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Rebels Reflection: "The Lost Commanders" (Season 2, Episode 1)

Posted by Justin on October 15, 2015 at 11:08 AM CST

Mindless Philosopher

The theme of purpose is one that recurs often throughout the Star Wars saga.

Much of the emotion we feel watching and re-watching Star Wars comes from experiencing characters like Kanan, Ezra, and most notably Luke Skywalker discover their purpose in the galaxy. It's a journey that promises to be explored in even more depth during Rebels' second season as the crew of the Ghost tries to figure out just where they fit in to the larger galactic struggle now that they've been forced off of Lothal.

"The Lost Commanders" explored this theme from a different perspective, though. When you're created specifically for one purpose, what do you do when that purpose is taken from you?

It seems Rex has been putting off answering that question for some time now. Content to "sling" for Joopa along with former commanders Wolffe and Gregor (representing Rex's head and heart, respectively), he's left getting involved in the galaxy's affairs behind. He even questions his part in the Clone Wars, asking himself if what his brothers died for was worth it.

But a call to a new purpose has arrived in the form of Ezra delivering Ahsoka's request for help. Now Rex has to ask himself if he's truly content to remain on the sidelines or if he wants to fight for something again.

And with the Empire on its way, he'll need to answer this question very soon.

Questions That Need Answering

Ahsoka went off on her own to investigate the Sith Lord she encountered in "The Siege of Lothal". How much does she know, exactly? How does she intend to find more answers? To say that I'm (along with EVERYONE else) looking forward to watching this story unfold is a huge understatement.

Was it just me, or did it seem Wolffe had really been through a lot since we last saw him? He has a record of delusional distress calls" to the Empire and a super itchy trigger finger when the Ghost crew showed up. Is it PTSD, or is there more to his story?

Rex's line about serving with Ahsoka from, "Christophsis to the siege of Mandalore" means two things. First, that the Republic invasion of Mandalore Obi-Wan told Bo-Katan would be coming (Star Wars: The Clone Wars-"The Lawless") did indeed occur. Second, that Ahsoka and Rex were there… which probably means Anakin was as well. SPECULATION: Could the rumors about a Marvel series detailing these events be true?

"I didn't betray MY Jedi." Then what happened between you and Anakin when Order 66 came down, Rex? Something about the way he said that and then followed with, "We all have a choice" really stuck with me. Did Rex take part in the massacre at the Jedi Temple only to realize the depth of his mistake? The Empire doesn't have Rex listed under an enemy designation. You don't think Rex would willingly do that… do you?


Watch: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie- With the benefit of hindsight, especially regarding Ahsoka and Rex, it's a better viewing experience than you remember.

Read: Star Wars Kanan- The Last Padawan Issue #1- Kanan's retelling of his master's death in this episode feels much more raw after reading the first issue of this amazing series from Greg Weisman, one of Star Wars Rebels' founding fathers.

Last Words
"The Lost Commanders" was a perfect start to Star Wars Rebels' second season. It balanced development for old and new characters with the right amount of humor and a western vibe I really enjoyed. I can't wait for "Relics of the Old republic" next week.

But that's just the truth from my point of view. What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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