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A New Report Clears Up Some Of The Star Wars Rumors

Posted by Steve on June 23, 2018 at 07:10 PM CST

There was a feeding frenzy of sorts this week when Collider posted a report stating that Lucasfilm was rethinking their Star Wars anthology film strategy going forward in the wake of the poor box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We all immediately jumped on it declaring all future spinoffs and standalones dead or halted while the Rian Johnson and the David Benioff/D.B. Weiss trilogies remained solidly part of the schedule. Turns out it was a mix bag of half truths and miscommunication and as in most things, the real story is a bit murky.

The Hollywood Reporter has cleared some things up in a new article citing unnamed sources who claim Lucasfilm received a loud wake-up call after the less than stellar returns from Solo: A Star Wars Story started coming in. The film is currently close to $350 million worldwide and is a sure thing to lose the studio a few dollars. In the article, the source claims...

"Disney and Lucasfilm are reassessing their plans for future Star Wars movies in the wake of the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story..."

He would go on to say they aren't necessarily slowing down development but are definitely formulating a new leaner strategy going forward. Many point to the marketing strategy and the rising cost of production as factors for Solo's eventual losses, two things Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm hope to remedy going forward.

Throwing things against a wall and seeing what sticks may have worked for the studio in the past but that strategy appears to have given them some pause says another source...

"They were developing anything and everything. It was a case of them stuffing so much sausage and not try to break the casing."

As for future projects, it appears the Boba Fett film is alive and well for now with James Mangold still attached to direct a script by himself and Simon Kinberg. The source claims they are looking to spend less money this time around under the assumption Fett isn't as popular or iconic a character as Han Solo is. As for a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film potentially starring Ewan McGregor, there is even less information and any names involved aren't commenting. Since the film was never officially announced by Lucasfilm or Disney, there is basically no change with regards to the status of that production.

So for now, the only film on the calendar is J.J. Abrams Episode IX coming out next December with the Johnson and Benioff/Weiss trilogies firmly in the development stages. Worth noting, none of these sources or rumors have made any mention of the television side of Lucasfilm which appears to be all systems go with Jon Favreau's untitled series and Dave Filoni's Star Wars Resistance.

You can read the full story from The Hollywood Reporter HERE.

Stay tuned for more reporting as I'm sure things are definitely fluid and ever changing.

Till next time...MTFBWY.

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