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a timid creature. (JTH)

Weapons Engineering Guide
this compendium of starship weaponry engineering provides information on mounting systems, power supplies, and possible targetting options for a wide range of weaponry. (TT)

this muscular Bothan spacer was a part-time smuggler who frequented the cantinas of Mos Eisley during the early years of the New Order. About a year after the Clone Wars, Weasy became friends with Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was going simply by the name Ben. Obi-Wan cultivated their relationship because Weasy was an excellent - and accurate - source of news and inforamtion from across the galaxy. It was Weasy who agreed to transport Obi-Wan to Bellassa, after the former Jedi Master learned that Ferus Olin was alive on the planet. (LJ1)

Weather Modulation Control Center
this was the name given to the atmospheric monitoring stations which were scattered above the planet Coruscant. These centers were responsible for manipulating the atmospheric conditions in order to bring "normal" weather patterns to the planet. These stations were required, as the planet-covering cityscape prevented natural weather from occurring. WMC Centers were also established to ensure that ionization storms - which were frequently caused by the huge amount of electricity used on the planet - were weakened before they could occur. (SWRPG)

this was the shortened name for the Coruscant Weather Control Network. (HNN4)

this Charon bio-construct is more of a weapon and defense mechanism than it is a lifeform. The weavers were designed to shoot their webbing for attack. Many of the weavers were used in the Desolate's Hall of Contests, where aline lifeforms were tested by the Charon for weaknesses. (OS)

Weaving Clans
this group of textile producers and merchants was based on the planet Alderaan during the last decades of the Old Republic. The clans were known for their musical festivities, including a choreographed mating anthem. (TCD)

this dirty, diminutive human was a friend of Watto, and a native of Mos Espa just prior to the Battle of Naboo. During the fateful Boonta Eve Classic podracer won by Anakin Skywalker, Weazel tried to keep up with the betting being done by Watto and Graxol Kelvynn, but the stakes were too high for his meager earnings. (PRT)

Web Bomb
this unusual weapon was developed by a group of bounty hunters during the height of the New Order. Rather than creating a devastating explosion, the web bomb released a chemical spray that was viscous enough to form a kind of web when it was deployed. The ropy chemical web was initially sticky, which served to trap escaping targets. Then, the chemical hardened to a degree, further trapping the target in place. (SWGAL)

Web, Robior
this man, a former Guardian from the planet Junction 5, was one of the galaxy's most lethal assassins, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. He was known for his ability to take down prominent figures and high-profile targets without getting caught. He appeared on the planet Null, shortly after the Battle of Geonsis, amidst the assassination of Delaluna's leader, Samish Kash. When Count Dooku arrived to meet with the leaders of the Station 88 Spaceport, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, witnessed Robior meeting with Dooku in a remote location. Their immediate assumption was that Dooku hired Robior to kill Samish Kash, despite Robior's connections to Lorian Nod. This assumption was proven true when it was discovered that Kash had survived, nad the Jedi witnessed Robior meeting with Count Dooku. When the negotiations for control of the Station 88 Spaceport revealed that its founders would remain with the Republic, Dooku tried to eliminate the founders. Robior tried to joint he fight, but Obi-Wan used the Force to push him away. Robior's head hit a rock, and he was knocked unconscious for the remainder of the battle. He was then taken into custody and held for questioning. (LOJ)

Webb Tenger: PeaceBuster
this popular holofilm starred Harlan Ottekvar. (HNN5)

Webb, Jeroen
this Ralltiir native served as a spy for the planet's resistance forces, after the Empire subjugated the world. From there, Webb joined the Alliance as a scout. When he was stationed at Echo Base on Hoth, Webb became one of the base's tauntaun handlers. He was part of the group responsible for capturing, taming, and training the beasts for use as mounts by Alliance patrol personnel. (CCG)

