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Hera Syndulla

The Ascension Of Hera Syndulla

Posted by Dustin on January 19, 2018 at 08:00 AM CST

The article below, "The Ascension of Hera Syndulla" was written by Steve Dunk.

The Ascension of Hera Syndulla

"If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing."
~Hera Syndulla

Tough to remember a time before Star Wars Rebels and despite only being on for four seasons it has made a lasting impact on the Star Wars universe and its fans. The main reason for this, besides compelling stories, is our introduction to several new characters that have impacted and imparted on us a sense of wonder not often seen in such a short period. One of these characters, General Hera Syndulla, is approaching legendary status and as the end of Rebels approaches is poised to live past these events to a bright future.

Hera Syndulla, a Twi’Lek, was introduced to the world in a 2-minute character video released on February 20, 2014. Her first official appearance was on August 11, 2014 in the first of four shorts which precluded Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels. Since then she has methodically climbed her way to the top of many a Star Wars fans favorite lists and made her mark in the Star Wars fandom universe. Her bright apple green (Green 612) skin and long head-tails, or “Lekku”, can be seen spread across convention floors at ‘Cons and celebrations across the globe as she has become an inspired cosplay favorite.

But you don’t inspire this type of fan adoration for no reason however. Hera has proven to be one of the most thoughtful, intelligent and earnest characters in recent memory and has emerged as the MVP of Star Wars Rebels. This has been no small feat as she’s in good company with newer characters such as Sabine Wren, Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger and immensely popular sophomore’s such as Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ahsoka Tano. In a sky full of bright stars, Hera has managed to outshine them all.

Those characters are rich and have been through a lot but not one of them exemplifies veracity, steadfastness and gusto more than Hera does. Her instincts and skills make her likely the best non-force wielding pilot in the universe and even then, her intelligence and adaptability in tough situations ranks among the best of all time. But if she was just a great pilot and asset to the Alliance then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

No, she’s also a nurturer and an altruist in the truest sense of the word having become a strong leader though inspiration, self-sacrifice and an empathic ability to see the best in others. She can be headstrong at times to be sure, as all good leaders are, but her humility in the face of real danger is what sets her apart.

Her devotion to the rebellion and the eventual demise of the Empire is what drives her and while she may not always agree with the bureaucratic and socio-political aspects of the galactic war, her focus remains squarely on the tyrannical rule that has brought devastation to many families across the galaxy. She was witness to this on her home world of Ryloth where at the end of the Clone Wars, the Empire refused to leave, and her family would be torn apart by its rebellion. This rebellion and the death of her mother would drive a wedge between Hera and her father, Cham Syndulla, leading her to leave Ryloth and become a rebel pilot.

It was this decision that took her on a journey where fate would bring together her and Jedi Kanan Jarrus. The bond they developed and ensuing relationship would soften any hard edges they may have had and the love they share for one another is palpable. Together, along with the rest of the Ghost crew, they have given us a reason to hope again, something Hera wears like armor.

When Rebels comes to an end sometime in April we don’t really know yet what fate has in store for the team, but it appears things are on the rise for Hera. She’s already appeared in several canon materials such as the novel “A New Dawn” by John Jackson Miller and a couple of the “Forces of Destiny” shorts. Episode 9 titled, “Newest Recruit” and Episode 14, “An Imperial Feast” where we get to see General Syndulla interact with Han Solo and Leia Organa on Endor just after the second Death Star was destroyed.

The first half of this year does indeed belong to General Syndulla as she’ll appear in not one but three different comic books by the end of March. IDW Publishing is printing a 5-book run based on the “Forces of Destiny” short series with the first one “Leia”, released January 3rd. It featured Princess Leia, Han Solo and Hera Syndulla on the ice planet of Hoth just before the events of Empire Strikes Back riding Tauntauns hunting for shield generator parts.

The third in the series, which hit shelves January 17th, is an all Hera affair. This time she teams up with her trusty Rebels astromech companion Chopper as they take the Ghost to the Fekunda Outpost. Unfortunately for our rebel friends they run into Imperial forces and must once again manage an escape. And in an exciting cross-over event, Hera teams up with Archeologist Chelli Lona Aphra in Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #18 due out March 28. Here’s the description for that issue…

“Doctor Aphra is being blackmailed by Triple-Zero to run missions for his underground crime syndicate — but that doesn’t mean she can’t cause trouble and have fun along the way! Sometimes that fun means infiltrating Rebellion training grounds…and sometimes that trouble means crossing paths with famed rebel Hera Syndulla herself!”

So beyond 4 ABY we don’t know yet what General Hera Syndulla got up to. Perhaps once Rebels is concluded the powers that be at Lucas Film will help us fill in the time between her encounter with Han and Leia on Endor and the events depicted in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Those occurred during 34 ABY so that would make her 63 years old, still young enough for the resistance. There’s little doubt she would have joined the resistance to fight alongside Leia so her absence in the new films would need to be explained.

Hera’s stock is on the rise and with plenty of room to grow so there’s no question Dave Filoni and company have plans for her. Whether that morphs into more animation or more novels remain to be seen. There’s a part of me that wishes Hera finds peace and settles into retirement somewhere, she’s earned it. But we all know her rebel heart just wouldn’t allow that to happen while innocents are still being persecuted.

So, for the time being, if you’re looking to find Hera Syndulla, look to the stars.

Till next time…MTFBWY.

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