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Press Reports Filter In From Star Wars Episode VII Open Casting In Chicago

Posted by Eric on November 15, 2013 at 11:26 AM CST

If you're curious about yesterday's open auditions for Star Wars Episode VII in Chicago, IL, here are some stories we've culled for you from the local media.

DNAinfo Chicago - 'Star Wars' Auditions in Lincoln Park: 'It's the Opportunity of a Lifetime'

"By 8 a.m., a line of people stretched around the corner and down Orleans Street, and some — wearing ski goggles, blankets and sleeping bags — looked more bundled up than Luke Skywalker on the planet Hoth. As the day went on, hundreds of people waited in line."

NBC5 Chicago - "Star Wars" Casting Call Hits Chicago

"Hordes of Chicago actors lined up, hoping the force -- and more than a little luck -- was with them as casting producers for the next Star Wars movie installment visited Chicago Thursday." (And check out the video featuring interviews with audition line-waiters!)

CBS2 Chicago - ‘Star Wars’ Audition Draws Hundreds

"The spiel from a casting director came when the hopefuls were finally inside the Park West after a line that stretched around the block.

It was all for about 20 to 30 seconds, one-on-one with a casting director.

More young men than young women showed up for the meet-and-greet.

Many of them had brought head-shots. Nobody showed up in a Star Wars costume, following directions from the directors."

WGN-TV - Star Wars hopefuls line up for Chicago auditions

"Hollywood hopefuls lined up outside of the Park West theater on the North Side earlier this afternoon to audition for the next Star Wars movie.

The casting directors are no-non-sense: No costumes or bring props were permitted" (Check out their video as well.)

WTVY4 - Tryouts for Next Star Wars Movie in Chicago

"Hopeful actors and actresses lined up at the park west theater for an open casting call." (They interview line-waiters too.)

Red Eye Chicago - 'Star Wars' hopefuls in Chicago turn out for casting call

"Each [audition-goer] was ushered through the doors and got to spend a few minutes with [casting associate Maryellen] Aviano, trying to make their best impression. Some brought resumes and head shots. Others merely offered handshakes and a hello."

ABC7 Chicago - Star Wars VII casting call Thursday at Park West

"Hopeful cast members lined up as early as 2:00 a.m. outside of Park West in Lincoln Park."

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