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this Feeorin was known as a pirate who ambushed ships from a secret base on the Naboo System, although the base's location was never discovered. Nym was orphaned on the planet Lok as an infant, and was raised by harsh criminals and pirates. He developed into a fearsome fighter, not because he was overly violent, but because he was swift and effective. Nym was known as a tactical genius as well as a scoundrel, and his piracy of Trade Federation convoys earned him a considerable bounty. When regular channels failed to bring him into custody, the Federation hired Vana Sage to capture Nym. She was able to lure Nym and his crew into a trap when they tried to sell off a load of experimental Scalp-Hunter blasters they obtained from the Trade Federation. Despite her success, Nym's crew soon rescued him from the Federation's control. He returned to Lok to fight the Trade Federation's occupation of his homeworld, but nearly lost everything he owned. Nym piloted his ship, the Havoc, during the Battle of Naboo, helping the Naboo break the Trade Federation's blockade and helping restore trade to the system. A full pardon of his past crimes from Chancellor Palpatine allowed Nym to continue his piracy as well, although he was never monetarily rewarded. He returned to his adopted homeworld of Nym, only to find it still under the control of the Trade Federation. He spent the next few months on Bothan Space, biding his time to return home. Six years after the Battle of Naboo, Nym was hired by the Mere Ambassador Loreli Ro, to help her people overthrow the Trade Federation's control of Maramere. Nym relunctantly agreed to help, but found himself fighting Sol Sixxa's forces as well as the Trade Federation. In the end, though, Nym, convinced Sol Sixxa to join forces with him, and the two set out to destroy the Federation. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo and the Clone Wars, Nym returned to Lok and became the leader of his people. He was considered more cunning and shrewd as he grew older, and was revered by his people during the height of the New Order. It was rumored that he kept several possessions of an old friend, the Jedi Master Adi Gallia, in his hidden retreat on Lok. Nym remained hidden on Lok for many years, as the Empire rose to power and began patrolling the spacelanes. If the price was right, he would sometimes support the actions of the Alliance, although he refused to commit to one side or the other during the Galactic Civil War.
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