Webble, Illyan
this grizzled, old man was the president of Seraphan Industries, during the height of the New Order, until his yacht was disabled and he was forced to land on an uncharted world. He and his crew were captured by slavers, and Webble was later dumped on Kalkovak, where he encountered an alien race worshipping the Yavin Vassilika. Webble himself started to go insane, his mind incapable of handling the reality of his situation. As his madness increased, especially after locating the Vassilika, Webble tried to escape from Kalkovak. After stowing away on a ship and ending up on Calamari, Webble was killed when his water speeder was disabled in the middle of ocean. He drowned, but his dying thoughts were captured by the underwater memory banks of the Mon Calamari. (UYV)

one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. It was under the command of Captain Alex Winger. (VOF)

this Yuuzhan Vong material was woven from the threads of specially-secreted webbing, and was used in the creation of tunics and robes. (SBS)

a fine, Hapan fabric favored by the royal family of Hapes. (SA)

this species of giant, carnivorous, arachnid creature inhabited the Shadow Forest, the lower tree levels of Kashyyyk's dense forests. Known to the Wookiees as the wyyyschokk, webweavers constructed huge nets to capture unwary animals for food. Despite their size, webweavers were exceptionally fast and agile, and were generally considered stronger than most Wookiees. The webweaver used a potent poison, which it could spit from its fangs, to immobilize its prey. (HSL, GMR4, NEGW)

this was the name of a noted Sludir individual. (UANT)

Wec Taskelor
this was the name of a noted Thakwaash individual. (UANT)

WED 15 Septoid 2
this greatly enhanced WED-15 Treadwell droid was owned by the Fixer, and worked at Toshi Station on Tatooine during the height of the New Order. It was distinguished from other Treadwell droids by the incredible variety of tools and arms which were attached to it. (VD)

this modified Tredwell droid was owned by the Rodian fringer Kelko. Known as "Weedo," this utility droid was modified to incorporate a variety of skills and programming modules, allowing the droid to act as a ship and vehicle repair specialist, weapons expert, electronics technician, and even pilot. Kelko armed "Weedo" with a blaster pistol and a cutting torch. Despite its modifications, "Weedo" was not very independent, and never operated without Kelko nearby. (WOTC)

this Cybot Galactica WED-series Treadwell droid was known as a "techie," since it was programmed to work on over 5,000 starship systems. WED-1016 was used by Alliance technicians during salvage missions. (CCG3)

a small model of Treadwell droid. (TME)

this Cybot Galactica WED-series maintenance droid was owned by Owen Lars, and put to work on his moisture farm on Tatooine during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin. WED-15-77 had been owned by Lars for nearly twenty years before Lars was killed by Imperial stormtroopers who were searching for Luke Skywalker. (SWDB)

this series of maintenance droids was produced by Cybot Galactica as a follow-on to the original WED15. The WED-15-D3 was generally regarded as the first automaton to successfully employ treaded locomotion. The WED-15-D3 sold surprisingly well, given that the original WED15 was regarded as too costly to maintain. (SWJ14)

this Cybot Galacitica treadwell droid roamed Mos Eisley doing repairs and odd jobs. It was said that there was nothing it couldn't fix. (GG7)

this standard Treadwell droid was used to repair machinery and starships. It was equipped with a pair of rectangular photoreceptors that could extend upward and retract downward on a central post. The Jawas that captured R2-D2 and C-3PO had an I662 in their sandcrawler's hold. (CCG)

this Treadwell maintenance droid was fiercely loyal to the Empire. It served on the first Death Star, extending the life of the equipment used there. (CCG2)

nicknamed the Bantha droid because of its slow, stubborn manner, the WED-9-M1 was originally sold as a security and maintenance droid. A modified WED-9-M1 was purchased by DeMaals from the Jawas on Tatooine, and was used to patrol Docking Bay 94. (CCG)

this ancient Quarren surname meant "preparer of meals". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan. (GCG)

