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I don't know about you, but I find most Star Wars trivia to be so hard that I'll never answer it or so easy that it's not enjoyable. So the purpose of this trivia section is to be INTERESTING. If you can answer the questions, GREAT! If not, I hope you'll learn something cool about the films which you didn't know before. That way, everyone gets something out of it.

We're in the middle of overhauling the trivia section now. Please continue to check in with us here!

Daily Star Wars Trivia

*******Highlight the space below the question to reveal the answers!*******

What city on Kamino does Obi-Wan go to in AOTC?

Tipoca City (Source: AOTC Scrapbook)

What are Padme's parents' names?

Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie (Source: Starwars.com. For more info about them, click here)

What is the name of the astromech droid co-pilot of Obi-Wan's Jedi starfighter in AOTC?

R4-P17 "Arfour" (Source: AOTC Scrapbook)

What species is Zam Wesell?

A Clawdite (Source: Star Wars The New Essential Guide to Characters)

What two characters did Anthony Daniels play in AOTC?

C-3P0 and Lt. Dannl Faytonni (a nightclub patron) (Source: Starwars.com)

Where is THX-1138 found in AOTC?

The back of the clone trooper's helmets. (Source: AOTC DVD-ROM weblink. Find out more about this here )

Who is President of the Commerce Guild in AOTC?

Shu Mai (Source: AOTC Scrapbook)

Hayden Christensen participated in what 500 km extreme expedition racing event?

Eco-Challenge (Source: Ecochallenge.com - find out more about Hayden's team here )

What does it mean when Ewoks say yub yub?

It translates to Let's go (Source: The Galatic Phrase Book & Travel Guide by Ben Burtt)

Which of Padme' handmaidens was killed when she arrived on Coruscant in AOTC?

Corde (Source: AOTC Novelization)

Which 13 Jedi were left standing in a circle in the arena in AOTC?

Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace, Shaak Ti, Agen Kolar, Luminara Unduli, Stass Allie, Bultar Swan, Roth-Del Masona, Sora Bulq, Saesee Tiin, Tarados Gon, and Kit Fisto. Padm? was also there. (Source: Starwars.com. Click here for more info. )

How is Captain Typho related to Captain Panaka?

Typho is Panaka's nephew(Source: AOTC Scrapbook)

What scene is noticeably different in the digital print of AOTC?

The wedding scene. In the digital print, Padm? holds Anakin's mechanical hand. Plus the digital print has over 70 minor enhancements. (Source: Rick McCallum on Ask the Jedi Council. Check out his full response here.)

What is the name of the group of young Jedi Yoda is training in AOTC?

Bear Clan (Source: AOTC Scrapbook)

Which 2 members of the Jedi Council during the time of TPM are no longer on the council during AOTC?

Yarael Poof & Yaddle (Source: AOTC Scrapbook & Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is the title of the love theme from the Episode II soundtrack?

Across The Stars (Source: the AOTC soundtrack - click here for more details)

Who did Lucas think should be nominated for an Academy Award for their work in ESB?

Yoda for best supporting actor (Source: The Age - click here for the article)

Who plays Jango Fett in Episode II?

Temuera Morrison (Source: Starwars.com)

Who was Lucas' 2'nd choice to play Leia in ANH?

Terri Nunn, who went on to be the lead singer of the 80's pop group Berlin (Source: George Lucas on Carrie Fisher's tv show, Conversations from the Edge )

What is Luke Skywalker's son's name?

Ben (Source: Edge of Victory II - Rebirth)

What are the four Episode II teaser trailers called?

Breathing, Mystery, Forbidden Love, Clone War. (Source: StarWars.Com. To view them, click here)

Who was the first person that Anakin Skywalker killed with a lightsaber?

A slaver named Krayn. (Source: Jedi Quest - Path to Truth)

What was the name and species of Obi-Wan's best friend at the Jedi temple?

Bant, Calamari (Source: Jedi Apprentice, Book 1, "The Rising Force") Thanks to Queen Amy-dala for the question.

What was Episode II's working title?

