un as the Captain of the shuttle Fair Gale, until an accidental leak of Kyvalon-4 gas drove him into a killing madness. In his rage, Worlohp incapacitated many of his passengers and damaged the shuttle's navigational controls. Only the time intervention of several stalwart passengers helped save the trip from disaster. Worlohp made a complete recovery from the accident, and was reinstated as a pilot after profuse apologies. An investigation into the accident, which seemed to have occurred when a rogue missile hit the Fair Gale, was never able to pinpoint the source of the missile. (GMR1)

this Ithorian surname was believed to mean "pilot", according to historians who studied the Ithorian race. (UANT, GCG)

the largest continent found on the planet Ord Mantell, Worlport was known for the many gambling halls and casinos found on its southern coast. (TTSB)

Worm Case
an old song performed by Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes. (TME)

this Imperial device is used to store computer data. WORM stands for write-once-read-many, indicating that the data chips are permanently encoded and cannot be changed. Imperial Customs used these chips to store data on valid Bureau Seal identifications. (SWJ9)

Worm Head
a derogatory name given to the Twi'Lek race. (TOJ)

Worm Sucker
this was a skittish creature, native to the planet Ansion. (APS)

Worm, The
this site, located on the moon of Eskaron, was formed from the dessicated body of an immense space slug. Originally discovered by Likk Nibk, The Worm was a passageway through the moon which was formed when the slug died. Scientists believed that the original slug was more than 12,000 years old when it died. All internal organs and tissues had dissolved over time, leaving the interior of the tunnel covered with dried skin. A team of entrepreneurial smugglers established a starship race inside The Worm, during the last century of the Old Republic. (LFC)

Luke Skywalker's nickname, while he was a youth on Tatooine. (SWN)

this was the code phrase Eurrsk Thri'ag installed on the Night Caller as an emergency override for the main computer systems. In addition to the code phrase "wormturns," any member of Wraith Squadron had to speak the phrase "Agamar rules the galaxy" in order to obtain control of the ship. (WS)

a fragrant wood whose rich oils can be extracted and fermented into a relaxing spirit. (SE)

Wornal Sector
this area of the galaxy is located near the Sombure Sector, and was the site of numerous battles between Moffs Prentioch and Eyrgen as they tried to expand their powers. (SWJ2)

Worner, Cala
this woman worked as an Alliance recruiter, during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. To most casual observers, Cala was a representative of the Outer Rim Trade Consortium, a position which allowed her to travel without attracting much attention. There were rumors that she had ties to The Flail, but nothing was ever proven. She had returned to Kwevron to convince the local farmers to supply foodstuffs to the Alliance, when she was entangled with Imperial Lieutenant Falto Dragen. Idu Taanfaar, an Ithorian farmer who had been serving as Kwevron's primary Alliance cell contact, was killed by Dragen while trying to transport two Alliance operatives to the local spaceport. Cala found herself trapped on the planet, and only the sudden appearance of a team of Alliance operatives allowed her to escape. (RESB, WOTC)

Beolo's pet womp rat. (CCG9)

this alien race, native to an unknown world in an unexplored part of the galaxy, resembled half-crustacena, half-insectoid creatures that stood more than two meters in height. Each Worrite had four arms: a pair of small manipulator arms and a pair of crushing arms that ended in giant claws. Worrites had four eyes, and much of their head was covered with sensory tentacles that writhed constantly. (CCW)

this Wookiee served as the Holder of the Laws for the city of Rwookrrorro, on his homeworld of Kashyyyk, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. It Was Worrroznor who presided over the trial of Jaarak, who had killed Rorworr. When Worrroznor learned of Rorworr's plans to enslave the Wookiees, he allowed Jaarak to go free. (KOTOR)

a froglike creature found on Nal Hutta, these creatures have long tongues. They have large frills around their eyes, and have no teeth. Jabba the Hutt brought a worrt with him to Tatooine, and it roamed his palace grounds as a deterrent to thieves and raiders. The average woort had a very slow metabolism, and spent most of its time rooted to a single spot, waiting for food to pass its way. The worrts which were found on Tatooine only reproduced during the brief periods of humidity showers, and had to mature in a very short period of time. Note that Creatures of the Galaxy and the Return of the Jedi expansion set of the Star Wars Trading Card Game indicate that worrts are native to Tatooine. (MTS, COJ, DS, CCG7, COG, WSW, TCG9)

