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Is Lucasfilm Looking To Add More Star Wars Live Action Series To Their Service?

Posted by Steve on August 5, 2018 at 09:56 AM CST

Despite the news reports stating that Disney may not have any of the Star Wars films available to stream until 2024, the company will no doubt continue on with their plans and launch the streaming service next year as planned. But what will they have to offer in the live action Star Wars department?

While the company battles with AT&T/Turner Broadcasting over the rights to stream the Star Wars films, they may very well be looking at a plan "B" to fill in the gaps until 2024. Although Jon Favreau's live action Star Wars series is still in the writing phase, it is expected to be ready for next year's launch of the Disney streaming service when it goes live. And while the service encompasses all of Disney's library, not just Star Wars, it all of a sudden may be a little light in the live action Star Wars department.

That could be changing as the company is looking to hire a Creative Executive to add to the company's profile. The posting states...

The Creative Executive will be responsible for partnering with the VP, Animation and Long Form Development to oversee the development, execution, and production of all episodic and serialized content.

Seems ambiguous but if you look at the finer details of the position it states, "Brainstorms and develops new concepts for live action series that are aligned with company wide storytelling strategy and transmedia efforts." So, is the company looking to develop more than one live action series to offer the fans on their streaming service? If it ends up that they can't stream any of the Star Wars films for another 5 years after the service launches, then perhaps they are looking at additional series' to go along with Favreau's to fill up their content coffers.

This is clearly speculation at this point but we've heard rumors of additional live action series' in the past and this could be our first clue that it is becoming a reality. Bob Iger, President of Disney, has stated in the past that multiple shows are planned for the streaming service.

What does everyone think? Will Disney and Lucasfilm create more live action content to fill in the gaps?

Till next time...MTFBWY.

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