TFN Review: The Amazing Book of Star Wars From DK
Posted by Adam on October 16, 2016 at 10:58 PM CST
It's a book about Star Wars, and it's amazing!

Flippancy aside, The Amazing Book of Star Wars, while clearly aimed at a younger audience, is still a fun read and contains random snippets of information that you may not know, such as the fact that Maz Kanata knits her own socks, and that Bossk's vest is bulletproof!

The book comes with a life-size poster of BB-8 and throughout the book are fun questions with the answers revealed by opening up fold-out pages.

We get sections like Brave Heroes, Dangerous Droids, Crazy Creatures and Vile Villains that demonstrate just how awe-inspiring the Star Wars universe is.

Each section features a handful of examples with a picture, a description and a few select details, informing us of things such as that Yoda has large green ears, a Gamorrean Guard's eyes don't see well and Aurra Sing's head contains a computer!

And just to prove that you read the book, there's a test at the back asking such questions as "What type of bird does an AT-ST look like?", and "Which bounty hunter looks like a lizard?".

The Amazing Book of Star Wars is available now online and from all good bookstores, priced $14.99 in the U.S. and $18.99 in Canada.

As always, a big thanks to DK Canada, whose Star Wars Boutique you can visit here. For all of your monthly roundup of Star Wars publishing news, commentary, and discussion on the latest releases in the realm of novels, comics, and magazines, don't forget to listen to Jedi Journals.

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