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Weng, Mayli
Mayli represented the Exotic Entertainers' Union, and was on Prince Xizor's secret payroll. Black Sun owned or operated a number of businesses which used the EEU's members, and Mayli was responsible for communicating needs to Xizor. She was never demanding, which pleased Xizor. (SE)

manufacturers of communications and entertainment systems for small repulsorlift craft. (GG7)

this planet is the homeworld of the Cha'wen'he race of avians, and is teeming with carnivorous species. It was discovered several millennia before the Galactic Civil War. (GG12)

Wenn, Cala
Morr Wenn's wife, and one of Adar Tallon's servants in his Tatooine residence. She was very loyal to Tallon. (TM)

Wenn, Morr
Cala's hsuband, and a servant loyal to Adar Tallon. Morr and Cala served Tallon while he was hiding on Tatooine. (TM)

Wenn, Nell
a native of Deysum III, this young woman grew up admiring the Sector Rangers and other law enforcement officers. She joined the police academy on her homeworld, hoping to one day join the Sector Rangers herself. However, she was appalled by the corruption and selfishness of her fellow students, teachers, and officers, and tried to talk about it with her commanding officer. She was lectured to keep to herself, and later tried to bring her case to the planetary governor. Before she could go any further, the apartment she shared with her boyfriend was destroyed in an explosion. Nell barely escaped, but her boyfriend was killed instantly. She resigned from the police force and assumed the alias of Mendegar, working as an Imperial bounty hunter. (SWJ15)

Wennel, Ajax
this young saber rake was a member of House Cadriaan, who was known to enjoy things which were unorthodox and, more importantly, anti-Imperial. Although nothing was ever proven, many other Tapani Sector Houses believed he was a member of the Alliance. During the Unification Gala, just before the Battle of Endor, Wennel participated in a staged reproduction of the Battle of Shindra's Veil. Wennel was hit with real fire from an unknown enemy, and barely survived the play. (TSIA)

this was the name of Rokur Gepta's personal starship, a decommissioned Imperial cruiser that had been built nearly a century before the Galactic Civil War. It was a trowel-shaped craft, painted in a matte black finish and bristling with weaponry and shielding. Although ostensibly part of the Imperial Navy, the Wennis lacked any markings that denoted ties to the Empire. Her crew wore the standard uniforms of the Imperial Navy, but lacked any insignia or indications of rank or unit. Most of the crew resented this, but kept silent out of sheer loyalty to the Empire. Gepta had built a small chamber near the ship's drive tubes. The chamber could only be accessed from outside the side, via a four-centimeter-wide access port, and a small auxilliary craft had to negotiate the ship's jetwash in order to land there. The chamber was windowless, with two-meter-thick walls to keep Gepta's destructive lifeform contained inside. In order to enter the chamber, Gepta had to revert to his normal slug-like shape in order to enter it. Contained within the chamber was the deadly lifeform that Gepta had used to destroy the planet Tund. The Wennis destroyed a small group of Oswaft during the fight for the ThonBoka, when it ejected a miniscule sample of Gepta's bio-weapon into the mouth of the ThonBoka. However, another such attack never occurred, as the Wennis was destroyed when Klyn Shanga forced Osuno Whett's small ship to collide with the cruiser. Whett's ship ripped the Wennis apart at the middle, and the cruiser exploded. (LCM, LCF, LCS)

this small mammal was the favored prey of the jran, but only if the jran could catch one. Their continual hide-and-seek existence gave rise to the phrase "a game of jran and wenton," which indicated any series of events in which one party tried to avoid contact with another pursuing party. (SWJ4)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the two Bith cities involved in the conflict that left the planet Clak'Dor VII an ecological wasteland. The strife was the result of a dispute over patent rights to a new stardrive, thought to be owned by Nozho and Weogar. Nozho investigators blackmailed the neutral arbitrator in order to sway his decision, while Weogar's mayor refused to honor the falsified decision. Both cities began producing the stardrive, and the increased trade competition led to the first Bith war in a million years. Nozho struck first, launching a chemical attack that wiped out most of Weogar's population. Weogar's retailiation was a biological weapon that mutated the genetic structure of any life form it contacted, leaving Nozho a desolate land filled with genetic monsters. The survivors were forced to build hermetically-sealed cities in order to survive the devastation. Because of the fact that it survived, Weogar became the ostensible capital of Clak'Dor VII. (GG4, GORW)

this smuggler was considered something of an expert on the classification of droids, at least by himself. (SWJ14)