Weden, Talilia
this Jedi Knight led a team to Karnst, augmenting the Old Republic forces which were pursuing the Hutt transport ship Moulee-Rah Patogga, shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. The joint law enforcement team discovered that the transport ship's holds were filled with ryll spice, and conficated the ship immediately. (HNN5)

this is the accepted Twi'leki interpretation of Wedge Antilles' name. In this form, it translates to "slayer of stars." If pronounced as "Wedge'antilles," the translation becomes something akin to "one who is so foul that he could make a rancor vomit." (KT)

this given name was common human males across the galaxy. (GCG)

this was one of the most common names given to male Corellians. (GMR9)

WED-series Droid
this was the name given to the numerous Treadwell droids produced by Cybot Galactica. The basic WED-series was a rolling, six-armed robot used to perform menial tasks. There are a number of different sizes in production. Smaller models perform household tasks, while the 500- and 600-series are built to withstand the pressures of working in an antimatter furnace. The most appealing feature of this series was the variety of manipulator arms that could be installed, as well as the easy with which they could be interchanged. However, the WED series was fragile at best,and required continual maintenance to remain operating at its optimal abilities. (SW, COJ, EGD)

Weeb, Darren T.
this man was the captain of the freighter Arcadia, which he operated as a business with Jenna Lars. Although he talks little about it, Weeb's life was upset by the Empire, and he maintained a deep-seated grudge against the New Order. Any time it didn't put Jenna's life in jeopardy, Weeb worked hard to help the Alliance in any way possible. (ML)

this undersized Wookiee was a childhood friend of Chewbacca, but never earned the trust of his elders. Weebacca was continually getting into trouble, despite the efforts of Chewbacca to keep him out of trouble. After Chewbacca left Kashyyyk, Weebacca discovered gambling and smuggling, and eventually hired himself out as a bodyguard in order to see the galaxy. He even ran spice for the Hutts until the Empire subjugated Kashyyyk, when he raced home to serve in the underground resistance which struggled to overthrow Imperial control. (GB)

Weebe, Kesha
this tough, strong-willed widow was the owner of the Farmer's Folly on Draenell's Point. She had run the tavern for twenty-five years before the Battle of Heg. (GMK)

the oldest son of Deej Warrick and Shodu, Weechee was an adventuresome Ewok. He and his brother, Widdle, were always exploring Endor's varied wilderness, often getting lost of in trouble. His youngest brother, Wicket, idolized Weechee, but Weechee often was forced to leave Wicket behind when he felt that an adventure was too dangerous. When he and his father discovered the Towani's crashed shuttle, they helped the children recover, and later helped them rescue their parents from the Gorax. He was given the Ewok Red Wings of Courage by Logray, as the eldest son accompanying Deej on the mission. (EA, SWDB)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

according to Ewok legend, this mean-spirited princess got her just desserts when she married a handsome prince, who turned out to be a cruel night spirit in disguise. (GCG)

this devastatingly deadly explosive was created by the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the height of the Clone Wars. It was essentially a smart bomb that was launched in a high arc, so that it could avoid any defensive screens. It then targeted a large concentration of clone troopers and came down in their midst. The bomb was equipped with a sensor that detonated the bomb at chest level. When it exploded, the weed-cutter flung a payload of razor-sharp durasteel flechettes in a circular pattern, cutting through armor just as easily as it did through flesh. The resulting damage to the clone troopers was incredible, rendering entire companies into ragged lumps of flesh. (MJH)

Weeffil Liff's Trading Center
located on Ord Mantell, this general store served the needs of most every starship passing through the planet's primary spaceport. Housed in an old starship construction hangar, the Trading Center also served as a front for most of Liff's illegal business transactions. (GMH)

