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Star Wars News This Week

Posted by Steve on September 17, 2018 at 02:25 PM CST

Another busy week in the Star Wars universe brings with it a lot of newsworthy things to talk about! Here are just a few.

Warning...Solo: A Star Wars Story spoilers ahead!

Solo Writer Jon Kasdan goes deep...

With the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Digital, Blu-Ray and every other format, co-writer Jon Kasdan took to Twitter to post a whole bunch of "factoids and notes" about the writing and making of the film. It's full of spoilers so if you haven't seen Solo yet and care about that sort of thing then definitely don't read these. As for the lot themselves, they offer some amazing insights into the process of making this film including clarifying which parts of it were the brainchild of dispatched directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

In the absence of a commentary with the releases, this might be the next best thing...

General Hux

Possible First Order traitor for Star Wars - Episode IX…

Coming from the pure speculation and rumor department is this report from the Express that says J.J. Abrams Star Wars – Episode IX will reveal a traitor amongst the ranks of the First Order. Normally, when you hear the word “traitor” you might assume it’s something that would favor the bad guys, but not in this case according to the leak…

“Kylo Ren is suspicious of an individual in the First Order handing out information to the Resistance. Part of the Episode 9 storyline will have a cat and mouse element to it, similar to Revenge of the Sith where the Jedi were trying to find out who the Sith lord is - which turned out to be Palpatine. A plot leak back in May 2018 claimed that General Hux is the mole inside the First Order.”

If this turns out to be true it’s an interesting sub-plot in a film already full to the brim with sub-plots. It's intriguing to think about however as this is just the type of thing that would drive an already unravelled Kylo Ren well past the point of sanity. With his list of obsessions already a full cupboard, adding something like to this to his schedule could make him fully unhinged.

As far as the rumor that it may be General Armitage Hux, keep in mind he wouldn’t be the first high ranking bad guy to flip sides. If you know your recent Star Wars history, then the name Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels should remind us even evil-doers can have a change of heart or a shift in conscience.

On the surface it seems Hux would be the last person to betray the First Order. If you know his history you know he’s done despicable deeds, such as having his father killed, in the name of the Order so it seems unlikely he betrays the only thing he’s every known or loved. However, with Phasma and Snoke presumably dead and Kylo Ren running things, the First Order isn’t what it used to be so in his twisted mind, to preserve his precious Order, betrayal may be the only option. The enemy of my enemy is my friend type of thing.

Anyways, like I said, this is just a rumor at this point so take it with a grain of salt. If you want to read the full story at Express, click HERE.

Hamill teases Star Wars - Episode IX title...

With J.J. Abrams Star Wars - Episode IX still over a year away we know very little about the final film in this latest trilogy. That hasn't stopped Star Wars Ambassador and overall goofball Mark Hamill from having a little fun with the fans on social media.

Recently Hamill posted this tweet alluding to the fact that the next and final installment will be titled this...

Obviously, he's tooling with his fans as there's a 50/50 chance the next film will start with the word "The", which has been the case for the preceding films The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Of course, historically, there's no guarantee this will happen as only half of the films released so far have used this title format. Other than the two just mentioned we also have The Empire Strikes Back and The Phantom Menace so.

A recent rumor that was making the rounds for a possible title was, Star Wars: A New Order, which was started on Reddit but quickly spread to all corners of the web. Most people seemed to like this idea as it bookends "A New Hope" and is a direct reference to the fallen Jedi Order and the theme of Rey and the Order itself, beginning anew.

The working title for the film is "Black Diamond" which could mean many things not least of which the production company in the UK for Episode IX is called Carbonado Industries, a possible carbonite reference. More likely however, its that fact that a carbonado is the toughest form of natural diamond, commonly known as a "Black Diamond", so there you have it.

Star Wars - Episdoe IX hits theatres December 20, 2019.

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