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this was the capital city of the planet Delemede. (HNN4)

Wozwashi Street
this was one of the primary roads found on the planet Rishi. (DFR)

this Corellian word was a verb that meant "to astonish or amaze." (HSR)

this portable water purification system was produced by Pretormin Environmental during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GFT)

WQ 445
this ungainly, box-shaped transport ship was produced by TaggeCo. (BP)

Arakyd's tank droid, this automated war machine was introduced to the Imperial arsenal just after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It was first used in the siege of Coruscant. (DESB)

this Imperial Interdictor cruiser was commanded by Mynar Devis during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. The ship was part of the Imperial Remnant's portion of Operation Trinity, was was stationed along one of the escape routes to drag any Yuuzhan Vong warships out of hyperspace before they could attack the rest of the Imperial fleet. (FP)

this was the codename of Drenn, an Imperial spy who served Moff Kentor Sarne under the alias of Klendost Petrivoor as an assassin and saboteur. As the Wraith, Drenn was assigned to infiltrate the Bombaasa Cartel. (DARK)

this was the name of Miraj's modified 74-Z speederbike. (WSV)

Wraith Eight
this was Garik Loran's callsign when he served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Garik was named Wriath One and the leader of the squadron's first flight, Voort saBinring adopted the Wraith Eight callsign. (GMR9)

Wraith Eleven
this was Wes Janson's callsign when he served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Janson was later assigned Wraith Three, Tyria Sarkin adopted the Wraith Eleven callsign for several months, before moving to the Wraith Four callsign. At this time, Elassar Targon was assigned the Wraith Eleven callsign. (GMR9)

Wraith Five
this was Kell Tainer's callsign, during his tenure with Wraith Squadron in the years following the Battle of Endor. (GMR9)

Wraith Four
this was Eurrsk Thri'ag's callsign when he served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Eurrsk's death, Dia Passik adopted the Wraith Four callsign. When Dia was moved to the position of Wraith Seven, Tyria Sarkin was added as Wraith Four. (GMR9)

Wraith Leader
this was the deisgnation of Wedge Antilles, which he used after he joined Han Solo in the search for Warlord Zsinj aboard the Mon Remonda. During this time, Wedge was in command of both Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron, as well as Nova and Polearm Squadrons. (SOC)

Wraith Nine
this was Myn Donos's callsign when she served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Wes Janson was named the leader of the squadron's third flight, Shalla Nelprin adopted the Wraith Nine callsign. (MR9)

Wraith One
this was Wedge Antilles' callsign as the leader of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After the Wraiths became a full part of the New Republic military, Wedge was considered as Wraith Leader, while Garik Loran became Wraith One. (GMR9)

Wraith Seven
this was Ton Phanan's callsign when he served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Ton's death, Dia Passik adopted the Wraith Seven callsign. (GMR9)

Wraith Six
this was Hohass Ekwesh's callsign as a member of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. (GMR9)

Wraith Squadron
formed by Wedge Antilles shortly after the Battle of Thyferra, when the reformed Rogue Squadron could not immediately be re-assigned, Wraith Squadron was made up of the degs of the New Republic's fighter pilots. Wedge felt that there were some potentially great pilots who just needed another chance, and formed the Squadron with the help of Wes Janson. The group was originally designated Gray Squadron, but Wedge allowed the team to choose its own name. Tyria Sarkin came up the name Wraith Squadron, named for mysterious phantoms who were supposed to live under the beds of young children. Among other names proposed were Dinner Squadron - under which the squadron actually performed a mission - and Silly Squadron. Shortly after the Wraiths participated in the destruction of the Razor's Kiss, Wedge returned to Rogue Squadron, but remained in command of the Wraiths. The Wraiths quickly proved their worth as an infiltration team, taking out several key Imperial installations and providing valuable support during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. After the defeat of Zsinj at Selaggis Six, they were disbanded as a starfighter squadron and turned into an Intelligence force working for Airen Cracken. Their insignia as a starfighter group was a white circle bounded by a blue band and two gold rings. Within the white circle were twelve images of X-Wings, flying in formation from lower left to upper right. The lead ship was larger than the others arrayed around it, and all were black in color. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Wraiths were assigned to scouting the locations of Yuuzhan Vong strongholds, especially along the major hyperspace travel routes. More often than not, they encountered alien warships along these routes, and were forced to flee before being discovered. (WS, IF, SOC, SBS)

