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As Episode VII Open Casting Begins In Bristol, The Media Is There

Posted by Eric on November 10, 2013 at 12:21 PM CST

Disney's open casting for Star Wars Episode VII started on November 9th in the UK with an open call at the Arnolfini arts center in Bristol. As you might expect, the local British press were there to cover the lines and the hopeful fans. Here are some of their stories, featuring photos of the massive lines.

Metro - Hundreds brave the rain as Star Wars Episode 7 open auditions kick off in Bristol

"Hundreds of people have braved the rain to queue up for the unprecedented open auditions for two lead roles in Star Wars Episode 7. The inaugural auditions kicked off at 11am today but with eager hopefuls camping out from as early as 4.30am, many later stragglers were left hugely disappointed when the queue had to be closed by 9am."

Bristol Post - Bristol Star Wars auditions: Thousands queue in rain for shot at stardom

"An estimated 4,500 people arrived at The Arnolfini on Saturday alone for the open auditions for Star Wars: Episode V11. ... Those who didn't camp out overnight, started to arrive during the early hours of Saturday, with people coming from as far away as the USA and Sweden."

Bristol Post - People camp outside Bristol's Arnolfini to secure place at Star Wars audition

"Tallia Jay, 16, from Essex, had stayed in a Travel Lodge on Friday night at a cost of 70, but was left devastated after the queue was closed infront of her eyes. In a bid to make sure she got a place at the Sunday casting session, she went out and bought a tent which she pitched on the cobbles alongside the Arnolfini."

The Guardian - The Star Wars open audition was my chance at fame. And I didn't get one

"As a last-ditch attempt I run up to someone with a clipboard and beg. 'I'm not an actor! I'm a journalist! I'm writing about what it's like to audition, please just let me have a go.' The man looks at me and laughs: 'We've already had George Lucas's nephew and someone pretending to faint. Go home, you're not going to be seen.'"

The Independent - Hopefuls have Star Wars in their eyes: The UK open auditions for the next unknowns to join the cast have started

"Others were more hopeful. A few had camped overnight; by 8am they were in their hundreds; by 10am they were being turned away. All for a two-minute interview. Males were asked their name, age and favourite film. Those who looked too old weren't even asked."

The Telegraph - The Star Wars fans aiming to clinch a role in Episode VII

"'All I have to do, as I have experience with The Force, is just to go up to the panel and say "I am the actor you're looking for,"' said one confident young fan, clutching a blue plastic light sabre."

The Telegraph - Thousands queue for Star Wars auditions

"Jasmine Du'Pre, 27, was the first person to arrive for the auditions and queued for 20 hours before casting agents let her in.

'I arrive at 2pm on Friday and have been here ever since,' Jasmine from Dorchester, Dorset said.

'It was all very quick, we just walked in and there was a table with three people sat there, everybody went to one person, we just sat down and they asked us a few questions each.'"

Sky News - Star Wars Auditions In Bristol: 2,000 Turn Up

"A spokesperson for Lucasfilm told Sky News they had seen 1,000 people and given 75 of them callbacks, while 1,000 others were turned away without being seen."

BBC - Star Wars hopefuls attend open auditions in Bristol

"...Tom Millineux, who had also been queuing for several hours, said he 'couldn't resist the temptation' despite his 'absolute lack of acting experience'.

But there have been complaints the auditions have been a 'complete shambles' with people being turned away after they were told casting had been closed for the day."

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