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Jim Rash Talks About His Role In Star Wars Resistance

Posted by Dustin on June 11, 2018 at 12:45 PM CST

Ash Crossan from Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with Jim Rash and at the 5:54 mark in the video below gets into Star Wars Resistance.

Youíll hear pretty much this (Pointing to himself) come out of a creature. Yeah, itís really cool. Itís one of those things where they said, Ďyou canít talk about ití and then I was working..Bobby Moynihan and I are basically two guys who basically run the equipment check out area. Sort of like an Oscar and Felix, itís literally a character named Flex (sp?).

Well, I wish I Knew more, because obviously we drop in and did that sort of as a recurring, so there are so many things that happen in between that we are not privy too. So I canít wait to see it, I saw like at best early animation and that was already amazing and it wasnít even the finished product.

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