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Seth Green Addresses Star Wars Detours During Online Q&A
Posted by Eric on September 18, 2013 at 10:00 PM CST |
Remember Star Wars Detours? We heard a lot about this animated comedy series from Seth Green and company at Celebration VI in 2012. Then shortly after Disney bought Lucasfilm, they hit the pause button on this project. Yesterday, in an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit, Green addressed the series' holding pattern in response to a fan's question. Here's part of what he said (emphasis added):
So there's actually been quite a bit of talk about this, but Detours is just on hold currently. We have 39 finished episodes and around 62 finished scripts. But that entire show was created before the decision to make more Star Wars movies, so our show (which was created by George Lucas) is an animated sitcom in the world of Star Wars, so we had a lot of conversations with Kathleen Kennedy about Star Wars in not just the next 3 years but the next 30 years, and when you're in as privileged a position as we were to be able to work on Star Wars content with its creator, you get a great sense of responsibility to the whole. I was introduced to Star Wars as a child and it was without any ironic or comedic lens, so I saw Darth Vader as scary, and I saw all of those messages very very clearly. We didn't think it made any sense, in anticipation of these new movies coming out, to spend the next 3 years with an animated sitcom as 3 generations' of kids first introduction to the Star Wars universe.
Click here to read Green's full response on the subject of Detours, including his comment that the series "is a timeless bit of entertainment."
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