Weqill, Lajar
this military officer was part of a safari team which was ambushed by a pack of crazed draagax on Relkass. A commander in the military, Weqill had never been forced to fight a more dangerous opponent than the draagax. (COG)

Weranian Holocards
a deck of holographic cards featuring certain "stimulating" images. (SE)

this Kitonak name was common across Kirdo III. (UANT)

Werl, Apelben
this woman, a former naval Admiral, took command of the military on his homeworld of Vannix, shortly after the Battle of Coruscant. After Presider Sakins looted the planetary treasury and fled the planet, Werl struggled with Senator Addath Gadan in an effort to restore stability to the planet. Where the Senator favored appeasing the Yuuzhan Vong, Admiral Werl wanted to bring military force to bear against the alien invaders. Admiral Werl agreed to help Leia Organa Solo by providing submersible vehicles which could be used against the alien invaders, in exchange for Solo's help in winning the election. Both parties feared that Senator Gadan's stance on appeasing the Yuuzhan Vong would simply hand Vannix over to the aliens as a new operational base. With a clever bit of manipulation and the help of Fasald Ghem, Leia managed to doom Senator Gadan's career, clearing the way for Admiral Werl to be elected Presider. (EL2)

this self-important Imperial officer served the Navy as a Captain during the years following the Battle of Yavin. When Darth Vader returned to the Emperor's side, Captain Wermis was assigned to the first task force assembled to track down the heroes who destroyed the first Death Star. Wermis hated being subordinate to Vader, and often spoke condescendingly to the Dark Lord of the Sith. Vader, recognizing the need to locate the Alliance quickly, tolerated Wermis' jibes long enough to reach The Wheel, where he hoped to capture Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa in one swift action. Although Skywalker escaped from The Wheel, Wermis didn't suffer a similar fate to other Imperial officers who failed Vader. He was allowed to continue his service to the Dark Lord of the Sith, although Vader relished in putting Wermis into positions where his lack of courage forced him to retreat. It was later discovered that Wermis was a native of the planet Anaxes, and a member of a long line of naval officers from the planet. (MC21, MC29, CCW)

Wermis, Osted
this man served as the last Imperial Commander to hold the planet Anaxes, until he peaceably handed the planet and its surrounding system over tot he New Republic. (CCW)

a native of the planet Aquella, Wermyn's skin was purplish-green because of the various dyes and tattoos placed on it by his people. Although he appears to be a strangely-colored, one-armed alien, Wermyn is quite human. He lost his right arm in an accident while serving as the operations manager of the Maw Installation. An experimental beam projector weapon malfunctioned during a zero-G test and exploded. Wermyn opted to go without an artificial implant. He was killed aboard the Death Star prototype when Tol Sivron piloted it into the Maw. (COTF, JASB)

Werncin 3
it was on this planet that New Republic agent Tauran Nartal was captured by Slar-dan ti-Gardi and Borun Call, in Jinorota City. (SWJ8, SWJ10)

this New Republic warship was destroyed at the Battle of N'zoth. (TT)

Werribee, Grotto
this information broker worked in the city of Mos Espa, on Tatooine, during the era of the Battle of Naboo. A former starship traffic controller, he was fond of bragging that he knew everything were was to know about docking bay procedures. (CCG13)

an extremely potent narcotic. (RASB)

this was the name of a legendary off-worlder settlement, located in the Valley of Rejection on the planbet N'zoth. The legends, in this case, were true, as the city - whose name was the shortened form of "We're still here" - was established by twenty-three humans, five Rodians, five Sullustans, and a Twi'lek. (CCW)

Werth, Bane
this man was Jaalib Brandl's personal assistant during the subjugation of Ariana, on Garos IV. Werth was a Lieutenant in the Imperial armed forces. (SWJ12)

this was one of the more common, albeit archaic, names used by Trandoshan hunters. Like most Trandoshan names, it was reserved for males, but could be adopted by those rare females who became hunters. In the Trandoshan language, the name meant "cannot stop killing", and referred to an ancient Trandoshan ideal of being devoted solely to hunting. (GCG)

this Trandoshan soldier was a compatriot of Mynnic the Jedi, and often worked with Mynnic's team during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (GMR6)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