Wraith Ten
this was Tyria Sarkin's callsign when she served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Tyria was moved to the squadron's second flight, Shalla Nelprin adopted the Wraith Ten callsign. Later, when Wes Janson was named leader of the squadron's third flight, he assumed the Wraith Ten callsign. (GMR9)

Wraith Thirteen
this callsign was used as part of Wraith Squadron's roster during the early years of the New Republic, after the hunt for Imperial Warlord Zsinj was launched in earnest. It was originally assigned to Lara Notsil, until she earned a full position with the squadron. (GMR9)

Wraith Three
this was Falynn Sandskimmer's callsign when she served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Falynn's death, Wes Janson adopted the Wraith Three callsign. When Wes assumed leadership of the third flight within the squadron, the Wraith Three callsign was used to identify Myn Donos. (GMR9)

Wraith Twelve
this was Voort saBingring's callsign when he served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. (GMR9)

Wraith Two
this was Jesmin Ackbar's callsign when she served as one of the original members of Wraith Squadron, during the early years of the New Republic. After Jesmin left military service, Castin Donn adopted the Wraith Two callsign. After Castin was executed by Imperial Captain Seku, Lara Notsil was added to the squadron as Wraith Two. (GMR9)

Wraith, Jigger
this Mandalorian bounty hunter wreaked havoc on the Old Republic, many years before the Mandalorian Wars. The Old Republic captured and executed thirty-seven other Mandalorians, believing each was Jigger Wraith, before the chaos attributed to him abated, (KOTOR)

this was the name given to the infiltration unit of the Death Watch. (SWGAL)

a planet. (SWJ7)

this was the codename of an Imperial Intelligence special agent assigned to track the Far Orbit and bring its crew to justice. Despite being a formidable opponent in battle, WRATH never managed to locate the ship. (FOP)

this Bothan served as an officer in the New Republic's Intelligence agency, during the height of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. During the mission to destroy the yammosk which had been installed on Caluula, Wraw was continually at odds with Han Solo, as both sides found reasons to bicker with each other about every aspect of the plan. After the team headed into the wilderness and was captured, they noticed that their Yuuzhan Vong captors - as well as all aspects of their bio-technology - were suddenly dying. Wraw was forced to reveal that his primary mission as part of Team Meloque was to monitor a new strain of the Alpha Red virus that was loosed on Caluula, to verify that it was still as potent as originally believed. His mission with the Team was also a redundant backup in case the Alpha Red virus failed, so that they could eliminate the yammosk in more traditional ways. Despite the anger of the rest of the team, Wraw was happy to learn two things: the new virus worked as described, and it was being transported to Coruscant by the Shapers who had fled the planet. (UF)

this planet is located near the Smuggler's Run. Its inhabitants responded to the medical emergencies created when Dolph's specially-rigged droids exploded throughout the Run. (TNR)

Wrecking Droid
a huge, ambulatory droid with long arms and legs, designed to be used to reduce any large object to its smallest components. They are old machines, and are rarely found on the more advanced worlds. (DRO)

Wrede, Lanus
this man, at one time, represented his homeworld of Sermeria in the Old Republic Senate, before he committed suicide. Senator Wrede had made several public statements on the business practices of the Baktoid Armor Workshop, claiming that the corporation was secretly building huge armies of battle droids on remote worlds, away from the prying eyes of the Old Republic. His claims revolved around the increased purchase of raw materials by Baktoid, without a substantial increase in the production of goods for sale. Baktoid claimed that the purchase of rawmats was an investment toward future diversification, and Senator Wrede's accusations were refuted by many business analyst. A three-month investigation revealed no obvious wrong-doings. With his political career in shambles, Senator Wrede killed himself. (HNN4)

