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TFN Rebels Review: "Legacy"

Posted by Dustin on May 27, 2016 at 10:56 AM CST

In this episode of Star Wars Rebels, a question posed since the series premiered back in October of 2014 is answered. Ezra Bridger was found as an orphan, and although he has a new family with the crew of the Ghost, the fate of his parents has been something the fans have wondered about since the beginning.

Legacy was a thrilling episode, not in an action sense, but the idea of finally finding his parents kept you on edge. Every second of this episode was used to continue the story, and it left us asking what would happen next more than any this season.

The wild goose chase we were sent on from the start of the episode worked well. Ezra having a force vision was a perfect way to conjure up enough inspiration to make Kanan and Hera launch an investigation. They have handled force visions perfectly in this series. Much like Luke seeing his friends hurt on Cloud City, Ezra has seen things happen in regards to his parents that are never what the appear once they arrive.

Bringing back Tseebo's information is a great way to tie in season one, and we finally learn what Hera was told way back when. Having his parents be part of a prison break on Lothal also helps develop who they truly were, and we get a sense of just how devoted to this cause they really had become.

The small bit of action we get at the beginning during the Rebels-Empire space battle was also a nice touch. Having a character-driven episode requires a lot of time for dialogue, and sometimes action gets shelved.

Having Clancy Brown back in Star Wars was also great. Not only was it a great touch for Clone Wars fans, but anytime you can get a talent like that in Star Wars, you do it. His character is one that drew heavy interest from me, and I would love to see him down the road.

This episode was rushed. Like I've said before, this show could benefit from a multiple episode arc. Because so much time was used on the journey, it felt like we never really got enough time to digest the destination. Ezra learned probably the most important news of the series, and we got a few minutes to deal with that. Although the fallout will likely be felt throughout the season, it would have been nice to capitalize and the most intense moment.

Overall, this was another solid episode. We finally know that Ezra's parents are dead, and we can finally move on from that underlying question. The force vision at the end with Ezra and his parents capped the whole thing off with a nice lesson about the people in our lives always living in us, and now let's see how the death of his parents will change the course of his destiny.

This review was done by Fan of Ryan Donoho. You can contact him at

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