Wesau T'orrin
this being, a native of the planet Rezi-9, was a noted marksman who participated in the Galactic Games on Euceron, some six years after the Battle of Naboo. (JQ3)

this island, located on the planet Rodia, situated off the coast of the Betu continent, in the Wesessa Sea. (SPG)

Wesessa Sea
this was the second-largest body of water found on the planet Rodia. (SPG)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It meant "commanding". (GCG)

this Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "pale" or "thin." (GCG, WOTC)

this is the twenty-third symbol in the Aurebesh script, and represents the Basic letter "w". (SWM)

a Mugaari cargo ferry destroyed by the Empire shortly after the Battle of Hoth. (TIE)

Wessel, Marcellin
this man served as the Imperial Governor of the Immalia Setor of the galaxy, working from a base on the planet Yinchor during the last years of the New Order. He was noted for his understanding of non-human races, which he gathered during his tenure as a Colonel in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. (LTA6, MC86, SWI84)

Wessel, Redd
the son of Imperial Governor Marcellin Wessel, this Imperial General threw in his lot with Carnor Jax, in the wake of the destruction of Emperor Palpatine's clones on Byss. Jax commanded him to hunt down Kir Kanos at any cost, for the former Royal Imperial Guard held the secrets of Jax's past. He hoped to capture Kanos on Phaeda, after Colonel Shev's men were eliminated singlehandedly by Kanos. He knew of Shev's corrupt ways, and felt that Shev would ignore Jax's orders to stand down and avoid Kanos. In this he was correct, as they discovered when they arrived at Phaeda. Wessel and Jax managed to gather information which had Kanos fleeing to Yinchorr, and Jax ordered Wessel to take the Emperor's Revenge to Yinchorr to capture Kanos. Jax accompanied them, wanting to witness Kanos' destruction first-hand. However, Wessel was overconfident when he was able to capture the Scimitar Assault Bomber stolen by Kanos on Phaeda. He ordered the bomber brought aboard the Emperor's Revenge and opened, so that he could personally bring Kanos into custody. Jax recognized the trick being played on him by Kanos, and fled the Star Destroyer just before Wessel forced open the hatch to the bomber. The APA-5 dorid Kanos had placed in the pilot's seat announced the destruction of the bomber, and the explosion which resulted destroyed the Emperor's Revenge. Wessel and most of his troops were killed in the explosion, as Jax and Blim fled to the surface of Yinchorr in a shuttle. (CE, SWI84)

this was one of the primary subordinates of the Cavrilhu Pirates, and was in charge of the delivery of shipments to the Kauron System base. He was supposedly in the custody of the New Republic on Amorris when Luke Skywalker tried to to infiltrate the Cavrilhu Pirate base in the Kauron System. (SOP)

Wessex, Denn
this Imperial Governor of Relgim Sector married Lira Blissex. Wessex was a former naval commander who served the Old Republic during the height of the Clone Wars. During his military duty, Wessex commanded the Star Destroyer Redoubt during the Battle of Boz Pity. He commanded Kolaff to take the Victory-class Star Destroyer Subjugator to Kwenn space station and intercept Walex Blissex. (SF, SWI84)

Wessex, Lira
formerly Lira Blissex, she is the daughter of Walex Blissex, the man who created the Victory-class Star Destroyers. Although she was part of the group that designed the Venator-clas Star Destroyer, she despised the Old Republic and what it stood for, and chose to support the New Order in the wake of the Clone Wars. To this end, she married Denn Wessex and turned her abilities to the assistance of the Imperial Navy. She took her father's work and her own and expanded upon both, creating the original designs for the Imperator-class Star Destroyer. She later worked with her husband in an attempt to kidnap her father and coerce him to provide her more information about starship design. The attempt failed, and Lira barely escaped the destruction of the Subjugator. (SF, COTF, SWDB)

this was one of the most common surnames found among the human population of Corellia. (GMR9)