Wren, Lavina Durada-Vashne
this woman served as Cularin's Senator to the New Republic, during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Her administration brought a great deal of financial stability to Cularin's corporations, and worked out a treaty with the Tarasin to maintain peace. However, there was some animosity between Senator Wren and the Jedi Knights who operated the Almas Academy. Her personal life was something of a mystery, as she made every effort to keep it out of the spotlight. Wren enjoyed her privacy, and in the vacuum of reports their sprang up all sortsor rumors, not the least of which that she was a descendent of Reidi Artom. After it was announced that she had snubbed a dinner invitation from Chancellor Valorum himself, Senator Wren returned to Cularin to announced that she was getting married. She continued to act as Cularin's Senator, and even earned the endorsement of crimelord Nirama in maintaining the integrity of Cularin System. However, because she spent so much of her time on Coruscant, many feared that she had forgotten her homeworld amidst the riches and splendor of the galactic capital. Many of these sentiments were cast aside when, during the height of the Clone Wars, her diplomatic cruiser was destroyed shortly after landing on Coruscant, in much the same way that Senator Padme' Amidala's vessel had been destroyed months earlier. Senator Wren managed to survive the explosion, when a guards managed to push her into a crash capsule just before the disaster occurred. It was during this time that Senator Wren appealed to the Senate for military aid for Cularin, both for assistance in the Clone Wars and for combatting the Thaereian Military. She was denied three successive times, despite her impassioned pleas, rendering her request "frivolous" in the eyes of her peers. As the war ground on, Senator Wren found herself suddenly under arrest for collusion with the Separatists and treasonous behavior against the Republic. She was placed under arrest, and Chancellor Palpatine ordered that the entire Cularin System be placed under martial law until the crisis was over. Senator Wren spent some time in a Republic Holding Facility, and even Warlan Tosk's presentation of a Republic Senate Sealed letter requesting her release was not enough to free her. Unfortunately for Cularin, Senator Wren was believed to have died in an explosion at the Holding Facility, caused by a Zabrak suicide bomber. She was later rescued by Tosk, but their escape was met with stern opposition. They were aided by an unknown benefactor, who provided them with a ship. However, as they raced back to hide on Cularin, substantial bounties were offered for their capture, with Senator Wren herself commanding 35,000 credits if captured alive. (LFCW)

this clone trooper was part of the platoon dispatched to Pengalan IV, during the early stages of the Clone Wars, to eliminate a Separatist missile facility on the planet. He was given the nickname Mapper by Joram Kithe, who was stranded on the planet with the platoon's survivors after the Separatist sprang a trap. The nickname, given to help Joram communicate with the troopers, was based on the fact that the clone trooper had the highest level of mechanical aptitude among his fellow platoon-mates. It was later revealed to Joram that Wrench and his platoon-mates were actually enhanced clones, having been given additional self-reliance and initiative during their development. These enhanced troops were dispatched with observers like Joram, in order to ensure the production of clone troopers was continued. (SWI65)

this Jawa worked for Big Bunji as a kind of mercenary and go-between with the various Jawa clans. He distinguished himself from other Jawas by wearing dark blue robes with gray trim, instead of the usual dusty brown robes. (MEAS)

this creature is often kept as a snack-food by the Hutts. (THG)

this five-meter-long slug was native to the planet Drongar, and was one of the largest land creatures ever found on the planet. They moved about in a zig-zag pattern that gave them their name, and were covered with cilia that could produce a powerful electric shock when touched. The flesh of a wriggler was found to be quite palatable by the military units that were stationed on Drongar during the height of the Clone Wars, and it was one of many local delicacis that found their way into the messhalls. (MBS)

Wright-Sims, Wendell
this spice trader often provided complimentary spice to Prince Xizor, as a kind of insurance payment. He hoped to remain in Xizor's favor by freely giving the spice, which Xizor didn't use. He did keep it around for any of his clients who chose to partake. (SE)

this city is the capital of Svivren's southern district, and is located in a semi-arid climate surrounded by rounded mountains. It is well-known for its bargaining arenas. (MJEH)

Wrist Link
similar to a comlink, the wrist link was worn around the user's lower forearm. It was much more sophisticated than a comlink, and had several modes of communication. (IG1)