Jar Jar's Big Adventure (Source: LFL's Steve Sansweet at Star Wars Connections. For more info, click here)

Who gave Anakin Solo his first kiss?

Tahiri (Source: Edge of Victory II - Rebirth)

How do you say Greetings in Huttese?

H'chu apenkee (Source: Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide)

What Earth creature is found on Naboo?

Officially- Ducks, although statues of horses can also been seen (Source: Starwars.com Databank For more info, click here)

In how many countries was Episode 2 filmed?

6 (Australia, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, England, and US (ILM models/minatures)) (Source: Starwars.com, SW Insider #53)

What are the natives of Dantooine called?

Dantari (Source: Dark Tide I : Onslaught )

What is secretly written on nearly every model?

The names of the model makers (Source: ILM model maker Lorne Peterson's interview with TFN Digital. You can view the interview here)

Who was the Trade Federation Neimoidian who betrayed Darth Sidious and was killed by Darth Maul?

Hath Monchar (Source: Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter)

How many platforms are there in the Senate amphitheater?

1,024 (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Who plays Senator Bail Organa in Episode II?

Jimmy Smits (Source: Starwars.com)

Who played Plo Koon in Episode 1?

Alan Ruscoe (Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

Whose name roughly means "slayer of stars" if pronounced in the Twi'lek language?

Wedge Antilles (pronounced Wedgan'tilles). (Source: X-Wing:The Krytos Trap. Thanks to N-2J for the suggestion!)

What is the snow creature that attacks Luke in ESB called?

A wampa. (Source: Star Wars Insider #33)

Which actor was in both The Matrix and Episode II?

Matt Doran who played Mouse in The Matrix. (Source: Starwars.com)

What was the first Star Wars video game?

The Empire Strikes Back in 1982 (Source: Star Wars Insider #40.)

Who captured Qui-Gon Jinn and did experiments on his blood?

Jenna Zan Arbor (Source: Jedi Apprentice #12 - The Evil Experiment)

Who is the 2'nd unit director for Episode 2?

Sound Designer and Editor Ben Burtt (Source: Ben Burtt himself at the Popcorn Taxi event. For the full story, click here.)

What extreme sport did Artoo-Detoo participate in while filming Episode 2?

Bungee jumping (Source: StarWars.com's Homing Beacon #17. For pictures, click here.)

What films as of 2001 has Dennis Muren won Academy Awards for?

Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, The Abyss, Innerspace, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Return of the Jedi, E.T., and The Empire Strikes Back. (Source: IMDb)

Name two Episode II actors who are also in the Lord of the Rings films.

Christopher Lee (Saruman) and Matron Csokas (Celeborn) (Source: IMDb )

R2-D2 can be seen on the hull of a ship in what non Star Wars film?

The Mother Ship in Close Encounters. He is turned upside down and was placed there by Dennis Muren (Source: SPFX Magazine #7 )

What planet is Ki-Adi-Mundi from?

Cerea (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

What camera was used for the filming of Episode 2?

A digital 24-fps Panasonic modified Sony HDW-F900 camcorder (Source: Starwars.com. For more information, click here)

Who played George Lucas in the parody George Lucas inLove?

Martin Hynes (Source: IMDb)

What was the shield generator on Endor made out of?

Plastic cups and model rocket motors (Source: Starwars.com. For the whole story, click here)

Which of the Star Wars films has the longest running time?

ROTJ at 134 minutes (original US version) (Source: IMDB.)

What is Chewbacca's nephew named?

Lowbacca (Source: Young Jedi Knights series.) Thanks to Smithkids for the suggestion

How much of Episode 1's dialogue had to be replaced and recorded in a studio after filming?

About 60% (Source: Audio Media magazine's interview with TPM Sound Supervisor Tom Bellfort from the Jul/Aug 1999 issue)

What type of hyperdrive does the Queen's Starship have?

A J-type Nubian 327 Class 1.8 (Source: Episode 1 Cross Sections book)

Who plays Beru in Episode 2?

Bonny Piesse (Source: Starwars.com)

What are double bladed lightsabers traditionally used by the Jedi for?