Wessiri Antilles, Iella
this Corellian female was an associate of Corran Horn and Gil Bastra. She was married to Diric Wessiri, and was a member of the New Republic Security forces. She and Corran were teamed up in a tour of duty that involved trips to Kessel. She was later planted on Coruscant as an undercover agent, assuming the alias of Irin Fossyr, a representative of the Rohair Biochemical Clinic. In this capacity, she assisted Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron when they were sent to Coruscant to knock out the planet's shields. The offensive was successful, despite the fact that the Krytos virus was loose, and Iella emerged from her anonymity. She was chosen to assist Halla Ettyk during the trial of Tycho Celchu, and was busy gathering data when her husband, Diric, reappeared after being in Imperial captivity. She had given him up for dead, and was quickly becoming friends with Wedge Antilles. She remained loyal to Diric, and was both ecstatic and concerned at his presence. While she loved having him back, Diric was physically emaciated and tried to remain as active as he was in the past. He was constantly talkign with Tycho Celchu, and was convinved of his innocence despite Iella's evidence. When Nawara Ven told her that he was going to produce an Imperial witness to solve the Celchu case once and for all, she discovered that the Imperial wanted to meet only with Ven and herself. She agreed, and met Kirtan Loor in a secret entrance to the Imperial Justice building. However, her husband Diric had learned that an Imperial had been captured, and he believed it to be Evir Derricote. Diric ambushed the three of them as they emerged at the prosecutor's level, and began firing shots. He caught Ven in the right hip before fatally wounding Loor. Iella acted quickly to try and save their witness and bring the assassin to justice, and shot her weapon several times. It was only after the shooting stopped that she realized who the attacker was. Diric died from his wounds just as Kirtan Loor did. Iella was very distraught, but continued on the case until Corran Horn returned to prove Celchu innocent. She also discovered that she felt some attraction to Wedge Antilles, who was two years older than her, but his duties kept them from becoming serious. Iella remained with the New Republic, and served with Elscol Loro during the infiltration of Thyferra during the Bacta War. She later joined the New Republic Intelligence agency, and was one of the key investigators working to hunt down Leonia Tavira and the Invids. She was also one of the agents who was blind-dropped into Adumari society, just before the planet opened negotiations between the Republic and the Empire for membership. She had felt that her work had distanced her from Wedge, along with his relationship with Qwi Xux. However, they were reunited on Adumar, where Wedge explained that his relationship with Qwi had ended. They rekindled their romance in the face of a civil war started because of the actions of Tomer Darpen. After the battle was over and Darpen had been arrested, Iella was named to be the Republic's key Intelligence contact on Adumar, in his place. She also agreed to marry Wedge, and together they started a family of their own. After the Second Battle of Coruscant, Iella became one of the founding members of the Inner Circle formed by Wedge, leading the intelligence branch of the group's activities. (XWN, WG, KT, BW, IJ, SOA, DTR)

Wessiri, Diric
Iella's husband, and one of the Alliance supporters covered up by Gil Bastra. He disappeared after Kirtan Loor nearly caught them on Corellia, and was captured by the Empire during a sweep of suspected Alliance supporters. He was reconditioned, and assigned to the slave labor pool working under Evir Derricote on the Krytos project. It was Diric who captured Aril Nunb on Coruscant, for use as a subject in the testing of the Krytos virus. Diric was eventually freed from captivity, and returned to his wife's side on Coruscant. Despite the fact that he had withered away to a skeletal man with thin, graying hair, Diric's spirit remained keen and vigorous, and his eyes continued to burn with intensity. He became wrapped up in the trial of Tycho Celchu, and spent many hours interviewing the pilot. Diric was convinced that Celchu was innocent, and tried to explain this to Iella, who was working to convict him. When Diric realized that a high-ranking Imperial official had surrendered to Nawara Ven, and wanted to meet with only Ven and Iella, he was convinced that it was Evir Derricote. He suddenly became highly focused on killing the Imperial who had enslaved him, and plotted to meet them as they exitted the turbolift to the courtroom. Diric's ambush succeeded, but with highly unexpected results. His first shot caught Nawara Ven in the hip. His next shots fatally wounded the Imperial, but it was Kirtan Loor, not Derricote. In response to the attack, Iella Wessiri took her own actions and shot down the attacker, not realizing that it was her own husband. Diric died from his wounds, as did Kirtan Loor. (XWN, WG, KT)

