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The Force Awakens From Its Nap Now Streaming

Posted by: Chris May 4, 2021
Maggie Simpson in her own short! Full Report

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Has Arrived

Posted by: Chris May 4, 2021
Watch Episode I - "Aftermath" now! Full Report

Official Star Wars: The Bad Batch Character Posters

Posted by: Chris May 3, 2021
Check out all six inside! Full Report

Matt Lanter Will Return As Anakin Skywalker

Posted by: Chris April 27, 2021
In a recent interview, he confirmed that he'll be back! Full Report

New Poster Art & Emoji For Star Wars: The Bad Batch Revealed

Posted by: Chris April 15, 2021
The official site continues ramping up to the May 4th debut! Full Report

RUMOR: Star Wars: Detours Coming To Disney+

Posted by: Chris April 12, 2021
Could we finally see this long overdue series after 12 years? Full Report

Ewan McGregor Is Rocking His New Beard

Posted by: Rich April 8, 2021
Hello There! Full Report

The Star Wars Vintage Collection Has Arrived On Disney+!

Posted by: Chris April 2, 2021
Several older Star Wars films & series that were previously not available are now streaming! Full Report

The Virtual Production Of The Mandalorian: Season Two

Posted by: Chris April 1, 2021
Watch this incredible behind-the-scenes video now! Full Report

Watch The New Star Wars: The Bad Batch Trailer Now!

Posted by: Rich March 30, 2021
Coming to Disney+ May 4th! Full Report

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