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Nil Spaar

this cunning Yevethan was in charge of the Yevethan workers at the Imperial shipyard known as Black-15. While there, he plotted to overthrow the Imperials and take control of the shipyards for the Yevethans, and bided his time working under Jian Paret. When the official order to evacuate the shipyards and destroy its ships was issued, Spaar heard it almost as quickly as Paret did, and put his plans into motion. The Yevethan workers gained access to the spaceworthy Imperial craft, and slaughtered their crews. Nil Spaar personally executed Jian Paret and took control of the Intimidator. With his plan under way, Nil Spaar and the Yevetha retreated into the Koornacht Cluster to repair their ships and plan the next phase of attack. The next phase began twelve years later, and would be known among the Yevetha as the Great Purge. Nil Spaar went to Coruscant to discuss a mutual relationship between the Yevethan Duskhan League and the New Republic with Leia Organa-Solo. Spaar carefully avoided an alliance while probing for weaknesses in Leia's government. Spaar wooed certain New Republic Senators who opposed Leia's ideals, and through them sowed seeds of unrest in the Senate. When Leia discovered the missing Black Sword Command, Nil Spaar again called the Yevetha to act, and used a carefully orchestarted series of events to his own ends. He twisted the events to appear as if Leia were the agressor and himself an innocent victim, while launching a wave of extermination throughout the Koornacht. The Yevetha wiped out any non-Yevethan settlements, keeping intact any strategic mines or businesses. Nil Spaar then retreated to N'Zoth to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He used the New Republic's HoloNet communications network to bombard the citizens and Senators with slanderous accusations against Leia, and he fostered relationships with several disgruntled Senators. He also place Belezaboth Ourn on Coruscant, and the set-up provided him with a great deal of advanced information on the Republic's moves with regard to the Yevetha. When the Republic decided to send Han Solo to command the Fifth Battle Group, Spaar ordered that Solo be captured, as a way to bring Leia under his control. At the same time, he began breeding with several Yevethan females, hoping to ensure his immortality through prodigious offspring. Taking some of the advice of Tal Fraan, Spaar kept a group of prisoners - taken from each of the worlds the Yevetha purged - on the Pride of Yevetha. This assured that the Republic would not take direct action against him, for fear of harming innocent captives. Among the captives was Han Solo, but Chewbacca and Lumpawarump were able to penetrate the Star Destroyer and rescue Solo. During the rescue, the Wookiees also destroyed many of Spaar's mara-nas casks. This series of events angered Spaar into taking foolish actions, which led to his eventual defeat at the Battle of N'zoth. Unbeknownst to Spaar, the Imperial officers he had kept prisoner ever since the Yevetha took control of the Black Sword shipyards were also rising up against him. Led by Sil Sorannan, the Imperials took control of several Yevethan warships during the Battle, including the Pride of Yevetha. Sorannan, wanting to kill Spaar outright but also wanting Spaar to suffer for his actions, forced the Yevethan leader into an escape pod as the Super-class Star Destroyer travelled through hyperspace toward Byss. The pod was ejected into hyperspace, and Nil Spaar was never heard from again.
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