West Champianne Landing Field
this starship landing facility was located on the planet Coruscant, during the last decades of the Old Republic. It remained active for many decades, until the Yuuzhan Vong took control of Coruscant and reformed it into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar. Like most locations on the planet, the West Champianne Landing Field suffered huge amounts of damage during the early stages of the reformation. (CCW, UF)

West Championne
this was one of the closest landing fields to the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, located just 200 kilometers south of the palace. (SOP)

West County
this county contained the urban area of Xanas City. (HR)

West Reyno River
this branch of the Reyno River, located on the planet Brosi, emptied into the Bay of Sypon. (AIR)

West River
this river fed into the city of Salis D'aar, on the planet Bakura. The West River joined the East River at the base of D'aarmont, thereby forming the primary boundaries of the city. (EGP, GORW)

West Unillian Mountains
this chain of mountains crossed the Mee'r continent of Draenell's Point. (GMK)

West, The
this was the name used to describe the western sector of Bartyn's Landing, on the planet Lamaredd. (GMR7)

this dallorian alloy weapon was a favored blaster of bounty hunters and other beings who relied upon surprise to attack their enemies. The WESTAR-34 was designed for sustained, close-range use, utilizing its dallorian construction to absorb more heat than a standard blaster. (VD2)

an Imperial Navy Captain, he was commander of the Star Destroyer Relentless following Parlan's execution. Westen failed to capture the Alliance prisoner transport ship Celestial, and was later executed by Darth Vader. (RC, OS)

Western Dune Sea
a section of Tatooine's massive Dune Sea, the Western Dune Sea was separated from the Northern Dune Sea by the Jundland Wastes and the Great Mesa Plateau. (SWN, SOT)

Western Flank
this area of the galaxy was controlled by the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. (CSWDW)

Western Lake
located on Coruscant, this was a vast artificial lake and recreation center which had been created across the tops of literally thousands of rooftops. During the Yuuzhan Vong's attack on Coruscant, the lake was hit by a variety of incoming plasma balls and dying starships, and much of the water drained out and down into the underlying city. (SBS)

Western Sea
once located on the planet Coruscant, this manmade resevoir provided water for a good portion of the population of Imperial City. It was by no means a natural body of water, but served as a kind of attraction for natives and visitors alike. After the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy and captured Coruscant, the Western Sea was terraformed beyond all recognition, serving as a swampy ossuary known as the Place of Bones, where the great beasts of the Yuuzhan Vong went to die. (CCW, UF)

Western Square
this was one of the many open sections of the city of Iziz, on the planet Onderon, some 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. (KOTOR2)

W'eston Falls
a spectacular waterfall found on the planet M'haeli. (ROC)

Westone, Becca
this woman was a native of Coruscant, and attended the Imperial Academy as a journalism major. Upon graduation, she found work with a news agency which she found had pro-Alliance management. Becca wrote an in-depth and highly-specific expose' against them for Imperial HoloVision. The agency was quickly shut down, and Becca was offered a position within Imperial HoloVision. She accepted the offer, and soon became known as one of the agency's best investigative reporters. (HR)

one of three major spaceports located in Imperial City on Coruscant, Westport was one of the few locations on the planet to retain it utilization after the Yuuzhan Vong captured Coruscant. Unlike the rest of the planet, which was terraformed into a simulacrum of Yuuzhan'tar, Westport was scoured of automatons and reused as a landing field for Yuuzhan Vong ships. (CCW, UF)

this was the westernmost district of the city of Efavan, on the planet Vorzyd 5. Many of the city's most prominent casinos were located in the Westrex district. (GORW)

this young punk was the leader of the Raging Banthas swoop gang, controlling sections of the city of Gallisport during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Westwood developed a plan in which the Banthas joined forced with the Spiders in order to take control of those areas held by the Rabid Mynocks. (SWJ6)

this was a term used by the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to describe a living target. This was in opposition to the normal target of a clone trooper, the battle droids of the Separatist armies. (RCHC)

Wet Droid
this was a term used by Kal Skirata and several other instructors on Kamino to describe a clone trooper. It was in reference to their similarity to the battle droids of the Separatist forces. (RCHC)

an alien race. (APS)

Weth, Beru
this was the maiden name of Beru Lars. Note that the official Star Wars website indicates that Beru's maiden name was Whitesun. (SCRE, OWS)