Wrist Vac
this Twi'leki weapon is worn on the user's wrist. When triggered, the wrist vac releases a number of small, high-velocity blades that at the target. (THG)

this vicious, feline predator was native to a number of worlds, including Corellia, Tanthior,and Torega, hunting in large packs. Individual species of wrix were distinguished by their coloration and size. Their ferocious nature gave them a bad reputation over time, and the Corellian wrix was infamously remembered from the fable of Kribben and Zibben, two brothers who disobeyed their parents and were eaten by a group of wrix. It was believed by xenobiologists that a wrix could only see visible light in terms of black and white, that these creatures were completely colorblind. (SSR, COG, ROD)

this insect, which was native to the planet Kubindi, was considered a succulent delicacy by the Kubaz race. (MIS6)

this alien race was known for its exquisitely-woven carpets, which used some of the richest color patterns in the galaxy. (HSE)

Wrokix Works
this manufacturer created armored space suits for military use. Many of their designs were used by the enforcement agencies of the Corporate Sector Authority. (CSA)

Wrong-Way Wint
this male Clantaani was a known associate of Longo Two-Guns during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture in connection with the skimming of profits from a "legitimate" protection agency in Mos Espa, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who was on Tatooine trying to arrange a meeting with Jabba. (BH)

this planet was the homeworld of the Wroonian race. It was a small, blue world located in the edge of the Inner Rim, and was the primary planet in the Wroona System. Much of the planet was covered in water, at it had a rich history of seagoing commerce. It was located near Boeus Sector. (SWJ3, SWJ9)

Wroona Stardock
a massive repair and re-supply facility in close orbit around Wroona, this space station was a Kuat Drive Yards Type IV-A stardock. Armed with eight turret-mounted turbolasers, it was built by the Empire to secure a foothold in the system, and was later infiltrated by Dirk Harkness and Jai Raventhorn. (SWJ5)

a near-human race native to the planet Wroona, the Wroonians had blue skin, dark hair, and a light-hearted, optimistic outlook on life. As a society, they Wroonians were extremely materialistic, and to an individual they strove to increase their personal wealth. At the same time, Wroonians were also impulsive, an attribute that manifested itself in their legends of Master Fate. Death meant little to the average Wroonian, as their lives were defined by how much wealth they could accumulate and how much fun they could have obtaining it. Government, to a Wroonian, was an easy excuse to relieve him of his wealth and take away his freedom to acquire it. Millennia before the New Order, the Wroonians were a sea-faring people. Modern Wroonians considered this their "dark ages." (SWJ7, SWJ13)

Wroonian Ale
this was a fermented malt beverage brewed on the planet Wroona. (SWJ3)

Wroonian Guilds
this loose confederation of merchants and manufacturers presided over all the business affairs of the planet Wroona. Most individual guilds had control over their area of expertise. (AE)

Wroonian Tramp
this song, performed by Dobi Deene, was one of the galaxy's most popular numbers during the year leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN5)

this satin-like fabric was used to create some of the galaxy's most beautiful and expensive dresses, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (SWI75)

native to the planet Kashyyyk, this species of trees could grow to heights measured in kilometers, with a few specimens tall enough to reach the clouds. Wookiee scientists located wroshyr trees with diameters that were several kilometers across, a fact that helped them support their massive trunks. Wroshyr trees dominated the planet's surface, extending to the tiny polar caps and the small desert located at the equator. While the surface of Kashyyyk was estimated to be forty-percent covered by water, the commingled wroshyr trees blocked any view of the water from space. The Wookiees who were native to Kashyyk built their cities in wroshyr trees, taking advantage of the tree's natural strengths to create their cities. The branches of a wroshyr tree merged with one another when they intersected, branching out to form vast networks of limbs. As these networks expanded, the Wookiees, could train them to grow in certain directions, allowing them to form living buttresses and walls. The merging of two wroshyr branches stood as a symbol of the unity and strength of the Wookiee people. The upper portion of a wroshyr tree was set aside for nursery rings, where young Wookiees were raised. Even at these heights, the wroshyr trees measured almost half a kilometer in diameter. Each wroshyr tree reproduced by producing cones every 100 years. Each cone contained a single seed, which was protected by the cone until it fell to the ground. Wookiees known as Tree Carers often gathered the fallen cones, storing the seeds for later planting. (HTTE, GMR4)

this was the name of Chenlambec's saucer-shaped starship. He and Tinian I'att used it to land on the Executor while applying for the Hunt for Han Solo. When they met up with Bossk, they had to leave it behind on the huge flagship while leaving in the Hound's Tooth. The Wroshyr was armed with a pair of laser cannons. (TBH, SWJ6)

