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The Mandalorian

New Vehicle Images From The Set Of The Mandalorian

Posted by Dustin on November 21, 2018 at 04:15 PM CST

Mando Set Photo

Making Star Wars continues to get the scoop on The Mandalorian with these most recent pictures featuring a vehicle skiff of some sorts. Here is some description of the set from MSW -

Mando Set Photo

For the last few days we have observed a large trench being dug into the ground at the location of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. At first we didn’t know if it would be for a camera rig or a trench like something out of Solo: A Star Wars Story. We quickly started to see crew members lining up the black molten rock foam along the sides of it. A tunnel also sprang up and the tunnel appears to be coated in blackened molten rock inside just like the cooled lava we saw around the previous sets. We jokingly called it “The Tunnel of Love” (no relation to the The Force Awakens codeword) for the last several days before more details popped up.

A day or so later, a skiff or boat also showed up on set confirming it was essentially a canal. The skiff is the same grey as the speeder we saw before, but we think it still may need paint applied to it. While the skiff in these photos is probably unfinished, there is a chance that is the actual color of the ship since it matches other decor around the sets.

At one point we could see that the skiff does in fact have wheels on the bottom of it so it can move through the canal. A short while later a forklift also moved the skiff inside the tunnel so it will leave the tunnel and set out on the canal’s water or lava. We have place and function.

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