Weege, Plessus
this small-time thief was a native of the planet Draenell's Point when the Empire took control of the Bissillirus System and began constructing its supply depot just outside the system. Plessus knew that would never amount to anything as a con artist, so he became an informant for the Imperials on the planet. Plessus spent his free time at the local bars, like the Farmer's Folly, listening for potentially useful information about the local rebellion. Plessus had a feeling that Drukus Kain was working for the Alliance, but he had no proof. (GMK)

this droid was built by Morgan Katarn so that he could have a helper around the house. A strange conglomeration of parts, Weegee became like a member of the family. Although mute, Weegee could communicate with Morgan via a series of low, chirrupping sounds. When plugged into the homestead's central computer, Weegee could operate the entire farm without any intervention. Later, Morgan programmed Weegee to protect Kyle at all costs. When Qu Rahn entrusted his lightsaber to Morgan, he hid the device inside Weegee. He then encoded a journal disk for his son, Kyle, so that he could use the information to locate the lost Valley of the Jedi. Weegee, despite being damaged when Jerec's forces attacked the household, nevertheless retained the lightsaber and provided it to Kyle. (DF2, SFE, RAG)

this Jawa tribe patrolled the Wayfar area of Tatooine during the New Order. (SWJ11)

this was the name of a noted Vuvrian individual. (UANT)

the nuts from this tree are considered a delicacy on many worlds. (GMH)

Weemell Sector
this area of the galaxy was once loyal to the Old Republic. However, during the height of the Clone Wars, General Grievous devastated the sector and exterminated nearly every human inhabitant and clone trooper in it when he unleashed the Loedorvian Brain Plague on many of its planets. (X3)

Ween, Houghten
this Lord and landowner from Xartun was actually an alias used by the Warlord Zsinj to gain control of property on Xartun. Zsinj used these aliases to secretly manufacture materials for his war machine. (WS)

a race of humanoid aliens which is characterized by the topknot of hair which sprouts from their heads. The number of braids - known as seclusion braids - one has seems to indicate rank, although many xenosocialogists claim the number of strands is meant to indicate the number of Sriluur years a Weequay has been away from his homeworld. This theory was later proved true, when it was discovered that Weequay individuals shaved off their topknots when they returned to Sriluur. Weequay have gnarled, coarse skin which allows them to blend in with, and survive in, the deserts of their native planet, Sriluur. Among other Weequay, they have the ability to communicate using pheromonal discharges, but they only seem to work within individual Weequay clans. To other races, they are simply smelly beings. In general, Weequay do not have individual names. They are a quiet, dangerously violent race by nature, and have often found employment as soldiers, guards and mercenaries for the Hutts. The Weequay people have lived on Sriluur with the Houk people for many years, but the racial tensions between the two races have erupted several times into all-out war. The last of these wars was resolved just prior to the Battle of Yavin. The Weequay prefer to remain low on the technological scale, and worship the moon which orbits Sriluur and its god, Quay. The name "Weequay" means "follower of Quay." The Weequay appease their god by sacrificing a large beast after battling it. The beast most often sacrificed is the bantha. One of the most interesting things about the Weequay is their written language, which is formed from stones woven into long braids of hair to create symbols and characters. (ROTJ, TOJ, GG12, EGC, CCG7, TG)

it was on this planet, located near Coruscant, that the Imperial Grand Inquisitor, Lord Torbin, was killed by an assassin droid. (SWSB, UF)

this Rodian transport pilot and his partner, Toorpa, were among the first to discover the existence of a space worrt. They were trying to locate a possible criminal in the asteroid belt near Antar, thinking that they could flush the being out and take over his base. However, they discovered the space worrt inadvertently, unable to see its camouflaged form, and Weesh was killed instantly. Toorpa managed to survive and bring his tale to the authorities, who launched an investigation into the space worrt's existence. (WOTC)

