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Three New R2-KT Patches For Halloween!

Posted by Dustin on October 6, 2017 at 08:47 PM CST

From Albin Johnson:

This year we haven't had much opportunity to do KT fund-raiser patches. So when my daughters proposed not one, but three, really cool designs and Dave Liew agreed to flesh them out - well, we had to make them a reality!

Attached are the three KT patches we will be doing for Halloween this year! All three will be 3.5" fully embroidered round patches - I'm looking to get an orange border for Halloween, but they may be black borders. All patches ship around Halloween but may not make it in time for the holiday.

* Price: $7 apiece
* Shipping: Just $1 covers shipping for every 5 patches ($2 outside the U.S.)
* PayPal to
* Size: 3.5" fully embroidered
* Orders being taken through end of October, delivered end of October
* All profits being directed to Make-A-Wish Foundation

We hope the little we can do to help Make-A-Wish and other charities makes a difference. Thank you so much for supporting R2-KT's Mission of Hope!

AL (KT's man-servant)

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