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Star Wars Resistance

What Is Star Wars Resistance?

Posted by Dustin on February 24, 2018 at 06:55 AM CST have uncovered some newly registered trademarks for the title "Star Wars Resistance". These point towards consumer products to support a new television series or film.

We know Disney announced a new live television show coming to the Disney streaming service in 2019. Plus Star Wars Rebels has just wrapped and with that success there's sure to be another animated series in the works as we speak.

So will it be live action television, animated, or a new movie? Time will tell, but for now check out the post from below.

On my routine searches today I found that Lucasfilm has four new registrations revolving around “Star Wars Resistance”. Could they be for a new series, comic, game or other venture?

87801117 – Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing); hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with or without an external display screen or monitor; skins for covering and protecting apparatus; paper party favors; paper party hats; Christmas stockings; Christmas tree ornaments and decorations; snow globes

87801037– Clothing, footwear and headwear

87800997 – Paper and paper articles; cardboard and cardboard articles; printed matter; publications; books; photographs; portraits; paintings; photo-engravings; stationery; office and school supplies; school supply kits; temporary tattoo transfers; foam stamps; party bags; plastic sandwich bags; shopping bags

87800987 – Apparatus for recording, transmission, processing, and reproduction of sound, images, or data; digital media; audio books; audio and visual recordings; video game software; computer programs and software; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable game software; downloadable mobile applications; consumer electronics and accessories therefor; eyeglasses and sunglasses and accessories therefor; binoculars; decorative magnets; graduated rulers; microphones; helmets; flotation vests; protective face masks not for medical purposes; snorkels; swimming goggles; swim masks

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