Wroshyr Louse
this large, purplish-blue insect lived on the bark of the wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. When crushed, these insects exuded a thick syrup, which was often used in Wookiee cooking. The females Wookiees of the planet belived that a young female could drop a wroshyr louse on the male they wished to court, and that the male would be bonded to her forever. Of course, the female had to offer to groom the male's fur, as a way to apologize for the "mistake." (C)

this Twi'lek was a member of the Shak clan, and was the brother of Koh'shak. Wrou'shak served as the Wind Master of the Kala'uun Starport, ensuring that the turbines located within the Lonely Five were continually operational, providing electricity to the Starport. (PSPG)

this Shyriiwook word was used as the prefix to many Wookiee names. It translated into Basic as "quiet", "soft", or "stealthy", and could be combined with one or more suffixes to form a complete Wookiee name. (GMR10, GCG)

known as Wrrl, this Wookiee was rescued from slavery by the I'att family. When Tinian I'att was twelve, she witnessed Wrrl being beaten to death in the slave markets of Druckenwell, and had pleaded with her grandfather to purchase him before he was killed. When Wrrl learned of Tinian's wish to save him, he quickly declared a life-debt to her, and he never left her side. When Moff Kerioth killed Tinian's grandparents and stole I'att Armaments' new armor-protective field generator, Wrrl managed to get Tinian out of the complex before stormtroopers killed him. (TFE, SWJ4)

this was the name of a Wookiee martial art. Those Wookiees who became skilled in Wrruushi combat were known as devastating hand-to-hand fighters, and were considered deadly at close ranges. The Wrruushi form of combat was never taught to beings of other races, since it could only be performed by the incredibly strong physique of a Wookiee. Compared to other forms of martial arts, the Wrruushi was relatively slow-paced, being focused on intensely-powerful punches and jabs that took advantage of a Wookiee's upper-body strength. The advantage of this form of martial art was that it emphasized the use of a single, heavy strike against one's opponent, rather than a combination of two or three blows. (DARK, HG)

Wrune Tsallin
this small-time spacer found employment with Jatayus Outbound shortly the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately for Wrune, he tried to welch out on a payment and was executed for his treachery. (SSR)

Wruuta Wruuta
this was a common name among the Swokes Swokes race. (GORW)

W-series Droid
this was the version of the basic Destroyer Droid, produced for the Separatists just prior to the Battle of Geonosis. (TCG2)

this independent spacer was one of a growing faction who doubted that pilot droids, such as the Industrial Automaton V1 and V6, would ever be able to fully replace a living pilot. (FTD)

an alias used by Princess Leia for her personal starship, Alderaan. She used it at the Munto Codru spaceport. (CS)

this Swokes Swokes was one of the twelve Caliphs who lived in the city of Thousand Thousand, on the planet Makem Te, during the height of the New Order. (GORW)

this was an outdated, Corellian star yacht design that measured about 18.5 meters in length. It was easily operated by a single pilot, and had room to accommodate up to seven passengers and three metric tons of cargo. (SWDB, GMR4)

meaning "polite", this was one of the most common names among Rodian females. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

this was a common name given to male Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

this was the largest continent found on the planet Gamorr. (SWJ14)

