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Rebels Reflection: "Always Two There Are" (Season 2, Episode 3)

Posted by Justin on October 29, 2015 at 12:16 PM CST

Mindless Philosopher

The idea of family always was important to Anakin Skywalker. While the most obvious examples of this were his relationships with his mother and Padme, his relationship with the Jedi Order is the strongest example.

His big brother and best friend Obi-Wan, his little sister and apprentice Ahsoka, his parents Yoda and Mace Windu, they're all essential parts of Anakin's surrogate family. And (in his mind) they all abandoned him, leaving him with nothing. So Anakin does what he's good at…

He fixes it.

He rebuilds his family better, stronger, controllable. Because a family that you control is a family that can't hurt you.

Enter the Inquisitorious. A twisted version of the Jedi Order formed by, trained by, and answerable to Anakin Skywalker, desperately trying to create the family he'll never have. And with the debut of the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, we got our first look at the structure of his reconstructed order of Force users. A structure based on brothers, sisters…

And a dark father raising them all.

Questions That Need Answering

Of the Inquisitorious, Seventh Sister remarks, "There are many" hunting Kanan and Ezra. How many? How many Inquisitors are there?

Random Observations

I didn't expect to see Rex again so soon, but I was glad to. He fits in surprisingly well with the crew of the Ghost. I also like that Rebels is setting him up as an alternative mentor for Ezra, creating further conflict between he and Kanan. There are a lot of interesting story beats to be played there.

I've made my fair share of jokes about Chopper being a serial killer, but compared to Seventh Sister's very cool (and very homicidal) probe droids, Chopper really is a kitten.

Agent Kallus' changing attitude towards the Inquisitorious is interesting to note, especially contrasted with Admiral Konstantine's dismissal of them as "mystics". Kallus respectfully defers to Fifth Brother's judgment in this episode, while he repeatedly scoffed at the Grand Inquisitor's Force talk last season. I wonder if witnessing the power of the Force on a regular basis has turned him into a believer?

Kevin Kiner's music in the episode was an atmospheric highlight, enhancing the menace and mystery of the two new Inquisitors. The siren-like vocals that could be heard as they closed in on Ezra and Sabine were eerily operatic.

I'm finding the Inquisitorious fascinating. From their standardized lightsabers that breed uniformity while overcompensating for their lack of true skill to the way they actively try to recruit Ezra, I'm REALLY happy this Legends concept has made its way into the official canon. And I'm going crazy speculating on what happens to this barely disciplined group of dark side adepts when their masters eventually disappear.


Watch: Star Wars: The Clone Wars- "Children of the Force" (Season 2, Episode 3)
The Inquisitorious has been a dream of Palpatine's for a long time. In this episode he hires Cad Bane to kidnap Force-sensitive children to be trained as, "an army of Force talented spies in my service. Trained in the Dark Side to peer into every corner of the galaxy from afar". Sound familiar?

And that's the truth about "Always Two There Are"… from my point of view. What's yours? Are you as taken with the Inquisitorious as I am, or did you enjoy a different aspect of the episode?

All wings, report in below with your own thoughts and opinions, or talk Star Wars with me on Twitter @TheApexFan!

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