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Star Wars The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 2 - Initial Thoughts

Posted by Bill on November 15, 2019 at 07:10 AM CST

Minor Spoilers for Chapter 2

While the first chapter of The Mandalorian pulled us in with a killer introduction and intriguing bounty at the end of the episode, would the second build on what made the first so great while continuing the story in an intriguing way? Have no fear, because once again the crew behind the show has given us an episode that is not only better than the first but is perhaps more Star Wars-y than ever before.

What I really dug this entire episode is just how personal the journey is for the Mandalorian. Most of the episode is him alone with his little and incredibly adorable bounty who weíve affectionately named Yiddle, and it gives us a window into who this bounty hunter is. Heís a big ole softie and while I think we expected the main character to be a ruthless guy with a heart of gold, I think he might just actually be a good guy with a heart of gold. Heís gentle with the baby and itís kind of sweet to see how he interacts with this little guy.

Speaking of Yiddle, Iím pretty sure itís impossible to not think heís adorable and an awesome new addition to the Star Wars universe. He hasnít said a word yet, but much like the Mandalorian in the first episode, we can get a lot of storytelling without him saying much at all, just a bunch of coos and baby noises. One moment specifically gave me goosebumps for its implications, and the show just keeps pumping out these memorable scenes that leaves my jaw on the floor.

I know some people hate when writers say that anything Star Wars ďfeelsĒ like Star Wars, but as it was true before, itís 100% true again as The Mandalorian give us some insane imagery. Images that I thought I would never see. Like the Mandalorian exploding Jawas left and right with his rifle and then scaling the side of a sandcrawler. Itís a bonkers joyride and I had a huge smile on my face for the better part of this episode.

Iíll have a full review up a little bit later but The Mandalorian just keeps getting better and better!

Godspeed Rebels!

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