Wethrenn Amusements, Unlimited
this manufacturer produced a wide variety of electronic game systems during the height of the New Order. (GFT)

Wett Gon-Far
a city located on the planet Veron. (PG)

Wettan, Pinae
this crafty old man was left in charge of the Quekka Trench Station, after Rendeel Industries abandoned it. He made a living by renting out sections of the abandoned plant to smugglers. He rarely showed his face, though, being wary of criminal types. (HAS)

a noxious plant native to Yavin 4. (EVC)

one of the four continents discovered on Yavin 4 by Lile Gorsek and the Fernandin Scouting Operation. It was named for Wetyin's Colony. (GG2)

Wetyin's Colony
a planetary colony based on Setor, which suffered from persecution and exile and sent out a number of scouting expeditions to locate a new planet. The Fernandin Scouting Operation was one such expedition, and it received an Imperial permit to scout such worlds as Yavin 4. (GG2)

this pudgy Phindian was in charge of security at the Syndicat warehouse in Laressa, on the planet Phindar, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. He captured Obi-Wan Kenobi when the Jedi Knight was trying to help Guerra Derida recover a stolen anti-register. (HP)

Wex Spaceport
this spaceport was located on the planet Svivren. (SWI56)

Wezz, Sia-Lan
this young woman was a Jedi padawan during the era leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Her Master, Lo-Jad, had sent her to Naboo for formal education at the Royal House of Learning in Theed, where Sia'Lan got to know Lucos Dannt. When the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo and then invaded the planet, Sia-Lan joined the Naboo Underground and loaned her services to the resistance. After Chancellor Palpatine installed himself as Emperor and instituted the New Order, Sia-Lan was one of many Jedi who managed to remain hidden from the Imperial Inquisitors and the infamous Jedi Purge. Unfortunately, she was forced into battle on Skorrupon, when High Inquisitor Volytar tried to take control of the planet's population. Sia-Lan died bravely in the Battle of Skorrupon. (IOT, GCG)

Whahalla Massacre
this was one in a series of violations of the truce between the natives of Garos IV and Sundari, in the Garos System. The two planets had been at war with each other until the truce was signed. Note that this event is also denoted as the Wahalla Massacre. (SWJ5)

native to Calamari, these huge, thirty-meter-long aquatic mammals resembled humpbacked whales, although they had much shorter snouts and longer flippers. They were intelligent - some would say sentient - mammals, and developed their own intelligence separate from the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. During the era of the New Order, they were led by Leviathor, the great white Whaladon. The Whaladons were hunted by the remnants of the Empire following the Battle of Endor, under the command of Trioculus. They were hunted for their meat and blubber, even though the killing of Whaladons has been outlawed on Calamari for years. (GDV, GORW)

Whaladon Processing Center
the huge, dome-covered, underwater plant where Dunwell's Aqualish workers slaughter captured Whaladons for their meat and blubber. It was situated in a large, undersea crater. (GDV)

Whaladon Submarine
this specialized, submersible vehicle was used in the illegal hunting of Whaladons, during the last years of the New Order. (GDV)

this huge, albino creature lived in the depths of the Sivorian Sea. They were colorless because so many generations had lived deep enough in the ocean that they never encountered natural sunlight. (SL)

this small corporation produced a wide range of tools and technologies to help non-human races integrate into human societies and environments, such as the AlienEnhancer voxbox. (AEG, WOTC)

Wharen, Bea
Madel Wharen's wife, Bea was under intense Imperial scrutiny during the Galactic Civil War. (GG9)

Wharen, Madel
this mechanical genius is the perfect example of an eccentric scientist. Madel dresses in three-day-old lab clothes and rarely showers. He was hired by the Drever Corporation, and worked his way up the ladder with his ability to create newer weapons and technologies. Madel Wharen was the inventor of the Phoenix Plasma Punch, which gained him entry to Drever's Board of Directors. However, Madel was also a supporter of the Alliance, which put him at odds with Jensen Drever II. His confrontations with Drever eventually resulted in two things: Madel himself was shipped off to a backwater research and development planet, and his family was placed under Imperial scrutiny. (GG9)