Worrt Casserole
the receipe for this wonderful-tasting main dish was a family secret kept by Bren Kingal. (SWGAL)

this planet is known for its wide-open, grassy plains. (GOF4)

this Wookiee owed Untos Poquot a life-debt, and followed Poquot into the service of the Alliance. Worrumba fought more to protect Poquot than in support of the Alliance. Worrumba was second in command of the team sent to hijack the Black Ice. (BI)

Worthless Fool
this Cuirilla-Rayl Xylines-class spacetug was purchased by a young Alliance procurement officer from Yearo Seville. Seville claimed its memory banks held information on Imperial shipyards, and the officer paid a huge sum to acquire it. When Dwin Wisheel discovered that the memory banks had been wiped clean, he yelled at the young officer, calling the ship worthless the the officer a worthless fool. The name stuck with the ship ever since, as the working papers distributed for its maintenance began to carry that name. The ship given over to Maytoc Kollene, who chose it for the fact that it had been modified for a one-legged pilot. The Worthless Fool measured 42 meters in length, and required a crew of 7 when fully staffed. There was room for 12-18 passengers, and the ship was armed with a heavy laser cannon, a pair of Hansen FeatherTouch tractor beam projectors, and a laser cannon mounted on each tractor beam turret. (TA)

this Imperial Major was in charge of capturing Bror Jace alive. He was given command of the Black Asp, but failed to bring Jace in alive. He was demoted, and sent to serve Thrawn on the Inexorable. (WG)

this planet was the homeworld of the Spiner race, but it was destroyed some 200 years before the Clone Wars when its star exploded in a supernova. (ANT)

this ancient language was developed by the Spiner race, but was lost when the Spiners were evacuated from Worxer when its star exploded in a supernova. (ANT)

a starpilot, he is credited with developing the Wotan Weave. (XW)

Wotan Weave
a starfighter maneuver, designed to shake pursuit. The pilot keeps his ship on a certain heading, but quickly rolls his fighter around a varying center, corkscrewing his ship in every direction to avoid enemy fire and escape weapons lock. (XW)

this planet was discovered by Han Solo and his wife, Leia Organa-Solo, during their search for a suitable planet for the dishomed Ithorian peoples, about a year after the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated. Woteba itself was a temperate world of marshlands and rolling plains that were broken by jagged ranges of mountains. The planet, along with many others, existed within the depths of the Utegetu Nebula, which had previously been unexplored. Woteba itself was a temperate world without distinction, although investigation after its discovered led to several unusual characteristics. Astrophysicists learned that the Utegetu Nebula was relatively young, and yet planets like Woteba were viable worlds that showed little afteraffect of the supernova that created it. More mysteries appeared when the planet was turned over to the Colony, after the Qoribu crisis, when the disease known as the Fizz appeared. Cilghal and other Jedi healers learned that the Fizz was not a viral or bacterial agent, but instead a sophisticated nanotechnology aimed at destroying anything that wasn't native to Woteba. (DN2)

this man was a member of the Peace Brigade, and accompanied Reck Desh to Kuat to gather information from an unknown telbun. (HT)

Wover, Gallie
a Gunnery Sergeant serving the New Republic aboard the Adamantine, Gallie was the first to discover the death of Koth Barak. She meant to retrieve him from his break, but instead found him dead in the ship's mess hall. Gallie had served the Old Republic, but went into the merchant marine when Palpatine took control of the galaxy. She returned to active duty after the Battle of Endor. She eventually died of the same plague which killed Barak. (POT)

this huge, beefy man was part of the rebel underground on Druckenwell. A former wrestler in sanctioned Imperial events, he worked in Il Avali, and was one of the people who rescued Daye Azur-Jamin after he destroyed I'att Armament's development facility there. He and his Gotal partner Toalar helped Daye recover, and sponsored his application to join the Alliance. (SWJ6, SWJ10, TFE)

the meaning of this archaic Zabrak surname was lost over time. (GCG)

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