an Alliance transport ship destroyed during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this young man was one of Ren S'orn's friends on Simpla-12. Weez, along with his buddies Cholly and Tup, were bumblers at best who worked hard not to work at all. The three friends agreed to help Obi-Wan Kenobi and Astri Oddo investigate Ren's death and the machinations of Jenna Zan Arbor. After Tino told Obi-Wan and Astri of Captain Yur T'aug's halt to the investigation of Ren's death, Weez, Cholly, and Tup followed the two to Coruscant. They hoped to find the location of Zan Arbor's hidden stash of medicines and vaccines, taking them and selling them for a huge profit. They had planned to steal them all along, but Ren had told them to stay away from Zan Arbor. Weez felt that if the trio could see Ren's belongings, they could locate the stash and obtain the medicines. The trio returned to Simpla-12 with Obi-Wan and Astri, but were unable to help them infiltrate Zan Arbor's lab. The trio tried to redeem themselves by helping Astri locate Ona Nobis, first tailing the bounty hunter on Sorrus and then following her to Belasco. In the end, the boys never saw any fighting, but provided "moral support." They agreed to travel to Coruscant with Astri to work as Didi's Café. (EVE, TDR)

this scarred, female Nalroni ran Weezo's Gun Shop on StarForge Station during the Galactic Civil War. (FOP)

Weezo's Gun Shop
owned and operated by the female Nalroni known as Weezo, this weapons shop was located on StarForge Station, and carried a wide range of hand-held weapons. Her prices were high, but her merchandise was always of good quality. (FOP)

Weg Brew
this was a micro-brewed beer, favored in the Mid and Outer Rim Territories. (SWJ11)

this was one of the many repair droids that were owned by Star Tours, during the Galactic Civil War. WEG-1618 was distinguished by its wide array of manipulator arms. (ST)

this was the first planet in the Obas System. (IA)

a competitive sport played throughout the galaxy, wegsphere was created by SAGRecreation as an activity for COMPNOR members. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, wegsphere was named the "official" sport of the New Order. It involved two teams of players, each attempting to place a ball into the opponent's goal. The game was played in a six-sided, low-gravity well. (ISB, TBSB)

a planet near the Koornacht Cluster, Wehttam was the homeworld of the Wehttam species. It was found in the Farlax Sector, and was one of the many planets that suffered during the Great Yevethan Purge. Years later, after the Yevethan were defeated by the New Republic, the Wehttam were one of many races to knowingly cut off communications with the Republic. The planet was isolated because the Wehttam had agreed to provide information to the Yuuzhan Vong on the military strengths of the Yevetha, in hopes of having the alien invaders eliminate the Yevethan threat. (BTS, SOL, FH1)

this alien race was native to the planet Wehttam, near the Koornacht Cluster. They referred to the Cluster as "God's Temple." Years after the Yevethan were defeated by the New Republic, the Wehttam were one of many races to knowingly cut off communications with the Republic. Their homeworld was isolated because the Wehttam had agreed to provide information to the Yuuzhan Vong on the military strengths of the Yevetha, in hopes of having the alien invaders eliminate the Yevethan threat. (BTS, FH1)

this language shares common verbage and grammatic structure with the Thobek and Torrock languages. (SOL)

this Melida was a contact of Jedi Master Yoda, and agreed to assist in rescuing Tahl from the Melida. Wehutti and his team of snipers were forced into the bowels of Zehava before they could contact Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and then fired on the Jedi when they believed them to be Daan. Wehutti was recognizable by the fact that he had just one arm, a result of a struggle with the Daan. However, once Wehutti recognized Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as Jedi, he quickly brought them to his camp and placed them under arrest. The wounded Melida were unable to contain the two Jedi, and they escaped. Wehutti and the Melida had been planning to use the Jedi as hostages, hoping to force the Old Republic to support the Melida in the ongoing civil war. However, both the Daan and the Melida were taken by surprise by The Young, which obtained nearly all of their weapons in a raid on Daan and Melida storehouses. Wehutti was forced into a uneasy alliance with Gueni, the leader of the Daan, in order to avert a full-scale war. However, The Young launched their own war, and eventually defeated the forces of the elders. Wehutti refused to submit to rule by The Young, and holed up in the city of Zehava. (DOD, UP)

this arid wasteland is the second planet in the Gacerian System. It has no moons. (PG2)

this searing ball of rock was the second planet of the Sriluur System, located in the Outer Rim Territories. (GORW)