the human bartender working in the Mos Eisley cantina when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker approach Han Solo regarding passage to Alderaan. Wuher grew up on Tatooine, having been abandoned on the desert world by his parents, and was brought up by one of the Shi'ido who impersonated Reess Kairn, until the alien was killed by Aurra Sing. As an adult, Wuher worked the after-double-noon shift for Chalmun. Wuher was abandoned in Mos Eisley as a child, and has been fighting his way up in the world ever since. He has maintained a spark of a dream of getting off Tatooine. He has grown up hating and distrusting droids, having been brushed off in favor of them a number of times. When he discovered a chemistry kit, he began experimenting with new ways to create tasty drink mixes. He later completed a bartending correspondence course, and now considers himself a bioalchemist. He has been working for Chalmun for a number of years, and has fine-tuned his ability to create new beverages due to Chalmun's tight alcohol budget. In an effort to get off Tatooine, Wuher has been trying to create the perfect liqueur for Jabba the Hutt. After stumbling onto C2-R4, Wuher discovered that the droid was extremely helpful for exactly mixing ingredients. When Greedo came into the cantina and was killed by Han Solo, wuher realized that Rodian pheromones were the missing ingredient in Jabba's liqueur. Wuher obtained Greedo's corpse, and had C2-R4 brew Greedo into the liqueur. (SW, TME, BHAS, SWDB)

Wuin, Treffelt
this mid-level Imperial bureaucrat was stationed on Draenell's Point, during the construction of the Empire's resupply base in the Bissillirus System, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. He offered to provide information on the Empire's efforts to the Alliance, in return for sanctuary on a safeworld. Wuin worked through the trader Hennilrum to talk to the Alliance. (GMK)

Wuitho Trifalls
a beautiful series of three waterfalls once found on the planet Alderaan. (WG)

Wuja Wojaine
this Pydyrian represented the moon of Pydyr in the Old Republic Senate, until he was implicated in a slavery ring shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. Senator Wojaine had been secretly working with the Thalassians, along with Senators Tikkes, Danry Ledwellow, and Bufus Ritsomas, although none of the Senators was aware of the others' involvement. The Senator was suspended from duty pending an investigation. (HNN5)

this was a common name given to Zabrak males. Like many Zabrak names, it related to survival characteristics, and meant "hammer". (GCG)

this was a common name among the Yuzzem race. (UANT)

a former Imperial world which quickly surrendered to the New Republic, Wukkar was located along the Corellian Run. However, its position made it one of many planets captured by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy. This allowed the alien invaders to control a good portion of the Corellian Run, forcing the New Republic to use other routes for Coreward travel. (DESB, UF)

meaning "chaste", this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

Wulfruit Tree
this fruit-bearing tree was native to the planet KyLessia. (TBSB)

this large predator, the largest member of the wulkenso family, was native to the planet Joralla. It lived in the jungles, attacking and consuming creatures as big as a man. Each wulkarsk had six limbs and two distinct torso sections. The lower section held four limbs, and was used for motion. The upper section held the two arms, as well as a neck and head. Their elongated snouts are studded with four eyes, which gave them excellent vision. The native Tikiarri of Joralla often tamed these beasts for use as hunters, operating in packs to help bring down larger prey. (PG1)

this family of predators included the wulkarsk of Joralla. (PG1)

this was the capital city of the planet Draenell's Point, which was located on the continent of Mee'r. (GMK)

meaning "friendly", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

this was a noted member of the Nikto race. Note that the Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook claims Wumdi is an Etti name. (UANT)

this Etti was one of Prince Xizor's vigo's, or one of his closest lieutenants. As a vigo, Wumdi developed a criminal empire by taking advantage of opportunities within the Corporate Sector. He maintained a relationship with a number of CSA executives, and brought in a wealth of credits to Black Sun. However, he embezzled a large percentage of his profits. (SE, SESB)

this young Melida was the child of Quintama and Pinani. Wunana was killed in battle during the Twenty-Second Battle of Zehava. (DOD)

this Ewok and his brother, Tokkat, served the New Republic as soldiers aboard the re-christened Star Destroyer Liberator during the years following the Battle of Endor. When the Liberator crashed on Coruscant during the Republic's struggle with the reborn Emperor Palpatine, Wunka and Tokkat struggled to defend the surviving crew, including Lando Calrissian. Unfortunately, Wunka died shortly afterward, during a mission to Holageus. (GMR9, GORW)

according to Ewok legend, this malevolent tree spirit dropped broken limbs on careless Ewoks. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok males. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

