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star wars Resistance

Star Wars Resistance - The New World/No Safe Place Review

Posted by Steve on January 13, 2020 at 08:05 AM CST

Star Wars Resistance

Spoiler Warning!!!

Episode 2.15 – “The New World”
Directed by – Steward Lee
Written by – Jennifer Corbett and Kiri Hart

We’re down to the final few episodes of Star Wars Resistance, with this week being a two part 1-hour special. The two episodes, “The New World” and “No Safe Place”, have different directors/writers so we’ll deal with them separately, but they are essential once long episode.

Hard to believe in two weeks this show will be over, but we’ve had time to prepare and the show has been working towards that, doing some housecleaning. As I said last week, the Colossus will be looking for a new planet to call home and it looks as though they have found it.

We start off with Kaz doing some repair work on the Fireball when the Colossus begins to shake and rattle. He and CB-23 run down the hall towards the tower to see what’s going on, they run into Neeku along the way. He tells Kaz that it’s just turbulence from the station entering atmosphere; they’ve found a new home!

Captain Doza has discovered an out-of-the-way planet called Aeos, which isn’t showing anything significant on the scanners so he thinks it might be a safe place to touch down, away from the First Order. Kaz isn’t so sure and seems a little uneasy about being a passive member of the Resistance. For the more war weary Doza, he thinks it’s time to stop running and start thinking about their futures.

So, they put down and Yeager sends the Aces out in teams of two to do some recon work. Kaz gets paired up with the grizzled and experienced Griff and uses the opportunity to pick his brain, asking him about his past and if he’s okay with avoiding the conflict. We learn that Doza was Griff’s commanding officer during the war and took Griff with him when he left, saying “He knew when to walk away” …Kaz isn’t ready to walk away.

They spot a village that looks as though it was attacked and decide to check it out. Kaz spots something on the ground up ahead, a First Order Trooper helmet! He goes back for Griff to show him what he’s found and report back to Doza, but Griff has gone missing.

While looking for him, Kaz finds an old rebel outpost and figures that’s why the First Order was there in the first place. Kaz, armed with this new information, decides it’s important that Doza knows and tries to leave, but runs into the local Aeosians. They throw him and CB in jail, right next to Griff, who gives Kaz a little sass for not contacting the Colossus first before attempting a “rescue”

Back at the station, all the Aces have reported in except Kaz and Griff of course and Doza and Yeager are getting worried. Doza is determined to make this planet their home but Yeager is playing it safe and wants all the intel first. Just then, a group of Aeosians arrive at the station to formally greet their new guests.

A small group on the station led by Yeager meet them outside but tensions are high. Neeku tries to greet them properly by offering them a gift, but they appear to be aggressive.

B1, along with a few B2’s, shows up to provide security but get taken out by the Aeosians. A small skirmish breaks out but Yeager and the rest lock themselves in the station.

Back in jail, Kaz and Griff are talking about the war and the fact that First Order will never give up when they are interrupted by the guards; it’s time to meet the Aeosian Queen (Lucy Lawless). She thinks they are part of the First Order, or at least part of the same group that attacked them earlier, leaving many of their warriors injured, including their “healer”

Kaz tries to explain to them that they are not the First Order and have medical supplies that can help their wounded. She’s not buying it and sentences them to death, feeding them to a “krakavora”, whatever that it. Before they can do that, Kaz has CB launch “Plan B”, which involves creating a diversion (smoke screen) while Kaz runs to their wounded in an attempt to prove to the Queen that he’s there to help. He administers some meds which do the trick, convincing the Queen that they are truly there to help.

Knowing that she’s got warriors at the station, she takes Kaz and Griff back to the Colossus herself, to smooth things over. They arrive just in time, blowing some kind of “stand down” horn, and her warriors stand down when they hear the horn and eventually see their Queen.

After Yeager and the Aeosian Queen work things out, Kaz gives her a bunch of medicines and the two sides make peace. She allows them to stay on the planet since they are not the First Order and can be trusted.
Afterwards, Yeager and Kaz are talking alone. Kaz tells him they can’t just simply walk away from the war and that’s it’s only a matter of time before it comes to them.

Star Wars Resistance

Episode 2.16 – “No Place Safe”
Directed by – Brad Rau
Written by – Gavin Hignight and Kiri Hart

The second half starts off with Doza giving the Aeosian Queen a grand tour of the Colossus, including the market where she meets a gorg for the first time. She’s not impressed.

Meanwhile, Yeager and Kaz are watching the Ace’s fly around and they are talking about Kaz’s future. He tells Yeager, while he’s happy that everyone has found a home, he isn’t ready to walk away from the war just yet. He tells a shocked Yeager that he plans on rejoining the Resistance.

Afterwards, Kaz is speaking with Norath Kev, who is excited Kaz has decided to join up with the Resistance and gives him some coordinates for a rendezvous point. Word has spread and Captain Doza comes down to the hangar to say goodbye to Kaz. He understands why Kaz is doing what he’s doing and tells him that he’s proud of him.

Cut to a Star Destroyer where Commander Pyre is launching dozens of probes across the galaxy, looking for the Colossus. Jace and Tam are in the launch bay, talking about current events and Tam is eager to get flying again.