Training purposes (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

What lake is the Gungan city Otoh Gunga in?

Lake Paonga (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Who did Hasbro declare as the 300th Star Wars action figure?

Boba Fett (Source: Hasbro. For more info click here. )

Who plays Owen Lars in Episode 2?

Joel Edgerton (Source: Starwars.com)

What is Chancellor Valorum's first name?

Finis (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Han won the Millennium Falcon playing what game?

Sabacc(Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

Name all the characters that Silas Carson played in Episode 1?

Nute Gunray, Lott Dod, Republic Cruiser pilot, and Ki-Adi Mundi(Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

What is the population of Coruscant?

1 trillion people (Source: Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: Episode One . For more info on this book, click here .)

What postion in the Senate did Mas Amedda hold during Valorum's term?

Vice Chair (Source: Starwars.com. For more info on Mas Ameda, click here .)

What zone did the Imperial Probe Droid land in on Hoth?

12 (Source: ESB novelization)

What is the estimated maximum speed of Anakin's podracer?

947 kph (588 mph). (Source: Episode 1 Cross Sections book)

What was the first scene filmed for Episode 1?

Maul and Sidious talking on a balcony on Curuscant. (Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

How did Shmi become a slave?

She and her parents were captured by pirates in the Outer Rim and sold into slavery. (Source: Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

What does JAK Productions stand for?

The initials of George Lucas' 3 kids (Jett, Amanda and Katie) (Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

How long are Imperial class Star Destroyers?

1600 meters (Source: Star Wars Cross Sections)

What planet are Twi'leks from?

Ryloth (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary )

What is the formal Naboo alphabet called?

Futhark (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary )

Who is Adi Gallia's padawan?

Siri (Source: Jedi Apprentice #9)

What was Leia's rank at the time of the Battle of Endor?

General (Source: Leia's Power of the Jedi figure. See article on The Official Site here. )

What does AT-ST stand for?

All Terrain Scout Transport (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

During the filming of ROTJ, who provided the guide-track voice for Jabba the Hut?

Director Richard Marquand "with that Shakespearean voice of his". (Source: Star Wars The Annotated Screenplay)

When did Episode 1 finish filming?

September 30, 1997 (Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

Huttese was inspired by which language?

The Incan language Catua (Source: The Making of Episode 1 book)

What kind of creatures carry the Gungans' shield generators?

Fambaa (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary.)

How was Chewbacca's voice created?

Blending sounds from a brown bear with a dog and a stranded walrus (Source: Popcorn Taxi's Evening With Ben Burtt. Click here for full story.)

Where did the name Coruscant first appear?

Timothy Zahn's novel Heir to the Empire (Source: Star Wars.com's Feature On Coruscant. Click here for full story.)

Which actress from TPM directed a film that Hayden Christensen appeared in prior to being cast as Episode 2's Anakin?

Sofia Coppola, who played the handmaiden Sach?, directed Hayden in The Virgin Suicides. (Source: Star Wars Insider #50)

What planet is Mon Mothma from?

Chandrilia (Source: Star Wars The Essential Chronology)

What position did Amidala hold before being elected Queen?

Princess of Theed (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

What is the creature that attacks Luke in the garbage compactor in ANH called?

A dianoga (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

What is Rune Haako's role in the Trade Federation?

Settlement Officer Of The Trade Federation's Armed Forces (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Which 3 people signed the Corellian Treaty creating the Alliance To Restore The Republic?

Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and Senator Garm Bel Iblis of Corellia (Source: Star Wars The Essential Chronology)

On what planet is it believed that the Jedi possibly began on?

Ossus, although it's a "claim that's never been verified" (Source: Star Wars The Essential Chronology)

How many Jedi are based on Coruscant in Episode 1?

about 10,000 (Source: Star Wars Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Who commanded the second Death Star?

Grand Moff Jerjerrod (Source: Star Wars Annotated Screenplays)

What does STAP stand for?

Single Trooper Aerial Platform (Source: Starwars.com's Episode 1 Snapshot. Click here for image)

What is Porkins' number in Red Squadron?

