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TFN Rebels Review: "Legends Of The Lasat"

Posted by Dustin on May 27, 2016 at 08:35 PM CST

Finally a Zeb episode.

We have seen Zeb be the muscle, we've seen him do the dirty work, and we've even seen him make mistakes, but finally we get an episode where we really get to know the character of Zeb better.

In an episode that features heavy backstory on the Lasat, Dave Filoni takes us on a journey that explores new themes and ideas never before seen in the Star Wars Galaxy.

By the end of this one, you are left cheering and wondering what happens next.

The things that worked in this episode were also the things that didn't work (if that's possible). The team really took chances on this one, from the story to the writing and all the way down the music.

This felt like something straight out of the Lord of the Rings, and it blended nicely with Star Wars. The music was a great choice as we got a heavy dose of string instruments that we've never really heard from in Star Wars.

Having Hondo back again was great, and at obvious the team has bigger plans for him in the future. Showing his kindness and also his willingness to save his own skin was really a great testament to how hard this team works to stay true to the characters.

The visuals on the episode were beautiful, and pairing that with the look of Zeb's people had your eyes glued the entire time.

The idea of the warrior, the child and the fool, was different, but played nicely with the overall message. Having Zeb be frustrated with dealing with his kind added depth and dimension to his character, and seeing how little he believed in Lira San left you wondering what truly happened when his people were wiped out.

The episode rounds out nicely as Ezra gets Zeb to believe, which develops their relationship even more. The conclusion and idea that the Lasat have survived and moved to Lira San left you feeling satisfied and happy for Zeb.

Even though the team behind Rebels taking chances was a nice change of pace, at times this episode got really weird. There were moments while watching this episode where I had to remind myself what I was watching.

Although what Star Wars truly is is always fluid, there is a certain formula that needs to be followed to stay true to the source material. I applaud the team for taking chances and branching out to new styles, but it may have been overdone at times.

Overall, I really enjoyed the episode. It was nice to get a little weird, and learning about Zeb will really help his character moving forward. It's also great to see Hondo again, and I can't wait to find out how he's going to get out of this situation.

Hopefully we continue to learn more about Zeb and what happened on his home planet in the future. It'll also be nice to learn more about what happens on Lira San moving forward as well.

This review was done by Fan of Ryan Donoho. You can contact him at

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