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Episode IX

Star Wars: Episode IX Poster And Characters Revealed In New Image Leak

Posted by Dustin on March 27, 2019 at 10:55 AM CST

Here's the latest in leaked Star Wars: Episode IX imagery. Things have been very quiet on the Episode IX front, but this new sneak peek is getting everyone excited for the final chapter in the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Episode IX Poster Leaked Online

Here's the poster. Notice no name, just "Star Wars". We're not sure if this is a preliminary theatrical release poster or perhaps just a retail promotional poster. Either way it is PACKED full of information and confirms several rumors from the past. Notice the little droid next to BB-8? He's called D.O. and here's what MSW reported back in November of last year.

"I also heard a few reports that BB-8 has a sidekick in the movie and its a little droid named D.O. (I’ve heard it as D.O. but the reddit poster said Dio (or Iden’s ID10 droid in Battlefront II) like the 80’s band, perhaps because it was only heard and not shown). The Reddit poster compared it to a megaphone and that also rings true. When the guys at Pinewood spoke about the little droid they said it was sort of an ugly duckling idea in that the droid treated BB-8 as a parent and was very attached to him."

Sound like these two will be very entertaining on the screen!

Other notable confirmed rumors from the poster include; The Knights of Ren, The Red Stormtroopers, C-3PO wearing Chewbacca's bandolier, and The Orange X-wing. All of which can be confirmed at MSW.

Next we have some new images showing off the wardrobes and accessories for several characters.

Star Wars Episode IX Rey Poe Finn Lando Chewbacca Zorii Jannah

Special thanks to for digging up these gems!

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