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Press Reports Filter In From Star Wars Episode VII Open Casting In Michigan

Posted by Eric on November 17, 2013 at 07:50 PM CST

Casting agents screened potential stars for Star Wars Episode VII today at the Somerset Inn in Troy, MI, and we've got a couple of press reports from the scene for you to peruse.

Detroit Free Press - 'Star Wars: Episode VII' hopefuls pack Troy's Somerset Inn

"'The principal casting directors working with our director J.J. Abrams in Los Angeles have sent us out on this pretty grueling road trip,' said casting representative Maryellen Aviano. 'As exciting as it is with everyone being so excited about the film, the initial steps are a slow, tedious process, and a meet and greet is like an old-time talent search.'

The five-hour event drew about 2,000 hopefuls — including some who waited in long lines outside in the rain — and was part of a six-city tour in search of fresh faces for two roles in Episode VII, due in theaters in December 2015."

The Detroit News - 'Star Wars' casting call draws 2,000 in Troy

"'The talent pool here is credible,' said Aviano, who worked on metro Detroit-based productions of the 'Transformers' franchise and Sam Raimi's 'Oz the Great and Powerful.'

"Those films, you can see how they've impacted the (film and TV production) community here," Aviano said. "People have skills here and that's why you see a casting call for 'Star Wars' here."

The Oakland Press - 'Star Wars' auditions draw more than 1,000 to Troy

"'I drove here three hours from Akron, (Ohio),' Stephen Cortel said. 'I realize there's a low probability that I will be chosen, but at the same time, I have to stay hopeful.'"

CBS62 Detroit - Casting For New “Star Wars” Movie Drives Hundreds To Audition In Troy

"Some traveled from other cities for the casting call in Troy and were a bit concerned about the tornado watch that's in effect. Amber Bailer of Big Rapids has a three-hour drive home:

"'I didn’t know about the tornado watch until I actually got here ... I heard somebody else talking about it so I'm a little nervous about going back home. But hopefully it will be okay,' said Bailer."

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