Back in Kaz’s quarters, Neeku has found out he’s leaving and is sobbing uncontrollably. Kaz gives him his first racing trophy as a going away gift and tells him he is his “bestest” friend. They are joined shortly after by Torra and Synara. Torra is taking the news hard.

Yeager shows up and kicks everyone out so he can speak with Kaz alone. He’s actually very concerned in a fatherly sort of way, like a kid going off to school, and it’s heartwarming. And similar to that, he gives Kaz the keys to the Fireball, which doesn’t make Bucket too happy. Yeager tells him he’s proud of him and Kaz leaves, seemingly for good.

As Kaz leaves the planet and enters space he is spotted by one of the probe droids Pyre launched. Rather than simply sending a message back to Pyre, the droid goes in pursuit and fires homing missiles at Kaz who has to do some fancy flying to avoid them. He then pulls a Poe Dameron (sharp U-turn) and draws the missiles back to the droid. The ensuing explosion destroys the droid but also damages the Fireball and CB-23.

Now adrift in space, Kaz manages to jump start CB and heads back to the planet to warn the others about the First Order instead of meeting up with Norath and Resistance. Just as Kaz feared, the droid was able to get a signal to Pyre before the explosion, telling them that Kaz and most likely the Colossus, is in the Aeos system.

So, with the Fireball still in rough shape, Kaz crash lands it back on the station and then immediately goes to tell Doza and Yeager about the First Order probe. Almost on cue, the First Order come out of hyperspace and launches some TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers, Tam among them. In response, Doza launches the Aces to buy some time for the station so they can get into upper atmosphere and into orbit; they are escaping again, like the end of last season.

Since the Fireball is out of commission, Kaz is flying Yeager’s ship, and Tam recognizes the style of flying…she knows its Kaz. And just when things look bleak and the bombers are about to destroy the station’s shield’s, the Aeosians show up and help fight the TIE Fighters.

As the station begins to lift off, Pyre has the Star Destroyer target the Colossus engines’ to prevent it from leaving. To stop it, Kaz decides to attack the Star Destroyer head on, targeting the bridge.

Tam sees this and pursues Kaz as he makes his run at the bridge. He fires a rocket so Tam breaks off and destroys the rocket instead, saving the bridge but taking damage in the process. She heads back to the hangar.

Kaz’s plan sort of worked and the Colossus is in the clear, able to make the jump to hyperspace. Doza orders all the Aces back and they take off, leaving Aeos and the First Order behind them, again.

Agent Tierny tells Commander Pyre that General Hux will be most displeased at his inability to once again to capture the Colossus, to which Pyre responds, “It’s not General Hux I’m worried about”

Back in Yeager’s garage, Kaz tells Jarek that he knew Tam was flying that TIE, and that she would have destroyed him if he hadn’t fired the missile. Yeager tells him that she made that choice, to turn her back on them, and they have to learn to live with it, and to move on.

Back on the Star Destroyer, Lieutenant Galek and Agent Tierny meet Tam in her quarters where she receives a promotion, thanks to her saving the bridge. She is now Second Squadron Commander and has a small grin as they leave.

The end.

Star Wars Resistance

Okay, like we’ve been discussing, finding a place for the Colossus to call home is important and this episode gives us that. Yes, they left, but don’t be shocked if Doza brings the station back to Aeos after the war. And with the Aeosian Queen showing up next week, it seems like a sure bet that will be the case.

We got some backstory on Griff which was nice, but really was meant to bolster Doza’s more pacifist position nowadays. It’s clear Doza was deeply affected by war and is looking for greener pastures, or bluer oceans if you will. In short, he wants nothing to do with this Resistance, the same Resistance that took his wife and is now taking Kaz. He simply wants to sit this one out, frankly, he’s probably earned it.

Speaking of Kaz, man, how close was he to leaving? If not for Pyre’s very conveniently placed probe droid, our Kaz would be knocking boots with the Resistance by now. Here’s the thing, Kaz, being the star of the show, will be with it to the end, and I would expect the final scene to be a transmission from Lando/Chewie, looking for help.

Thanks to Neil Scanlon, we now know the Fireball is in “The Rise of Skywalker” during the battle on Exogol, but who’s flying it? Kaz or Tam? And do all the Aces respond? Probably not but it will be really cool to see that tie in.

Now, let’s address that little smile that Tam gave us at the end. It can mean only two things, she’s genuinely happy about the promotion and is still happy with her decision to leave, or, she knows something we don’t. Being in a leadership position sure makes things like planning your escape a little easier doesn’t it?

With only two weeks to go, there’s a LOT to wrap up.

Next week we’ve got “Rebuilding the Resistance” …

Resistance recruits need an escort getting off of Dantooine, but, unfortunately, Tam is assigned to destroy the recruits.

*Daveed Diggs (Broadway’s “Hamilton”) and Lucy Lawless (“Ash vs Evil Dead”) return as Norath Kev and Aeosian Queen, respectively.

With three episodes left, they have little time to pin in the Tam issue. I figured they would take this to the finish line, and it looks like this is the case.

Having an episode dealing with “Resistance recruits” seems like a waste of tape at this point considering we know the outcome.

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