Weizel, Gerald
this Imperial governor was a protege of Grand Admiral Tigellinus, following his break with Grand Moff Traeda's faction. After securing the planet Dakshee, he was placed in charge of the planet Chandrila after being backed by Moff Jamson Caglio, and took the place of Grandon Holleck. He peacefully subdued the Justice Action Network, removing Brella Temior without bloodshed. (SWJ7, SWJ8)

this young Senali boy was Ganeed's nephew, born to her sister. (SP)

this planet, a terrestrial world bathed in a poisonous atmosphere, it the second planet in the Faarlsun System. Located just outside the Zossi Belt, Weken has two moons. (WBC)

this ancient Quarren surname meant "explorer of caves". Like many Quarren surnames, it could be traced back to the time of the Battle of Ruusan. It referred to the ancient practice of using underwater caves for homes. (GCG)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (UANT)

this gas giant was the third and outermost planet in the Vernet System. It had twenty-three moons. (SWJ15)

Welcome Park
this vast, open area is found on the planet Teyr, between Prye Folas spaceport and the nearest Rift Skyrail station. (SOL)

this is the Noehon family grouping. Each weld consists of a dominant, alpha-male controlling an average of 10-50 subservient females. The females have their own hierarchy. Male offspring of a weld are traditionally driven out or killed by the alpha male. Female offspring remain within the weld or are stolen to augment another alpha male's weld. (GG12)

this was the alias used by Viqi Shesh, during her attempt to eliminate Han and Leia Solo during the evacuation of Coruscant. The Yuuzhan Vong had launched their attack, and Shesh posed as the mother of a young boy named Tarc in order to plead with the Solos to take them away from Coruscant in the Millennium Falcon. Tarc was actually a youth named Dab Hantaq, whose family was evacuated from Coruscant as "payment" for his pretending to be Welda's son. Senator Shesh was wearing an ooglith masquer to hide her true appearance, and had a specialized worm inserted in her throat to alter her voice. Welda claimed to have been an old girlfriend of Ran Kether on Chandrila, and Tarc was their son. Her cover was blown when the combat droid YVH 1-507A discovered the presence of the ooglith masquer. Senator Shesh was forced to run for her life, but not before she killed Adarakh. (SBS)

Welding Beetle
this small, scarab-shaped droid was developed to assist in the construction of tall buildings and other hard-to-reach structures. It moved about with a repulsorlift engines, and had three welding arms. Two larger arms did most of the work, while a smaller arm could be used for more delicate welding. (BTRKS29)

this specialized tool was used to smooth out the joints formed from seamweld. (DN2)

Welflet, Noq
this man was a Captain in the Haariden military, some five years after the Battle of Naboo. He was hired by Granta Omega to kill the Jedi Knights - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Soara Antana, and their Padawans, Anakin Skywalker and Darra Thel-Tanis - who were dispatched to Haaridan to rescue a group of Old Republic scientists. However, the Jedi did not openly attack Welflet's forces, and the Captain was forced to realize that the Jedi were not a threat. He explained to Obi-Wan that he had been hired by Omega, and then allowed the Jedi to return to their transport and leave Haaridan. Resigned to the civil war and its ravages, Captain Welflet then brought his troops back to their unit to continue fighting. He managed to make a deal with Granta Omega, exchanging land rights near the Kaachtari volcano for weapons. Welflet was unaware that Kaachtari's eruption would bring an upwelling of titanite to the surface, making the land extremely valuable. Only when he encountered Obi-Wan and Anakin again, at the base of Kaachtari, did he realize his mistake. Unfortunately, Welflet and his men were caught in the initial eruption of the volcano, and were buried under tons of lava. (JQ4)

this Rodian pilot was the son of Grisserno, and commanded the starfighter squadron which protected Nwarcol Point during the Galactic Civil War. Welinarro himself piloted a Gauntlet starfighter. (SSR)