this small, froglike creature was native to the planet Mrlsst, and lived in the branches of the greenstalk trees. Docile and calm, the wourl had a flat body with two tails and a long, tube-shaped snout. They were considered a delicacy by many chefs, and were harvested for their tasty flesh. (EGP, BF4)

this was a Huttese unit of money, and was in prominent use in the Outer Rim Territories during the last decades of the Old Republic. There were sixty-four wupiupi in one peggat, which was worth four truguts or about forty Republic dataries. Note that in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, wupiupi are referred to as truguts. Also note that Secrets of Tatooine indicates that a single wupiupi was worth about 0.625 of a datarie, or 0.0625 of a trugut. (SW1, TPM, SOT, SWI80)

a tall, think grass native to the planet Moltok. (HTSB)

a giant flower which has a spectacular bloom. (GG4)

this was one of the most common Gungan surnames, taking from the father's side of the family. These surnames were not dropped, even after marriage. To the Gungans, it meant "talented crafter". (GCG)

this Bothan served as a Captain in the military of the Galactic Allaince, and was also an aide to Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. He often badgered his way to a position of strength by invoking the names of his honored family members, and he was quick to point out that Admiral Bwua'tu was his mother's uncle. He was also related to several Bothans who served aboard the Avengeance, although he was torn between his loyalty to the Galactic Alliance and the Bothan need to complete the ar'kai against the Yuuzhan Vong. During the blockade of the Murgo Choke, about a year after the Qoribu Crisis, Captain Wurf'al served under Admiral Bwua'tu aboard the Admiral Ackbar. When Leia Organa Solo discovered that the spinglass statuary of Admiral Bwua'tu contained assassin bugs from the Gorog hive, Wurf'al was the first officer hit by the swarm. In seconds, he was reduced to a lifeless mass of flesh, as the insects cut him apart with swift precision. (DN2)

an Alliance Corvette group destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. It was stationed at deepspace platform DS-5, and was in place to help facilitate Harkov's defection. (TIE)

this Wookiee musician was a member of Shluur, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. Even among the members of Shluur, Wurokkk was considered dangerously avant-garde, and was even banned from performing on Clak'Dor VIII after it was discovered that one of his arrangements contained subliminal cues and subsonic undertones that caused aggressive behavior in many Bith. (GORW)

this was a noted Ubese scout. (UANT)

this unusual creature was considered more dangerous but less annoying than a mynock, since their activities caused damage to droids and crew members rather than to ships themselves. The wurrek was a fine-scaled creature that measured just under a meter in length, and lacked any defined head. Instead a sensor cluster found on its dorsal side helped the wurrekdetect light and vibrations. Six tentacled arms ended in a collection of tooth-filled mouths, which served as breathing apparatus, manipulators, and feeding mechanisms. It also attacked with these mouths, which made the wurrek hard to capture. The arms of the wurrek were designed for climbing, and the creature felt more at home in caves and caverns than on the ground. What made wurreks so despised was their insatiable appetite, and the lengths they would go to in order to find food. When trapped aboard a starship, wurreks would chew its way into cargo containers in serach of anything edible, leaving a mess in its wake. When confronted, a wurrek often attacked first, having little fear of other creatures. A wurrek which discovered a load of spice was exceptionally dangerous, since the spice drove the creature into a wild frenzy. (WOTC)

Wurrif-class Light Cruiser
this 400-meter-long Ssi-ruuvi warship was capable of carrying 200 Swarm-class battle drones. Four of these ships were sent to Bakura to escort the Shriwirr. The primary mission profile of the Wurrif-class was this form of escort, as well as protecting the Sh'ner-class assault ship and the Lwhekk-class manufacturing vessel. The average Wurrif-class ship was armed withsix heavy turbolaser cannons, 24 ion cannons, and 12 tractor beam projectors. The crew complement consisted of 200 Ssi-ruuk officers, 1,500 P'w'eck laborers, and 156 gunners. In addition to the Swarm-class battle droids, the Wurrif-class cruiser could transport up to 2,000 metric tons of cargo.. (EGV, TBSB)

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