Wharen, Padyn
Madel Wharen's son, Padyn was under intense Imperial scrutiny during the Galactic Civil War. (GG9)

this was the name given to the species of huge, sentient beasts of which the ancient Jedi Master Thon was a member. It was chosen by the Old Republic's Bureau of Xenology, although Thon never accepted the term. He remained silent about his species' origins, but told his closest peers that he was from a planet in the Unknown Regions. The Wharl were large, quadripedal creatures with thick armor plating and large, clawed feet. Sharp, bony spikes protect their shoulders and their jaws. Later xenobiologists named this species Tchuukthai. (TOJC, EGP)

Whateel, Dassid
this man was a reporter for the morning talkshow Amberdawn, reporting on the proceedings of the Galactic Senate during the year leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. (HNN5)

Wheade Daud
this Quarren worked for Orman's organization on Lianna as a demolitions expert. (ML)

Wheel Droid
this is another name for destroyer droids, or droidekas. (IS1)

Wheel Form
this was term used to describe the rolling configuration of a Destroyer Droid. (SON)

Wheel, The
this space station was known for its casinos. Located in the Besh Gorgon System of the Mid Rim, this space station resembled a huge wheel, with a central axis consisting of the main fuselage of the station. This axis was an immense cylinder, and at its midpoint there were four main spokes leading out to the circular promenade. Sprouting from the circular section were almost 100 docking piers, allowing any size ship to safely approach and dock with the Wheel. Beyond these luxury docks, thousands of bouys were placed to allow for less expensive docking, with shuttle providing guests with transport to the station. The outer section of The Wheel, which gave the station its name, was a sprawlign city with an untold number of casinos. Deep in the central axis was also a gladiator arena, where all manner of beings were forced to fight to the death for the entertainment and wagering of The Wheel's visitors. During the height of the New Order, The Wheel was situated inside an "immunity sphere," which meant that Imperial ships were not allowed to come to the station and everybody else could enjoy themselves while they were aboard. However, Senator Simon Greyshade, the station's administrator at the time, paid his taxes regularly and often to appease the Empire. He also adhered to the Empire's anti-alien biases, and the station catered to humans and near-humans while assuming alien species were "guilty until proven innocent." (ND, MC18, MC19)

Wheel, The
this was one of the non-standard face cards that sometimes appeared in a sabacc deck, especially if the deck was used for telling a being's fortune. When it appeared during a fortune-telling, the Wheel indicated any number of things involving luck. It could mean a final outcome or a random occurance, the beginning of a journey or the end, or even whether something was inherently good or bad. It all depended on the cards that were drawn before or after it. (LCM)

developed by Gallis-Tech, wheelbikes were popular sport vehicles which found a niche on worlds were repulsorlift engines failed to work properly. The wheelbike was a large wheel, which was propelled by an internal mechanism. The rider sat within the wheel and controlled it with a set of handlebars. Balance was an important part of riding a wheelbike, since the rider's center of gravity was well above the ground. The civilian model of the wheelbike was even harder to control, since the passenger sat behind and above the operator. In the military version, the passenger seat was replaced with a repeating blaster. A series of gyrostabilizers helped keep the wheelbike upright as it moved across varied terrain. (SWJ6)

this was a generic term for a wheelbike. (E3N)

an group of cargo ferries destroyed by the Empire during the raid on Galactic Electronics. (TIE)

this Super-class Star Destroyer was the flagship of the Azure Hammer Command, and was based out of the planet Anaxes during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (CCW)

Whelorian Snake-eater
this creature had a narrow, evil-looking face. (JH)

Whelping Day
this was one of the worst holofilms of the Old Republic, produced in the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

Where Did All The Killiks Go?
this was the signature song played by the band known as The Destroyers. (WSV)

Where is Everyone?
this song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, first appeared on the compilation Advanced Explosives Handbook. It was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture. (GG9)

Whip Hand
this New Republic frigate was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong following their defeat at Obora-skai. The Whip Hand, formerly an Imperial Lancer-class ship that had been captured during the early years of the New Republic, had been supporting the cruiser Far Thunder during its repair. Rather than allowing the Yuuzhan Vong to obtain possession of the Far Thunder, the Whip Hand was ordered to fire on the damaged cruiser, utterly destroying it and much of the coralskipper flight that was attacking it. (DW)

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