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Pink Force Argentina Wins Yacht Race Decked Out In R2-KT Gear

Posted by Dustin on October 7, 2019 at 08:36 PM CST

We just got word over the weekend that the Pink Force in Argentina crewed a boat under the R2-KT sail and won their competition as well as taking top prize for the year.


Andoni Serrano is my Albin Johnson's partner in Spain. He built a KT unit as part of the AmbassaDroid program he started (officially sanctioning R2-KT units in different countries). He also started the "Pink Force" initiative which they run together.


Anyways, Andoni put us in contact with the Pink Force unit in Argentina. Karen Greniuk is a 501st member and also competes in yacht racing. She and her crew now race in the Pink Force yacht, complete with R2-KT signage and R2-KT shirts! This month they won their most recent race, which capped off the year-long racing series (which they won as well!). How cool is that!

Here's what Karen had to say when asked about Pink Force.

"It is really an honor to be able to represent The Pink Force and very exciting to know that we have your support and Andoni, who has given us great help to get to the race with everything!

I hope that we can reach many people with the message and be able to accompany the children with 'our grain of sand.' The initiative to create the sailing team was to use all the resources I had at hand to generate as much diffusion as possible and my teammates found it a great idea.

Here, we sail and we have championships very often, today was the last race of a Women's Championship that we ran throughout the year and that in addition to winning the race of the day and closed winning the annual championship."

What an absolute nice surprise to see how active the Star Wars community is in different hobbies around the world. And an all-female crew representing R2-KT? Dude. Very, very cool.


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