this blond-haired man was, in his youth, one of Tamith Kai's most promising students at the Shadow Academy. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Welk and Lomi Plo were captured by the alien invaders and held aboard the Baanu Rass, as part of the group of Force-sensitive individuals used in the creation and breeding of the voxyn. Both Welk and Lomi Plo agreed to help the Jedi infiltrate the worldship and destroy the voxyn, despite the misgivings of Zekk and several other Jedi about their loyalties. However, as the strike force neared the voxyn queen, the Dark Jedi abandoned the Jedi in order to save their own skins. They fled in the ship Tachyon Flier, abandoning Lowbacca but unaware that Raynar Thul was still on board. The young Jedi Knight and his captors didn't escape, and were shot down by Yuuzhan Vong warships. The Tachyon Flier managed to limp into the Unknown Regions, but crashed on an unidentified planet. Welk and Lomi Plo barely survived the crash, and fled the ship before it was discovered by the Yoggoy hive of the Colony. However, the two Dark Jedi did not escape the notice of the Colony, and became Joiners in one of the smaller hives. In stark contrast to the presence of UnuThul, Welk joined with the insectile race and created the Gorog hive. This hive chose to remain hidden, working toward its own evil goals in secret. Welk's hive members captured Chiss warriors, who were then joined to the collective mind. This assimilation of Dark Jedi and Chiss mentalities created the so-called Dark Nest. Welk himself was badly injured in the crash of the Tachyon Flier, and had to graft an insect arm to his body in order to be whole. Working behind the scenes, Welk was able to infiltrate the Taat nest on Jwlio, after Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and several other Masters arrived at Qoribu in search of a group of Jedi Joiners. He was discovered by Saba Sebatyne in a cave beneath the surface, and was forced to fight his way to freedom, returning to the Gorog nest on Kr. There, he found himself facing both Luke Skywalker and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker, in an intense lightsaber battle. Luke was able slip inside Welk's guard and drive his lightsaber into Welk's stomach, before pulling the weapon out through his ribs. Welk died in a bloodcurdling scream, and the Will of the Gorog nest was broken. (SBS, NJOSB, DN1)

Well of Darkness
this was one of the many attractions found at Aucellis Park, on the moon of Keriba VI, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. It was a high-gravity environment in which visitors rode a rampaging series of cars to the bottom of a pit. (WOA27)

Well of the Dead
this deep, pit-shaped structure was located deep in the Anarrad pit of the Shadow Forest on Kashyyyk, three levels down and eighteen kilometers northeast from Rwookrrorro. The Well of the Dead was the site where many young male Wookiees hunted the katarn as a rite of passage to adulthood. (TT)

Well of the World Brain
this was the name of the deep, yorik-coral cavern which was grown by the Yuuzhan Vong to hold the mature dhuryam which would control the planet Coruscant, which they had renamed Yuuzhan'tar, some twenty-eight years after the Battle of Endor. The Well, formed from the hollowed-out remains of the Galactic Senate Rotunda site, was protected by a series of defenses, the least of which was a cadre' of Yuuzhan Vong warriors protecting the entrance. In essence, the Well of the World Brain was a huge skull, shaped to protect and contain the World Brain. The foremost defensive mechanism protecting the Well was an intricate hedge-maze, grown from heavy trees which produced thorns up to a half-meter in length. The thorns produced a deadly neurotoxin, and the tunnels which were formed by the branches were almost impervious to blaster fire and explosives. Each passage in the maze was twenty meters high and thirty meters wide, and around almost every corner was a place where Yuuzhan Vong warriors could ambush unsuspecting intruders. The trees which formed the maze completely enclosed the space, so the pattern of the maze was impossible to discern from above. Only the Master Shaper, Ch'Gang Hool, and the Warmaster, Tsavong Lah, were permitted access to the Well without an escort. However, Jacen Solo managed to reach the Well with Ganner Rhysode, on the pretense that he needed to commune with the World Brain in order to ensure Ganner's sacrifice would be accepted by the True Gods. Ganner gave his life protecting Jacen, who used the little time he had alone with the World Brain to strike a deal with it. Hidden within the Well was a coralcraft designed for Nom Anor, who had bribed a minor Shaper to create it and hide in in the Well. This provided Nom Anor wth an escape vehicle, should he ever have to flee Coruscant in a hurry. (T)

this man served the Alliance as the chief medical officer at the base established on Arbra, following the Battle of Hoth. Doctor Wella made the initial investigations into the unusual stone paperweight acquired by Gemmer on Golrath. (MC65)

