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The Mandalorian

Take A Peek Inside The Mandalorian's Ship - The Razor Crest

Posted by Dustin on September 29, 2019 at 05:48 PM CST

In a new image posted by IGN, The Mandalorian can bee seen sitting in the cockpit of the The Razor Crest, the name of his ship. Click the image below for a larger view!


We don't know much about The Mandalorian's ship so far - aside from its awesome name - but here we get a first look inside the cockpit, which, unsurprisingly, appears to be configured for a single pilot - since we know our titular hero is a lone wolf. We're speculating here, but the dual control sticks are probably useful for maneuverability, while also keeping the weapon triggers in easy reach - vital for when "Mando" inevitably finds himself in a battle (which we're guessing happens quite often), and since he's a Mandalorian, we're betting this ship also has a lot of hidden tricks up her sleeve. There's also a handy accessory hook on the wall - because obviously you don't want your precious swag sliding all over the floor during a dogfight. Stylish and practical!

While the exact model of the Razor Crest is yet to be revealed, it does share some design similarities with a number of gunships used during the Clone Wars, like the Low Altitude Assault Transports used by the Republic to transport Clone troopers, the Auzituck-class gunships built by the Wookiees, and the SS-54 assault ships favored by the likes of the bounty hunter Sugi.

Fans will be pleased to know that the Razor Crest was built as a practical model, not CGI, just like the ships in the original trilogy. According to StarWars.com, "ILM model maker John Goodson built the craft using old-school techniques combined with cutting-edge 3D printing and LEDs for the engine lighting effects. Meanwhile, special effects legend John Knoll crafted a special motion-control rig in his garage so the model could be used for composite shots."

Read the full article here at IGN!

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