6 (Source: Star Wars Annotated Screenplays)

Who was Naboo's ruler prior to Amidala?

King Veruna (Source: Queen Amidala's Journal)

Who provided the voice for Captain Tarpals?

Steven Spiers (Source: IMDb)

In ESB, where was the scene in which a creature tries to grab Artoo in the Dagobah swamp filmed?

George Lucas' unfinished swimming pool (Source: Starwars.com's Classic Moment-Muddy Waters. Click here for the full story)

What does blue on a Battle Droid designate?

That the Battle Droid is a pilot (Source: Episode 1 Visual Dictionary)

Which member of the Jedi Council has a very long neck and 4 arms?

Yarael Poof (Source: Star Wars Insider's Guide Glossary)

What is the Rebel base on Yavin 4 called?

Massassi Outpost (Source: Star Wars The Annotated Screenplays)

What planet are Dugs (like Sebulba) from?

Malastare (Source: Star Wars Insider's Guide Glossary)

Who was Luke's gunner on his snowspeeder on Hoth?

Dack (Source: The Empire Strikes Back novelization)

Who was Qui-Gon's padawan before Obi-Wan?

Xanatos (Source: Jedi Apprentice #2 The Dark Rival)

All of the Jedi Council members are Jedi Masters except who?

Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi (Source: Star Wars Insider's Guide Glossary)

In ESB, Captain Needa is commander of which Star Destroyer's crew?

The Avenger (Source: The Empire Strikes Back novelization)

How old is the Radiant VII?

34 years old (Source: Episode 1 Cross-Sections book)

Who played Admiral Motti in ANH?

Richard Le Parmentier (Source: IMDB)

How much money did TPM make it's opening weekend at the US box office?

$105.7 Million (Source: Box Office Guru. See article here)

What planet is the bounty hunter Zuckuss from?

Gand (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

How many battle droids can a Trade Federation MTT transport?

112 (Source: Episode 1 Insider's Guide Glossary)

Where was the scene where Luke watches Vader's funeral pyre buring in ROTJ filmed?

It was filmed at the last minute at Skywalker Ranch (Source: Star Wars The Annotated Screenplays)

Who played Bravo 5 in TPM?

Celia Imrie(Source: TPM's credits)

In the first story treatment for Star Wars, when did George Lucas originally have the story set?

In the thirty-third century during a period of civil war in the galaxy (Source: Star Wars The Annotated Screenplays)

What is the old woman's name who warns Anakin of the approaching sand storm?

Jira (Source: TPM novelization)

What odds does Artoo gives as Han and Luke's chance for surviving outside on Hoth?

1 in 725 (Source: ESB novelization)

What is the blue and yellow astromech droid called who was destroyed trying to repair the shields on the Queen's starship?

R2-B1 (Source: R2-B1's figure)

What location was used for the outdoor scenes on Hoth in ESB?

Hardangerj?kulen Glacier, Finse, Norway (Source: IMDb)

What type of ship is the Queen's starship?

J Type 327 Nubian (Source: TPM Novel)

What character other than Threepio did Anthony Daniels play in ANH?

CZ-3 (the white Protocol Droid in Mos Eisley) (Source: Anthony Daniels interview on Big Breakfast. View the page here)

What location was used for the interior of the palace in Theed?

Reggia Palace in Caserta, Italy (Source: The Making of Episode 1)

What is the number of the magnetically sealed door in the trash compactor in ANH?

3263827 (Source: ANH sent in by Anthony)

What is the name of the Republic cruiser that Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon arrived on at the Trade Federation battleship?

Radiant VII (Source: The Art of Star Wars Episode 1)

How many actors did casting director Robin Gurland met with aboutthe role of Obi-Wan in Episode 1?

Approximately 100-150 actors (Source: Robin Gurland's SW/Talkcity Chat. Click here for the transcript.)

Who played Biggs Darklighter?

Garrick Hagon (Source: IMDb)

Which artist designed Darth Maul?