Wellad Deck
one of two credicruise decks located immediately below the Lido Deck on the Kuari Princess. Many of the luxury liner's staterooms are located on these decks. (RM)

Well-Done Bantha, The
this fine-dining restaurant was located on Cloud City, and specialized in steaks and exotic culinary dishes from throughout the Outer Rim Territories. (GMR3)

Wellen, Windmere
this was an alias used by Winter, during the New Republic's search for Eidolon Base. Wellen was a short-hauler once saved from pirates by Tycho Celchu. (XWBT)

Welling's Revenge
one of several ships sent by the New Republic to accompany Garm Bel Iblis, Booster Terrik, and the Errant Venture to Yaga Minor, in an attempt to steal a copy of the Caamas Document. (VOF)

this natural spring, located in the equatorial region of the moon of Lamus, was the source of all water on the moon. Its importance to all life on Lamus was discovered by the early generations of the A'Mar, who held a sort of religious awe for the location. Visitors to Lamus were allowed to visit the site, but were not allowed to actually touch the spring. The history of the A'Mar indicates that the first humans to visit the Wellspring were reluctant to drink from it. This first visit coincided with the thirty-year occurance of Lamus' sunless day, an event that caused fear among these early A'Mar. However, as the ring of fire in the sky began to set, the A'Mar gave into their thirst and drank from the Wellspring. They were instantly revitalized, and shortly afterward the sun rose in the morning sky. The A'Mar understood something of the celestial mechanics behind this series of events, but hung onto their initial fear. This led to the creation of The Vigil. (WOA31)

Wellte-ir Massacre
this was the battle which the Alliance's Scandium Team was soundly defeated, primarily on the plains of Bresnan. Only six of the team's twenty-eight members survived, including Dutra Zeneta and Harovan Toth. (SWJ10, SWJ11)

this was the tenth month of the Tapani local calendar, which mapped almost directly to the Coruscant local calendar. (PGT)

this was an otherwise anonymous computer handle used by members of the Metatheran Cartel to post comments to the HoloNet nodes of the Cularin System, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

the owner of C-3PO and R2-D2 after they were sold by Mungo Baobob, Wena was a panjandrum who represented the Kalarba System in the Imperial Senate. Wena put the droids to use aboard his luxury starship, but was forced to sell them to when accountants found several discrepancies in his bookkeeping. This led to the droids being sent to Hosk Station, near Kalarba. (DRO, NEGC)

this Dark Jedi was known for his ability to identify an adept's skills, even before they began their training. (WOTC)

Wender Bypass
this was one of the first Tapani Sector trade routes scouted by Nils Wender and the Bright Seeker. (TSIA)

Wender, Nils
this man was a loyal noble within House Calipsa, and was also a renowned starship commander. Shortly after the Battel of Hoth, he was given command of the Bright Seeker and charged with scouting new trade routes through Tapani Sector. (TSIA)

Wenderal System
this area of the galaxy was known as a hotbed of rebellious activity during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

Wendik, Arven
this dark-skinned man served as a starfighter pilot in the volunteer Naboo Security Force, in the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. He held the rank of Lieutenant, and piloted the oldest N-1 starfighter which was assigned to Bravo Squadron, going by the callsign Bravo 3 during the Battle. He was known as an expert in capital ship shielding capabilities, and developed many tactical strategies to attack larger ships. (CCG15)

this casino and hotel was established on the planet Taanab during the early years of the New Order. (SWJ5)

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