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Star Wars Rebels CEII Pins Reveal Rebel Ship Schematics
Posted by Eric on July 28, 2013 at 12:04 PM CST |
Yesterday's Star Wars Rebels panel at Celebration Europe II featured a lot of concept art for the series, but nothing got as much applause as the Rebel ship called the Ghost. While we only saw it in a few images at the panel, there's actually a bonus image out there featuring schematics of the Ghost -- and the web address is hidden on the Rebels pins that were given away at the panel.

Thanks to some Internet sleuthing, we've found the web address with the schematics. It's right here. The image itself is below (click the thumbnail to enlarge):

In case you can't read Aurebesh, here's what it says:
Modified VCX-100 light freighter, Corellian Engineering Corporation, Metrics: length: 43.9 meters, width: 34.2 meters, height: 14.5 meters, 1. nose turret's gunner position, 2. forward floodlights, 3. main cockpit, 4 crew quarters, 5 port docking ring, 6. starboard docking ring, 7. dorsal laser cannon turret, 8. main cargo hold, 9. engine assembly.
Paul Urquhart, co-author of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare, offered this analysis of the schematic, comparing the Ghost to a real-world Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (as was noted during the panel):

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