Iain McCaig (Source: The Art of Star Wars Episode 1)

What language did Jake Lloyd invent on the set of TPM?

Duckese (Source: People Magazine 6/14/99)

How long has Chief Chirpa been chief of the Ewok tribe?

42 seasons (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

Who commanded the Rebel assault on the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin?

General Jan Dodonna (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

What is the name of Anakin Solo's pet who is really a Jedi Master?

Ikrit (Source: Junior Jedi Knights novels)

When did Darth Sidious take Darth Maul away to be trained as a Sith?

When Maul was a baby. (Source: Episode I Journal - Darth Maul)

What is Chewbacca's father's name?

Itchy (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

Where was the sound of the spectators watching the podrace recorded?

A San Francisco 49ers football game (Source: The Making of TPM book)

Which droid treated Luke when he was injured on Hoth in TESB?

2-1B (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

On what date did principal photography begin on Episode 1?

June 26, 1997 (Source: The Making of TPM book)

Who designed the Death Star?

Bevel Lemelisk (Source: Darksaber by Kevin J. Anderson)

Who was the voice of Sebulba?

Lewis MacLeod (Source: Star Wars Insider #48)

Who were the Dai Nogas in the first draft of the A New Hope script?

The Jedi Knights (Source: The Annotated Screenplays)

How old was Obi-Wan when he became Qui-Gon's padawan?

12 (Source: Jedi Apprentice books)

What other actors were considered to play Han Solo?

Nick Nolte and Christopher Waken(Source: BBC's Star Wars Trivia. View the page here)

What did Warwick Davis base a lot of Wicket's movements and distinctcharacteristics on in ROTJ?

His pet dog. (Source: IGN's interview with Warwick. You can view the interview here.)

Who are the 5 members of The Naboo Advisory Council in Episode 1?

Sio Bibble, Hela Brandes, Graf Zapalo, Hugo Eckener, Lufta Shift (Source: Episode 1 Insider's Guide)

Who is the first Podracer to crash during the Boonta Eve Race in Episode1?

Mawhonic (Source: TPM Novelization)

What is Jabba The Hutt's full name?

Jabba Desilijic Tiure (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

Who did Darth Maul fight on Tatooine besides Qui-Gon?

Tusken Raiders. (Source: Episode I Journal - DarthMaul)

Who played the Imperial officer who said, "We've analyzedtheir attack..." in ANH?

Leslie Schofield. (Source: ANH's credits. Leslie appears in a recently released episode of Dr. Who. Click here for full story.

Which Pit Droid was pulled through Ody Mandrell's podracer's engine during the Boonta Eve Race in Episode 1?

DUM-4 (Source: Episode 1 Novelization)

What is Jaina Solo's nickname in Rogue Squadron?

Sticks (Source: New Jedi Order sent in by Darth Legion)

Name the creatures who attacked Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jar Jar in the Gungan Bongo inthe order they attacked.

Opee Sea Killer, Sando Aqua Monster, Colo Claw Fish (Source: Episode 1 Novelization)

How many costumes were designed for Episode 1?

Over 1,000 (Source TPM's Costume designer Trisha Baggar in interviewwith Hollywood Reporter Feb. 26, 2000. View article here)

What's the name of the green, pig-like guards at Jabba's palace in ROTJ?

Gamorrean Guards. (Source: Star Wars Visual Dictionary )

What planet is Darth Maul from?

Iridonia. (Source: Episode I Journal - Darth Maul)

What animation studio known for producing The Pink Panther cartoons worked on ANH?

Depatie-Freleng. (Source: ANH's credits )

How was the sound effect used for a blaster's shot created?

Tapping on a radio tower's guide-wire (Source: Star Wars Trivia Pursuit)

Who was the first Rebel pilot to die during the first Death Star battle?

Porkins (Source: ANH Novelization)

What character was referred to as "the Critter" during early story meeting for The Empire Strikes Back?

Yoda (Source: Star Wars Trivial Pursuit)

What presidential candidate used analogies of Luke, the Death Star and Darth Vader in his campaign speeches for the White House?

John McCain (Source: Washington Post)

One of the gargoyles on top of the Washington National Cathedral is a charater from Star Wars? Which character is it?

Darth Vader. You can even check out pictures of it here.

What's the name of the Jedi tradition where lightsabers are exchanged as a sign of mutual trust?

The Concordance of Fealty. (Source: Emisarries to Malastare, Star Wars #13)

Who sang the theme song for the Ewok's cartoon in the first season?

Taj Mahal. (Source: Ewok's Cartoon Credits, thanks to Rusty Innards)

What is the name of the red R2 unit on Queen Amidala's Royal Starship?

R2-R9. (Source: Episode I Insider's Guide CD, thanks to Pablo Hidalgo)

What was Leia's childhood nickname?

Lelila. (Source: The Crystal Star by Vonda McIntyre, page 164, paperback edition.)

What class of Star Destroyer can enter a planetary atmosphere?

A Victory Class Star Destroyer. (Source - The Galactic Empire - Ships of the Fleet)

How does an AT-AT unload troops?

It kneels to the ground and extends a ramp. (Source - The Galactic Empire - Ships of the Fleet)

What is the name of Jodo Kast's ship?

The Foxcatch. (Source - Galaxy Guide 1)

Who does Jabba consider his best majordomo?

Sevan Domna, who was killed in an assination attempt on Jabba. (Source - Star Wars Visual Dictionary)

How do Gungans transmit signals and orders in battle?

Horns, gestures, and whistles. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

What is Supreme Chancellor Valorum's first name?

Finis. (Source - Episode I Visual Dictionary)

How many MTTs and AATs can a C-9979 Trade Federation Lander carry?

11 MTTs and 114 AATs (Source - SW Insider #46)

What color is Mace Windu's lightsaber?

Purple in Episode II, Blue in Episode I (Source - StarWars.com Mace Windu Profile)

What unique feature does Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator have?

A Cloaking Device (Source - Star Wars Insider #46)

How many droids does an MTT deploy rack hold?

112 (Source - Star Wars Insider #46)

What do the stamps say that George Lucas uses when reviewing concept art?

"Deep Regret", "OK", and "Fabuloso" (Source - Doug Chiang)

Name 3 actors who were in both Batman and Star Wars films.

Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent and Lando Calrissian,William Hootkins played Lt. Eckhardt and Porkins, and Garrick Hagon played both"Dad" (I believe the tourist at the beginning of Batman) and Biggs Darklighter.(Source - Internet Movie Database)

Name 3 actors who were in THX-1138, American Graffitti, and a Star Wars production.

Terence (Terry) McGovern was in THX 1138 as an Announcer,American Graffitti as Mr. Wolfe, Star Wars: Racer (1999) as Ratts Tyerell/Bozzie Baranta, Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith as Rebel Commander/Pirate Raider/Rebel Soldier 2/Stormtrooper 2/Civilian Man/Trandoshan/Abron Mar and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (1998) as Crix Madine/Wes Janson .

James Cranna was an Announcer in THX 1138, the Thief in American Graffitti, and Teebo in the Ewok Animated Series.

Johnny Weissmuller Jr. was in THX 1138 as a Chrome Robot, American Graffitti as Bad@$$ #1, and in Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985) as Card Player #2 (Source - Internet Movie Database)

Where did Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker first meet?

On a moon in the Panna system. Fett almost tricked Luke into revealing the location of the main Rebel Base (Source - Star Wars Visual Dictionary, SW Holiday Special)

What is a morrt?

A Gamorrean parasite (Source - X-Wing #6, Iron Fist, page 283, sent by Helen Keier)

Carel Struycken (Lurch from the Addams Family movies) played which Star Wars character?

Terak from the Ewok Movie "Battle for Endor" (Source - Internet Movie Database)

Who is the only rebel to refer to Darth Vader as 'Lord Vader'?

Lando (Source - Star Wars Trilogy, sent by Jon Balliet)

What is Grand Moff Tarkin's first name?

Wilhuff (Source - Star Wars Visual Dictionary, sent by Tiffany Tsao)

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